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"A fun game if you're not alone."

This is my fourth review for GameFAQs. It’s starting to become a habit for me. Play a game, write a review. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just because I get really bored at work. Anyhow…
Unreal Tournament is a first-generation Playstation2 title. It is modeled after a PC game of the same name. Unreal Tournament has always boasted great multi-player with a weak backup of a single-player game. The Playstation2 version offers much of the same.

Gameplay -For quite a while this game is a blast, especially in single-player. There is a campaign-style mode that one can play through. You unlock new levels and characters by completing levels. There aren’t any secrets to the game; it’s all straightforward. You are given a mission goal depending upon the style of gameplay (Deathmatch, CTF, Assault, etc.) and then you set out to complete that mission. The game is not very in-depth.
The controls work just fine. For the most part, the controls are able to be customized you have a choice as to how you want to control your character. This is very good, as the default configuration didn’t work very well for me at all.
The game isn’t all that difficult. On easy mode, it is incredibly easy. Even moving up the ladder, things don’t get all that difficult. Maybe that’s just because I’ve been playing this style of games (first-person shooters) too much. (8)

Story -There isn’t a whole of story. This game is about killing other players (human or AI) and not much else. There is some semblance of a plot though. You are competing in an intergalactic tournament. Not very exciting, but then again, plot really doesn’t matter in this game. (5)

Audio/Video -The music isn’t all that great. It just doesn’t get one moving. Something heavier and faster would’ve been great. The music in a game like this needs to make the heart beat faster. The sound effects were pretty good. Gunshots sounded nice and players talked trash during the game. The trash talking can get repetitive as the same insults are thrown over and over. Other than that, the audio is just fine. (7)
Some hail Unreal Tournament as an incredible visual treat. I am not one of them. While the graphics are nice, they aren’t exceptional. Weapon explosions look neat, but players could have been rendered better. Not that it matters, players don’t stand still long enough for you to get a really good look at them. (8)

Replayability -As for single-player, this game has very little Replayability value. With regards to multi-player, the game has quite a bit to offer. Even though all of the single-player modes are not represented in multi-player, there is enough for an evening of fun. The I-link capabilities sound nice, but I haven’t tried it. I-link should allow a Playstation2 to connect to another Playstation2 and share two monitors. That is a nice innovation, but I don’t know anyone who owns the I-link cable. As such, Replayability is only worthwhile when you’re with friends. (6)

Buy/Rent -I would say rent this game. Rent it with some friends and see if you like it. If it doesn't really catch your attention, don’t buy it. Unless you regularly play video games with a bunch of friends, this game won’t have much to catch you. Rent it and see what you think.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/17/01, Updated 08/17/01

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