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"One of the Best Bond Games Out There!"

Ever since Goldeneye, fans of James Bond have always wanted another great first person shooter featuring the British agent. For a long time people had to wait, but finally, a great 007 game has now arrived for the Playstation 2.

Graphics: 9/10

Agent Under Fire uses all the PS2's power it can to provide top notch graphics. 007 runs at a smooth sixty frames per second and it never slowed down or lagged when I was playing. Many of the faces look quite amazing and very realistic. Shadows do appear accordingly and it is a good thing the developers added a lot of small details. Unfortunately, not everything is as detailed as another object. It is true that when you shoot stuff, like a box or windows, it will react accordingly, but some objects were absurd. When I shot a flower it would shatter as if a shrapnel bomb exploded!

The Cinematic Graphics will also amaze your eyes. There is not a whole lot of videos, but you will usually be granted with one in the beginning of a level and awarded with one after the level is completed. As in most games, the bodies of fallen enemies will disappear shortly after death, and there is no blood in the game. Each level is very different in its own sake. You will find yourself everywhere from normal buildings, an embassy, an oil rig, an underwater tunnel, and even an aircraft carrier. Well, to say the least, typical Bond scenarios.

Audio: 7/10

Just like any other Bond game, movie, or soundtrack, Agent Under Fire has the main theme, and you will be hearing it quite a lot of times as it is played over and over when you perform a Bond move. The music during gameplay is suitable. A nice feature that many will notice is that an action type of music will start playing when you are caught in a gunfight, and a sort of peaceful music will come in when you aren't in a gunfight. The sounds of guns are good too, but there is a limited number of taunts that the enemy says at you, which can get quite annoying.

Agent Under Fire does have voice acting, making it seem more and more of a movie to game, with good actors/actresses to do the role. The henchmen will also taunt you many times throughout the game saying one liners like ''It's Bond, get him!'' or ''Get back here!'' and even ''Covering fire'' to their fellow friends.

Gameplay: 8/10

Agent Under Fire is a mission based game, featuring twelve unique levels which will give you lots of fun. Despite the game being mainly a first person shooter, there are also driving mission in the third person perspective, which are very fun and add to the fun factor. Before the mission starts, you are given a briefing by M and Q showing you pictures and eventually providing you with a set of goals to accomplish, sometimes during the level new objectives will be added. Some levels can be so big in memory, that you will find yourself waiting shortly for the next area of the level to load. The levels are straightforward, and some are different than others. For example, you will have to do a stealth mission where you must remain unspotted, but for the most part the game is just basically run and shoot. Most will also notice that the guns are not accurate compared to other games. Whether this is real or not remains a mystery, since the guns are a bit futuristic and don't really exist, although they do look very similar to some guns in the present day.

The enemy AI is an area where it could have been improved. I'm not sure if this was programmed or anything, but in one instance, a villain saw me, and instead of staying behind his bulletproof desk, he ran farther away from me behind boxes and an explosive barrel. He was obviously given what he deserved.

Some situations in the game seemed a bit strange. In the opening level, when you walk into the enemy building, a cut scene comes up and shows you have been spotted by a security camera and you hear an enemy saying, ''Our mission has been compromised.'' Then it goes on saying give him what he deserves. Yet, after the short movie, I stand waiting for the bad guys to come and they don't do anything, even though they are supposedly ''fully aware.'' So I go on with the level, and most guards are still doing their normal jobs, not on alert or anything. Another time I purposefully shot a box which created a decent amount of explosion, yet I was not hurt or wounded even though I am an inch away from it. Finally, I used my ''silenced'' pistol and shot at the wall where enemies were nearby, but not too close to see me, and they were not on the screen. They unbelievably heard the quiet sound, but this one guard who was in my field of view did absolutely nothing. So, meanwhile he his standing there guarding his post, his buddies behind him are going full automatic on me with no chance of wounding me(unless there is a weird case of ricochet bullets). These problems were all encountered in the first level.

Replay Value: 8/10

The single player is a great mode to play. At the end of each level, you are given a score based on accuracy, damage taken, time, Bond moves, etc. If you get a high enough score, you will receive a medal. A gold medal unlocks you helpful ability (cheat) which will allow you to use throughout the game. There is a target score posted before playing each level. After unlocking the gold medal, you can replay that same level and find the Bond symbols. If you find all in the level and beat the target score, you get the platinum medal, which unlocks a multi-player addition. As the levels get harder, you will have to put it on a harder difficulty to enhance your score. Playing it on the easiest difficulty (operative) gives you no score bonus, normal mode enhances your score by 1.5 times the final amount, and the hardest difficulty ( 00 Agent) doubles your score. Although single player mode is relatively easy even on hard mode, it will keep you busy for a couple of days.

The multi-player mode for Agent Under Fire is great. It allows you to play up to four players if you have the multi-tap and gives you many different options to try out such as low gravity, customized speed,adjusted health, power ups, and gadgets to name a few. You can also play different modes of multi-player such as Golden Gun, protect the flag, anti-terrorist training, or just simple combat. It does have its fair share of levels, including a level designed specially for snipers. Unfortunately, some levels are very small, and not as great as in Goldeneye. Nevertheless, you will have a lot of fun playing multi-player with your buddies.

After several years of playing not so great Bond games, it is a relief that the latest one is not like the previous ones. The unique thing about it is that there was no movie on the game, so you don't know the ending or the story at all. Maybe in the future there will be more Bond games like this. Developers can also learn that you don't need to do the exact story of a movie to game, but simply use the same characters and put them in a different plot.


The Good
-great graphics and audio
-good story line
-fun and entertaining four player multi-player

The Bad
-less than decent AI
-short and not very challenging single player mode
-not much time taken to perfect details

Rent or Buy

If you liked or loved Goldeneye, and want a nice multi-player game, then this game is right for you. If you feel that this might not have enough replay value to keep you as busy as the challenging Goldeneye, then maybe you should rent it, as you will be able to beat it in a rental. Whatever the case, MGM Interactive have made a great Bond game that will hopefully bring more of its kind in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/28/02, Updated 09/03/02

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