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"Addictive? Yes. Bad? No."

The heart of the Unreal Tournament series is this title. Every other UT relies on this to keep balance with its release. This game inspired a whole new level of the shooting genre, but remains the best at pleasing the crowd. Disappointment is impossible to realize while playing this game.

The Unreal game for PC packed much more treasures, but the PS2 UT hits with full force with what it's got. An enormous hive of levels, each with their own characteristics and play type is overwhelming even after many hours. From a gigantic set comes many weapons to turn arenas into slaughter houses. Bring your skills with numerous characters to the field. Include the enjoyable and challenging events to unlock secrets and you have a full span of exploring. Online play is the perfect way to showcase yourself and carries an impressive reputation of pleasing distance gameplay.

Graphics and Sound
The rich texture and detail is hypnotic to play with. Chopless animation and steady pixel adjustments deliver beautiful eye popping distractions. Violence images are realistic enough to be happy with taking revenge. The soundtrack runs through you as blood to fuel your best abilities to play. Gun shots and effects are simply dreams of a game's capabilities these days. Character detail is well created and drops a real version of fighting ''face to face.'' The arena layout and distance adjustments can confuse you to whether or not you're looking through a window.

Easily admitted to be gripping fun, it just takes more time than you can imagine to master. Turning radius and aiming suit the split second action. Jumping isn't very helpful, but can be useful to dodge visible shots or advance to hidden areas and obtain secrets. Swimming is frustrating slow, yet it can increase stealth dramatically during the game. Handling and firing the guns are excellent and their individual modes available add chemistry to work with. Commanding teammates grants loveable power to your strategy. In five different game modes, no goal is too far out of reach or not worth it.

With so much unique play axis, it seems anyone can go head over heels for this title. Noticeable areas need to be polished, but all that's there is highly satisfying. Upon this release, I'm quite sure many others will follow and make way for possible perfection off of this game's lift. Given a major popularity edge and well toned production, Unreal Tournament is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games of all time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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