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"A train crash of an RPG"

Activision messed up big time with this RPG. I don't know where to begin.

Games that are based on anime licenses usually are impossibly bad. Of all the franchises, the Dragon Ball games have had the most success, with Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, and Dragon Ball Z: Legend of the Super Sayajinn actually being above-average games. Then you have your Sailor Moon RPG, your Gundam Wing fighting game (uggghhh,) your Sailor Moon brawler (arrghhh, pain,) then you have this. Even the greatest game of all time could not survive an encounter with Orphen. For those of you that have played FF8, remember Squall? Orphen... arrgghhh, you have to see him to believe him.

Graphics 7/10
Wow. These are awesome, particularly during the battle scenes. I'm subtracting two points only because the Playstation 2 could probably do better. And I subtract yet another point because, since this is on a DVD, why on earth would Activision use such lousy video compression... Ugghh... To make matters worse, the Godzilla movies have better dubbing, (and probably better characters, than this game.) It is almost obscene. There was no effort at all done in the localization (probably because everyone knew this game was doomed anyway. Since this was a very early PS2 game (1999), I guess this was done as a pet project by the programmers to get a feel for the system. This thing shouldn't have been released.

Sound 7/10
Nothing remarkable about this. It's average.

Characters 3/10
Orphen: Take Squall, subtract 20 IQ points, and add Anime elements. Need I say more.
All the rest of the characters are just as bad, particularly the whining #$@%&. It doesn't help that the people who localized this game obviously didn't speak English.

Story 2/10
What a surprise, as soon as the characters get on the ship, they get attacked by a sea monster and get stranded on an island, and.....
I won't spoil the rest for you, it is almost painful.

Game Design 2/10
You move around a little, Orphen opens his mouth. Same old formula. The battle system is no better. All of the monsters, once you master the timing, become easy to kill. Just ride the shield then attack. And, god forbid, you're actually losing the battle, you can select restart battle with different spells / whatever and charge your health up to full, so it's nearly impossible to die unless you try.

Overall 4/10
Parents, if you really, really want to scar a kid on Christmas, buy your kids a brand new PS2 - and give them this game to start.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/27/00, Updated 06/22/03

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