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Reviewed: 10/27/00 | Updated: 10/27/00

Not much different from NHL 2000 but PS2 graphics give this game the edge

When NHL 2000 came out it was a reformatted, greatly improved, game when compared to NHL '99, but when comparing NHL 2000 to NHL 2001, the only thing that stands out is the graphics.

Gameplay: 7/10

Well ... for this category I don't really care if they haven't changed it too much since the last NHL game, cuz it's still great. The addition of a newer, easier skill level (Beginner) allows people the advantage of a easy game just to get use to the control. Also, with the great graphics you truely feel much closer to being in the game then you would have in earlier versions.

Graphics: 10/10

I wish I could give this 11 out of 10 cuz that's how good these graphics were! The players look very realistic, you can see the stadiums reflection on the ice, you can even see thoose little graphics in full detail that the jumbotrons have in the stadiums. The graphics are very well detailed, you could reasonably make out the shapeds of peoples faces, the number of figures they had, everything about the character's graphics were excellent.

Re-playability: 6/10

This game can get addicting ... but the question is how long can it stay that way? Judging by how boring I found the easier skill levels and how quickly I managed to be the equal of any AI in the maxium skill level ... my guess is that this is not one of the games that can entertian you forever. But it's fun while it lasts.

Control: 7/10

An anolog controller improves the controls a bit but it's still not great. If you like speed, you'll find it very hard to get out of this game. You'll also find that, although the basic controls are easy to learn the more advanced, and often very helpful to learn controls are difficult to learn. Which is a plus and minus at the same time.

Sound: 7/10

The music is good in this game. It's sets and supports the mood and tone of the game reasonably. The annocers remarks are decent and a bit less repetive then in other sports games, but still no where near perfect ...

Specail Features: 4/10

Not too many added specail features compared to what was already avaible in the older versions of this game, but it's still not too bad. Their is a good deal of little things, like the extra skill level which I mentioned earlier and a bit of adjustments on how you can control a bit of what your AI teammates are doing through the Coaching Stratigies.

Over-all: 7/10

If you got a Playstation2 I would recommend that you consider buying this game, but it shouldn't be the first game on your shopping list. This is a good game, but their are better one's around.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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