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"A really good game with a few flaws"

James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire is well, not what I was expecting. It is far better then some of the other titles like ''The World is not enough'' or ''Tomorrow Never Dies'' but still can't beat ''Goldeneye'' for the N64. It has some great features in the game which I don't want to forget mentioning but it also has some flaws in it as well.

Gameplay:8/10 The gameplay takes some getting use to, the controls are a little tricky to handle at the beginning but it gets easier as you progress through the levels using the controls to complete missions and objectives. The game is fairly easy and you can beat it in about three days and maybe a week and a half to get the special 007 tokens, weapons and to set personal records for yourself. The game's fairly fun, sometimes it can get really confusing and irritating at times but most of the time you can finish it extremely quickly. After you complete a mission you are awarded a list of your stats such as how many people you killed, timing, accuracy, shots shot, etc. I'd also just like to point out that people who are new to the game or just rented it should begin by strafing left and right with the analog control sticks. After making circles with the strafe, pick a target and shoot, now switch to gadgets and get used to quick switches with weapons while moving and in a crossfire. You also have the chance to drive an Asten Martin and many other awesome vehicles souped up to the best with machine guns, missiles, bombs, oil slicks and much more other weapons

Audio/Music/Sound FX: 8/10 The music during missions, load up screens, intros and short movies are extremely good. In the beginning you may notice the classic Bond tune and sometimes the music goes really fast especially in crossfires, gaining items like 007 tokens plays a nice tune of the music and it gives you that 'Job-Well-Done' feeling. The music really puts you into the game and makes you more aware of your surroundings, and acts like a drug making you go in a killing frenzy at times. Which really helps =) The sound FX are also good, with nice bullet shots and things like that, the voices are surprise to me and a relief. At times it can get cheesy and others it sounds really good. Overall the whole sound part of 007 is well done with a great tune to get your body 'Locked and Loaded' =)

Story: 5/10 The story in Agent Under Fire is not to different from other Bond movies/books/games. Girls, Nukes, Gadgets and Guns. All in the day of Bond. The story is simple and basic and requires no real thinking at all. It starts off with you trying to save an agent and then takes off from their with weird twists and turns in the entire plot. Overall the story was pretty bad.

Graphics: 9/10 Ahhh.... graphics, one of the first things I look for in a videogame. Thankfully they were there, and well done to! The PS2 obviously gave this thing a boost and a good one at that. The maps and level locations are extremely real like and have a special feeling to them. One thing that I didn't like were some of the character faces such as bond and enemy troops. Just like in Goldeneye for the N64.

Replay Value: 7/10 The replay on the game is alright, after you finish the game you can go back and try and get really good timings to gain weapons, there also 007 tokens which are required to get if you want to complete a certain mission on a different level of difficulty.

Buy or Rent? I recommend renting this game, seeing if you like it then buy it, I beat this game and got everything when I rented it for a week, of course I played this game everyday for at least one-two hours a day.

Final Verdict: 8/10 If you like Action/Adventure/Shooters then this is definetely YOUR game. Play it if your a Bond fan. I guarantee that this game will meet your gaming needs.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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