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This game is, by far, the greatest overall game ever made. Every single thing about this game has achieved greatness. I will take you through why this is the greatest overall game ever made.

*This section may give away some story but I'll try n' not to spoil anything
I've read other reviews and they all said there was too many sub-plots and the game was all talking and no playing. To a degree, thats true. But if you look at the whole picture it isn't. Since the story was a bit confusing, very long cutscenes were made to explain them. By the way, those cuts scenes were amazing. The story was very movie like and was presented just the same, there were sooooooo many doulble crosses that it was so confusing, but the story is good. Some may be dissapointed near the end because it didn't seem like it made sense. After the ending, it left me with mixed emotion, like the Matrix did, wondering if this is real. Am I being used??? Anyways you'll like the story.
Score - 10

This was very easy to score. It plays identical to the first but Snake has new moves now that really help, especially the ability to shoot in first person. Most of the weapons were also the same and I found items that were really no use for me. But because of the environments were very real it added a sense of coolness to it. This may sound sick but it was fun to snipe the birds out of the air, tuning you shot. Konami should've added a mini-game just like it (like duck hunt but with your sniper rifle in first person). The dog tags also put a sense of strategy into the game. If you want to collect them all you have to think strategically in order to get them. Over all, not much has changed but with the new abilities it became even more amazing.
Score - 10

The graphics in this game are simply amazing. The are super hyper detailed. Almost everything could be shot. Magazines can be shot, napkins, salt shakers, plates, glasses and birds! There is an endless amount of fun that can be had (unless your out of ammo, that is). Realtime shadows really add a cool effect too, along with the awesome water effects. There is also the cool camera effects when walking inside from the rain, and coming up from the water, it looks extremely real.
Score - 10

Every foot step was made to sound right. If you stepped on different materials different sounds were made. Even the guns shot sounds were all different. The music was also great. The opening theme song has to be the greatest opening music ever. It can only fit Solid Snake.
Score - 10

Overall -
This game has it all, game play, graphics, sound, music, and story. This is why its the greatest overall game ever.
Every one should enjoy this by any means possible, buy, or rent it. You won't regret it.
Final Score - 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/01, Updated 11/23/01

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