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"“Could Have Had Capabilities, But Lost Them (sadly)”"

GrAnDtHeFtAuTo3lOvEr wonders if EA Games Could Have Done A Better Job…
The answer? They could have! EA Games are known all around the world for making great games for all systems (even the Genesis or Megadrive!) but this just pulls the plug…well….you get my drift!!

Gameplay/ Story : 7/10
This is the best part of the game, you are James Bond 007, doing missions for M and Moneypenny and all them type of characters, but I am here to reward the game not let it down so I’ll talk about the good points! The game is easy in some places, and hard in some (really depends what difficulty your on!) Graphics are out of this world; this is mainly the reason why I gave this game quite high points! round it up, Brilliant Graphics and It’s good being James Bond!

That’s all you say? Well I have given this game a 7/10, so what do you expect?

Control : 1/10
Now we get to the bad part, THE CONTROLS ARE AWFUL!! You have to use the Analogue Sticks to move (which of course is pure rubbish) and the D-Pad to change weapons! Now come on, how dire can you get? And the Auto-aiming system…well…DO NOT GO THERE!

Oh C’mon, they can’t be that bad!!
They Are!

Audio : 7/10
The Audio in this game isn’t that bad, you can hear clearly what M and James Bond are saying, and the AI guards are given speech to use too, so really it’s the same old sound from a First Person Shooter that you would expect!

Well, they are not as bad as me singing…”Lalala *cough cough * .“

Multiplayer : 9/10
When I think of the Multiplayer in this game, I think Goldeneye on the N64. You have to unlock things to use like skins etc so this makes it worthwhile! Pure Genius!

Apart from the {ahem} controls!

Replayability : 5/10
You can go back to the game after you have completed it to get all the 007 icons and Gold Rewards to use in multiplayer but apart from that you will never want to.

Buy or Rent?
Well, only buy this game if you are a hardcore James Bond 007 fan, if not, rent it first to see if you like it.

GrAnDtHeFtAuTo3lOvEr wishes he had rented it first…{sigh}

Over all : Apart from the controls this game isn’t too shabby, but ofcourse you may disagree when you buy it! Toodles! :D

GrAnDtHeFtAuTo3lOvEr signing off.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/23/02, Updated 04/18/03

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