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"This game is under serious fire, watch out!"

Ok, mixed opinions here. First of all, when I compare this game to games such as Goldeneye or virtually any other console shooter, it seems to fall short in almost every category. It does not have the ''umph'' that Goldeneye did for N64 and even Tomorrow Never Dies was more fun than this. I hope bond gets into a fatal car wreck and we never have to deal with his lame games again. There was one good game and thats it, enough with the stupid bond money-maker games! They are not fun to play, and thats the bottom line. If you must read more to convince you why you should not play this game, read on.

Graphics 5.0
not much to say here except incredibly 'blah'. Lame textures and semi-ok chatacter models. The only good thing here is what all PS2 games seem to do well, which is particle effects and explosions, etc. When playing through this game I was constantly saying to myself how much this game looks horrible to every other game on the PS2. The graphics are just not purty to look at.

Sound 5.0
James Bond sounding stuff, wow! Put some earplugs in and it sounds alright... otherwise you might go insane.

Gameplay 6.5
ehh... when your set up with a gun and told to run around and rescue someone or do some lame thing it gets boring. The only fun thing is when the gameplay varies a little bit and changes to something such as a car-racing mission or soemthing. You get a feeling of Deja Vu from playing this game, and not a good one. How many more bond games must they make before they get the point.... they stink! No more bond, no more bond!

Replay 1.0
No thanks. I rented it and played it through, but why reply this game? Is there any point? NO! Is there any point playing this game with a friend? NO! Why not? Because there are way better games out there on consoles such as Half-Life and TimeSplitters and almost virtually every other one.

Rent or Buy?
Neither, unless you are a diehard Bond fan you might get a kick out of the story and some other elements. But after the first Bond game, they all went downhill. Stick with Goldeneye if you need your fix of bond. Or better yet go pick up Half-Life for PS2! That is an example of a console first person shooter game done right! Half-Life:good Agent Under Fire:bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/10/01, Updated 12/10/01

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