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"Ph34r Unreal Tournament. Ph34r."

Wow... My *favorite* FPS (first person shooter, for all of you who are new to the genre) that was ever a FPS. The very first time I played it, was at a friends house, with three other people (making it four). We played a round robin style deathmatch. Meaning, two people would be playing at a time (we didn't have a multitap, you see), then when one of them died, they'd pass the controller to someone else. We did this for about three hours. Then we ate, and played some more.

This game is quite possibly the greatest party game, ever. So... let's begin the review.

Graphics/Audio: 9/10

The graphics are amazing. The sounds are amazing. From the ''You suck'' kill words to the ''I'm on your team, idiot'' friendly fire remarks, you'll love it.

The levels are beautifully polished. Your bullets/rockets/plasma balls/sludge balls will soar through the air before connecting with your opponents skull. Or the wall. Whatever. They look great, too. And, if you happen to blow someone up to kill them (or blow up their corpse, you sick, sick person), their body parts will go flying through the air, and bounce off of the walls. It creates a ''Haha, I'm better than your torso'' effect.

The music blends in perfectly with the action. The sounds of bullets whizzing by you, and rockets exploding against walls is spectacular.

Story: N/A

There isn't much of a story. Just a level by level progression. You don't fight no uber-bad-ass boss at the end. You don't have to save anyone. You are freeing yourself from slavery. You're just slaughtering people with bigger guns than yours. Oh well, it's better that way.

Characters/Levels: 8/10

There are plenty of characters for you to choose from. The first ones don't look that great, but after a while (about every three levels), you get new ones. Ones that kick ass. Ones that look like something from some horror movie. Or an acid trip. Not that I know what that's like. *cough.*

Controls: 10/10

There are multiple controller configurations, and one for every type of person. The vertical look-aroundy-thingy is kind of a pain, since it constantly resets when you strafe, or move forward. Or move at all. Or don't move. But other than that, the controls are awesome.

Difficulty: 9/10

Novice and Skilled (the first two settings) are pretty easy. Novice is more for someone who is new to the system. Skilled probably for someone who is new to FPS. But Master and Inhuman can be hard as nails at times. The fact that the game moves so quickly and flawlessly also contributes to how quickly you can die. Nothing like in Red Faction II, though, where you die the second to respawn. You can take someone who has a rocket launcher out with your pistol, if you're skillful enough.

Overall: 9/10

Really, the only problem is the ease of the first two difficulties, and the vertical scrolling. Greatest PS2 game, though. Ever.

Rent/Buy: Buy

Even after you beat the game on the hardest difficulty, and unlock everything there is to unlock, it's great for when you have a friend or two over.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/04/03, Updated 05/04/03

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