"Solid Snake is back on the job....."

The second Metal Gear Solid series came out for the PS2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty finally came out in the stores. It came out last 11/14/01; and thanks to Hideo Kojima, it first came out here in U.S. (thanks to the MGS fans). Anyway, here is my review for the game…..


The game has different difficulty levels for different players. If this is your first time to play MGS, try Very Easy or Easy level. Normal level is for average players and Hard and Extreme level are for players who are looking for some challenge. The game tests your knowledge how to hide from your enemies. To survive, you need to find different weapons when you confront your enemies in the game.


The graphics are excellent!!! The game looks like a real life movie, especially in the cut-scenes, except the one who is controlling the hero is you. The weapons look very real. When bullets hit their targets, blood splatter on the ground or on the walls. The backgrounds of the game is so real, like your actually looking to a real living/nonliving object.


The sound is great. The music relaxes your mind so you can concentrate on the game and not make a mistake. You could even hear the thunder, voices of each character in the game, and your footsteps when you run. Your guns can also make a lot of noise (unless you find something that can stop the noise).


I'll let score the story, I might ruin the suspense. The story so far, Snake have to infiltrate a “place” to find if there is really another “thing”. The story thickens later in the game…..

Replay Value--(10)

The only reason you have to play the game over and over is the Dog Tags. Dog Tags are tags that soldier wear around their neck. You need to find a way to get their dog tags. Remember, this is optional. You don't need to collect the dog tags, but you will miss some great items. Even though you finish the game, you can still have some fun when replaying the game.


The control is easy to understand. If you played the first MGS, you know what to do and you need some time to get familiarized with the new abilities. If this is your first time, I suggest you get familiarized with the buttons. Start a game and get use to the moves. After you know what buttons to press for different actions, then start a new game.

Fun Factor--(10)

This game is an intense action. If you are a truly a hardcore gamer, try to beat the game WITHOUT killing a single person on the game, that include bosses. If you want some challenge, then collect all the dog tags, use a weapon that doesn't kill bosses, and stay hidden at all times.


Hideo Kojima made another best action/adventure game for PS2. Konami add another great game for the PS2 collection.

Buy or Rent

BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!! You might cry if you miss this great game. If this is the first time you play the MGS series, I suggest you get the MGS for PS so you know what is happening.

Another great Metal Gear Solid made by Konami and Hideo Kojima. A great action/adventure game for the PS2

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/21/01, Updated 01/08/02

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