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"A cheesy spy movie in game form"

STORY 2/10: NOPE!! This is the kinda thing that "Austin Powers" made fun of. The story wicked has that dumb, British spy movie vibe. You get your fill of bad guys who laugh maniacally, and when all seems lost, something just so happens to be there that lets you win.

GAME-PLAY 3/10: OUCH!! EA, if this game was intended to be better than 007: Goldeneye, then you guys miserably failed. The game-play keeps the contents of this being a spy movie in game form alive. When something goes wrong, you always have your little gadget to save the day. For example: "Aw, this door is locked......good thing i have my "Q-laser" to get it open."

This game certainly has a lot of guns that shoot bullets that go about 30 miles per hour. And yet, they still kill. All weapons do about the same damage no matter what they are. I'm talkin' the pistols do the same damage as a rocket launcher. It's just like MOH: Rising Sun; the only thing different about each gun is that they look different. It takes a normal amount of gun shots to kill somebody, but it would still take a while since it takes a long time for the bullets to actually reach the person that they were shot at.

This game offers no freedom. You can't sneak up on anybody, or even control the vehicle your riding in. It's just another one of those dull, boring games where the only option is to charge in and shoot everybody.

GRAPHICS 7/10: I wouldn't say the graphics are all that bad. By they way, people move their mouths in the right way when they talk. I'd say a good amount of things are pretty smooth. The visual affects need a little work done, but overall, this graphics in this game are OK.

MUSIC 3/10: Here comes the old, cheesy spy movie vibe again. If you've seen those really dumb movies before, then you'll know what I'm talking about. It sounds just like what Austin Powers made fun of. It's almost like EA used the Austin Powers music as example. Well EA, that movie was made in order to MAKE FUN of those old cheesy spy movies. New Line wasn't being serious when they made it.

REPLAY 2/10: There are absolutely no reasons to replay this game. This game is so bad it makes you want it to be over, even though it's really short. Even if you've never beaten it before, after about 2 missions, you start to ask yourself "ugh, when is this nightmare going to end?" So after you beat it, why would you want to play it again?

OVERALL 3/10: Like have said in a few of my other reviews, a game does not need good graphics to be a good game. It needs every good game quality this game doesn't have. FPS fans, and especially 007 fans....this will disappoint you. Sorry EA; maybe you'll do better next time.

BUY, RENT, OR NEITHER: Don't bother even renting this game. This game isn't worth your money. You'll regret it, because if you did, then you have just wasted money. If you want to see for yourself, then play it at a friends house.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/16/04

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