Review by CarLuver

Reviewed: 08/29/04

Frag: It will be your new favorite word!

Introduction: Unreal Tournament is exactly that... a tournament... to the Death!!! You will travel to many different arenas and fight to the death using several devastating weapons.

Gameplay: Gameplay is spectacular in this game. The controls are very simple and similar to most other first person shooters. You should be able to pick it up very fast and be fragging in no time. There are four modes to battle through. There are also four difficulty modes to master and let you find which one is right for you. The AI is also a pretty good competitor. The battles will get extremely intense and you might end up grinding your teeth in a close battle. Your teamates are pretty good in battle and you will be able to give them a few quick commands. But, you will probably still have to do most of the work yourself.

Story: Unreal Tournament is set in the semi-distant future across many different worlds and in space. There isn't much of a story but that doesn't bring the game down at all. There is a little description of each arena when you get ready to battle there. Story is the least important part of Unreal Tournament.

Graphics/Sound: Considering this is an earlier PS2 game it has great sound and graphics. The arenas are stunning and look awsome when you are flying through them. You and the AI will say little phrases when you frag someone. The guns also have their own unique sounds.

Playtime/Replayability: This game is fairly short but there are different difficulty modes for you to master. It is also extremely funner to play with a friend in an all out fragfest. I have replayed this game several times. It is also fun to stage your own tournaments with your friends until a champion is crowned.

Recomendation: Go and Buy this game right now. Since it is an older game you should be able to get it cheap. But if you are extremely cheap, shell out the 4 bucks and rent it. Either way it is a must have if you are a First Person Shooter fan.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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