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    FAQ/Walkthrough by tiger8191

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        /       |           |   /   \     |   _  \
       |   (----`---|  |----`  /  ^  \    |  |_)  |
        \   \       |  |      /  /_\  \   |      /
    .----)   |      |  |     /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.
    |_______/       |__|    /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|
    ____    __    ____  ___      .______          _______.
    \   \  /  \  /   / /   \     |   _  \        /       |
     \   \/    \/   / /  ^  \    |  |_)  |      |   (----`
      \            / /  /_\  \   |      /        \   \
       \    /\    / /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.----)   |
        \__/  \__/ /__/     \__\ | _| `._____|_______/
    __  ___/_  /______ __________  __/__(_)______ ___  /___  /_____________
    _____ \_  __/  __ `/_  ___/_  /_ __  /__  __ `/_  __ \  __/  _ \_  ___/
    ____/ // /_ / /_/ /_  /   _  __/ _  / _  /_/ /_  / / / /_ /  __/  /
    /____/ \__/ \__,_/ /_/    /_/    /_/  _\__, / /_/ /_/\__/ \___//_/
    FAQ/Walkthrough for Star Wars: Starfighter
    For Playstation 2
    Created by: Tiger8191
    Date created: 3/10/01
    Last update: 3/13/01
    Version: .20
    Email: tiger8191@yahoo.com
    AIM: tiger8191
    * Disclaimer *
    This FAQ is for personal use only. DO NOT post this FAQ on any website for
    profit. DO NOT copy this FAQ and post it on your website as yours without the
    expressed written consent of me. If you do I ask that you email me and ask for
    permission and an explanation of your site. 99% of the time I will allow it is
    not for profit and I get credit on your site for creating the FAQ. If you do
    sell it I will require 99% profit made by my FAQ and you can have the rest. DO
    NOT make your own FAQ by taking bits and pieces of mine. This is called
    plagiarism and it is illegal and I have enough money to take legal action if
    necessary, or will I?? But I'm sure we won't have to go that far, right? If you
    can't follow these rules then do not bother reading this. I posted this to help
    fellow gamers with troubles they might be having, that's all, nothing else. For
    permission please email me at tiger8191@yahoo.com
    I was excited to see this title come out. I watched all the news of the
    progress of this venture by Lucas Arts, hoping we will finally get back to the
    days of great Star Wars games like Tie Fighter and X-Wing Tie Fighter. Well the
    finished product pleases me. It reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorite
    games, Tie Fighter. My only complaint is that I have to play the good guys, but
    I will live. This game offers some great dogfights and challenging missions and
    the opportunity to play missions over and over again to gain medals so that you
    can open up more missions and ships. Hopefully I will be able to help you out
    with strategies to get through some missions and objectives. Please enjoy this
    FAQ as much as I have enjoyed making it for you!
    =Version History=
    Version .10-(3/10/01) Started the FAQ! Intro, disclaimers, controls,
    characters, ships, cockpit displays, Walkthrough for missions 1-4, bonus
    mission requirements, menu, codes, and Acknowledgements.
    Version .20-(3/13/01 Added Mission Walkthroughs for 5,6,7. Fixed all the typos
    and grammar problems of the first version. Added personal info!
    -Table of Contents-
    i.       Overview
    ii.      Controls
    iii.     Menu
             -Bonus Missions
    iv.      Cockpit Displays
    v.       Pilots
    vi.      Ships
    vii.     Bonus Mission Requirements
    viii.    Mission Walkthroughs
    ix.      Codes
    x.       Acknowledgements
    xi.      Email and AIM Rules
    xii.     Copyright Info-Please read if you want to use this FAQ
    i. Overview
    Basically you are a starfighter! Cool, eh? Yeah I thought so. In this game you
    complete missions as three different pilots, Rhys Dallows, Vana Sage, and Nym.
    After each mission you get a cutscene to move the story along. I will try not
    to give many things away because I hate spoilers so unless need be I will try
    not to give the story away. If I do I will put a *Spoiler* before it happens,
    okay? So get ready to save Naboo from the Trade Federation in the 14+ missions
    in this great game.
    ii. Controls
    X-Fire primary weapon
    Square- Target ship, also hold button to activate Sensor Targeting system,
    which highlights all targets, then use directional pad to highlight that target
    you want to pursue.
    Triangle-Target nearest enemy, press repeatedly to cycle through available
    Circle- Fire secondary weapon, also hold button to charge Advanced Secondary
    Start-Pause Menu
    Select-Change view from cockpit to chase
    R Analog Stick-Move left or right to roll.
    R3-press to reorient your ship to level
    L Analog Stick-Controls pitch. Push up to lower nose, down to raise nose.
    R1-Sniper mode
    L1-Fire primary weapon
    Directional Pad-Wing mate Commands
    ->    "Report In!"
    <-    "Protect my target!"
    ^     "Attack my target!"
    Down- "Cancel order and protect me"
    iii. Menu
    Starfighter has a no-fuss menu. You have 4 selections in the menu:
    -Bonus Missions
    -Load Game
    Some of these are self-explanatory so forgive me for not going into full detail
    on them.
    This option will take you to the mission select screen. This includes 14
    missions. After completing a mission and a cut scene, you can come here and
    play them over or watch the cut scene again. After selecting a new game or an
    already completed mission you are prompted to decide on easy, medium, or hard.
    -Bonus Missions-
    You can unlock bonus missions and ships by getting medals for completing
    difficult objectives in the 14 missions. I will go into detail later in the FAQ
    on what requirements you need to open up these missions and ships.
    Here you can reconfigure your controller setup to your liking if you do not
    like the default setting, flip the Y-axis (if you would like the Left Analog
    functions reversed), turn vibration on or off, and calibrate your joystick
    sensitivity. Also you can adjust sound, code setup, save, and restore default
    iv. Cockpits
    I will attempt to explain how the cockpit looks, this might not work but I will
    see if anyone emails me and complains about this section.
    -  1                          -
    -                             -
    -                             -
    -              9              -
    -                             -
    -2                            -
    -              8              -
    -             10              -
    -                             -
    -6,3,4,                 12,15 -
    -5,7                 11    14 -
    -                       13    -
    1.  Wing mate Command Display
    2.  Target Tracker (it follows your target so you can pursue)
    3.  Targets Shields
    4.  Targets Hull Health
    5.  Target
    6.  Target Distance
    7.  Target Name
    8.  Targeting Sight
    9.  Targeting Object
    10. Bombs Sight (Nym's ship only)
    11. Secondary Weapon Ammo Indicator
    12. Objective Pointer
    13. Your Health
    14. Your Shields
    15. Objective Critical Indicator
    16. Dialogue Tracker
    v. Pilots
    The following are the three main characters in Star Wars: Starfighter. I took
    most of the info from the manual...thanks LucasArts!
    -Rhys Dallows-
    Rhys was born on the edge of Theed, the capital of Naboo. He is a strong-willed
    rookie who has always dreamed of joining Bravo Flight. His mother, a
    schoolteacher, raised Rhys. Rhys never knew his freighter pilot father, who
    went missing during a routine mission. Rhys always yearned to follow in his
    father's footsteps and travel through the galaxy.
    Rhys got his chance to travel the galaxy when he was invited to join the Bravo
    Flight and defend his homeworld of Naboo. Under Essara's tutelage, Rhys learned
    the skills he would need to complete his destiny.
    -Vana Sage-
    Vana is a disenchanted starfigher pilot. She is also a spy and adventurer. Vana
    grew up on Alderaan and left at the young age of 15 to work with many bounty
    hunters. Maybe she knows Bobo Fett. Her adventures took her to Naboo, where she
    served with the Royal security Forces. She requested that the military should
    be strengthened and was denied and left.
    Since then, Vana gained a reputation for working for the highest bidder.
    Recently, she captured Nym, an alien pilot, for the Trade Federation. Vana is a
    doubting her alliance with the Trade Federation.
    Nym is a Feeorin, an alien species found in the Outer Rim worlds. Criminals on
    the planet Lok raised Nym, but his meager upbringing gave him time to improve
    his tactical skills. Nym became a respected pirate. He is greedy enough to keep
    his crew in business, and often plans non-violent raids among the Core Worlds.
    The Trade Federation was not fond of Nyms practices. They hired Vana Sage to
    capture him. Luckily his loyal crew helped him escape and he is ready to go
    against the Trade Federation.
    vi. Ships
    -N-1 Starfighter-
    The cool yellow starship from Star Wars Episode 1. It is fast and agile and is
    equipped with strong deflector shields.
    Primary Weapon-Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon-Proton Torpedoes (limited number so don't waste!)
    Advanced Secondary Weapon-Advanced Proton Torpedoes (good against tight enemy
    -Guardian Mantis-
    A fun ship to fly, fast and very maneuverable. The braking system will stop you
    on a dime and also you can become stealth. On board is an astomech droid named
    Mod-3 for all your in-flight repairs.
    Primary Weapon-Sensor-Guided Nano Missiles (Enemy must be targeted and tagged
    with the secondary weapon for the nano missiles to hunt it down)
    Secondary Weapon-Ion-Enabled Sensor Tags (drains shields and allows primary
    weapon to track and kill, just like the ion cannons on tie-fighters in Tie
    Advanced Secondary Weapon-Ion-Encumbrance System (Disables ship)
    An experimental and dangerous ship. It is a bomber so don't expect a lot of
    speed and good handling. It is equipped with heavy shields and an automatic
    rotating gun turret. It also has 6 laser cannons and 2 bomb chutes.
    Primary Weapon-Dual Triple-Laser Cannons
    Secondary Weapon-Energy Bombs
    Advanced Secondary Weapon- Plasma Scourge (like napalm, will kill multiple
    enemies at one time)
    vii. Bonus Mission Requirements
    -Charms Way Mission-
    Bronze Medal in the following Missions
    The Royal Escort
    Contract Infraction
    Piracy Above Lok
    Taking the Offensive
    The New Resistance
    The Final Assault
    -Canyon Sprint-
    Silver Medal in the following missions
    Naboo Proving Grounds
    The Royal Escort
    Taking the Offensive
    Midnight Munitions Run
    Rescue on the Solleu
    The Final Assault
    -Outpost Attack-
    Bronze on all missions
    -Space Sweep-
    Silver on all missions
    viii. Mission Walkthroughs
    Here I will try to give hints and tips on how to complete all objectives and
    Bonus Goals in the game so as to get all the medals possible. There are
    probably many different ways to get a bronze, silver, and gold medal in each
    mission but I will put how I achieved it.
    *Mission 1 Naboo Proving Grounds*
    Character- Rhys Dallows
    Ship- N-1 Starfigher
    -Destroy all first canyon mines
    -Destroy all second canyon mines
    -Destroy Training Droid
    -Destroy all Halo Fighters
    -Defeat Essara
    Bonus Goals
    -Destroy all bonus mines
    -Complete mission in under 4 minutes
    -Win race against Essara
    Hit boost right off the bat if you want to get a gold medal. You don't have
    much time to mess around. Target your fist mine and fire away. Quickly shoot
    down all 9 mines and move into the second canyon. Again use boost as much as
    possible. Shoot down the 20 mines in the canyon to move into the clearing and
    quickly destroy the Training Droid. Keep pumping lasers into him till he blows.
    Target the Halo Fighter entering the third canyon and blow him away fast. Hit
    the boost and catch up to the second Halo Fighter, but be on the lookout for
    the 6 mines in this canyon, which you need to destroy for the gold medal. When
    you come to the next clearing you will face 2 waves of Halo Fighters. Quickly
    blow them out of the sky and Essara will challenge you to a race through the
    next canyon. Hit the boost and don't let go till you cross the finish line.
    When you have beaten her put on the brakes and get Essara in your sights and
    keep her there as she tells you that you two are going to battle. The winner is
    the one who depletes their foes shield first. Keep her in your sights and when
    she says go, fire away till she declares you the winner. If you cleared the 6
    bonus mines, beat her through the canon, and did it all within 4 minutes or
    under, then you will have the bronze, silver and gold medals.
    *Mission 2 The Royal Escort*
    Character- Rhys Dallows
    Ship- N-1 Starship
    -Protect the Royal Escort
    Bonus Goals
    -Royal Starship takes no hull damage
    -Destroy all Merc Daggers in under 1 minute
    -Rhys destroys all Merc Dianogas
    Right away hit triangle to find the Merc Daggers. Ignore all the Mourningstars
    and Dianogas for now. You want the gold medal! When you found the Daggers pick
    them off one by one as fast as you can with your Proton Torpedoes. If you got
    lucky and were fast enough you got them in under 1 minute. When you are done
    with that, work on the Merc Dianogas so you can get the gold. At times your
    wingmen will shoot one down while you are working on the Daggers. That is very
    frustrating, but it only happened twice in the 10 times I did this mission.
    After you are done with the Dianogas, work on the Mourningstars. Make sure to
    keep the Royal Escort nearby so you can attack any units attacking its shields.
    After awhile the Escort Ship will attempt to jump to hyperspace but a new set
    of Dainogas block its way. Quickly target them and shoot them down before your
    wingmen do. Once those are gone the Escort will jump to hyperspace and you have
    completed the mission and received the three different medals.
    *Mission 3 Contract Infraction*
    Character- Vana Sage
    Ship- Guardian Mantis
    -Destroy all Scarab Fighters
    -Destroy all Hunter-Seeker Droids
    -Destroy all Merc Fighters
    Bonus Goals
    -Tag all Scarabs
    -Complete Mission in under 4 minutes
    -Destroy all Merc Fighters
    You will see 5 waves of Scarabs
    1st wave-2 Scarabs
    2nd wave-4 Scarabs
    3rd wave-4 Scarabs
    4th wave-5 Scarabs
    5th wave-6 Scarabs
    This is a difficult gold to get. Heck, I have yet to get it. When I do I will
    When your first batch of Scarabs comes out, tag them by using your circle
    button. This will pace a blue circle around them, which means they're tagged
    and your primary weapon (X) will track them. Do this as FAST as you can through
    all 5 waves of Scarab Fighters.
    You will then face numerous Hunter-Seeker Droids. They take one or two shots
    and you don't need to tag them. After you defeat them you will be faced with
    many Mourningstars and Daggers. Quickly destroy them using your Sensor tags to
    deplete their shields so it will take less laser hits, which also means less
    time wasted. If you do all this fast enough you will receive all three medals.
    I have yet to get the gold, my best time was 4:39. Doh!
    *Mission 4 Secrets of Eos*
    Character-Vana Sage
    Ship-Guardian Mantis
    -Destroy Shield Generators 1-7
    Bonus Goals
    -Destroy Dispensers before Droids are launched
    -Destroy all Miner Droids
    -Complete Mission in under 8 minutes
    When you start off try and destroy all the Droid Dispensers (5). One is hidden
    behind one of the hills. After completing that, now take out 7 pylons while
    destroying Miner Droids as you're moving from pylon to pylon. Do not shoot the
    7th pylon till you have completely destroyed all the Miner Droids or the
    mission will end and you won't get the gold.
    *Mission 5 Piracy Above Lok*
    -Disable 1 Superfreighter
    -Destroy all Scarab Fighters
    -Destroy Repair Ships
    -Destroy all Droid Starfighters
    Bonus Goals
    -Destroy 4 TF Freighters
    -Complete Mission in under 7 minutes
    -Destroy Missle Frigate
    This is your first time in the Havoc. It is not the most agile starfighter but
    it packs some serious firepower. Boost and head toward a selected Armed
    Freighter and shoot your secondary weapon and lasers till you see it's sheilds
    down. Do not destroy it!! Now head towards the Freighters and quickly destroy 4
    of them. Next help out shooting down all the Scarabs. Keep hunting them down
    till the Missle Frigate and Repair Ships show up. Target the Missle Frigate 
    and throw all your secondary weapons at it. This should destroy it and now head
    out to locate the 2 Repair Ships before they dock with the Armed Freighter your
    disabled. After those are dust return to shooting the Scarabs down as fast as
    you can. When those are done some Droid Starfighters will show up. Quickly get
    rid of those and you're on your way to the gold! Yay!
    *Mission 6 Valuable Goods*
    -Protect Pirate Freighter during loading
    -Escort Pilot Freighter
    Bonus Goals
    -Destroy Dropships before tanks are launched
    -All Pirate Speeder Bikes must survive
    -Destroy Recovery Ship
    Head out and destroy the 2 Dropships. After you blow those to pieces, head over
    to the Recovery Ship and blow it to bits. Then head to where they are loading
    the Freighter and help out by taking out the AAT's in the area and the annoying
    Scarabs. When they have finished loading, escort them to the cave down the
    river. Be sure to ask your wingmen to help protect the Freighter. Take out the
    Bombers attacking the Freighter and then head to the land to right and help
    take out the AAT's that are attacking the Speeder Bikes. Another Dropship will
    be ordered in at some point. When they do, find it and quickly destroy it
    before they are able to launch their tanks. When the Freighter is almost to the
    cave, take out the AAT's on the hill above to insure the saftery of your load.
    *Mission 7 Eye of the Storm*
    -Protect Evac Transports during loading
    -Protect Inferno Turret
    Bonus Goals
    -Destroy Dropships before tanks are launched
    -All Decoy Freighters must survive
    -Escort Jenkins to his freefall
    This is a tough mission. Probably the most difficult one so far. So much stuff
    is going on all at once. Boost your ship to the Dropships up ahead and to the
    left. Target one of them and then have your wingmen attack it. Switch your
    target to the other Dropship and blow it out of the sky. Now go back to the
    other one and hep finish the job. Now go hunting down Scarabs. Soon you will be
    given the task of protecting Jenkins. Find him and have your wingmen protect
    him and go back to scrapping the Scarabs. Bombers will enter the fray as well
    as two more Dropships. Head over to the area you took out the other Dropships
    and you should find more. Use the same method of blowing them to bits as you
    did the earlier ones. When done with them, head back to the Bombers. They will
    now send out the Decoy Freighters. Make sure to get rid of as many Bombers and
    AAT's as you can to insure the Decoys saftey. Soon the Evac will take off.
    Target it and have your wingmen protect it as you clear a path for it. Keep it
    protected till the mission is declared a success. If done right, you should
    have the gold!
    ix. Codes
    The following codes were found at GameWinners.com
    OVERSEER-opens all levels except multi-player
    BLUENSF-Unlock Experimental N-1 Starfighter
    ANDREW-Unlock two multi-player levels
    NOHUD-Disable cockpit displays
    SHIPS-Enemy Ship Gallery
    HEROES-Spaceship and Cast pictures
    PLANETS-Pre-production art
    JARJAR-Reversed controls
    TEAM-View programming team
    SIMON-picture of Simon
    JAMES-James' day of work
    CREDITS-View credits
    WOZ-Christmas FMV sequence
    DIRECTOR-Alternate camera angles Select to cycle through angles, R1 to zoom
    x. Acknowledgements
    CjayC for having this wonderful site, gamefaqs.com, and posting my FAQs and
    KRUSTSER (see I spelled it right!!), iamnothing, and everyone else in the FAQ
    Contributor Board for giving me advice and letting me know what I am doing
    Devin Morgan for standing up for what he believes is wrong!
    My girlfriend for supporting my game playing and for going in on half of this
    To you for actually reading this!
    xi. Email and AIM Rules
    First off...thanks to squidgirl for starting this type of section that is
    needed sometimes in FAQs!
    1. Email me if you have questions, comments, or info you think I am missing.
    2. DO NOT emial me flames, questions that can be ansered in my FAQ please, and
    walktroughs. Write your own FAQ!
    3. AIM rules- do not ask me for a full walkthrough over AIM. If you abuse this
    I will just block you or and use my personal AIM for my friends and stop using
    this one, no big deal!
    4. Be nice and I will be nice and help you out, because that is what it is all
    about. If you are having problems I would love to help out as mich as I can but
    I have no time for people who want to start flame wars!
    That being said, please contact me with your questions!!
    xii. Copyright Info
    Again, do not steal this FAQ. I do this completely for fun and nothing else, so
    do not ruin it by stealing. I am not a little kid, I am an adult who will
    gladly pursue any type of legal action to prove that stealing our FAQs is
    WRONG! Lately there has been a rash of plagiarism and stealing and it has to
    This FAQ is copyright(c) 2001 Tiger8191 FAQs
    Star Wars: Starfighter is copyright (c) 2001 LucasArts Entertainment Company
    I am in no way affiliated with Lucas Arts, or Lucasfilm.

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