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"The best game under James Bond franchise since Goldeneye"

James Bond is a very used franchised these days since Goldeneye on N64. There was all the variations we could find, except a Leisure Suit Larry style game where we can hook-up with the chicks. AUF combined FPS and vehicular-combat and make one hell of a game. You wanna drive your supped-up Aston Martin in the street of Budapest? Yes, you can. You wanna let hell break loose in the street with your tank while pumping thousands of bullets in people in car? Yes, you can too. You wanna disrupt a terrorist attack with nothing more than a small handgun while they jump on you with Ak-47? You know the answer. Of course, there are some flaws, but they do not affect the game that much.

Let's look deeper into that game:

1- Graphic:

The graphic works well, but they're nothing incredible compared to other games. The weapons are well-detailed and the explosions look awesome. In gameplay, the enemies look a little blocky, while great in the cutscenes.

2- Sound:

The music are great. When there's nothing, the music is the normal theme and turns out into something that sounds like rapcore adaptation in fighting. While I hate rapcore, the music pop some adrenaline and give some fiercely bloodlust into the player. The voices of the character are very great, which is rare in todays videogaming. The other sounds are also very cool and work fine with me.

3- Control:

I had some trouble getting a hand on the control, but after a few mission I got used to it. The major problem is the switch between the gadget and the guns. You're always playing with both of them and switching from one to another under heavy fire is a little frustrating. The auto-aiming is too touch. When all you see from afar is 3 or 4 troopers popping SMG bullets in your body and you're trying to shoot the explosive barrel but the crosshair always jump on one of your enemy, you really want to broke your pad.

4- Story:

Wow! The story is very good. You feel all the James Bond excitement and really want to know what will happen next. Better than that, you get to see all the scantily clad women and machismo that made the name of the James Bond movies.
''Very capable hands, indeed''

Rent or Buy?
With all the replayability available and the awesome multiplayer mode, Agent Under Fire is a definitive buy.

Although there is some flaws on the control and graphic level, the fast-paced action and variation of gameplay makes Agent Under Fire a very good game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/24/02, Updated 03/24/02

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