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Reviewed: 03/14/01 | Updated: 03/14/01

Graphically the best game on the PS2

Graphics – 10
Released on the PS2 launch date (Oct, 26 2000) remains, in my opinion, one of the most graphically stunning games for the PS2 to date. The textures, the characters, everything simply stunning. I got to tip my hat to the developers of this game, they seemed to have captured the PC’s great graphics and wrapped it all up into one little CD. At times, this game is plagued by slow-down, but I find this only occurs in times of heavy action. The environments range anywhere from small and cozy for say, two player death-matches to large for your ultimate party death-matches. I just love these weapons. You got your standard weapons just like in all FPS games. You got the pistol, sniping gun, minigun and rocket launcher. And those aren’t even the most deadly weapons. You got a device that shoots out explosive metal disk, you have a plasma cannon, the flak cannon ohhh the choices.

Sound – 10
Hmm, how can I describe sound and yet really do it justice. Every sound in this game is a work of art. The music is eary, yet not enough to freak you out, the sound effects are spectacular. The sound of the guns, the players taunts after they make a kill, can you say sweet? Those taunts, I love those taunts. Say an enemy kills you, you think they’d at least have the decency to just ravage through your remains for weapons and leave right? No, they have to rub it in making comments like “try turning the safety off” or “try a bigger gun”, they may actually come right to the point and say “you suck.”

Characters – 9
Well, not much difference between the characters. You have 18 or 20 to choose from (half of which have to be unlocked). All characters are beautifully detailed and each having their own subtle personalities. The character you pick is the deciding factor of the victory taunts.

Mode of play – 10
Unlike most FPS games, Unreal Tournament has different mode of play. You have five main modes.

Deathmatch – were its you against anywhere from one to six other players (AI). You’re objective, seek and destroy. The one who reaches a predetermined number of frags (kills) wins.

Dominion – its you and the teammates (AI) against four players (also AI). You objective? Conquer three key positions. The team with the most conquests wins.

Capture the flag – simply put, capture the flag. Setup just like dominion but your objective is to capture the enemies flag and get your but back to base. Whichever team captures the flag three times is the winner.

Assault – setup like dominion but your objective is to either capture the enemies base, destroy something within the base or try and escape the base (depends on the mission). This can get rather hard, even with novice AI.
Challenge – almost exactly the same as deathmatch. In this case though, it’s you versus one other guy. Most frags wins.

Control – 7
The only downfall to an otherwise perfect game. These controls are horrid. You got maybe 8 control schemes to choose from and their all bad. True, you can get use to them, but you have to force yourself. Unless you’re a prodigy and can get used to any style control in just a couple of seconds (boy do I wish I were one of those). But once you get used to them, watch out world.

Replay – 9
High replay despite controls (figure that one out). I don’t know what to say, I guess seeing body parts flying every which way just touches me deep down inside. I love everything about this game (well, accept the controls).

Overall – 9
Excellent game, if you’re looking for a good FPS for the PS2, check this game out. But don’t buy it just yet. Give it a rent, see if you can get the controls how you like it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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