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"Well, now it's official, PS2 owns with new styles of games."

''One dull sunday, I decided that I'd pick up a new game before I started doing weird things to keep me from going berserk from boredom. I arrived at Electronics Boutique with about $12 and thought 'What the heck am I doing! I can't get a good game with only $12!' so I started searching the back of boxes for every game $10 and under(I have now seen every rejected football game in PSX existance) until running into this game, this was the best sunday I've ever had.''

Controls 5/10:

Controls are kinda weird, the movement is like Alundra, very loose. But in this game that's kind of a bad thing because in this game, the one game I really needed horrible collision detection in, they had to go making it all very accurate and good in the game that needed the least amount of it. Why I say so is because trying to dodge traps are close to impossible because they put good collision detection in it.

Storyline 6/10:

Is there really a storyline? More like a story zigzag, there really is no definite storyline to this, just random quests going in any order. It kind of starts off as you trying to find these magical eggs that get shattered into pieces, then you go on into multiple quests that are so sidetracking, there is no other way to explain them aside from random.

Graphics 8/10:

The graphics on this are pretty good, they don't base the entire game on graphics like XBox games seem to have a habit of, but these grahphics are very good. The character models are perfectly drawn and animated, the textures are detailed to the point of realism, even the fog effects and other effects are drawn to perfection, you can tell what everything is without squinting your eyes of asking someone. I guess that covers everything I could ask for in graphics.

Sound 10/10:

The sounds here are just plain realistic, you can hear swooshes and swings of flying maces and swords. All the sounds for walking (everyone gets their own walk sounds!) are actually not annoying but add atmosphere to the game as they have little echoes following them and sound like small taps.

Music 9/10:

I think I have recorded almost all the music on this game, the music in this fits every scene you're in perfectly. A low-toned humm for ancient dungeons, light crystallite wind-whistles for snowy fields, and lets not forget the battle themes, the main battle theme, if you aren't naive, puts you in a state almost ready to take on any challenge, the boss theme gives you that ''You know you're about to lose, right?'' feel and the other music themes may make you wield your recorder for this game.

Overall 8/10:

It's a great game when you first play... but it just needed some replay value! Sure the controls and battle system are awkward at first, but those are barely noticible when you get to the later parts of the game.

Replay Value 1/10:

Not as fun the second time around, but there is a few extra parts to explore, depending on which characters you choose

''To buy or to rent''

A rent, doesnt take too long to beat this, and if there are any extra things you want to do with it, you can most likely do it in the 5-day rental period...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/23/02, Updated 09/23/02

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