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"This game is UNREAL!!!"

I've played quite a few first person shooters by now, but the one that got me started, and is still by far my favorite, is Unreal.

Gameplay: This game has exceptional gameplay, from great levels and good controls to huge levels and guns. The AI is well done, and the game will just leave you begging for more. If you are looking for everything a good shooter should have, this one's got it. The guns range from auto-pistols to huge mini-nuclear warheads. The levels are large and expansive, with many hidden areas and backdrops. I was playing a few days ago and I found 2 new areas I'd never found before (they were only ads, but I was still happy).

Sound: Excellent. I look for music much more in games than most other people, and this one just left me awed. The techno/house mixes in this game are wonderful to play to.

Graphics: The graphics are good ranging to great. Sure, the characters don't look as good as the picture they show you at the beginning, but you need a little imagination here. And hell, you'll just be shooting them, so why do you care? The levels are well done, all pre-rendered and the textures are well done too. The guns also look top notch from your point of view.

Fun Factor: This game is extremely fun, whether with friends or alone. While alone you can play a huge number of levels, and you can range from the sniper, the defender, to the guy who always blitz rushes at the start of a match. The game modes are amazing, with Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination (a checkpoint match) Assault (attack an enemy base) and Challenge (fight an extremely tough computer one on one). It fails a bit when playing with friends, because even though it is amazingly fun with friends, you can only play 4 capture the flag levels, and 7 deathmatch levels with friends. All the awesome levels from the main game are unavailable. Don't ask me why. I have a friend who only plays FPS games with the keyboard and mouse...No problem, the usb ports in the PS2 let us play together all the time.
Replay Value: This is the first game I ever bought for PS2, back when it came out in October or so. It's been about a year and a half now, and I still pull this game out and play it. Sure, I have all the other blockbuster games, but this one just has that special something for me.

Rent/Buy: Compared to Red Faction, Quake 3, Half Life, and other FPS games, I find this one to come out on top. The atmospheres outdo all those other games, and the levels are just as expansive. The guns are well and up to par with the rest, and the character models are too. I'd buy this game in a heartbeat, but if you don't like FPS games, this is still the one to start on. Rent it first, then see if you think it's worth buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/28/02, Updated 01/28/02

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