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"Bond is back ...... and with style!"

Straight to the point, this game is class.
The one thing that seperates this game from the likes of good old Goldeneye is the variation.
Apart from the obvious ''blow the crap out of every bad guy that gets in your way,'' you drive 2 BMW's, the Austin Martin, and even a tank! . . . What more could you want?
The graphics for these levels is also class. I remember that even in the old PS1 days, the driving level in Tommorrow Never Dies was poorer than poor!

In a summery, Bond has been totally revamped and is finally on the PS2. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Bond fan . . . Infact, I think that the Bond seris was extremely irritating!! I bought this game after playing it at a friend's house. What attracted me to it was that you can either choose to lay low and sniper your way through the level, or run through the level with a machine gun . . it's up to you!

Of course we can't forget the Q-style gadgets that are kept in constant supply. Vision goggles, key cards, lasers, grappling hook and hacking remotes to name but a few! even the cars (as you would expect) are riddled with gadgets.

Another thing that I like about this game is the re- playability. Upon completion of a level, you can go back and do it again. The more ''Bond moves'' you complete (ie accuracy, unlocking all doors, not getting hit and collecting all 007 icons) will unlock you new weapons and new multiplayer levels.

The game runs smooth, with bullits flying all over the place, the graphics are sharp, the sound is actually realistic, the playability is high and most of all, it is not too hard! Of course there is the odd moment where you will have to think rather than shoot, but the balance is correct!

Okay, there is one thing that is slightly irritating . . . and that is that the game will sometimes over- crowd. If there are too many people in a room, the game will start to go slow, and ''glich'' plus, when loads of people are shooting at you, Bond does not move fast enough to be able to shoot the bastard who is killing you from behind! (I suppose you can at least attach the silincer to your PK7 so they won't hear you coming, plus the reloading is much much faster!)

I think that bearing in mind this is the first Bond game for the PS2 and indeed the first ''realistic'' shoot -em- up, we can expect to see bond again at a later date. On the whole, this game has somthing for everyone. Buy it. Don't listen to all these fools who rate this game ''3'' and ''6'' out of 10, it is likely that they hav't played the game!

On the whole:

Graphics: 9/10 Very smooth and sharp!
Sound: 9/10 Quality. Ecspecially with surround sound!
Playability: 10/10 very re-playable. The multi player is highly addictive too!

Lifespan: 9/10 This game will last you years!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/09/02, Updated 01/09/02

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