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"A great adventure game with good qualities"

Gameplay - Well, I'll level with you. This game is very addictive. Too easy, but addictive.

But, like I said, the difficulty is way too low. For people like me who beat Vagrant Story the gameplay is a snap. You really won't have too much challenge with this game.

The controls are good, if not sensitive. They offer solid ways to jump, explode, and fight your way to all parts of the island, including the in-game battles.

Story - You play the role of Orphen. You were supposed to go to some normal island on the promise of easy money. However, your goofy ''employers'' got you on the wrong ship- the one that's headed for chaos island! Monsters attack the ship, and eventually you wind up on shore wit ha few friends for your only aid. You must now explore the island and unravel its many mysteries with your friends.

Audio/Video - Excellent/Excellent. The game's graphics will ''wow'' you, while all the verbal talking parts will say to you: ''how on earth did they fit this on one disk??''. That's right, you heard me. Everytime the characters say something, they actually speak. Cool, huh?

However, as cool as this is, this can be extemely annoying at times. For instance, by chance of miracle, you die. Then, when you retrace your steps you can't skip what they're saying. Furthermore, you can't pause wile they're talking so if you have to go to the bathroom while they're talking... too bad!

The graphics are simply astounding. It's rare to see an adventure game with that awesome quality. However, you sight is pretty limited, but there's no reason you need your sight to be further than it already is. From everything from Orphen's mouth moving when he talks to the cool magic, the graphics are solid.

Replayability - Well, to be blunt, it really just depends how much you liked the game. I would probably never replay this game, but you may want to play it a hundred times over.

To buy or to rent? - If you like adventure games, buy! If you were expecting an RPG... don't buy... rent! In other words, although many people call it an RPG, It's an adventure game with 5% RPG, 10% Action mixed into it.

All in all this is a great game that should at the very least be rented by all, if not bought by some.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/08/01, Updated 12/03/02

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