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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ORCA782

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    Unreal Tournament: Weapons Strategy and Walkthrough
    Footnote:  This FAQ will be on strategy for the PS2 version of this 
    game, and it will detail how to go about each level, and how to use each 
    weapon most efficiently.  I found this game immensely entertaining, and 
    the atmospheres are excellent, especially for a game released so soon 
    after the release of the PS2 itself.  It outdoes Quake III and Red 
    Faction, as I see it, and though I haven't played Half-Life, Rogue 
    Spear, or any other popular PC FPS's, I think this is a contender, if 
    not the most fun of any of them.  The game needs no walkthrough, but 
    this will detail how to beat it on Inhuman mode as well, if that's your 
    desire.  Email me any questions or concerns at vejiitassj4@hotmail.com.
    Legal Stuff:  This game, the logos, the characters, and weapon ideas are 
    all property of Infogrames.  Don't try to claim they are your invention, 
    etc.  This faq is mine, ask permission to post it somewhere, and I'd 
    probably be glad to let you.  However, I will find you if you do take 
    1.	Weapons Guide/Items
    2.	Level Guide (walkthrough)
    3.	Inhuman
    4.	Conclusion
    1.	Weapons Guide: (Damage rating is */*, with the numbers being the 
    power status, 5 being a one hit kill, and 1 being like hitting them 
    with a feather.  The first number is primary fire, the second is 
    alternate fire.  A * indicates a head shot possible weapon).
    Melee Weapons:
    Impact Hammer: Damage Rating: 5/1.  This weapon is basic, and can be 
    used in any situation (though not too effectively).  The Impact Hammer 
    has a primary fire of a charged up single hit.  This hit, if held down 
    long enough, will do 1-hit kill damage, even to someone wearing armor.  
    If they have shields, they probably won't die in the first hit, but it 
    will do massive damage and remove the shields.  You have to hold down 
    the button for about 3 seconds to get it fully charged, and it will 
    vibrate sporadically to let you know that it's ready.  Then just run 
    into an opponent, and it will discharge.  You don't even have to let go 
    of the fire button.  
    Alternately, the secondary fire is a sort of machine gun peck, that 
    fires rapidly, and weakly.  I find this almost useless.  The secondary 
    fire is more useful however if you are going for the fabled "return 
    fire" technique, in which you send their own projectile back at them, 
    e.g. a laser or a rocket.  I have only done this a few times, because 
    the timing must be perfect, and it rarely works if you just run around 
    doing the secondary fire.  Always use the primary fire if going for a 
    kill.  Also, if going for something similar to the rocket jump in Quake, 
    and you have enough life, charge up, point the weapon towards the 
    ground, and let fly.  You will jump maybe 15' into the air, which is 
    sometimes enough.  
    Chainsaw: Damage rating: 4*/4.  This weapon is less effective than the 
    Impact Hammer, but it is still useful in tight spots.  You only get it 
    during the assault missions.  Its primary fire is a sweep, which will 
    decapitate enemies, and do massive damage to the center mass.  It will 
    not do a 1-hit kill however unless you get the head.  The secondary fire 
    is just a jab, that can be held out for as long as you want.  Do this if 
    you are just running around wildly, looking for a weapon.  A second or 
    two should be enough if you can corner an opponent in this manner.
    Ranged Weapons:
    Enforcer:  Damage rating: 2/1.  This is the good old universal pistol.   
    It can kill enemies fairly quickly if you keep it trained on them.  The 
    primary fire is a well-aimed slow fire rate, but it will do better than 
    the secondary fire, because the secondary is a wild, automatic fire.  
    The range on this gun is anything, but accuracy greatly increases at mid 
    to close range.  You can pick up two of these, and then your chances 
    increase at killing someone.  The fire rate with two is still slightly 
    less than that of a Mini-gun, but it is a lot better (200%) than having 
    just one.  My advice is use the primary fire, and keep shooting, and a 
    couple seconds later they will be dead.
    Shock Rifle: Damage rating: 3.5/3.  I have not named this gun second 
    because it is second in power.  This is one of my favorite weapons, and 
    it is effective at any range.  Long distance, this gun is similar to a 
    sniper rifle, maybe better, because it fires at the speed of light 
    (c=3x10^8 m/s) which is faster than anyone can move.  It will hit them 
    instantly if you have aimed correctly.  In order to hit someone, usually 
    if they are in the little green circle of your cross-hair, it will hit.  
    The primary fire is powerful enough to take someone out with 2 hits if 
    they are at full life, 3 if they have armor, and maybe 4 with a shield.  
    Overall, it is powerful, and if it does not kill them, it will send them 
    flying.  The secondary fire is a ball of plasma that is fairly slow and 
    weak.  You can fire it more rapidly however, and it has slight explosive 
    damage. I do not use this as a rule because it is slow and not precise.  
    I use it only if going for the combo.  Fire a ball at an enemy, and then 
    shoot the ball with the laser.  This will cause a large explosion, 
    second only to the Redeemer, and it will kill any enemies it is close 
    too.  However, though extremely powerful, this strike is hard.  Your gun 
    will auto aim at an enemy, so you fire the plasma ball, but by the time 
    you fire the laser, they will have moved, and the gun will auto-aim 
    again, and you will miss the ball by a long shot.  It only works if you 
    are not auto aiming, and if they are at some great distance.
    Pulse Gun: Damage rating: 2.5/3.  This gun looks cool, but is not overly 
    effective.  The primary fire is a fairly rapid auto-fire of green 
    plasma.  The damage is slightly more than that of the Enforcer, but the 
    fire rate is much greater.  It is also good for auto aiming.   Overall, 
    this is a steady, reliable weapon for combat.  The secondary fire is a 
    plasma stream that remains straight, and will reach any range.  However, 
    it will not auto-aim, and you have to keep it on an opponent to hit 
    them.  If you keep it on them, it's damage will kill them in about a 
    second and a half, because it will hit them about every .1 seconds.  
    Don't do this unless they are at a close range, and if you can't keep it 
    on them, sweep from side to side quickly to brush them to death.  
    GES Bio-Rifle: Damage rating: 3/5.  This gun is commonly thought to be 
    the worst in the game, but I don't think it is.  Its primary fire 
    launches blobs of radioactive gel that eat at your opponent.  It is 
    rapid fire automatic, and it does good damage.  After a second or two of 
    being hit with this, your opponent will be in the dirt with the rest of 
    them.  The blobs also stick to the ground and walls, and explode a 
    second later, so anyone following you gets a nasty surprise.  However, 
    the explosions do minimal damage (1), so make a lot of them.  The 
    secondary fire is the charge up.  The gun loads a lot of gel into the 
    firing chamber, and then releases it.  Depending upon if you charge up 
    to full, which takes somewhere from 7-10 rounds, this is a 1-hit kill.  
    However, the range is pitiful.  You should use this if you know someone 
    is following you up an elevator or something, and wait at the top, and 
    fire when they appear.  If you don't charge for long, the blob is very 
    small, and does pitiful damage too.  The big blob will make many little 
    blobs to explode if it doesn't hit.  
    Ripper: Damage rating: 3.5*/4.  This gun is one of the nastiest in the 
    game.  The razor sharp discs it fires will easily decapitate a foe, and 
    often times do so, maybe 1/5 times.  Even if they don't the discs will 
    bounce off floors, ceilings, and walls for quite awhile, so you can make 
    an entire room hazardous if you need too.  Don't fire at a wall as you 
    walk forward though, because it is possible to head shot yourself.  The 
    flying blades don't care who they hit, as long as they hit, so you are a 
    target the second you fire.  It's best to use these at an angel you know 
    they won't come back at you from, or in an open area.  The rapid fire 
    makes them surefire when close to an opponent, so don't hold back if 
    you've got the shot.  The secondary fire will explode when it reaches a 
    surface, doing quite a good radius of damage.  The fire rate is slower 
    however, so make sure you will at least hit near an opponent if you 
    fire.  I prefer the primary fire.
    Mini-gun: Damage rating: 2/1.  You'll notice that this guns damage 
    rating is the same as the enforcer.  It is.  But the fire rate is the 
    equivalent of ten men shooting the primary fire of the enforcer at once.  
    This deadly gun has an insane fire rate, and will kill opponents in less 
    than a second if used correctly.  The primary fire is far more accurate, 
    though half as fast as the secondary fire.  Use it at long and mid range 
    to kill opponents.  The secondary fire is erratic, and should only be 
    used in close quarters, with lots of opponents.  The accuracy is way 
    down for the secondary fire.  
    Flak Cannon: Damage rating: 4/5.  This gun is for close range only.  It 
    is the shotgun of Unreal.  The pellets it fires will spread considerably 
    after a mere 15', so use it wisely.  If you are close to an opponent 
    though, it will deal out massive damage.  If right next to an opponent, 
    it could even do a 1-hit kill.  Beware, because the pellets bounce off 
    walls.  This can be used to your advantage, when firing around corners.  
    The secondary fire launches a flak grenade, which bursts upon impact.  
    It has considerable blast radius, and if it hits an opponent, it's all 
    over.  This is one of the strongest weapons in the game, if used at 
    close range.
    Sniper Rifle: Damage rating: 4*/0.  The secondary fire is the zoom in 
    function, which is why there is no damage rating.  The primary fire is a 
    fairly slow, but pretty accurate shell that can take someone's head off 
    at any range.  This is the most long distance weapon in the game, and 
    can be used as such.  At close range, don't zoom, just shoot to kill.  
    The bullets will end an opponents rampage in 2 shots max.  
    Rocket Launcher: Damage rating: 3/3.  Now you may be asking, why the 
    rating of 3?  Well, it's like this.  The rocket launcher can fire a 
    single rocket, or you can charge it up to firing 6 rockets.  Now we get 
    out our paper and pencil and start calculating, and realize that 6x3=18.  
    18 is more damage than anything in the game can do, even the Redeemer.  
    If you charge up that full 6 rockets, it IS a one hit kill.  The 
    secondary fire launches grenades, and can also be charged up to 6, but 
    it is unlikely that all will hit.  They detonate upon impact with a 
    person, or after 3 seconds.  They will bounce off walls harmlessly.  The 
    primary fire however lays out a line of rockets that is hard to focus on 
    one person (******).  This is good if you can't aim too well, or if you 
    are looking at a lot of enemies, but it may not kill them.  1 rocket may 
    hit them, and blast radius from 2 others.  The blast radius is good on 
    this weapon, better than most.  Even if you can place a rocket near 
    someone, it will do good damage.  However, it is hard to use this weapon 
    at close range without charging up before each shot.  It is good at mid-
    long range.  To focus your rockets on one target, hold down primary 
    fire, then as the last rocket loads, hold down the secondary fire as 
    well (sort of hard, you'll probobly need 2 fingers).  Now the 6 rockets 
    will come out in a tight, circle formation, and they will all hit the 
    same target.  This is the method to eliminate one foe.  Now to do more 
    calculations, 2x3=6, which says that 2 rockets is a one hit kill.  This 
    is true, but if your opponent sports full blue (200) life, and full 
    shields (100) armor, then this will not kill them.  It will rock their 
    world however, and leave them very hurt.  6 rockets as we have said 
    already, will kill them even with this total of 300 life.  
    Redeemer: Damage rating: 5+/5+.  This weapon has the same projectile and 
    only 1 at that.  The primary fire is to send this small nuke off in a 
    straight path, the second is to guide it yourself, (like in MGS).  The 
    blast radius is some insane 50' in every direction, and this is no 
    normal blast radius, it is a killing radius.  I have never hit anyone 
    head on with the nuke, but I don't need too, because this will kill them 
    if they are anywhere close.  The idea is for you not to be.  So if you 
    do primary fire, do it and run.  If you do secondary, guide it somewhere 
    far away, and be wary of the fact that you are not invulnerable while 
    you fire.  I use this mainly to clear out enemy bases in capture the 
    flag, or as a surefire way to kill an opponent in 1vs1 matches.  
    Translocater:  Damage rating: 0/5*.  This is a gun, yes, because it 
    fires a projectile.  It is also highly versatile.  The primary fire 
    sends off your little disc, and the secondary fire takes you to that 
    disc.  If that disc happens to be close enough to an opponent, then you 
    will teleport into them, (e.g. the Matrix) and they will die instantly.  
    You can use this weapon in every level to get secrets, and to get around 
    quickly and unpredictably.  It would have to be my favorite item in the 
    game, because of its originality.  Quake had the grappling hook mod, but 
    this one-ups even that. 
    Items:  This sub-section of weapons will detail the items and what they 
    do for you.  A note is that you can have 100 normal health (green), up 
    to 100 extra health (blue) totaling 200 health, and a total of 100 armor 
    Health Vial: This small vial will give you 5 health.  It can give you 
    extra health, so collect enough of these for max health.  They usually 
    appear in droves.
    Health Kit: This will give you 25 health, but it is limited in that it 
    can only give you normal health (up to 100).  So once the green bar is 
    full, these are no longer useful.
    Big Keg O' Health: I love this item.  This gigantic health will give you 
    100 health, up to max health.  It is usually hidden in levels, or in an 
    easily located area, that is often the center of a battlefield.  In any 
    case, after getting this you can receive massive damage and it will 
    appear as nothing, because that extra 100 health is stored in that 
    little bar at the end of your normal health.
    Thigh Pads: These small armor pads will give you 25 armor.  Being armor, 
    these will split the damage you receive between these and your health.  
    If you were to get hit by an Enforcer, it would do 10 damage to these, 
    and 10 to your health.  
    Body Armor: This will give you 75 armor, and combined with thigh pads, 
    full 100 armor.  However, it will split the damage, as do the thigh 
    Shield Belt: This fancy item is usually hidden.  It will give you 100 
    full armor, which will take all the damage you receive, not split it as 
    does the other armor.  Enemies with this item will glow/shimmer.
    Anti-Gravity Boots: These boots allow you to jump enormously high, and 
    are used to get good items and cross ravines in capture the flag levels.
    2.  Level Guide: This guide will cover basic strategies and descriptions 
    of levels, as well as where any of the  "Super Items" (Redeemer, Shield 
    Belt, Invisibility, Damage Amp., or Big Keg o' Health).  
    2.1 Deathmatch
    Oblivion:  This level is small, and consists basically of 2 hallways.  
    It is a small spacecraft made specifically for fighting.  Run around and 
    collect weapons, don't sit in one place.  It's best to use the Flak 
    Cannon I find.
    Stalwart: This is somewhat of a small warehouse.  You have 2 opponents, 
    and only a few guns.  Run around and try to take all the guns before 
    they do.  As before, keep moving.
    Big Keg: In crate in one main room.
    Turbine: This is a larger level than the last two, with at least 3 
    floors.  You have a few opponents, so keep on the move, or snipe from 
    the top level.  This level lends itself to the Mini-gun.  
    Damage Amp: Top level rafters.
    Shield Belt: Behind prison door.  (shoot to open).
    Invis: ???
    Codex: This is a larger level as well, with a gothic atmosphere, and a 
    few opponents.  Keep moving and watch out for the lava.  
    Shield Belt: Bridge.
    Damage Amp: ???
    Pressure: This is a smaller level, with the famous pressure trap.  The 
    items inside are tempting, but I usually stay out, and get other 
    weapons.  A great way to stop opponents is to get them in the room, then 
    keep them in there until the door closes.
    Damage Amp: Pressure room.
    Shield Belt: Pressure room.
    Big Keg: In the water at the top of the level.
    Deck 16: This level is huge, and great fun.  It allows for both close 
    and long range fighting.  There's several great sniper points, and lots 
    of secrets.  Watch out for the ooze.  
    Redeemer: Teleport from bottom level next to Rocket Launcher to top 
    Damage Amp: Top of crate mid level.
    Shield Belt: Lower rafter.  Drop onto it from the mid level bridge.
    Tempest: This is a large level, with a lot of condensed fighting.  With 
    so many small rooms, fighting is intense, and snipers are many.  Try to 
    snipe others if you get the chance.
    Shield Belt: Past Pulse Gun on ledge that leads up to sniper point.
    Damage Amp: ???
    Curse: This is a great Gothic level, and there are a lot of secrets and 
    fighting points.  I like staying in the tunnel at the bottom, and 
    waiting for others to fall down.  
    Shield Belt: Top level wooden bridge leads into the wall.  It's a fake 
    wall, walk through to get the belt.
    Damage Amp: At the set of 2 short staircases, when traveling up the 
    first set, you have to turn left at the end, then left again to get to 
    the second set.  Between them, on the left wall, there is a hidden door 
    you must shoot to open.
    Liandri: This is a great tower like level, with the elevator in the 
    middle.  I play this level for fun also.  Love that sniper point at the 
    very top.  Use the stairs to get the advantage.  
    Redeemer: Control station near top from the stairs.
    Shield Belt: 2x bridges near teleporter.
    Damage Amp: Ledge on the right side of longest flight of stairs. 
    Agony: This level is pretty hard if you are on Inhuman difficulty.  The 
    tight hallways don't allow for many explosive weapons.  Try to stay in 
    the larger room, and shoot through the window slots.
    Shield Belt: Top of wooden ramp, along with health vials and ammo.
    Redeemer: Top ledge formed by wooden decorative edging.  Either impact 
    jump or jump from the top level to get on the ledge.
    Ice Station Zeto: This is the hardest map in the game.  The enemies are 
    insanely fast and accurate.  They can use any weapon well, but prefer 
    the shock rifle, flak cannon, and rocket launcher.  Move around very 
    fast, try to kill a lot of people in the main room.  Always get a weapon 
    as fast as possible after being fragged.
    Shield Belt: Behind wall in main room lower level.  (No idea how to open 
    door.  CPUs do it just by standing there).
    2.11 Deathmatch (Challenge) Levels
    Phobos: This is a large satellite looking level, and it's easy to fall 
    off of the sides and suicide.  Try to stay away from this.  The real 
    designated fighting area is on the top, so get some weapons and go up 
    top to wait for Damean.  Overall, if you get a lot of the super items 
    you should be fine.  
    Redeemer: Outer ledge off the top.
    Shield Belt: Same as above.
    Damage Amp: Same as above.
    Invisibility: Behind door bottom level, shoot to open.
    Flux: This is another large 2 floor level, with a lot of outdoor space.  
    Try to stay in the open areas and use either the Sniper Rifle, Shock 
    Rifle, or Rocket Launcher to kill long range.  
    Damage Amp: Top of tower on top level, use anti-gravity boots to jump up 
    to ledge, then up to top.
    Malevolence: Dominator is really a hard opponent.  He will bum-rush you 
    a lot with the Pulse Gun.  The best strategy I find is to go to the area 
    with the body armor, and wait for him.  When he comes kill him with 1-
    hit kill weapons like the Flak Cannon or the GES Bio-rifle (flak won't 
    always do it one hit).  Then get the armor and health, and wait again.
    Hyperblast: Xan is not as hard as he's put out to be.  He really favors 
    the rocket launcher, and he'll use it whenever possible.  It is located 
    at the top of the ship, and it's easy to fall off from there, so don't 
    go up there too often.  He will sometimes suicide in this manner.  He 
    will also snipe you from there if he sees you in a window, so watch out.  
    The easiest strategy is to get a bouncing weapon and go into the hall 
    with the health vials and wait.  When he comes, run away, but bounce 
    ammo, like razors from the ripper, or flak shells off the wall to kill 
    him.  Also try to take all the weapons in that area, so if he runs out 
    of rockets, he has to use the Enforcer.
    Invisibility: Top level hallway.
    Note: Domination levels are about getting the most checkpoints fastest, 
    and keeping them.  Your team gets points for every checkpoint you 
    control, and you get points for every checkpoint that you commandeered.  
    They give you a point every second if you have all 3, or 1 point every 3 
    seconds if you only have one.  The strategy is to move around, and get 
    to the points first, then retake them if they ever leave your control.
    Condemned:  This is a metropolitan area, and the level is split by a 
    huge building in the center.  The anti grav boots help a lot, as they 
    allow you to leap the building in one hop.  Try to stay up top, and jump 
    down if someone takes one of the points.  
    Shield Belt: Top of crate at Arturo's.
    Osiris: This is an ancient Egyptian arena, with Hieroglyphics all over 
    the walls.  The cpu's will hardly ever take the bridge point, so worry 
    about the alley and grotto areas.  
    Lament: This is an unused garage.  It's best to stay on the bottom 
    level, and go up top if you need to.  The attacks will come on the 
    bottom level more often.
    Cinder: This is the first lava map in domination.  The fighting will be 
    at close quarters, and tough.  Try to stay at the lava point, because it 
    has easy access to both other points.  
    Big Keg: Rafter near top checkpoint.
    Shield Belt: Rafter above lava point.
    Gearbolt: This is another sort of fantasy castle level.  There is a moat 
    of green ooze surrounding the level, and there are no checkpoints on the 
    lower level.  So use the teleporters to stay on the top level, and try 
    to stay at the bridge point, as it is between the other 2 points.
    Shield Belt: Lift point.
    Olden: This is very similar to Gearbolt, but the ooze won't hurt you.  
    Try to stay at the middle or top point.  This is a hard map.  
    Big Keg: Top level, jump diagonal to get it off of wooden bridge.
    Sesmar: Another Egyptian level.  This one is fun.  Down on the bottom 
    level are a lot of statues and one checkpoint.  This point is the topic 
    of the entire battle.  Your team and the other CPUs will battle non-stop 
    for this point.  Therefore your strategy is to take the other two 
    points, Blue and Red Ankh, and you will definitely win.
    Big Keg: Top level bridge.
    Damage Amp: ???
    Capture the Flag:
    Note: The CPUs and your team think exactly the same, so I recommend 
    setting your team either as distraction, or as defense.  You should do 
    the capturing yourself.  On harder levels, let the team do distraction, 
    and you run away.  Another thing is that the enemy AI will always set 
    half the team to defense, half to offense.  If there are only 3, 2 will 
    run offense.  A good strategy is to let them get the flag, and while 
    your team kills them, run to get their flag, because now they only have 
    1 or 2 people to stop you, not 3 or 4.
    Niven: An easy level.  Set your team to defense, and go through either 
    the water or the top path and get the flag.  It is good to use the flak 
    cannon or the Ripper, because it bounces off of walls. 
    Sepulcher: A Medieval castle.  Set the team to defense, and run for it.  
    The shield belt helps a lot.  
    Shield Belt: Center of map, on symbol.
    Eternal Cave: A fun level with a lot of caves.  I usually take the 
    bottom caves.  The biggest trick in this is to jump from the entrance to 
    your side to your flag point, don't go all the way around and walk down.  
    This is 100% faster.  Just don't fall!  Also, you'll notice their flag 
    is harder to get.  They will often ambush you from the corner at the 
    base of the ramp to their flag.
    Shield Belt: Top path.
    Facing Worlds: The best map in the game.  I love the atmosphere.  Use 
    the sniper rifle and allow your team to take the flag, or go yourself.  
    You can snipe from anywhere up your gigantic tower, or fire the Redeemer 
    at them, jump up and down the tower with the teleporter, whatever.  If 
    you want to win fast, have your entire team attack, and just grab the 
    flag and go.
    Damage Amp: One in each base, on a ledge above the entrance.  Use the 
    teleporter gun.
    Big Keg: Center of map.
    Redeemer: One in each base, take a teleporter near the shock rifle to 
    get it.
    Coret: This is somewhat like a sci-fi research facility.  There is an 
    upper path and a lower path, and I always take the upper, because it's 
    faster, and less confusing.  
    Damage Amp: Middle of upper path.
    Gauntlet: Yet another castle.  Always take the bottom path, the CPUs 
    never go that way.  And whenever exiting a base (yours or theirs) use 
    the teleporter in the back.  
    Shield Belt: Small bridge over lava in center of map, lower level.
    Dreary: This reminds me of an underwater vessel.  It's long, and it has 
    many levels.  I usually take the top level to go there, the mid level 
    back.  Just take the flag and run, let your team do defense.  They'll 
    run all the way up to 1/2 the level through to save you.  
    Shield Belt: Upper path.
    Damage Amp: Upper path.
    Lava Giant: Another great level.  The many paths to and from each base 
    and the great atmosphere make this one "giant" fun.  I set my team as 
    distraction if I'm on a harder level, though they are adequate snipers.  
    I usually take a bottom route in, then use the anti grav boots and jump 
    my way back.  Enter the enemy base from the rear, grab the flag with the 
    teleporter gun, jump out of the front of the base, jump across the 
    ravine to the center path, go through the small cave, and jump across 
    another ravine to your base.  
    Shield Belt: Center upper path.
    Redeemer: Left upper path.
    Damage Amp: Right upper path (drop down right before the cave).
    November: This is a submarine level, and it's really hard.  It usually 
    takes me 15 minutes to beat on Master, 30 min or more on Inhuman.  It's 
    a lot of trying and failing.  They have great accuracy and defense.  
    They will attack you with 2 members, but one member will stay at the 
    bottom of their base, covering them, and shooting at you if it sees you.  
    The last guy will wait in the room with their flag, on top of all the 
    crates, and sometimes he won't notice you enter.  Shoot him.  Have your 
    team run distraction, and grab the flag, and the Big Keg from their base 
    if you have time, then go out the back entrance, the pipe, and run for 
    Big Keg: One in each base, both on top of crates.
    Damage Amp: Middle of level.
    Shield Belt: One in each base, each near the machine gun nest.
    3. Inhuman:  I did eventually beat it on this difficulty level, and I 
    didn't get anything exciting.  I heard a rumor you got 4 new levels for 
    capture the flag, and 7 for deathmatch, but as I figured, those were 
    probably the practice levels you start out with.  The hardest levels 
    Agony: Because of the one guy in red.  I'd have 24 kills and he'd get 
    like 5 more and win.  Overall, you have to be really fast, and really 
    good in this level.  Stay on the bottom level, and try to take the armor 
    and health packs before anyone else.  Use the minigun and flak cannon to 
    kill people fast.
    Ice Station Zeto: Because it's the hardest level in the game.  It didn't 
    take me as long as Agony however.  You just have to get the rocket 
    launcher and wait in that main room.  They usually start fighting among 
    one another, and I'd fire rows and rows of rockets, killing them all.  
    Watch out for people coming in behind you.
    Sesmar: Because my team was crappy.  Set your team to attack, and just 
    make sure that you keep both ankh's your color.  The enemy CPUs will 
    eventually leave them, if they are guarding them, for the center point.
    Lava Giant: Because the enemies are excellent snipers.  The cure for 
    this is traveling the bottom path at all times, and never stop to fight.  
    Run in, grab the flag, and run out the back way.
    November: Because the enemy CPUs have a good formation.  Have your team 
    follow you, and try to take out any enemies you see fast.  Make charges, 
    and your team will leave you to attack other CPUs, but you have to keep 
    running.  When you reach the flag room, get the flag, shoot that guy on 
    top, and run.  Try to get your team to meet you in there before you go, 
    or you will fall down the hole probably into an enemy trap, because they 
    wait there if they know you're coming.  If both you and your enemy have 
    each other's flag, send your team out to get it, and stay next to your 
    flag point with the sniper rifle.  Anyone coming down that pipe is easy 
    4. Conclusion:  Well, that's just about all I know about Unreal 
    Tournament.  I've heard news that the next update of the game will be 
    more RPG based, as well as FPS.  If you have any questions, or locations 
    of items I missed, email me at vejiitassj4@hotmail.com.  I hope this 
    guide helped, and have fun with it.

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