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"A great game, but not up to the style of Goldeneye."

When I picked up this game at my local EB, I thought that it would be a great shooting game. I was right, however me being a Nintendo Fan boy, I prefer Goldeneye, so you will see a lot of comparisons in this review.

GUNS 5/10 - Pretty weedy.
The guns in this game are pretty, well, pants. They all sound like a wet fart, and don't seem to do much to the enemy. However, one good option is the ability to add/remove a silencer from a pistol by the handy use of the SELECT button. Pity that they didn't have some of Goldeneye's finest in there to make it more exciting.

Girls 9/10 - There is certainly a lot of them, but is that a good thing?
The girls in 007:AUF seem to be more important than the men in the story line. As per usual, you have your female sidekick, (Ms Zoe Nightshade) who helps you out a great deal, and most of the main baddies are women. However, EA seemed to make all the enemies male, as they seem to think girls aren't up to the job.

Gameplay 8/10 - Controls let this game down? Is the game too easy?
The first thing that caught me when I picked this game up, is that the controls were a bit tricky. Moving up and down with the Left analog stick, left and right with the right. After twiddling around with the options for a while, I managed to find a control setting that was very much like Timesplitters. I then started playing properly. The game is quite challenging with the ammo. (It hardly gives you any, so you have to be careful!) Also, the game is very easy on easy mode. You will whip through it in less than a day, but with two more modes, and medals to collect, you will be hooked for ages.

Plot 3/10 - Not being based on a film, this game's plot is very badly put together.
I can't really say too much here without spoiling it, but the plot seems a little 'unreal' for a Bond game.

Goldeneye - Comparisons to the first ever Bond shooter.
Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for the N64 are in my opinion, the best first person shooters ever. Here is how I think they compare.
Multiplayer: Not really much to say here, Goldeneye's multiplayer is still a world finest. This game fails to beat it with poor placement of guns, and small levels.
Guards: Goldeneye was the first first person shooter to include intelligent guards. the guards in 007:AUF are a bit stupid in comparison.
Guns: ZMG 9mm, AR34, Pheonix, RCP90, the N64 duo beat this game hands down.
Levels: Goldeneye had great levels, but 007:AUF adds more mixture, such as car driving and it also adds better tank driving.
Bond: Goldeneye's Bond was a little shabby, he didn't speak, and he looked very boxy. 007:AUF's Bond, however, kicks arse. He looks like a cross between Rodger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan, and sounds like Sean Connery. So a cross between all the best Bonds.

So, why did I give it such a high overall? Lets face it, it is a Bond game, and well worth a rent.

Overall? 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/11/01, Updated 12/11/01

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