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"My name is Bond. James Bond...but not the Agent."

Why did I call the review what I did? Well, let me put it this way. This game has you playing as James Bond, but you don't get the feel as if you're really playing as him. You feel more like you're just playing as a hitman named James Bond. Oh well, on with the review.

This game is pretty good to play, but there are a lot of obvious problems with it. The guns in this game are okay, but they come nowhere near to Goldeneye's variety of guns. Most missions include you just going on foot or in a vehicle and simply killing every enemy that gets in your way. There are a lot of obstacles in your way, such as locked doors or the place you need to get to his too high. But wait, what is this...a cell phone? Not just a cell phone. It's a combo laser, grappel and more! Your cell phone saves you many times in the game it's almost overused. At the end of every mission, you have a mission evaluation screen and depending on how well you did in the mission. This evaluation adds up how many points you got, how many 007 moves you did (sometimes you can do a cool move to kill more than one enemy at once, or make an enemy die more painfully) and how many 007 items you picked up. If you get a high enough score, you can unlock things for that level alone, such as a better weapon, our sometimes you get multiplayer cheats or enhancements.

The graphics aren't terrible, but the characters look so blocky. The Bond girls don't look nearly as good as they do in the movies, and James Bond himself looks more like a regular person and not a spy. Aside from the black hair, I don't think he really resembles James Bond at all. The characters' looks hurt the score, but the backgrounds didn't. All of the backgrounds look pretty well done and actually look pretty realistic. Thr guns you hold look okay, but the bullets...don't even get me started. The bullets look more like faintly colored balls firing out of a gun at about twenty miles an hour. The dying animations for all of the characters are okay, but they are small in supply and get old after a while. One more thing...the explosions. The explosions I guess look like explosions enough to get away with it, but don't think they're spectacular or anything.

SOUND: 5/10
The well known James Bond theme is played many times throughout the level, but it's not exactly well timed. Sometimes it starts playing at random times when you're just walking through the halls when nothing special happened. There are some background tracks, but they don't sound too great, and they are also used many times throughout the game. There are also a lot of sound effects, and some are okay. On the driving levels when your tires screech, those sounds are okay, along with explosions. The guns firing is another story. They don't sound like bullets, they sound more like a rattlesnake at times. The people's voices are okay. The villains I guess have voices that fit their personalities, and the Bond girls sound okay as well. James Bond's voice is also fine, but it's nothing to start gloating about.

The multiplayer is the standard "shoot who you see" that we've all seen. Although that's nothing new, you have lots of options, like setting how much health you have, or if you can put the grappling options or you can use jetpacks. My favorite setting is "One Shot" where you can kill an oponent in one hit, just to make it more realistic. And unlike in other games with weapon settings (like explosives, auto rifles, pistols, etc.) you can put any weapon in the mutliplayer as many times as you like. So, you can have a pistol,a rifle and a rocket launcher on one setting if you wish, or you can have it all grenade launchers. You can also unlock a variety of skins in the multiplayer, consisting of the main characters down to nameless guards who you kill many times throughout the game. The multiplayer is really the part of the game that shines.

Total score: 28/40
Averaged score: 7

Buy or Rent?
I'd say buy this game. It's not the best Bond game to come out, but it's certainly not terrible. It's been out for a few years now, so it's probably a lot cheaper now.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/16/05

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