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"The Misfire"

One who has played video games for the past 10 years would hear the name Goldeneye and probably bust a big Texas ''HOWDY!!!!!''. If mention of the other Bond licensed games came up, the response wouldn't be ''HOWDY'', but rather ''Um, yeah, uh.........THOSE SUCK!@!'' In late 2001, I got my hopes up about the new Bond game coming out. As usual, I was utterly disappointed. Before anything is said, this game is lucky to get a 6 for a score. The name Bond adds the extra point to equal 6. A 7-point anything this is not. As with other disappointments this year like State of Emergency, Agent Under Fire wears thin extremely fast. I mean faster than wet rice paper, err, nevermind. It falls prey to the problem held by most sequels.

Sound: Typical Bond, but worn out to the point that it pisses you off. There are some good gun and explosion effects, and the voice acting is great. Still, this has mediocre written all over it.
Graphics: Not bad, but not good either. The positive is in the character animations and models, plus the decent car graphics and effects. Some bells and whistles in the environment give this a boost, but a killer annoyance springs and presents itself throughout the gameplay. Gun effects. Yes, those items used constantly are the annoyance. When I fire a gun, I expect something dastardly to hit my opponent. You can see the projectiles flying through the air, which takes away the satisfaction of hitting a foe and the realism of the game. I'm not looking for gore, but at least an addictive noise or a red spot on the victim to show where I hit them like in Goldeneye. I mean, what are we shooting anyway? Pellet guns?
Gameplay: Linear FPS with a few car levels. This is a copy of other mediocre shooters that share the ''no extras, just same old, same old with new car levels'' feature. The problem mentioned in the first paragraph is what drags this down. Why can't the winning interface from the prior game be used in the present? Take Goldeneye for example. I waited for a shooter to come out that had the same interface as Goldeneye, and my prayers were answered ten fold by Perfect Dark. It kept the same style as Goldeneye plus a ton of extras and a great multiplayer. Both had levels that could be redone a 100 times and still be interesting. Change is bad for FPS's in most cases. This is one of those cases.
Replay Value: Hardly any for single player. I played through each level once, and never wanted to go back again. The plus is multiplayer, which brings the extra original aspect to the gaming industry. The Q-claw and Jet Pack should be in almost every multiplayer FPS game. Both are creative and make multi actually enjoyable.
Bonus Point: Oh, Oh, Oh, wait for it, BOND. The name alone adds a point to the overall.
ORIGINAL SCORE:5+1=6 Boom Boom Ching
Is Agent Under Fire even worth 20 bucks? No. This game is a rental for either a party or for the ability to say, ''Hey, I beat Agent Under Fire, and in one sitting too!'' In all other cases, there are better games in the genre to be played. A piece of ART this could've been, but failed to be.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/02/02, Updated 10/02/02

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