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"Very entertaining game"

I really liked this game, and let me give you a little run down on why I liked this game so much. One, it's not for the graphics, and two, it's not for the voices. Why then?
Because it is so fun to play.

Graphics: 6
Now the in game graphics are not too hot, I've definitely seen better. I mean the voices don't even match the lips, for that matter the lips don't even move half of the time! This can be overlooked though. It detracts nothing from the gameplay. Ok, i was going to give it a lower score, but I am partial to anime, and this has some nice anime in it. It is the only thing that saved this game from getting a lower graphics score.

Sounds: 4
The music is dull, and I do mean dull. If you play an rpg just for good music, then I would suggest staying far away from this one. It is uneventful, and very uninspired, but what can you do. Hope the next time the company put good music in the game I guess. Ok, now that I've said that about the music, I have to complain about the voices. The voices just annoy me when they are being used for the ingame parts. When it's the anime, I love them. The only saviour for the voices is Orphen's voice. I actually like his, though I think it would have been better if it sounded more like Vash the Stampede's voice. So there was nothing really exciting in the sound department.

Gameplay: 6
Ok, now you are either going to be into the gameplay or you are going to hate it. Me, I didn't like it at first, because I don't get into action/rpgs too much, but then it grew on me for some reason. The control could have been tweaked a little bit. The fights are confusing at first, but you get used to them after a while. The most annoying feature of the fights is where you have switch enemies to hit. The camera angle jerks all over the screen, and it becomes frustrating. These minor flaws can be forgiven though.

Story: 8
Well, the story isn't really all that in-depth, but who cares. It grabs you just enough to keep you hooked, and it also makes you overlook the fact that there are some flaws in this game. I can honestly say that if a video game can have a good enough story to make me overlook its flaws, then it's a pretty good game.

Final Thought:
I'm going to be straight forward, if you question whether you would like it or not, rent it for the weekend and go from there. If you think you would like it, then go to Sam's Club and get for less than twenty bucks. If you want a fun game, and you are rpg starved, then I am telling you to pick up this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/29/02, Updated 01/29/02

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