• Cheat Codes

    In the cheat menu (found in extras), enter the combination, Using cheats disables the game saving feature

    Triangle, O, O, Triangle, XAnimal Ships
    O, X, Triangle, O, TriangleInfinite Cannon
    Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, SquareInfinite Shield
    Triangle, O, X, O, SquareInfinite Weapons
    O, square, square, X, OMini Ships
    X, O, Triangle, Square, XRetro Planes
    Square, X, X, X, TriangleSuper Fast ships
    X, Triangle, O, Triangle, OUnlock All Features and Give 50 Million Credits

    Contributed By: Pyro Vesten, RaumeRVZ, and fluffius.


  • Unlockable Addition Pilots

    To Unlock These Addition Pilots, Upgrade Each Team's Ship Progress To 75%. Note: These Addition Pilots Powerful Than Normal Pilots

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Daniel JohnsonReach 75% Upgrade Progress On FEISAR With Carlos Beneto
    Myima TsarongReach 75% Upgrade Progress On Piranha With Jann Shlaudecker
    Natasha BelmondoReach 75% Upgrade Progress On Xios With Zala Wollf
    Omarr KhumalaReach 75% Upgrade Progress On Tigron With Sveta Kirovski
    Pascale RouserReach 75% Upgrade Progress On Auricom With France Gonzalez
    Paul CheungReach 75% Upgrade Progress On EG-R With Alex Reece
    Roberto SergioReach 75% Upgrade Progress On G-Tech With Naomi Turner
    Songen GreyReach 75% Upgrade Progress On Van-Uber With Nami Mishima

    Contributed By: Bl3u.

  • Unlockable Teams

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Auricom TeamComplete Franco Gonzales Challenge
    Eg-r TeamComplete Alex Reece Challenge
    Pirahna TeamComplete Jann Sclaudecker Challenge
    Tigron TeamComplete Sveta Kirovski Challenge
    Xios TeamComplete Zala Woolf Challenge

    Contributed By: Carter12.

  • Unlockable Tracks

    To Unlock These Tracks, Complete Following League In AG League.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alca Vexus 1Complete Chronos League
    Alca Vexus 1 ReverseComplete Rhea League
    Alca Vexus 2Complete Tethys League
    Alca Vexus 2 ReverseComplete Hyperion League
    Alca Vexus 3 ReverseComplete Crius League
    Cubiss Float 1 ReverseComplete Rhea League
    Cubiss Float 2 ReverseComplete Hyperion League
    Cubiss Float 3Complete Themis League
    Cubiss Float 3 ReverseComplete Crius League
    Cubiss Height 2Complete Tethys League
    Florion Height 1 ReverseComplete Chronos League
    Florion Height 2Complete Oceanus League
    Florion Height 2 ReverseComplete Tethys League
    Florion Height 3Complete Hyperion League
    Florion Height 3 ReverseComplete Lapetus League
    Katmoda 12 1Complete Themis League
    Katmoda 12 1 ReverseComplete Lapetus League
    Katmoda 12 2Complete Crius League
    Katmoda 12 2 ReverseComplete Thea League
    Katmoda 12 3Complete Thea League
    Mandrashee 1 ReverseComplete Chronos League
    Mandrashee 2Complete Oceanus League
    Mandrashee 2 ReverseComplete Hyperion League
    Mandrashee 3Complete Themis League
    Mandrashee 3 ReverseComplete Crius League
    Temtesh Bay 1Complete Tethys League
    Temtesh Bay 1 ReverseComplete Hyperion League
    Temtesh Bay 2Complete Themis League
    Temtesh Bay 2 ReverseComplete Lapetus League
    Temtesh Bay 3Complete Crius League
    Temtesh Bay 3 ReverseComplete Thea League
    Vohl Square 1Complete Rhea League
    Vohl Square 1 ReverseComplete Oceanus League
    Vohl Square 2Complete Tethys League
    Vohl Square 2 ReverseComplete Themis League
    Vohl Square 3Complete Lapetus League
    Vohl Square 3 ReverseComplete Thea League

    Contributed By: Bl3u.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Time Trial ModeComplete 60% of the game.
    Unlock Team Gold ChallengesGet Gold medals in the first 5 challenges to unlock the team's Gold Challenge.
    Unlock Team Super WeaponGet ANY medal in the first 5 challenges to unlock the team's Super Weapon.
    Zone Challenge ModeComplete 30% of the game.

    Contributed By: Pyro Vesten.


  • Hidden Cheats in Gallery mode

    As you progress through the game you unlock images in gallery mode. Some of the later images have codes hidden in the top left corner of them, so keep an eye out.

    Contributed By: Pyro Vesten.

  • Shave a fraction of a second off Time Trial/Fast Lap Challenge race/lap times:

    At the start of a Time Trial/Fast Lap challenge, you start a few meters behind the starting line. The timer only starts once you cross the starting line, so turn around at the start of a race, drive the wrong way until you reach top speed. Now, turn around and race towards the starting line. This way, you can cross the starting line at full speed and thus save some time that would have been wasted reaching top speed.

    Contributed By: Pyro Vesten.

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