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"A disappointment"

I had great expectations for 007 game for playstation 2. I really did. Was I disappointed when I played this game...

Graphics:8 Not horrible, but not great. The graphics are blocky but just dull. The objects are 3-d and colors are somewhat good. The cutscenes, however, look great, even though there aren't much throughout the game. There could have been more room for improvement in graphics in my opinion.

Controls:4 Yuck. Controls are very horrible. Even though there are 4 different types of control setup, they are still very crappy controls. You can never use the D-pads for movement, you must use the joystick. My friends never liked this game because how complicated the controls were. However, I did play this game&beat this game using the crappy controls after I got used to it.

Gameplay:9 There are a total of 12 missions and 15+ weapons like the Golden Gun, DartGun, Calypso P-750, KS7, and much more. You have many gadgets like Q-laser, Q-Claw, Q-Jet, and more. The story is (as everyone already knows) you are a secret agent working for CIA. Some of your missions might include missions that allows you to drive cars like BMW Z8, Aston Martin D85, tanks, and more. You have the multiplayer option that allows you to play split screen against your friends. You can crouch, strafe left/right, and use more techniques to help you avoid getting hurt by the baddies. After each mission, there is a score sheet that adds points for special stuff you did. You can earn bronze, silver, or gold medals for your score, and if you get a gold medal, it will unlock special features like unlimited missiles. The difficulty of the game can be changed, but the game is already hard enough using the easiest mode I can find. The rest is pretty much the same as the other 007 games.

Replayabiltiy:2 Weak. I don't know if anyone would want to go through the game all over again just to achieve nothing. Nothing new can be gained by starting a new game, its all the same ending, same cutscenes, and same story no matter what you do. If you want to play the mission that you liked last time you played, you can play it again using the same file.

Rent or Buy? Neither. Don't waste your $5 renting this game from blockbuster and definitely don't waste your $50 buying this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/08/02, Updated 09/08/02

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