"It isn't the worst Bond game in the world, but it isn't the best either...."

Now, from the title of this FAQ and the score I gave it, it might turn you away from the game. Well, before you judge it from just the score and title, take a look at some of the good and bad points off the game. You may have a different opinion about the game after you read this review.

Graphics: The graphics, in my opinion, are outstanding in this game. The explosions in this game are very realistic. When someone in this game talks, the mouths move in time with the words. Also, the faces are also very realistic in this game, and everything is nice and smooth. Bottom line, just outstanding, outstanding graphics.

Sound: Great sound as well. Everybody in this game talks, even the every level enemies like the guards. The explosions are loud, and the guns sound very realistic. Also, each gun's sound is not the same. They each have their own unique sound. The sound is so great, you can hear yourself crawl around in a vent! Awesome sound.

Multiplayer: OK, so this is where this game lost a couple of points. In my opinion, the levels are a bit to small. They could've been bigger. It would've lost 1 or 2 more points if it wouldn't have been for the large array of options you have for this mode. I mean, the different combinations of guns and items are endless. Also, there are no bots, or computer opponents, in this game's multiplayer. Even though it could've been been better if it would've had bigger levels to play in, it is still a mode that you will never get bored of.

Single-player/Story mode: Now, this is where this game lost another couple of points. The replay value of this mode is great, until you unlock everything. After you unlock everything, there is no real point of playing story anymore. Also, it is pretty short, could've used more levels. Bottom line, once you unlock everything in this short story mode, you won't want to play it anymore. Needed some improvement.

Controls: Crappy controls, bottom line. The controls lost this game another point. You HAVE to use the control stick to move, and up/down and left/right change weapons/items. Could've been WAY better in my opinion.

Final analysis: In my opinion, you should rent this game before you buy it. It is definitely a ''rent first, buy later'' game. That is just my opinion though, you could have a different opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/27/02, Updated 03/27/02

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