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"A great attempt to make the PC classic into a console game"

Unreal Tournament is the GREATEST game of all time. One day (I should say night), Me and my friend were playing online. When my brother came back from the mall, he had bought UT for the PS2. I was a little surprised, but I decided to play it. I wasn't amazed, but I had good time. My true review begins here:

Story 5/10
Same as the PC. You are a guy that enters a tournament to kill people and become champion. But there is no intro to this version. And the loading screens make it seems like a war game, but it's still UT.

Gameplay 10/10
Just like the PC version. But there are some new levels, so don't worry. You can't customize your own people anymore, now you pick characters (and a crap load of them have to be unlocked, same with the levels). There's only 4 difficulty levels: Novice, Skilled, Master, Inhuman (WHAT??? No Godlike?). I play on master, thought on the PC I play Adept. Still, the gameplay is as fun as the PC

Graphics 9/10
Just as good as the PC. But the naked girl windows are censored (now he ''robe'' goes over the bad part). Characters have there own art, like there mugshot when you pick characters. Some art makes them look bad, but they aren't in the real game, so don't be fooled. The graphics are PC-perfect, but when a lot of action goes on, there is some MAJOR slowdown (maybe I exaggerated back there, but there is a lot of slowdown), but the graphics are good for PS2.

Control 10/10
You can configure the controls. I like my control scheme set to B. It's the best for me. The controls are great and give perfect access to your environment. But the double tap dodge is gone (I think, I didn't play it much), but the controls work for me (and maybe you) well.

Sound/Music 9/10
The sound and most of the music is the exact same, which is good. But the KGalleon Boat song is gone, and it's been replaced with a more Piratey song. But still, all of the sound and music (except KGalleon) is here and accounted for.

Buy or rent?
Buy it of your a fan of UT, or you can just rent it to see how it plays on a PS2. Either way will work.

This is a great game, but the PC version rules all. Still, check it out. It's worth your time and money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/08/02, Updated 12/08/02

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