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"A short and sweet game."

This is a really good game, not long, not a breakthrough game, but really really good. But here is why!

Graphics: Very nice eye candy, everything is smoothed out and looks crisp, no any pop-up that I can see, the gun's all look realistic(For a Bond game) and the people all look great, except the attire on the body, looks 2D and rough, but during all the fighting, you won't notice. Also, when they have FMV's, they look VERY nice. Rating 8/10

Sound: All nice, their normally isn't any music, but when you start to fight some enemy's the music starts to kick in and just passively pumps you up, makes you ready to shoot first, ask questions later. And the sounds of the gun's all sound very nice, from the muffle of a silenced Golden Gun, to the explosion of a explosive barrel. Rating 9/10

Gameplay: This is where the game shines, like most other games. There are about 14 missions, which range from sneaking around with a dart gun, to driving a BMW launching missiles at anything you please. But the one bad this about this game(Except the story) is that it is rather short, if your like me and just do the single player you will breeze thru it. But one thing that redeems it is there are 3 difficulty's, which add some replay to this game, and there is a goal score you try to reach to unlock secrets. You get points from doing ''Bond Moves'', which is doing things stylish, like using your Q-Claw(A hook that attaches to certain plates) to get to a a place instead of walking there. Not to mention there is multiplayer! Rating 10/10

Story: This is where the game drops off. The game does have much of a story. The basis of it is from the beginning of each mission where ''M'' tells you what to do, but all she really tells you is where to go and what to do, not much else. Also, I think this is the first Bond game not to follow a Bond movies storyline. I would tell you what the storys about, but there isn't one to speak of! Rating 2/10

Overall: This game is fun, missing a story, but fun nonetheless.

Rent or Buy? Definitely a Rent, the game is fairly short, when you get the controls down you will be breezing thru the game. Lucky for me, I rented it.

RATING: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/01/01, Updated 12/01/01

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