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"Well......not that good"

As can be noted from the score I gave the game, the first thing that should be included would be some of my opinions of this game to back it up.

Gameplay: 5
Annoying, repetitive puzzles and weird battles. After realizing that none of the puzzles were going to change any, and that not a single one of them were hard, the game lost its fun. The battle system is fresh and creative, but no where near good. It being real time, the creators should have included a move function to make the sword even a bit use full. The spells were somewhat cool, but they were really hard to charge up.

Items: 2
Yes, this gets its own separate category. They were useless, they made no sense. (Smelly bag? What is that all about?) They could be only used outside of battle, and that meant that they were never used at all. With few outside of battle monsters and the little challenges being really easy, I never got hurt enough to use them.

Voice acting: 4
Make it stop make it stop MAKE IT STOP!!!! After I found myself yelling at the screen that I don't care and for the characters to shut-up over and over, I decided that the voice acting was bad. After the 50th time Orphen said ''It looks dangerous ahead, you two wait here.'' I threw my controller at the screen.

Characters: 6
The only reason that this category gets even a 6 is because Orphen looks cool. Everyone else is horrible.

Graphics: 6
PS2 graphics, has to be somewhat spiffy. The environments were full 3-D, with a built in first-person view and 360 degree turning cameras. The reason I gave it a six though is that the layering of some of the graphics made play somewhat difficult in a few areas, and the whole feel of the game reminded me of Legend of Legaia (especially the fog).

Overall Enjoyment: 4
Never playing this game ever again. Ever. It was a nice break from FFX, but that is all it was. Not even sure that it was worth paying $10.00 for at EB (and I was happy at the time. Ten bucks for a PS2 game? Heck yeah!)

Buy or Rent: maybe rent if there are no other games worth playing in. Don't buy unless you found a deal like I did.

Overall Rating: 5
Neversoft was never the company for RPGs. In fact, if you want a good Neversoft game, go get a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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