Review by DarkReign128

"A pretty decent game"

I think the game did ok for a launch title.

Graphics were amazing especially to me. Some graphics however, like splashing water and such, weren't that details. Characters and areas were greatly done though.

Game play: Real simple. You decide between a limited list of spells in combat and fight with those. There are summons, spells, and weapon-type fighting. When out of a battle too, you can be hurt and even killed as journeying through areas. So you can't feel so safe out of combat either all the time.

Controls: These are simple as well, but at some times, they can be a tiny bit annoying. Luckily with these controls, the camera isn't much of a nuisance. So when running on platforms, you won't fall off because of the camera.

Good points:
The fighting feels cinematic.

Spells look amazing.

Really fancy looking graphics

Very cool boss fights with amazingly big creatures

Branching story paths to add some replay value

Bad points:
The voice acting!

Combat cinematics prevent you from actually performing lots of the fights. Even though you have this good point of a cinematic looking fight, you cannot even move much in combat at all and such. You sometimes have allies and sometimes don't. The other characters you get are also as limited in combat as everyone else. You have role play as Orphan mainly, and you are going by a simple sequence throughout the game. You only gain skills in mandatory boss fights and you don't gain experience points for boss fights. This can be good and bad for players depending on their playing style. Some don't like leveling up however, if you do, then this game won't have much for you. The boss fights have bits of challenge but not much and can be limited in some fights. There are no random fights either because they come when you go through certain areas and nothing more.

Story: You're on a boat and then get warped around. It's really confusing and at times really dumb. You also are very limited as you progress as they only allow you to get stronger throughout the story by adding bonuses for mandatory boss fights. This makes the story extremely limited due to these types of story lines.

Length: This game is fairly short. You have 3 paths as stated in the instruction manual and all three paths are fairly short. This puts you in a game with a real short story line as well as somewhat dumb and confusing twists that are not really significant at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/02/03, Updated 05/02/03

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