Review by cycoclops

Reviewed: 09/06/05

Great shooting game, even to todays standards.

I'm new to the Unreal Tournament series, but in general, shooting games are a passion to me. I lack an xbox, so I can't enjoy the glory of Halo, so I try and find a PS2 FPS to fill my needs. I have gone through quite a few games, (Call of Duty, Quake III Revolution, Golden Eye Rouge Agent, 007: Agent Under Fire, I can keep going) but none of them really fill my FPS needs. But that doesn't stop me from looking. I've played the trail version of Unreal Tournament at a friend’s house quite awhile ago, and I loved it. But my PC can't handle games so I find myself screwed. But to get back on topic, I normally tend to look in the 9.99 and under section of my local Game Stop a (You'd be surprised what’s in that pile) and to my surprise, I find Unreal Tournament for the PS2, with out hesitation I pick it up, and I go home to test it out and I was certainly pleased with what I saw. I've had the game for over a week now, I wanted to give it time to sink into my skin, and its a great game, but with a few flaws.

Now enough with my life story, on to the review.

Story - 6/10

It pains me to give it this type of score, but I am going to be direct. A company by the name of Liandri purchased arenas, and decides that to make money they are going to host Rome styled gladiators fights, but with sharper technology. Its simple and fair, and enough to get you shooting people.

Graphics - 8/10

In today’s world, graphics demand quite a lot. Seeing how old this game is, I'm going to be fair. Its a old game, and still suffers from something I call "PC game syndrome". Which pretty much still has a lot of rough edges and is very flat looking(Which is common is PC to counsel games such as Half Life, Quake III and Max Payne). But to redeem the game, the animation are truly impressive, from the jerk back of shooting to the dances your foes do when you are defeated. The game's frame rate also tends to chop down at times when there is too much going on, and that certainly applies to the Pirate Ship map. Now on the topics of maps, though the games models aren't the best in town, the maps (The shape itself not the look) are mostly great. The maps are huge and alot of fun to play through.

Sound - 7/10

I have mixed feeling towards the sound. I'll start with the music, the music is a decent techno battle theme, but its very low and unnoticeable, seeing how it is covered in the constant sounds of gunfire. All the weapons have a distinct sounds of gunfire that sounds great, and the wise cracks the players make after killing each other are often fun, but after awhile of game play, they do get quite annoying and repetitive.

Game play - 10/10

To me, game play can really redeem a game and while Unreal hasn't sinned much, the game play takes it beyond that, but of course on the downside, the game play has to be tweaked to your liking. Now, the single player mode is pretty fun, but it seems more like training for multiplayer. There are a few tings I do see wrong with this, but I've grown to like it, such as the fact that you don't reload. At first when I finally noticed this (Day three or so of me owning this game) I saw the game as cheesy and unbalanced. But of course, I began to understand, unlike Halo and the array of WWII FPS, this game isn't aiming for reality in video games. This mainly shows because it’s in the name. And the balance of the weapons lay on how its shot only, so rate of fire and power balance out the weapon alone. The enemy AI is very well done, and is better than most games today. The enemies evade slow attacks run when weak and all have different personalities and do all sorts of unpredictable things. But the game is best played with four friends on equal skill. During multiplayer, you find yourself not aiming to win, but to do something small and silly, like end someone's killing spree at all costs or kill someone with the impact hammer for bragging rights, maybe even become a kamikaze bomber, all for the sake of fun. But the default controls do need to be tweaked, because the speed that you look at is slow and the movement is left handed, but again this can be changed for your likings. I personally have the X and Y speed at 3, with control pattern 3, but its up to you, which you would like.

In short...

The game is old, but still can compete with today’s games, it has great multiplayer and single player, and in the end all that matter is that you are having fun. If you come across this game in the bargain bin, by all means... Pick it up.

Story - 6/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 7/10
Game play - 10/10

Final - 8/10


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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