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"This is the absolute greatest stealth action game of all time. A masterpeice that still shines today."

Game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
System: Playstation 2
ESRB: M (Animated blood, Animated violence, though it should be more like, Blood and Gore and Intense Violence).

Intro- about a week ago, I was gettng really sick of Final Fantasy X and SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals, since I beat them both 100%. So, I wanted to trade them in. I went down to the store, and traded the 2 games in. I got 25 dollars store credit, and I tried to choose between Xeno Saga, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. "What do you think is better?" I asked the klerk. "Do you like playing games?" He said. "Um...Yeah?" I replied puzzled. He, without hesitation, pointed to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the game I probably would have preferred anyways. Then the guy went on about how Xeno saga is one big 80 hour movie, a good one, but not really a game. I was excited to play my new game, but not sure it was worth it trade in my old games for this new game I havent played before, although I played Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (And beat it). So I ran home, put the disk into my Playstation 2, picked up the controller, and played for six hours. I realized that it was all worth it. Every bit of the games I traded were worth it. It was the best dicision in my gaming life.

Gameplay- 10 - The gameplay and controls in this game are pretty much flawless. X button does a dive, Triangle hops over ledges, Square shoots the gun or punches, etcetera etcetera. Pretty simple. And thats what I like about games. I dont like games where "R2 jumps, Triangle button is shoot yourself in the head". Complicated comtrols suck, and thats why this game rules. The difficulty isnt horrible, and the learning curve isnt very steep. You'll master this game in about half an hour. There isa difficulty setting, which is convienient, especially if your new to MGS or action games in general. Or it can also be convienient if you've beat the game 600 trillion times, and want to make it so if you get caught its game over. The actual game itself is insanely fun. Sneaking past guards who are busy talking to their buddy about how awsome blowing up the big shell facility is, looking at girly pictures in lockers or magazines, collecting an assortment of weapons, avoiding droids that try to detect you, running from gaurds hell bent on killing you, and defeating the sons of liberty and the dead cell members with pride. Ah, by the end of the game, you'll wish you were in Solid Snakes shoes, or Raidens.

Graphics- 10 - The graphics are absolutly stunning even to todays standerds. Jaw dropping weather effects, Intense blur action underwater, and eye buldging character and area animation. Graphics really give you the sense that you are Raiden, and you are trying to save hostages and president from the terrorists. Cut scenes are actually fun to watch, because they are so darn well made, and sport realistic graphics. In one scene, theres acctually blood and soldiers bodys littering a hallway. You acctually feel the tension that Raiden is during that scene. And the character faces during the codec scenes. Sure, they require alot of reading, but the peoples faces are much more detailed and better animated then the old Metal Gear Solid game. And this time, they are acctually 3D animated.

Story- 10 - Ah, the story. An essential element to a good game, in my opinion. Some people think that this games story is confusing and convulted. Its not confusing. And it may be convulted, but darn it, its great. Solid Snake, the legendary hero who stopped Metal Gear REX in Shadow Moses 4 years ago (In Metal Gear Solid), has been sent to a tanker to gain proof of a new metal gears existence. Someone (From the old MGS game) Steals Metal Gear RAY, and runs off, sinking the Tanker. As far as anyone knows, Snake and every marine on board, died. 2 years later, a FOXHOUND rookie has been sent to save the president and many hosteges from an evil terrorist group, the sons of liberty, along with another group led by the former president, Dead Cell. Dead cell consists of a few more members than I know of, but here are some that you'll encounter in the first ten hours of the game. Fatman is a morbidly obese freak of nature who is an expert in the field of bombs. He is obsessed with blowing the big shell up, weather the Sons of Liberty and Dead Cell get their ransom or not, which I might remind you, is extremely high. Fortune is a woman with an extremely powerful laser gun, who apparently wants to be killed. No bullets can hit her, weather she wants it or not. She wants her pain and suffering to end, but bullets go around her. Seems to stage a bit of drama. Vamp is a vampiric member of dead cell who is well... A vampire. He has all the powers a vampire does. Super Speed, Breathe Underwater, a limited force field. During your first encounter with him, he will throw knifes at you. And the former president, Whos name I wont tell you and his motives I wont tell you. You'll have to play the game for yourself. Overall, the story is really good. Its only convulted and confusing if you havent played the old Metal Gear Solid first, so you might wanna beat Metal Gear Solid if you want the plot twists to be a surprise (On medium mode, it takes about 10 hours). But Metal Gear Solid Veterans, dig the heck in, cause your in for a treat.

Music- 10 - Oye, props to the music orchastraters. You guys did an excellent job of making the music of this game. The music really sets the tone for the situation. The sneaking scenes are somewhat intense sounding, and the alarm scenes really give you a sense of the fact that you're acctually running away from evil terrorists trying to murder you. The music in this game sets different moods: Intensifyed, Shocked, Adreniline rushed, Angry, Emotional, etc.. Very well done music.

Sound- 9- I really like the sound in this game. The sound of bullets rapidly pulsing through the air, The sound of a missle launcher hitting a target, and the fine voice acting all make the sound very great. Oh the voice acting. There could not have been better voice actors for this game. David Hayder does a perfect job of portraying the badassed, couragous mercenary Solid Snake. And the others do just as well. Without these talented people, this game wouldnt be as it is. The emotion, the horror, tension or rage in a characters voice.

Replay Value- 10 - The replay value on this game is great, since there are multiple difficultys, dog tags to collect, and if you have the Substance expansion, 500 VR missions and 5 snake tales. On the higher difficultys, you might find that setting the thing to "Game over if discoverd" would be a fun adventure. Collecting the dog tags gives you special prizes like a bandana with unlimited ammo, another with unlimited grip, and tons more. Plus they are just a joy to collect. You can read info on all the dog tags you collect (I think...). Doing everything, collecting every dog tag, finishing every difficulty, getting all the secret items, and beating the game a gazillion times could take an uncountable amount of hours. You may bust your but black and blue as a result, but you'll be ultimately satrified by the end of all it. Plus, you gain the right to call yourself MGS master of the neighborhood (If nobody has MGS, then nobody will care, but its still something to be proud of >.<).


Gameplay: 10/10. Really, really awsome.

Graphics: 10/10. Magnificent.

Story: 10/10. Convulted and twist filled. Just the way I like it.

Music: 10/10. Really sets the mood.

Sound: 9/10. Awsome sound and voice acting.

Replay Value: 10/10. So many things to do.

Overall: 10/10 (Not and average).

-Its still MGS, and MGS ruled.
-Great story
-flawless gameplay
-stunning graphics
-excellent audio
-more difficulty levels

- If your the type who doesnt like replaying games over again, you'll toss this game in the corner after your done.
- I speak for most fans when I say this, but I dont really like Raiden.

Bottom line: Buy this game for really, really cheap now. Everything about this game is magnicficant, and you must get this game. Gamplay, Story, Music, everything. This is the best stealth action game of all time. Stupid Splinter Cell and Spy fiction, get off MGSes turf. The king of stealth has sat on his throne. This game is a masterpeice, that even though made in 2001, still shines today like the bright, bright sun.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/09/04

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