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"This game should be avoided like the Klez virus, or at least the plauge."

This game never should of been released. It makes me wonder how this game's creators could even sleep at night knowing that this waste of plastic was out there. Some parts are unbelievably easy, other parts are ungodly hard. Continue reading if you want to hear me rant about how bad this is, who knows you might find it funny. If get the general idea of this, then quit now with this bit of information: this game isn't worth the plastic it was made with.

Why it deserves this rating: Not only all but one of the topics below (save graphics), but the lack of control. Want to run to town...too bad. Want to level up for that boss fight...guess what...too bad. There's only a set story line that you have to follow. The battles are not random, meaning that you're not leveling up for that boss fight. Also, just to finish it off, you don't control when you save! Sure, it asks you if you want to save once you've reached a certain part of the game, but those times are few and far between. If you die, you have to do everything over again.

Graphics: Sadly, this is probably the best part of this game. At least the backgrounds are nice. I personally liked the Activision logo. Also the menu where you choose if you want to play a new game (I don't know why you would ever want to) or continue on with the game is nice looking. Graphics is the only thing going for this game, I bought it for the shallow reason of it having an anime cover. But one should not be fooled by looks. Just because that bottle labeled CN (that's cyanide) looks like a refreshing drink, doesn't mean that you should drink it.

Sound: Ugh, make them shut up. You're probably better off muting the game. I got annoyed by having to watch the same cutscenes over and over again, to the point where I had to leave the room and punch a wall, because I didn't want to break my PS2. If you didn't mute it, you'll notice the bad voice acting. They don't sound like people, they sound like robots reading scripts.

Controls: I threw my controller in frustration of the controls. Timing is everything in this game. Too bad the timing of the game seems off. It's very hard to hit some bosses, like the Minotaur. That one boss killed me at least 10 times, and would of killed me more if I hadn't stopped playing it after that. It wouldn't of been so bad if you could save right before the boss fight, but since they neglected to add that feature to the game, you're basically out of luck. Before releasing this underdeveloped game, at least they give you a tutorial explaining the controls.

Fun: Hello? Have you been reading this??? This game is worse than watching paint dry. At least when you watch paint dry, you can inhale the fumes and get dizzy and faint. I spent most of the time playing the same parts over and over again, not for fun, but just to show the game that I'm better than it. I have, literally, had more fun taking a chemistry test in school.

This game is the perfect example of how bad games can be. It makes us thankful for games like Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Final Fantasy. If you got this game, you can do many interesting things with the disc at least. You can microwave it, only put it in for two seconds though. You can play catch with your pet dog. If you have a little sibling, you can even not play the game in front of them, tell them how great the game is, and then offer to sell it to them for a measly $5.00. There is only one reason that I can think of to go out and buy this game: if you need to let out a bunch of anger. Nothing feels as good as throwing a controller at somebody in anger.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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