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"It all depends… This RPG is great and disappointing at the same time."

It all depends… This RPG is great and disappointing at the same time.

GAMEPLAY: Game play is good, It has pretty easy controls. There is a-lot of motion videos so you get a good vivid storyline. As for the battles it is nicely done not too compacted but not a button masher. However if you want a challenge this game really doesn’t offer that, My brothers son beat it in about 5 days, and he is 8. Example on how easy it is, In the heat of battle if you start to die you can reset the battle at any time. Don’t get me wrong not all aspects of the game is easy, there is some challenging puzzles you might need to spend some time working through. The game has good load times nice and fast the way it is supposed to be. over all rating for the Game play is a …………………… 7/10

STORY: The story is captivating, you are an orphan, you are a powerful sorcerer, but lazy. I must say the personality of orphan is very good. Also once you beat the game on one person you can go back and help another person, the only downside is that although the quest is different it is almost quite the same because the story takes place on the same island. Over all it is an ok story some flaws but nothing major. Here is the official desecration of the story from the back of the game. you always thought being a hero was too much work. But now you don’t have a choice. Harnessed into a risky adventure. You must use your dark powers to help you desperate companions resolve their unique quests.
I give the over all rating for the story a …………………… 7/10

AUDIO/VIDIO: Not bad not bad at all. The major downside to the audio is the voice of the characters to the movement of their mouth. AHHH this drove me crazy the whole darn game. Its like this, Orphan says: hi how are you……
Then 3 seconds later his mouth moves. You get the picture. But for the rest of the games audio its not bad nice and smooth. The video is unique, as you walk through the game some walls are transparent, its pretty cool a nice 3d camera control that you can spin around your whole body to see everything. 2 people are always following you, the movement of their bodies is nice and smooth. Over all I give AUDIO/VIDIO a…………………………7/10

REPLAY: *laughs* Ha replay, no, I played this game beat it, it was fun but I think it would be very hard to stay awake during the second time... Enough said? Well ill give this part a 1/10

BUY/RENT: I own this game only because it was a gift. I would say rent it, have some fun playing it, if you like it that much buy it. But I wouldn’t buy it, unless you are the kind of person that wants it just to own, the game is fairly cheap.

OVERALL: Overall this isn’t a bad game, but it belongs on the ps not a ps2, I would recommend playing this game, it is a good rpg but it depends on what you like.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/14/03

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