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"Is this possibly as good as Goldeneye on N64?"

I picked up this game, fairly skeptical because of all these harsh remarks I have heard. Yet when inserting it into my Playstation 2 I had some good feelings. No it's not because of the shadow's of girls with guns, its because I noticed...ITS JAMES BOND.

Not as Visually Pleasing as the Girls-

The visuals for this game weren't deserving of the Playstation 2. This may be because I am spoiled with great graphics from games like Final Fantasy X and Halo.
Yet the part of the graphics that I enjoyed were the explosions, and you saw tons of them. They really looked like...explosions. The characters are put together in a way that makes them look blocky, unrounded, and uneven.

In Game Cinemas are Effective, Shows That There is a Plot in This Game-

Multiple in game cinemas accure throughout the whole game. Some giving you advice, giving you locations or showing you some of the plot. Most shooting games, nowadays, have no plot what so ever, but suprisingly 007: Agent Under Fire does have a plot. The plot isn't that intriguing though. But the plot isn't that important. All I need are explosions, fast paced action, and if possible...some girls, which every James Bond game can supply.

Thats Some Heavy Artillery-

Obviously you have figured out that this game is a shooter. SO obviously you need guns, grenades, and rockets, and boy do you get them. From the traditional PP7 to the Ch Rocket Launcher which will, literally, blow your opponent away.

Gold! Cha Ching-

Extra's, secret's, and other stuff, oh my! Every level has two challenges. You try to get enough points to meet a goal. By meeting the goal you get a little extra thing to guide you through the game, or just make it more fun. After that you will unlock a new challenge which will let you unlock items and levels for multiplayer mode. Now how do you get these points you say? Going through the level FAST and FURIOUS, having high accuracy, beating it on a different difficulty, and do Bond Moves. Bond Moves are when you do a stunt that Bond would do in the movies. For example, use your Q-Claw on a special area to bring yourself up to that area. This is what makes the game great.

So how about you come to my house...and play some Bond?-

Although you can only have two players playing in multiplayer at a time its still very fun. There are no bots in multiplayer, which is a major down fall. Still the modes and levels are very unique and will keep you playing with friends for a very long time.

So are you telling me to actually go OUTSIDE and spend 50 bucks for this game?-

Pretty much I am. Its a good game to rent though. But to really enjoy it you should buy the game. If you don't like action games or shooter games I don't recommend this game. As for the 50 bucks, I'd say either spend it on this, Halo for X-Box, Final Fantasy X, or other fabulous games like that.

How does it compare to the famous Goldeneye on the N64-

It's not as good, I must admit. Although the graphics are a million times better, the game isn't better. The mutiplayer in the N64 version was what made everyone love the game. As for guns, I'd choose 007: Agent Under Fire.

The tunes...oh the tunes-

The music for 007 is liek the usual 007 games, fast and hard. No it's not rock! It is music that creates suspense. It is perfect music for a game like this. The music makes you tremble in fear that something is around the next corner.

And therefore you are telling me what?-
---007:Agent Under Fire...Synopsis---

This game is a very good shooter, especially for the Playstation 2. Metal Gear Solid 2 is definitly the best shooter out on the markets today along with Halo, but 007 is definitly near the top of the list. Buy it if you want to try to beat the whole game and unlock all the secrets, but rent it if you just wanna have some fun with the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/02, Updated 01/23/02

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