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"Orphen: Prototype game released by mistake?"

Graphics: 8/10
First of all, this game has anime style graphics. Which I, personally like. You, may not. The anime cut-scenes were cool as well. Scenery was awesome, sometimes when you moved, there would be a very slight blurring effect which made the game look (in some scenes) like a movie.
All in all, pure graphic quality could have been better, but i like anime, so it gets an eight.

Sound: 5/10
Sound effects were decent, as was the music, so why then the low rating? The DIOLOGUE SUCKED something RANCID! Not only where the voices all whiny, but most of the spoken words ARE whining....damn you Cleo! Well, except for Zeus, he wasn't bad. Too make it worse, you can't skip the diologue scenes. They don't flow right either, gestures in the wrong spots, weird pauses, like they didn't put much effort into translating from Japanese. And what's up with the characters' annoying habit of shouting out the name of the attack or spell they are currently casting? What is this, the Power Rangers?

Gameplay: 5/10
Field play wasn't bad. Basically the same as Mario 64 or better yet Vagrant Story. You can even use some of your weapons in field mode which can be kind of fun. The battle system, however, was inane. Some games, like Parasite Eve, managed to create a battle system that was real time yet still RPGish. Orphen tries, and fails. All you do is assign three different spells to three different buttons and then you press that button to cast the spell. That's it, a trained monkey could play this game. You can't move, can't use the many items you find in the game, can't do anything but hear Orphen say ''Bite of Lightning!'' for the 8000th time in a row. Since the battles are real time, all you do is try to cast your spells quick enough to kill everything before you run out of health.(Like that would happen anyway since you can restart battles with full health at any time.)

All in all, this game has the feel of something that some PS2 programmer whipped out in 2 hours to test the capabilities of his machine. For some reason (maybe affore mentioned programmer wanted to sabotage PS2 sales. Hmmm?) they packaged and shipped it for sales after slapping on some anime story sequences to make it presentable. What the hell?

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/21/01, Updated 08/21/01

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