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    Walkthrough by vuki196

    Version: .73 | Updated: 04/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written by Vuki196          Orphan: Scion of Sorcery       Complete Walkthrough
            ____             _                  
           / __ \           | |               _ 
          | |  | |_ __ _ __ | |__   ___ _ __ (_)
          | |  | | '__| '_ \| '_ \ / _ \ '_ \   
          | |__| | |  | |_) | | | |  __/ | | |_ 
           \____/|_|  | .__/|_| |_|\___|_| |_(_)
                      | |                       
      _____      _                      __    _____                                
     / ____|    (_)                    / _|  / ____|                               
    | (___   ___ _  ___  _ __     ___ | |_  | (___   ___  _ __ ___  ___ _ __ _   _ 
     \___ \ / __| |/ _ \| '_ \   / _ \|  _|  \___ \ / _ \| '__/ __|/ _ \ '__| | | |
     ____) | (__| | (_) | | | | | (_) | |    ____) | (_) | | | (__|  __/ |  | |_| |
    |_____/ \___|_|\___/|_| |_|  \___/|_|   |_____/ \___/|_|  \___|\___|_|   \__, |
                                                                              __/ |
                            vuki196's 1rst walkthrough
                               Table of Contents
                 - Version History.....................(vsht)-
                 - Legal Stuff.........................(lgst)-
                 - Controls............................(cnts)-cp
                 - Items...............................(itms)-cp
                 - Character Conditions................(cndt)-cp
                 - Spells and Weapons..................(splw)-cp
                 - Characters..........................(crts)-cp
                 - Story...............................(stry)-cp
                  -                                         -
                  - Walkthrough.......................(wktr)-
                   - Inside Ship.....................(isde)-
                  - Zeus' Story Line..................(zstr)-cp
                 - Tower of Wisdom.....................(ztwr)-cp
                 - Graveyard...........................(zgrv)-cp
                 - Aerial Pathway-Graveyard............(zapg)-cp
                 - Gaia's Hidden Room..................(zghr)-cp
                 - Boat to Pathway.....................(zbtp)-cp
                 - Tower of Mercy......................(ztwm)-cp
                 - Tower of Wisdom.....................(ztww)-cp
                 - Underground Labrynth................(zugl)-cp
                 - Gaia's Tomb.........................(zgta)-cp               
                  - Sephy's Storyline.................(sstr)-
                 - The Ship............................(ship)-cp
                 - Chaos Island........................(schi)-cp
                  - Mar's Storyline...................(mstr)-
                 - Contact Info........................(ctct)-cp
                               - cp = completed -
    - Version History  (vsht)-
     .70  ---  4/5/10
        Character Conditions
        Spells and Weapons
        Tower of Wisdom
    Zeus' Story Line
        - Tower of Wisdom
        - Graveyard
        - Aerial Pathway-Graveyard
        - Gaia's Hidden Room
        - Boat to Pathway
        - Tower of Mercy
    .73  ---  4/6/10
        -Zeus' Story Line
        - Tower of Wisdom
        - Underground Labrynth
        - Gaia's Tomb
        - Contact Information
    Sephy's Storyline
        - The Ship
        - Chaos Island
    - Legal Stuff  (lgst)-
    This guide is copyright 2009 to me. I don’t really care what sites post it I 
    just want due credit. This guide may be used for personal use only and may not
    be published in any way shape or form. Anyone who takes this guide and posts 
    It as their own on another site will be legally prosecuted if I see it or am 
    notified about it.
    - Controls  (cnts)-
                          Menu Mode Controls
    - Up and down on the D-pad..............Navigate through menu items
    - Right and left on the D-pad...........Navigate through sub-menus, select 
                                            items and spells/weapons
    - Triangle..............................Cancel/exit
    - X.....................................Activate menu item
    - Left analog stick.....................Functions the same as the D-pad
                          Battle Mode Controls
    - D-pad.................................Select target
    - Triangle..............................Projectile attack
    - Circle................................Elemental Attack
    - X.....................................Sword attack
    - Square................................Defensive shield
    - Left analog stick.....................Select target
    - Start.................................Activate reset menu
    Triangle, circle, and x are the default moves; they can be changed in the menu
                          Story Mode Controls
    - Up and down on the D-pad.............Activate menu mode
    - Left and on the D-pad................Activate map
    - Triangle..............................Projectile attack
    - Circle...............................Sword attack
    - X....................................Select item, talk, open treasure chests
    - Square...............................Jump
    - Left analog stick....................Character movement
    - R3...................................1rst person viewing controls
    - L1...................................Rotate camera to the right
    - R1...................................Rotate camera to the left
    - Start................................Pause on/off
    - Items  (itms)-
    - Blue Incense..............Recovers 30 HP
    - Blue Lantern..............Recovers 30 HP
    - Bug Attractor.............Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
    - Emerald Incense...........Recovers 10 HP
    - Emerald Lantern...........Recovers 10 HP
    - Herb......................A traditional healing item. Recovers full HP.
    - Perfume Scented Bag.......Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
    - Purple Incense............Recovers 50 HP
    - Purple Lantern............Recovers 50 HP
    - Sleeping Chimes...........Stops monsters for 30 seconds
    - Smelly Bag................Stops monsters for 30 seconds
    - Summoning Bell............Attracts flying monsters for 30 seconds
    - Character Conditions  (cndt)-
    Character conditions are represented by a colored skull that will hang above
    the characters head after some attacks.
    [ Color      - Condition    -                                                 ]
    [ Yellow     - Poisoned     -Character takes damage if they move              ]
    [ Red        - On fire      -Character takes fire damage                      ]
    [ Blue       - Frozen       -character is unable to move until attacked       ]
    [ Green      - Confused     -Character responds to controller actions randomly]
    [ Purple     - Blindness    -Character is unable to select a target           ]
    [ Light blue - Electrocuted -Character is unable to defend                    ]
    All of these conditions can be removed either by waiting until the effects
    naturally where off or you strike a Healing Element.
    - Spells and Weapons  (splw)-
    Spells and weapons are divided into four different categories: Melee,
    Projectile, Elemental, or Reflective. Spells are learned in combat, weapons 
    are found in treasure chests. Every spell and weapon has different attributes
    and power levels.
             - Orphen's Weapons and Spells -
    [ Weapon                    - Type              - Attributes ]
    [ Sword of the Fallen Devil - Melee             - None       ]
    [ Bolt of Thunder           - Projectile Attack - Electric   ]
    [ Feathers of the Hurricane - Projectile Attack - Wind       ]
    [ Smoke of Pain             - Projectile Attack - Darkness   ]
    [ Hand of Pyro              - Projectile Attack - Fire       ]
    [ Coldness of Destruction   - Projectile Attack - Fire       ]
    [ Bite of Lightning         - Elemental Attack  - Electric   ]
    [ Falcon of Death           - Elemental Attack  - Wind       ]
    [ Hammer of Evil            - Elemental Attack  - Darkness   ]
    [ Pinnacle of the Sun       - Elemental Attack  - Fire       ]  
    [ Hail of Heavens           - Elemental Attack  - Ice        ]
    [ Shield of Immunity        - Reflective Spell  - Poison     ]
    [ Shield of Inferno         - Reflective Spell  - Ice        ]
    [ Armor of Purity           - Reflective Spell  - Darkness   ]
                          - Type Descriptions - 
    Melee.................Repeated slashing attacks are possible.
                          Build up power to lengthen blade.
    Projectile Attack.....Build up power to increase the number of projectiles.
    Elemental Attacks.....Build up power to summon an Elemental Spirit.
    Reflective Spells
    -Shield of Immunity...When timed properly, will reflect poison attacks back to
                          all enemies.
    -Shield of Inferno....When timed properly, will reflect ice attacks back to
                          all enemies.
    -Shield of Purity.....When timed properly, will reflect darkness attacks back
                          to all enemies.
             - Sephy's Weapons and Spells -
    [ Weapon            - Type              - Attributes ]
    [ Blazing Baton     - Melee             - None       ]
    [ Ball of Wind      - Projectile Attack - Wind       ]
    [ Ball of Shadow    - Projectile Attack - Darkness   ]
    [ Ball of Ice       - Elemental Attack  - Ice        ]
    [ Dance of Wind     - Elemental Attack  - Wind       ]
    [ Dance of Darkness - Elemental Attack  - Darkness   ]
                          - Type Descriptions -
    Melee..................Can be used for repeated attacks. Build up charge to 
                           increase attack power.
    Projectile Attack......Build up charge to increase the number of projectiles.
    Elemental Attack.......Build up power to summon an Elemental Spirit.
             - Zeus' Weapons -
    [ Weapons         - Type              - Attributes ] 
    [ Iron Sword      - Melee             - None       ]
    [ Great Sword     - Melee             - None       ]
    [ Bow of Darkness - Projectile Attack - Darkness   ]
    [ Bow of Ice      - Projectile Attack - Ice        ]
    [ Iron Hammer     - Melee             - Wind       ]
    [ Hammer of Ice   - Melee             - Fire       ]
                          - Type Descriptions -
    -Iron Sword/Great Sword....Can be used for repeated attacks. Build up power to
                               increase lethality.
    -Iron Hammer/Hammer of Ice.Affects all ground-based enemies. Build up power to
                               increase force of attack.
    Projectile.................Pierces enemy. Build up power to increase the 
                               degree of penetration.
            - Mar's Weapons and Spells -
    [ Weapons             - Type              - Attributes ]
    [ Flute of Ice        - Projectile Attack - Ice        ]
    [ Flute of the Wind   - Projectile Attack - Wind       ]
    [ Cymbals of Darkness - Elemental Attack  - Darkness   ]
    [ Cymbals of Fire     - Elemental Attack  - Fire       ]
    [ Harp of the Wind    - Reflective Spell  - Wind       ]
    [ Harp of Darkness    - Reflective Spell  - Darkness   ]
                          - Type Descriptions -
    Projectile Attacks....Build up charge to increase the number of musical notes.
    Elemental Attack......Attacks all flying enemies. Build up charge to increase
                           attack power.
    Reflective Spell
    -Harp of the Wind.....Reflects attacks from swarms of flying enemies.
                           Damages all enemies in the swarm when successful.
    -Harp of Darkness.....Reflects darkness-based attacks. Damages all enemies
                           when successful. 
    - Characters  (crts)-
    - Orphen
    A brilliant but independent-minded sorcerer. Orphen has turned his back on the
    formal society of sorcerers and their home, the Tower of Fangs, and now
    supports himself by working as a money lender.
    - Magnus (Majic)
    Magnus is a novice sorcerer who looks up to Orphen as his "Master".
    Unfortunately for Magnus, his gentle personality for the sharp-tongued Cleo.
    Orphen tends to look at both Magnus and Cleo as unwanted hangers-on, but
    Magnus has the potential to become a powerful sorcerer.
    - Cleo (Creao)
    Born into an old family with a proud lineage, Cleo is anything but a polite
    young lady. Pushing Orphen's strident objections aside, Cleo has crowned
    herself Orphen's partner, and accompanies him everywhere.
    - Sephy
    Sephy, a former dancer, is on her way to Chaos Island to pray for the soul of
    her fiancé when she meets Orphen and company. Sephy seems to be nothing more
    than a faithful woman mourning the loss of her beloved fiancé, but is there 
    something more to this sad and soft spoken woman?
    - Mar
    A young musician searching for his mother, with his only clue being a song he
    remembers from the crib. When Cleo takes Mar under her wing, Mar finds himself
    embroiled in the frequent and pointless arguments that define Cleo and Orphen's
    relationship. Will he find his mother before they drive him crazy?
    - Zeus
    A mercenary searching for a daughter he hasn't seen in years, Zeus has followed
    her to Chaos Island. Zeus' simple, sincere, and impeccably polite demeanor 
    belies his ferociousness in battle. A grizzled veteran and expert swordsman, 
    Zeus  excels in hand-to-hand combat.
    - Volcan
    Despite having borrowed a minor fortune from Orphen, Volcan doesn't appear to
    be in any hurry to pay it back. As a perpetual troublemaker, Volcan often finds
    himself on the receiving end of Orphen's anger. Perhaps because of the sheer
    frequency with which Orphen punishes him, Volcan can take more abuse than
    anyone. His self-appointed nickname, "The Masmaturian Bulldog," seems
    - Dortin
    When Volcan decided to run away from home, he dragged his unfortunate younger
    brother, Dortin, along with him. In contrast to his ruff-and-tumble older
    brother, Dortin prefers reading a good book to seeking out adventure. Despite
    being the frequent object of his brother's short-temper and bombastic comments,
    Dortin has never attempted to run away himself. Is it family loyalty, or lack
    of courage?
    - Quaris
    Quaris is a beautiful, semi-young, woman that you meet throughout the 
    storylines of Sephy, Mar, and Zeus. Her purpose and overall being of good or
    evil changes throughout the different storylines.
    - Rani
    Being a young girl her role is very important. From playing a song that holds 
    Chaos Island together, to an experiment and having her age cruelly manipulated,
    Rani is very important to the storyline of the game.
    - Jado
    Seemingly nothing more than an "old bag" as Orphen so tactfully states she is
    actually very important. Alike to Rani and Quaris in the fact that her role in
    the game changes dramatically. Rani goes from a delusional old woman trying to
    take Chaos Island to her grave, to a harmless old woman trying to save the
    - Rufus
    Rufus is Sephy's long disappeared fiancé, after having been apart for over ten
    years when the two lovers are finally reunited at last to find out new and
    astounding things that change their lives. Having been reunited it is only for
    a short time before Rani is taken from the story.
    - Story  (stry)-
    Tricked by Volcan into sailing to the merchant city of Arvanrama on the
    promise of "easy money," Orphen and his friends quickly find themselves in
    trouble when monsters attack their ship. Somehow they all make it off the 
    sinking ship safely, only to find themselves stranded on Chaos Island, together
    with three fellow travelers-the dancing girl Sephy, the mercenary Zeus, and
    the musician Mar. Orphen, Cleo and Magnus set off to explore the mysterious
    island. What fate lies in store for our heroes?
    - Walkthrough  (wktr)-
    This is one of my first guides written so please don't be too judgmental. This
    walkthrough is meant to guide you through the game getting nearly all of the
    chests and items within them. I wrote this walkthrough mainly as practice
    so that I can write longer and better guides for other games in the future and
    also because writing this guide motivated me to finally play the game and beat
    it to its utmost. This guide is based on a single play through of the game so I
    may have missed a few chests and such and left out other important details that
    should be in this guide.
    - Inside Ship  (insd)-
    After a few scenes the game begins in a small room with Orphen, Magnus, and
    Cleo. Make your way out of the room and into the hallway to see a group of
    insects attacking Zeus before some boxes fall, blocking the way. Go into the
    open room on the right to learn that you must now head up to the deck of the
    ship. Exit the room and go through the room at the end of the hallway to find
    three chests. The chest on the right contains Blue Incense, the chest on the
    left contains Emerald Incense. After opening the chest in the middle the ship
    will start to flood. Save and head out of the room now going into the room on
    the right to find that Cleo and Magnus' room has been ransacked, a chest in
    the corner contains another Emerald Incense. Leave the room and head right down
    the hall going through the open door on the left, grab the chest containing
    Sleeping Chimes and head back out. Go into the room straight across from the
    last and you will see Sephy hanging on the outside of the ship, head back out
    and continue down the hall. After noticing that "the hall is blocked off"(Duh)
    continue through the door on the right to see Volcon and Dortin trying to 
    steal some food. After the scene you'll be in the very first fight of the 
                                - Boss - Learn: Shield of Immunity
    This guy's pretty easy, use your ranged attacks when he's backed up away from
    you and use your sword when he comes in close. After killing it a bunch of 
    little bugs come out of its stomach, after killing the bugs Orphen will learn
    The Shield of Immunity.
    Now finding yourself in a storeroom of some type head up the stairs and go
    through the door on the left to see Cleo and Magnus split up, both taking a
    different path. The door on the bottom leads to Zeus' storyline, the door on
    the top leads to Sephy's storyline.
    - Zeus' Storyline  (zstr)-
    After having taken the lower door kill all of the flying bugs and continue
    forward up the steps. After talking to Sephy and Zeus allow Zeus to join,
    afterwards Orphen will jump up the masts of the ship and will be engaged in
                                - Boss - Learn: Bolt of Thunder
    Block the Creature's attacks with your shield and after he attacks hit him
    with Bite of Lightning. Keep doing this until you beat him. After defeating
    the monster you will receive the spell Bolt of Thunder, an electric type move.
    - Tower of Wisdom  (ztwr)-
    After Orphen wakes up to find himself on Chaos Island you will be prompted to
    save. Head around the tower until you see a chest which contains The Bow of
    Ice, continue forward and take the Bug Attractor from the next chest, the
    third chest contains another Bug Attractor. After jumping onto the glowing 
    transporter you will be again prompted to save. Open the chest to your left
    for a Smelly Bag and then continue in the other direction following the left
    hand wall of bookshelves until you find a chest containing an Emerald Lantern.
    Keep going until you find what appears to be a dead end. After examining the
    single book on the shelf Zeus will push one of the bookshelves out the way
    allowing you to continue forward. Head left for a chest containing an Emerald
    Lantern, then turn around and head down the other path that is made by the
    bookshelves. After a scene Zeus heads through the teleporter for a fight with
    some monsters. After the fight save and head into the maze. In the middle of
    maze there is a message from The Masmaturian Bulldog telling you to follow
    the wall on the right to get out, Vocan lied. Follow the wall on the left to
    get out of the maze. After leaving the maze, save and you will be in a fight.
    After the fight you find yourself by a giant roulette wheel, there are two
    chests in this room. From the point of view when spinning the wheel the chest
    on the right contains Blue Incense, the chest on the left contains Sleeping
    Chimes. After going through the teleporter and finding that everything is
    under water save. Jump to the platform on the right and grab the Blue Lantern
    from the chest, then head over to the platform to the left and grab the chest
    for a Summoning Bell. Pull the lever opening the door.
    - Graveyard  (zgrv)-
    After saving proceed forward and climb the ladder that is on the first ship.
    Head to the ship and you will fall through the floor by the box, open the
    chest for a Blue Lantern. Head through the door and across to the other room,
    open the chest for a Smelly Bag. Head back across the deck and climb the
    ladder to the left of the door. Open the chest for an Emerald Lantern then
    climb the ladder on the right of the two and make your way to a ladder bridge
    that collapses. Make your way back up and jump forward this time so as not to
    fall straight down this time. Climb the ladders and head right to where
    another ladder is hanging down, drop down to the platform below. Make your way
    across the platforms until you are engaged in a battle. After the battle
    Zeus bashes a hole in the ship and you are prompted to save.
    Go through the door on your left and head across to the other side. Go through
    this door and head up the conveniently placed board. Head around the room and
    through the next door to find a bunch of beds, go straight through this area
    and head up the board into the next room. Go out the door and onto the deck,
    ignore the steering wheels  and head to the other side to find a vast treasure.
    Yes, of course, you fall through the floor and have to fight some monsters
    instead of getting the nice big treasure, too bad. After the fight Zeus makes
    a hole in the ship and goes off to make a bridge.
    Head forward and grab the Bug Attractor from the chest, then hit the mast
    repeatedly with Zeus' sword until it falls down making the bridge. Cross the
    bridge and head towards the front of the ship, then jump off. After having
    jumped from the ship there are two chests, the one on the left contains an
    Emerald Incense, the one on the right contains another Emerald Incense. Head
    up the stairs to find that you and your ship has been transported through
    - Aerial Pathway-Graveyard  (zapg)-
    After saving continue along the path and go left. You will find a grave that
    belongs to Zeus' daughter. Head to the left hand corner and grab the Hammer of
    Rending from the chest. Head down the stairs on the left and push the statue
    out of the way so that you con open the chest which contains an Emerald
    Lantern. Go back up and head down the stairs that were on the right, push the
    statues around until you find a hole you. Head left for a scene about a letter
    from Zeus' daughter. Head out the same way you came in. From the top of the 
    stairs head left until you get to the next room. Some parts of the floor fall
    here and in the next area so it may take a few tries. After making your way
    across these two areas head up the stairs and fall through the floor. After
    grabbing the Purple Lantern from behind the stairs head up the stairs and
    circle around behind them to reach the next area.
    Cut the wall down and grab the Perfume Scented Bag from the chest, then cut the
    wall down and grab the Emerald Lantern from the chest. Head up the stairs and
    avoid the spikes, jump over the next set and run through one more, jump one
    more and continue forward for a battle. After the battle continue up the 
    stairs and enter the cave.
                                - Boss -     Learn: Armor of Purity
    Use your sword attack to cut through the webs, when Orphen runs forward to
    attack he should avoid most of the attacks, block any of the attacks that
    would other wise hit Orphen by raising your shield. After cutting down all of
    the webs hack away at the spider to your hearts content until it raises the
    web walls again, then just repeat the process. After the fight Orphen learns
    The Armor of Purity.
    - Gaia's Hidden Room  (zghr)-
    Head forward for to meet Curos. After the scene head towards the door and walk
    up the path to the right. When you reach the top head left into the next area 
    and continue across the bridge into the Rest House. After saving continue up 
    all of the stairs and talk with Zeus, then Mar, then Sephy. Exit the Rest 
    House and re-enter the area that lies across the bridge, after going down the 
    path and into the center of the chamber recruit Zeus again and there will be 
    a scene in which you will meet Ronnie and then enter the Boat to Pathway.
    - Boat to Pathway  (zbtp)-
    After saving jump across the water wheels to open the gate. Using Zeus head for
    ward following the narrow strip of brick until you get to a gap. After jumping
     the gap Zeus will be engaged in battle. After the fight push the block into 
    the water and raising the water level, then jump across the wheels head left 
    and pull the switch after jumping the gap. After the fight go up the stairs and
    follow Ronnie into the tower.
    - Tower of Mercy  (ztwm)-
    After saving grab the Emerald Incense frome the chest near the entrance of the
    tower, the chest next to it contains Sleeping Chimes. Head up the stairs and
    take the Great Sword from the chest then continue across the bridge into the
    Maze. Go strait until you reach a fight. After the fight continue across the
    bridge till you get to the Tower of Wisdom.
    -Tower of Wisdom  (ztww)-
    Go forward and head down the stairs twords the lab stuff for a scene, Ophen
    reads a book which says that expiriments with the flow of time have been held
    here. Head to the back of the stairwell and a hidden entrence will be revield,
    drop down and continue through the tunnel. 
    - Underground Labrynth  (zugl)-
    Save and go left while carefully avoiding the spiny balls, after the balls
    there are a number of falling spikes and walls that will push you into the
    lava. After the first group wait until the time is right and then go, grab the
    Blue Insence from the chest and continue down the tunnel avoiding the swinging
    axes untill you get to the open room. The chest nearest to you contains a
    Purple Lantern while the chest furthest contains a Smelly Bag. Go through the
    next tunnel and turn left after avoiding the spine. After the scene work your
    way up the hill avoiding the spine and getting the Emerald Lantern from the
    second alcove, the next alcove up also has a chest containing an Emerald
    Lantern. Hit the switch in the next alcove to open the door and stop the spine
    from rolling, work your way up the second hill hitting the switch at the top
    to open the next path. In the first alcove there is a chest containing a
    Blue Lantern, after hitting the switch at the top continue down the tunnel to
    once again become Orphen. Head forward to the next area.
    Oh that was a real long trip with orphen wasn't it =) After saving continue
    forward and grab the Sleeping Chimes from the alcove on the left. In the first
    alcove up on the right there is a chest containing Emerald Insense. The third
    alcove up on the left contains Purple insense. The forth alcove up on the
    left and right both have a switch in them. After hitting them avoid the spines
    and head through the newly opened door in the second alcove up on the right,
    head down the tunnel and Zeus will chase Curos for a scene leading up to the
    fight with the Shapeshifter.
                                - Boss -     Learn: Smoke of Pain
    Equip the Armor of Purity and deflect his attacks back at the Shapeshifter,
    after succesfully deflecting one of his attacks back at him the Shapeshifter
    turns to his normal form in which you can hurt him. After the fight Orphen
    will learn the Smoke of Pain.
    - Gaia's Tomb  (zgta)-
    Head up the path you previously used and left out onto the bridge and across
    into the Rest House. Head up the stairs and talk to Zeus and Cleo then head
    up the stairs and talk to Mar and Sephy. Exit the Rest House and head back
    to the tomb to recruit Zeus again. Save after the scene and head left avoiding
    the sinking sand. The first chest contains Sleeping Chimes, the second chest
    contains a Bug Atractor, and the third chest contains Emerald Insense. Head
    back to the sinking sand and let it pull you under and when you come up you
    will be engaged in a battle. After the fight you are placed in a maze of sand,
    follow the right wall until you are once again sucked under. After saving you
    come out by a gigantic creature, cut away at its side until all of the globs
    are removed. After being sucked down under along with the gigantic creature
    you are engaged in battle once again, after the battle Orphen is sucked down
    another hole. Jump from sand piller to sand pillar until you are high enogh
    up to jump to the ledge, from there go forward to be sucked down again. After
    the scene revealing who Zeus' daughter is save and proceed up the mountain
    until a battle occurs, after the fight continue up the mountain until you get
    to a bridge. Get off the bridge and go left until you get to a kind of fork,
    hug right until you get to a chest containing a Summoning Bell. Keep going
    up the mountain following the right and avoiding falling rocks until you get
    to the top of the bridge where the rest of the party is. Go down the broken
    bridge to find a Blue Lantern in a chest, head back up and continue up the
    mountain until you get to a cave. After getting to the mountain summit you
    will have to fight some enemies, after dispatching them save and continue
    across the area knocking down the pillars as you go. On one of the rocks
    sticking out of the lava is a chest containing an Emerald Lantern. When
    reach the other side of the area the party will climb the stairs and have to
    confront a Giant Hellfire Beast summoned by Jado
                                - Boss -     Learn: Falcon of Death
    After defeating the beast you will learn the Falcon of Death
    After saving you will be given the option to play again to fulfill your
    destiny, which means to play through the other two storylines.
    Congrats!!! you've completed Zeus' storyline, one of the three storylines
    available in Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, now only Sephy and Mar's remain.
    - Sephy's Storyline  (sstr)-
    - The Ship  (ship)-
    After choosing to play again you appear back on the ship, open the chest
    in the corner to receive the Sword of Justice, a new weapon for Orphen.
    Head right and drop down to see that you are in the area where Cleo and Magnus
    first split. You can't access the main part of the ship so don't bother going
    into the ship to look for items. Go down the stairs and talk to Magnus and
    Sephy.After listening to them allow Sephy to join you.
                                - Boss -     Learn:
    Since this is your second time fighting it this should be really easy, block
    its attacks and waste it with the Falcon of Death, it should only take a few
    hits. After the fight save.
    - Chaos Island  (schi)-
    Head backwards to promp a short conversation, then continue forward and
    across the stairs until you get to a fork. Head right for an Emerald Lantern
    then go back to the fork and follow the other route until the path branches
    out again. Go left and down the stairs for a conversation saying that it is a
    dead end, go back up the stairs and head left to find a tree that you must
    burn to get past. Go forward then right and up the stairs for a chest
    containing the Ball of Shadow. Go back the way you came until you get to the
    fork, head up both sets of stairs to find you must lower the drawbridge. With
    Sephy, jump across to the ivy and climb until you reach the spot were it
    branches out. Head right, all the way down, right, up, left, up, right, up,
    left, up, right, and drop down to enter the tower. After the fight Sephy
    lowers the drawbridge.
    - Mar's Storyline  (mstr)-
    - Contact Info  (ctct)-
    Since this is my first guide there will probably be either missing information
    or some incorrect information. If anything is incorrect of missing please 
    e-mail me and let me know so I can update the walkthrough. My e-mail is 
    ------------------------ boboyki@hotmail.com ----------------------------------

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