Additional ArtistTamsin Aston
Additional ArtistNoel Flores-Watson
Additional ArtistJulian Gibson
Additional ArtistIki Ikram
Additional ArtistPhil Jackson
Additional ArtistDave Ramsbotton
Additional ArtistDamon Rayner
Additional ArtistJohn Venables
Additional ArtistIan Wood
Additional ArtistWai Ming Yuen
Additional DesignerJonathan Alpine
Additional DesignerRon Festejo
Additional DesignerMike Haigh
Additional DesignerPeter Marshall
Additional DesignerEric Matthews
Additional DesignerDaniel Navarro
Art DirectorMike Haigh
ArtistRichard Carter
ArtistAlana Challis
ArtistMike Haigh
ArtistPhilippa Moore
ArtistNicholas Phillips
AudioDan Bardino
AudioAlistair Lindsay
AudioKaori Ohshima
AudioDave Raynard
AudioGarry Taylor
Design and Content ManagerEric Matthews
Design LeadCraig Kerrison
Development DirectorJamie MacDonald
Graphic DesignerJulian Gibson
Graphic DesignerAndrew Hamilton
Graphic DesignerAlex Townsend
Graphic DesignerOliver Wright
Lead ArtistAndrea Falcone
Lead ArtistMasami Kochi
Lead ProgrammerPeter Marshall
ProducerRon Festejo
ProgrammerGraham Clemo
ProgrammerGreg King
ProgrammerTom Lansdale
ProgrammerSteve Madsen
ProgrammerAlistair Mann
ProgrammerNeil Rowlands
ProgrammerDavid Serafim
ProgrammerSteven Tweed
Voice ActorBen Fairman
Voice ActorCornell John
Voice ActorBurt Kwouk
Voice ActorAmy Shindler


Data and credits for this game contributed by lilobaggins, Alec86, Mookiethebold, Blueberry Buttface, Pokemon_Nerd13, bcks, oliist, and Hardkoroff.

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