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"Agent Under Fire remains faithful to past Bond games, but also has some very noticable flaws."

In this review I will briefly talk about Agent Under Fire's graphics, story, gameplay, and music.

Graphics (8/10)

At first view of this game the graphics seem very well done, but upon closer inspection you will see the game has jagged edges found throughout the levels. The scenery the majority of the levels looks very well done and in some cases, just falls short of looking real. However, as real as the scenery looks, I would rather have bad graphics and not have load times in the middle of levels.
The character models look fairly good for the PS2 though I would've liked to see more than 3 normal villains the entire game. Don't get me wrong, the characters look good, the game just lacks variety.

Story (6/10)

Unlike all the past video games, Agent under Fire has an original Bond plot not based on a movie. When I first heard this I was skeptical about buying this game because I thought the plot wouldn't be as good as past Bonds, and I was right. The plot starts off with you (Bond) trying to save a US agent in a research facility. Obviously from there the plot expands but since this is a ''no spoiler'' review I wont go into it. The story (or a big part of it any ways) is told through prologues of each level. ''M'' gives you some info on the level to come and tells you why your going to that specific level. By the sound of it, it wouldn't be that bad but really, that's how most of the plot is told. Through just showing pictures and having ''M'' narrate it. It's a little dull, and I would prefer cut scenes over the method EA used. Also the plot seems like it was poorly put together. I often ask myself questions like: ''Why am I fighting this person?'',''WHO is this person?'' and ''What is the relevance of coming to this place?'' Asking questions like this is never a good thing when your playing a game. For those reason I game the games story a 6/10.

Music (9/10)

The games music is fairly decent. It fits the mood of the levels in the game very well. The only thing I disliked with the music is that it would change the music any time you would approach any enemy, then when the enemy was killed, the original level music would return. This got kind of annoying because you would be walking through a quite hall, then the music would change to a more adrenaline pumping song and you would know that an enemy was around the turn or going to jump through a window. It really subtracted from the spy experience when you already knew what was around the turn without peeking around to find see what it was. Over all I was pretty pleased in this area of the game and decided it was a (9/10).

Gameplay (6/10)

This is where Agent Under Fire really started to slip. The first thing that caught my attention in the first level was that there was loading time between virtually every room. Now some people say that's not bad and I would agree, but the thing that really got to me was that any time there was load time between two rooms you couldn't turn back and visit previous areas of the level. Most of the normal bond spying levels (there are 8 of them) are divided into three and four segments. Each segment has one of the missions in it and when you complete that mission the door to the next segment opens, you go in it, and it locks behind you so you can't revisit previous areas. This is the most linear first person shooter game I've ever played. On top of that the controls are very complicated and it won't allow you to customize it so you can use the ''D pad'' for movement. I had a really hard time adapting to the controls in this game. The other four levels (12 levels in all) of this game are vehicle levels. Two of them are controlled by you in bonds car. These two levels are awesome! I love them, It is in the third person point of view and bond has an arsenal of missiles, bombs, turbo boost, and smoke screens making these two levels the best in the game. The other two levels are also in vehicle BUT your not controlling the movement. The car drives automatically and it is your job to shoot and kill all the enemies in front of you and the ones that come behind you. That doesn't sound to bad until you get killed six times and are forced to play through the same exact thing again and again until you finally beat it. It's very annoying. Due to the unfavorable gameplay changes I had to give this area of the game a (6/10).


Don't get me wrong, I like Agent Under Fire. It's just that I found myself very disappointed in the some aspects of the game. I would say to rent this game first to decide wether or not you can get over the changes made in the game. If you decide to buy it, then be ready to dish out 60 dollars for this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/17/01, Updated 11/17/01

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