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Reviewed: 11/19/01 | Updated: 11/19/01

The GREATEST game in a long long time!

Metal Gear Solid 2...That title right there sends chills down the spines of thousands of Metal Gear fans across the world. Since Metal Gear Solid hit the stores 3 years ago the question was, ''Is there a sequel?'' That question has been answered by Hideo Kojima and his team of skilled and talented programmers, designers...etc...
Does this game live up to the endless hype it received, yes it does.

Gameplay-10/10- Once you get the hang of the controls this game is fairly simple to use. You'll be able to do some amazing things such as hang from ledges, break necks, hold guards at gunpoint, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The game is focused on sneaking past the enemies. It’s actually possible to finish the entire game without killing anyone. The game comes armed with a ton of weapons and items. From a M9 Tranquilizer gun to an AK-47u Rifle, from a Ration to a Cell Phone. The backgrounds and ''levels'' in this game add another unbelievable aspect to this game. You could literary spend hours shooting dishes in a kitchen or making 100's of pieces out of a ketchup bottle or watermelons. The game is even more interactive when it comes to being spotted by an enemy, slow them down by shooting a fire extinguisher or shooting a pipe to shoot hot steam into there eyes.

Story- 10/10- The thing that makes Metal Gear Solid 2 so interesting and exciting. The story is unbelievably original and really shows that a video game does have a much better story than most movies out there. There are amazing and unsuspecting things that are around every corner. So many twists and turns you will on the edge of your seat throughout the whole game. Things happen that are beyond your wildest dream. The game truly shines when it comes to the story. You really get to understand the characters much better as the game progresses and feel there pain or there joy. Sometimes the story gets so complex there are plot holes, at the end of the game you will still have a few unanswered questions that will leave you wondering every night before bed. One downside of a complex plot is you’ll want to play the game again to understand things better, for people who haven’t played the first one and some who have, the second one may leave them very confused. That brings me to another point, I recommend playing the 1st one before playing the second. By playing the 1st one you will get the various jokes throughout the game and you will understand it much better.

Graphics- 10/10- From ice cubes to plant leaves the game is greatly detailed. The attention to detail is a definite wonder. The lighting and visual effects you see throughout the game will certainly stun you. MGS2 really shows the power of the PS2 as far as graphics goes. Every area is detailed with things you would normally see there. In the Galley you see pots, pans, dishes, and spoons. Each of those items can be interacted with as well. The detail on the characters throughout the game really adds to the whole story and feel of the game. The detail of characters is enough to make you play again. The graphics really help represent the entire game very well.

Sound/Music- 10/10- MGS 2 is fitted with music that is better than most movies out there. The music in this game fits perfectly with the scenario your in. Music in this game is one of the many ways that really gets you in the mood. The sound of is quite well. The gun reloads and bullet firing is accurately accompanied by sound. The voices of the characters must have taken a lot of work, considering the amount of dialog this game provides. The voices fit almost all the characters perfectly and is great to listen to.

Bottom Line- Buy this game. You would be crazy to just rent this. It’s sure to win an infinite amount of awards. The replay value on this game is high and it will keep you going for months. If you got the spare money on you get this game as soon as possible. If you don’t got the spare money on you, well sell your little brother than. Pick up the greatest game this year and possibly the greatest game on PS2, you will LOVE it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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