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    FAQ/Walkthrough by crb72588

    Version: 0.71 | Updated: 03/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                               Myst III: Exile                               |
    |                      The Perfect Place To Plan Revenge                      |
    |                               FAQ/Walkthrough                               |
    |                           Written By: crb72588                              |
    |                      Copyright: 2004 By: crb72588                           |
    |                               Version: 0.71                                 |
    |                              Table Of Contents                              |
    1.   Introduction
           A. Version History
           B. Writers Notes
           C. Gameplay Disclaimer
    2.   The Game
           A. The Plot
           B. Commands and Controls
    3.   The Characters
           A. Atrus
           B. Sirrus & Achenar
           C. Saavedro
           D. Catherine
    4.   Tomahna
           A. Atrus' Study
           B. Attack of Saavedro
           C. The Journal
    5.   J'Nanin
           A. First Day of Class
           B. To Saavedro's House We Go
           C. Breaking and Entering
           D. Going Up
           E. A Birds Eye View
           F. A Barrel of Fun
    6.   Amateria
           A. Arrival in a New Age
           B. A Balancing Act
           C. All Pegged Up
           D. The Trick to the Track
           E. The Final Puzzle
    7.   J'Nanin
           G. A Bridged Age
    8.   Edanna
           A. Flowers, Everywhere
    9.   J'Nanin
           H. At the Poles
    10.  Voltaic
           A. A Powerful Age
           B. The Sounds Of Nature
           C. The Magnet Puzzle
           D. Raising The Temperature
           E. Opening the Way
           F. The Airship
    11.  J'Nanin
           I. One Last Thing...
    12.  Narayan
           A. The Last Age
    13.  Saavedro's Journal
    14.  Atrus' Journal
    15.  Appendices
           A. Contact Me
           B. Sites With Permission
    |                              1. Introduction                                |
                                 A. Version History
    Version 0.25 : Introduction and Characters completed. Walkthrough through
                   beginning of J'Nanin completed.
    Version 0.40 : Revised prior version, made walkthrough more detailed. Done
                   up to Amateria. Added Atrus' journal.
    Version 0.55 : Amateria completed, and J'Nanin (Sec. 7) updated to take you
                   into Edanna.
    Version 0.70 : Edanna NOT completed. In it's place, Voltaic has been completed.
                   The next update will take you through Edanna and into Narayan.
                   Sorry for the delay in finishing Voltaic.
    Version 0.71 : I fixed an error (with my own page) on the sites with permission
                   section. Fixed grammar and spelling errors, added a little to
                   the table of contents, added the header for Saavedro's Journal.
    Version 0.80 : Edanna finished. (NOT POSTED)
    Version 0.90 : Narayan Finished. (NOT POSTED)
    Version 1.00 : Saavedro's Journal, in as close to entirety as I know. (NOT
                                  B. Writer's Notes
    This Walkthrough, and all text contained within is the intellectual property of
    crb72588. Personal, non-profit, use is permitted, however, placing this on a 
    web site (without permission), selling, or otherwise plagiarizing this text is
    against every Copyright law in the States, and is strictly prohibited. For
    everyone that didn't understand that, all I said was ask me permission to use
    this on a web site, and don't make a profit off of this.
    Alright, this should be a helpful Walkthrough/FAQ. I tried to be as detailed as
    I could when writing this. However, this is a chance that I made a mistake, or
    did not explain a task or entire Age clearly enough. If you need clarification,
    please ask me to help. I don't take kindly to people ordering me around.
    The last thing I have to say is good luck. Myst III: Exile is definitely a hard
    game to play, but I thought that it was easy to pick up on after I tried some
    parts a few times.
    Please note: Distances are measured in clicks, the distance that one click of
    the mouse takes you.
    Again, please note: Any text in the sections on Atrus' and Saavedro's journals
    comes directly from the game, and is trademarked and copyrighted to it's
    respective owners. You may use the content of those two sections ONLY, without
    my permission. I do not own the copyrights to them, so therefore I cannot keep
    them to myself. However, I do ask that you give me credit for taking the time
    to get all the text correct. A simple "Transcribed By: crb72588" will do.
                                C. Gameplay Disclaimer
    DO NOT touch anything in any Age, unless you are told to do so. If a certain
    puzzle is to be solved in a certain number of clicks, then clicking on it will
    mess up the order of clicks. This walkthrough takes you through the entire game
    as though you are incapable of moving on your own. If you have already clicked
    around and messed up several puzzles, then you can email me (see the Contact Me
    section) and ask how to solve a puzzle. I will then include a different, and
    more complicated way to solve the puzzles in an update, but for now, I am 
    assuming that you have followed all my instructions in the order given, and
    that you are to lazy to mess with anything else.
    |                               2. The Game                                   |
                                    A. The Plot
    Your sons, Atrus. Do you know what your sons have done? They have destroyed 
    Narayan, my home, destroyed by your carelessness. You don’t care about Narayan,
    but you will. Just wait, Atrus, you will care. I’ll make you care! You’ll see
    the pain and suffering I went through! You’ll see how terrible your sons are,
    how terrible you are! Just you wait. Just you wait. You’ll take your class.
    You’ll see what your sons did, and what you haven’t done right. You will never
    be the same. Saavedro will make you pay...
                             B. Commands and Controls
    |           Control         |                  Function                       |
    |      Move Mouse/Numpad    |                Rotate view                      |
    | Left Click/Spacebar/Enter |           Interact with objects                 |
    |   Right Click/Caps Lock   |               Unlock cursor                     |
    |           Shift           |        Temporarily unlock cursor                |
    |           Ctl+O           |               Open a game                       |
    |           Ctl+S           |               Save a game                       |
    |           Ctl+Q           |               Quit a game                       |
    |           Ctl+G           |               Option menu                       |
    |            Esc            |                Game menu                        |
    |                             3. The Characters                               |
                                      A. Atrus
    Writer of Ages. He puts into words the composition of worlds, and because of 
    that writing, the worlds are created. He had two sons, Sirrus and Achenar. His 
    current occupation is the restoration of an age, and the writing of Releeshahn,
    an age created to replace the ruined age of D'ni, which harbored the D'ni
    people, of which he is a part.
                                B. Sirrus & Achenar
    Atrus' sons, who have a passion for destruction, and no appreciation of the 
    Ages that their father so painstakingly wrote into existence. They were 
    banished into separate in-escapable Ages in Myst, and have not been heard of 
    since - until now. Their past evils are being revealed, and that which they
    have wronged are being made right again. 
                                    C. Saavedro
    A crazed man, he walks about talking to himself, and wants to kill Atrus, and 
    his family for what they did to his Age, Narayan. He is always one step ahead 
    of you, and will be until you can stop him, back in his home world. (This is 
    not a spoiler, if you couldn't guess that you would end up in Narayan, then 
    you are not thinking very well. You just had to look at the Table of Contents.)
                                    D. Catherine
    Atrus' wife, that's about all the importance she has. She simply exists.
    |                                 4. Tomahna                                  |
                                   A. Atrus' Study
    You start the game in looking out over a canyon-type area. After you look
    around for a few seconds, a voice sounds from behind you. You lose control over
    the game, and you turn around to see where the voice came from. It was
    Catherine, holding her newborn child. She welcomes you to her home, and invites
    you into Atrus' study. Apparently he's waiting for you, but is away taking care
    of a few tasks (changing the locks on all the doors). It's the door straight
                                B. Attack of Saavedro
    Once you're inside, the game begins, but you have a chance to look around for 
    a little bit first. There is nothing of real importance on his desk, however,
    you must click on the linking book next to the desk, and open it to have the
    cutscene, begin. You can look at whatever you want, but if you don't look at
    the (ruined) linking book, you cannot start the game. After you do that look 
    to your left, you will see a pedestal. Go to it, and click on it to look 
    at it. A cutscene with Atrus will take place, but that's not what's important.
    After a few seconds of chatting with Atrus, a haggard man (Saavedro) will 
    appear, (he used a linking book to get here) he will break into the pedestal, 
    (which you now know contains Releeshahn) and he will take the book. Before you 
    or Atrus can stop him, he uses another linking book, and disappears, dropping 
    the book. Atrus then gives you a task, follow Saavedro, and save Releeshahn. 
    Click on the linking book and you will be taken to J'Nanin.
                                    C. The Journal
    Before you leave to follow Saavedro, you were given a journal of Atrus'
    detailing the reconstruction and writing processes he has been going through.
    You do not need to read it immediately. But it will be crucial near the end,
    and will be helpful for developing the plot, and for getting you through the
    game. I would suggest taking the time to read it. I will include a section that
    has the text of the book, in case you need to refer to it while reading this.
    |                                 5. J'Nanin                                  |
                                 A. First Day of Class
    J'Nanin is Atrus' "training Age." This is where he taught his son's about Ages,
    and how to write them. It also taught them how to ruin the ages. Once you are
    back on terra firma, follow Saavedro. This does no good. He beats you into the
    tower, and locks the door behind him. Take the point that you are at, and turn
    around, and look at the lay of the land. You will be seeing a lot of it. You
    should see little street-lamp towers around you, and another tower, this time
    tooth shaped, in front of you. To your right is a path leading up a mountain-
    like slope. That's where you need to go.
                             B. To Saavedro's House We Go
    Don't just go there. Pay attention as you go. You will hate this place when you
    finally finish this game. You will loathe it, but not as much as the other
    Ages. Take the only path to the right, until you come to a fork. There will be
    a right-hand path with steps. Go down that. Follow the steps, noting that on
    the left there is the option to go onto a small platform (You'll need to go 
    there later). By now you should see a door, an entrance to Saavedro's House.
                              C. Breaking and Entering
    The door is unlocked, contrary to the misleading title. When you first get in,
    click on the small mechanical device and open the gate to the left. Go through
    and look at the small garden. There is a button, push it, and a mechanical 
    device will activate, allowing you to enter into the rest of Saavedro's House. 
    Now for the thievery. On the hammock in the main room is a journal. This is 
    Saavedro's journal. He has put all his thoughts into it, and it details his
    plans, and gives you an understanding of why he's psychotic. Unfortunately, you
    only have a few pages worth. The rest are spread about the four puzzle Ages of
    the game. The pages you have now will be of great help in a few moments. While
    you're here, take a look around. Remember especially the weights, and the 
    plants. That is, remember them if you want to at least be able to say that 
    you thought out and tried to solve the puzzles on your own.
                                    D. Going Up
    At the end of the room is an elevator. Get inside and you'll see a lever on the
    left. Pull it, and you will go up. Press Esc to skip the short (and rather
    annoying after a while) cutscene. You will arrive just inside of the tower you
    tried so hard to get into when you first arrived here. There is a short
    cutscene where Saavedro will mistake you for Atrus (he will until the end).
    After watching that, you can look around. You'll have a door to your
    right, and a window to your left. The one on the right leads outside, but you 
    cannot get out there. The window on the left shows you the inside of the tower.
    Click on the window to magnify the view, and see Saavedro walking about,
    talking to himself, although calm. Pull the lever again, and go back down. Now,
    there has to be some way to get in that tower... But how? It's so simple,
    you'll question why you're reading this, and why you didn't think of it before.
    Get out of the elevator, and pull the lever. It will go up, unmanned. Look at
    the area where the elevator was. You should see some mechanics, and they should
    look familiar. They are the mechanics that you saw in Saavedro's Journal. (I
    told you that the madman's thoughts would come in handy.) 
    These are the answers to the mechanical puzzles. If you want to try and do it
    on your own, skip this paragraph and continue on. The puzzles are not that
    hard. You were given the answers. There are three levers that you will see in
    a row. Pull the one on the left two times, and then pull the one on the right
    two times. That's it for that puzzle. The next puzzle is a wheel type puzzle.
    You will have a tube facing you, click on it, and then click to the right of
    it, to rotate the wheel. Click on the next tube to rotate it, and then rotate
    the wheel again. That's it for this puzzle. The next two are simple. Solve the
    next puzzle by clicking on the lever. It will move and solve the puzzle. The 
    last puzzle can be solved by clicking and holding on the black gear until the
    empty portion of it is over the golden gear. That's it, you've solved the
    Get out from under there, and pull the lever again. The elevator will
    come back. Get in, and take it up. If you got the mechanics right, you'll go up
    slightly different than before. There will still only be one door, which this
    time takes you into the tower. The window will face outside. Open the door,
    and then the next door too. Saavedro will use the caged linking book, and will
    be gone. If you go to the right two clicks, and you look at the floor you'll
    see a few pages from Saavedro's journal. Two more clicks in the same direction
    will take you to the place where Saavedro disappeared. Click on the button to
    your right. A long and informative cutscene will start. I would suggest
    watching it.
                                 E. A Birds Eye View
    After the long, but very important, and very informative cutscene, you'll see
    around you three box type objects. If you look at one closely, and you magnify
    it, you'll turn to a telescopic view. The image from the telescope corresponds
    with a window on a tower. Your job is to make the light fit into the window as
    best you can, using the levers. The lever on the left controls zoom, and the
    one on the right controls focus. Click and drag the image itself around to
    change where it is.
    Folded Wing Bird Puzzle
    One more click to the right (which has become forward) and you will be at the
    first of the puzzles. Click on it to magnify it, and then use the levers to
    zoom and focus. Then, move the image. When you get it correct, the little balls
    around the edges will be in the following positions:
    Outermost: In the middle between the South and Southwest marks.
    Outer Middle: Barely above the Western mark.
    Inner Middle: Barely to the right of the Southern mark.
    Innermost: A little above the Southeast mark.
    Spread Wing Bird Puzzle
    I will skip right to where the balls should be.
    Outermost: In the middle of the North and Northwest marks.
    Outer Middle: In the middle of the West and Southwest marks.
    Inner Middle: Just to the left of the South mark.
    Innermost: In the middle of the South and Southwest marks.
    Circle Puzzle
    Again, I'm skipping to the solution.
    Outermost: In the middle of the North and Northwest marks.
    Outer Middle: In the middle of the East and Southeast marks.
    Inner Middle: On the Southern mark.
    Innermost: On the Western mark.
                                 F. A Barrel of Fun
    Probably the least difficult of these three puzzles is the puzzle I have deemed
    "The Barrel Puzzle." The object of this challenge is to move a big barrel into
    a door, to smash through and provide a floor. Now, all you have to do is pull
    a lever or two, and you're in. It's knowing which lever and in what order to 
    pull it that's tricky. It's a lot more simple than it seems. Make sure that you
    open the door first. The tusk that you need to go to is the one that you were
    closest to when you first got to J'Nanin. You must first get the barrel into a
    spot so that you can open the door. So, go to the opening to the left of the
    tusk and look right. You should see a ladder. Go down that ladder, and you will
    be at the control console for the barrel. Pull the levers in this order, to
    open the path so that you can open the door. Pull L, R, L, R. Then go up the
    ladder, and to the hole in the rock. Go down that ladder, and to the door.
    Open the door, and go back to the controls. Pull the levers in this order, and
    you'll be done. Pull L, L, R. That's it, the barrel is in, and you can go in
    and enter the code from the Circle Puzzle. Then click on the symbol in the
    middle, and the balls will slide back into their original positions, and the
    linking book to Amateria will come down. Click on the book, and you're done
    with J'Nanin... for now.
    |                                6. Amateria                                  |
                                A. Arrival in a New Age
    Finally, some new scenery. A major change of place. This will be your home for
    some time, so look around and get to know it. I would have to say that this is
    the second most puzzling age, and is my personal favorite. It almost looks like
    a bad Chinese restaurant, which would suit the wise man of the mountain with 
    the four main puzzles it contains, the final being one of the most complicated,
    and having the greatest finish. Anyhow, look around, see that your path is cut 
    off to the right, that there isn't one to the left, and that one either of the
    remaining directions is a ladder, where you can go down to find three of the
    puzzles, needing the first three to go North to the last puzzle. I would
    suggest going forward, as it leads to one of the easier puzzles on the Age.
    NOTE: There is a linking book back to J'Nanin three clicks forward from where
          you start.
                                   B. A Balancing Act
    Go forward and follow the path down until you get to a fork. Take the right
    fork, and go one click forward and one click slightly left, and you'll be in
    an elevator. Click on the lever and go up, turn around and you will see pages
    from Saavedro's Journal. That's all you really need to get here, and all you
    need to look at. Take the elevator back down, and go to your right, and take
    the right fork. Follow the path all the way along until you get to a house,
    passing a control console. Go into the house and put one metal (darkest piece)
    and 2 wood (only other brown pieces) onto the partially completed ball in the
    middle of the room. Exit and return to the control console. Pull the lever on
    the left toward the bottom of the platform to go up, and then pull the top
    lever in the set of three, then pull the lever by itself on the right. This
    puzzle is solved. Make a note of the pattern shown in the hexagon, you'll need
    it soon.
                                   C. All Pegged Up
    From the control console, pull the lever to go down, and then make your way
    back to the starting point. Once you get there, keep going, and you will
    eventually make it to a place where there is stone and grass. Five clicks after
    you get onto the grass, there will be an opening to your right. Go into it, 
    and click on the door to open it. Go inside and turn around. Several pages of 
    Saavedro's Journal are on a rock behind you. Go onto the control console and
    pull the lever to go up. Put pegs in the following places. On the left wheel,
    put a peg above the blocked out peg (not the one at the bottom, the other one)
    and then one to the right of that. Then put a peg to the right of the one you
    just put in. On the right wheel, put a peg two wedges clockwise (to the left
    and up) of the empty bottom wedge. Pull the lever at the bottom, and you've 
    solved this puzzle. Make a note of the hexagon shapes, you'll be needing it
    very soon.
                              D. The Trick to the Track
    Go out the door and to the right. If you keep going, you will end up on a
    track. When you walk into a circular part, you'll start vibrating. This will
    ruin the crystal ball if it goes through at the wrong time. You have to figure
    out how to get it to turn off as the ball goes through. Right next to a
    vibrating circle is a panel, with five settings. I have numbered them starting
    at the top left, and continuing clockwise. The panel that you originally walk
    through starts off as number 4, but needs to become number 5. If you follow the
    track you will come to a central area. The net track to your right should be
    changed from 2 to 3. Turn around and come back to the center. The next panel
    on your right should be changed from 5 to 1. Again, back to the center. The
    next panel on the right should be changed from 1 to 4. The last panel to the
    right should be changed from 3 to 2. When you get back to the center this time,
    go to the next right, and go as far as you can. You will see a bunch of rocks.
    Climb on them, and you will get to a bridge with a painting. It is of Sirrus
    and Achenar laughing, and of Saavedro (who painted this) standing in the
    middle, calling for help, as the people of Narayan turn against him. After
    looking at that, which is a very good painting, in my opinion, go into the
    glowing hallway, and look to your left. You will see a ladder cut into the
    stone. Climb it, and follow the path to another control console. There are
    pages from the journal to your right. Pull the lever to go up, and then pull
    the lever to start the puzzle moving. When it is done, make a note of the
    hexagons and make your way back to the point where you first entered Amateria.
                                  E. The Final Puzzle
    Now that you have all three hexagon solutions, (and you can't just skip here,
    you must solve the puzzles) you can get into the central hub. Enter the
    solutions, in any order, and then click on the door to get in. A set of steps
    will swing over, and you must climb them and the click on the chair to get in
    it. Then click on the button below the TV screen. Saavedro will insult you and
    tell you about Sirrus and Achenar. After he's done talking to you, look above
    the TV and you'll see a handle. Pull it, and the chair will go up. A wooden
    box will open up, and you must change the track around so that it starts at
    blue, and ends at red. To do so follow these directions.
    Top Row
    Left: Click until the curve is vertical.
    Middle: It should look like an upside-down letter Y, leaning to the right
    Right: One of the curves (doesn't matter which) should be facing the red mark
    Middle Row
    Left: Don't change, or change it however you want, it doesn't matter
    Middle: Leave for last, and adjust so that it fits all of the other ones
    Right: The small curve should face the top right
    Bottom Row
    Left: The longest line should connect with the blue along the outside
    Middle: The straight line should be horizontal
    Right: The straight line should connect with the yellow along the outside
    When solved correctly, it will form a path that starts at the blue, and ends
    at the red. When you think you have it solved correctly, look up and click on
    the blue button. If you have everything right, you'll know. WATCH THIS
    CUTSCENE. It is the best I have seen in a long time. I could watch it over and
    Enjoy the ride, and when you come to a complete stop, you'll automatically copy
    down the image. Go down the steps, and click on the J'Nanin linking book, and
    you'll end up back in the tower. Take the image and put it on the imager.
    Saavedro will have something to say to that.
    |                                 7. J'Nanin                                  |
                                   G. A Bridged Age
    Call the elevator and take it down into Saavedro's room. Go to the garden and
    this time, go out to the right and use the second exit. It may not seem like
    there is anything important here, but the next Age is right above you. Follow
    the little bridge to its end, and then go left until you reach a very little
    hut, which is a sort of dog house. Look to the right of that, and click on the
    bulb-like flower. Click on that and it will form a bridge for the inhabitant of
    the doghouse. There is a little button on top of the house, if you click on it,
    the creature within will come out and cross the bridge. It will start eating
    the flowers on the other side, which puff when it squeaks.
    Head back toward the house, but when you get to the bridge, keep going, until
    you reach a ladder. Go up the ladder one click, and step off, and magnify the
    large flower. Move it around until you can hear the animal squeaking. Go back
    to the normal view, and continue climbing the ladder. You will have a bridge to
    the next Age: Edanna.
    Go inside and enter in the code for the Spread Winged Bird, and you're there.
    Again, done with J'Nanin for now.
    |                                  8. Edanna                                  |
                             COMING SOON (IN VERSION 0.80)
    If you are already in Edanna, there is a linking book which you can take back.
    From your starting point, turn around and follow the path. When you get to the
    top, you will see some palms, and you will have to click on a button by them.
    Look at the place where the palms were, and there is the J'Nanin linking book
    for this Age.
    |                                 9. J'Nanin                                  |
                                    H. At The Poles
    You're home once again. Unfortunately, you have this place to call home. But
    not for much longer. Just this Age, and you're free. Voltaic is one of the
    most interesting Ages of the game. I wish you luck.
    From the main tusk, descend out and back to the place where you first came
    here. Then hang a right for a few clicks, until you come to the water's edge.
    You will see a strange looking pole on the left, and a crank in front of you.
    Pull the crank 4 times. A light will come from the weird pole. Turn around, and
    you'll see a post with a yellow jewel on the top. Go up to it and turn it once.
    Then go toward the main tusk two clicks. Take a left for one click, and you'll
    be in front of a blue post. Click on it once. Go back to the main tusk, and you
    will find a red post before you head up. Go to it and click on it once. Go
    under the bridge you're standing on (one click back and then one click left,
    and then left again - I hope you can find your way from that). Continue on and
    you will get to a purple pole. Turn it once. To the left again is another
    yellow pole. Turn it twice and go back until there is a fork (two clicks I
    think) and take the right fork. Go across the bridge and up. To the left is a
    green pole. Turn it once, and then turn around and go the red pole right in
    front of you. Turn it twice.
    Go back the way you came, but when you come off the first bridge, look left
    and you will find a ladder. Take the ladder down twice. Go through Saavedro's
    House and out toward the way you first came to Saavedro's House. When you get
    to the top, there should be a fork, and you should take the right fork going
    upward. You will be at the final tusk of the Age. Go up to the door. It's
    locked. Click on the colors in this order: Y, B, G, R, Y, P, R. The door will
    swing open. Enter the solution to the Bird Puzzle, and click on the linking
    book. You're now in Voltaic.
    |                                10. Voltaic                                  |
                                  A. A Powerful Age
    Ok, fine, you've made it. Voltaic, easily the most puzzling Age so far. Well,
    if that sentence wasn't confusing... Anyhow, you start in a very Grand
    Canyonish place. Go forward and take the right fork when you get to it. There
    are some pages from Saavedro's Journal on the ground a few clicks after the 
    fork. Keep going, and the next time you come to a fork, go right again.
    Eventually, you will get to a place where the path turns into what looks like
    metal, and the path goes down, and then up. On the left is a ladder, on the
    right, a panel that has several symbols on it. The symbols represent the power
    supply for the Age. Currently, all the power is off, and it is your task to
    make it come back on, but how? Hmm, this is a strategic game, and a game of
    logic, so I have to say that through a series of puzzles would be the most
    likely way.
                               B. The Sounds Of Nature
    First puzzle, easiest puzzle, not even really a puzzle, but a way to get to a
    puzzle. Anywho, turn around from where you're standing, and go up the ladder.
    Open the red valve, and go back down the ladder when the cutscene is over.
    Go down the path that you were heading down when I told you to stop. At the end
    turn right, and go down the well you see. Click on the red button (has anyone
    beside me noticed a LOT of red in this Age?) and then click on the little
    handle. Go back out and toward the ladder, but when you get into the hall with
    windows, stop at the last one you encounter on the right. Turn and magnify the
    window, and then click on the wheel on the outside. Then go back toward the
    well, but don't turn this time. Keep going straight, and when you get onto a
    rotating platform, click forward quickly. Click on the door in front of you and
    it will open. Go down the ladder, and look to the left. There is a TV with yet
    another of Saavedro's rantings. After he's done blowing off some steam, turn
    right and go down the path. Eventually, you will come to the biggest
    electromagnet you have probably ever seen.
                                C. The Magnet Puzzle
    There are two ways to solve this puzzle: Trial and Error, or My Way. The point
    is to get every little metal rod aligned in every place along the magnet. All
    you have to do is walk in and magnify the thing right in front of you. If you
    haven't messed with the controls at all, click the top right button 12 times.
    Then click on the bottom right button 11 times. Then click on the middle right
    button until a cutscene plays. This solves the puzzle, and turns on a lot more
    If, however, you have messed with the puzzle, you have one option left. Trial
    and error. Your best bet is to mess with the top until it's aligned on one
    part, and then go around and check to see if it's aligned everywhere else. If
    it's not aligned, then go back to the original one and click until it is. When
    you get that row all aligned, go to the bottom row and do the same thing. Then
    the center row you can just click until it's solved. Turn around and go back
    out the way you came. Look at the electrical display panel, all but one of the
    lights should be lit.
                               D. Raising the Temperature
    Go all the way back to the first fork, and go right. Follow the path all the
    way until the end. You'll pass a fork, and some valves. There will be a ladder
    right after the valves. Go up the ladder, all the way to the top. When you get
    to the top there are some pages to collect. To the left click on the dome and
    go through it. Go forward a click, and then keep going. You'll walk on the
    piping, even though it doesn't look like you can. When you get across it, open
    the gate, and go in. After two clicks look down and open the gate. Pull the red
    lever on the door so that it allows you to go in and out of this room without
    having to go through the air ducts. Go up to the console on the top, and move
    the lever to the right and to the top. Then go down the ladder in the room, and
    open up the vault. Go in and walk up to the control console. Pull the lever
    through the middle, then to the bottom and the right. Pull it through the
    middle again, and then to the bottom and left. Move forward to the wall and
    pull the little lever and then back to the controls, and pull the lever in the
    following ways, up and left, across the middle, and then up and right. Go out
    of the vault and up the ladder. Go back to the original control console and
    pull the lever so that the lava once again flows through the area, I think it's
    out to the left and then up, but I'm not sure exactly. 
                                  E. Opening The Way
    Go back up through the air ducts, and back to the ladder and go down. When you
    get to the valves, look around you. You'll see a little gauge, with a red line.
    That line is the pressure that you need to get to. The valves add, or release
    pressure. The lever on your left when pulled to the right will raise the
    elevator, if the pressure is right, or when pulled to the left, will lower it,
    if that is an option.
    To solve the puzzle, you have to go up and down, opening and closing valves. To
    solve the puzzle, you have to do exactly as I say, I'm sure you could solve it
    some other way, but I tell you to do it like this, and you've been listening to
    me so far, so why not listen to me some more? Anyhow, this is the solution:
    1. Open one valve (or leave one open) on the bottom, and go up.
    2. Close all the valves on the middle, and go down.
    3. Close the valve on the bottom, and go up twice.
    4. Close one on the top, and go down once.
    5. Open two on the middle, and go down.
    6. Open all three that will open on the bottom.
    Viola! You've solved the most complicated puzzle in the Age. All you have left
    to do is turn to your left and open the valve to the left of the ladder. The
    valve should stay open, and you should see a cutscene of the airship filling
    with air. If this happens, turn around and go back to the ladder that you first
    came down. 
                                     F. The Airship
    Go up it, and take the left fork when you have the option, and then
    take the elevator at the end of that path down, and follow the path until you
    get to the rounded part. Pull the lever, and get into the airship. Start it
    moving, and when it comes to a stop for the first time, get out and pull the
    lever. I think there are journal pages, but I'm not exactly sure. Get back into
    the airship and start it going again. Go inside the building, and I think it's
    self-explanatory from here.
    |                                11. J'Nanin                                  |
                                   A. One Last Thing...
    You've got your last image, so put it in the imager. Saavedro will come back
    one last time. Tempting you to follow him into Narayan. So follow him. Now it's
    time for the last Age... Narayan.
    |                                 12. Narayan                                 |
                            COMING LATER (IN VERSION 0.90)
                                   A. The Last Age
    If you're already in Narayan, you're stuck. Look around a little, look at
    Atrus' Journal a little, look specifically at my copy, you'll notice the
    important parts a little more.
    |                           13. Saavedro's Journal                            |
                            COMING LATER (IN VERSION 1.00)
    |                             14. Atrus' Journal                              |
    I always feared this day would come. For years, Catherine and I have
    dreamed of restoring D'ni. We have dedicated our lives to the task, taking it
    upon ourselves to locate the citizens of D'ni and convince them to return to
    their ruined city and rebuild. Our dream has become the dream of so many now,
    and the progress we have made toward achieving it is something of which we all
    can stand proud. But I know now that it has been a mistake.
    The city of D'ni should not be restored. It should stand forever in ruins,
    as both a symbol of our past mistakes and a memorial to all who lost their
    lives when D'ni fell. The devastating events of recent months-the war in
    Terahnee, and the death of Uta, in particular-have driven this truth home to me
    quite forcefully. If we rebuild the city walls today, are we not giving
    approval to the very illness that destroyed our civilization in the first
    place? Are we not setting ourselves up to repeat that pattern again in future
    I have put much thought into this tonight and have found only one solution. If
    we, the men and women of D'ni, are to thrive, then we must break the pattern of
    hatred which destroyed so many lives. We must begin or civilization anew.
    And we can only do that if I write us a new Age.
    I have spoken with Catherine about this and she agrees. I only hope the others
    will see it, as well.
    Will these people never cease to amaze me? I thought they would object to my
    decision. After all, most of them linked back to D'ni specifically to see the
    city rebuilt. But when I told them why we should not restore it, their response
    was immediate and unanimous. Whereas yesterday they thought only of
    rebuilding, today they concentrate solely on salvage. They intend to take from
    their ruined city only that which is best and move on.
    Everywhere I look, the enthusiasm for this new task is obvious. It heartens me,
    even as I face my own monumental contribution. I have written many Ages in my
    lifetime-from my first timid attempts under the tyrannical tutelage of my
    father, to my most recent accomplishment, Averone. Never before has so much
    been riding on my skill. The Age I'm about to write must be all I ever
    imagined and more. How am I going to achieve it?
    Catherine laughed at this morning when she saw me dragging out my old
    notebooks. I must have made quite the picture: sitting near the embers of a
    fire, surrounded by countless commentaries and journals. Some of them seemed
    more dust than paper. But the hours I spent sifting through them were worth it.
    Ideas for what this new Age might be are tumbling around in my head. There are
    almost too many to catch hold of.
    Obviously I must choose some starting point as my anchor. Writing Ages is a
    science-a precisely structured equation of words. Ever equation needs as its
    foundation an underlying concept around which the Age can develop. In the past,
    I have written my Books around whatever idea intrigued me the most at the time.
    I wanted to discover how the Age to which the Book linked would manifest the
    results of that idea. Sometimes civilizations had arisen. Sometimes they had
    not. But whether a society had come to exist on the Age or not, it was often
    in response to whatever concept the Book I had written embedded. This time, my
    search for a concept must be weighed very carefully. I already have the
    civilization I wish to see develop. I know our history as a people, and the
    paths we have followed to arrive here. Today I must write a Book which will
    link to an Age that will allow us to continue on out way, growing ever stronger
    as one people. What underlying concept must this Age reflect that will best
    allow our civilization to thrive?
    I fear that I must think on this some more.
    It has taken me some time, but I may have found my answer. It came to me as I
    was considering what I know about the survivors of D'ni. We have seen so much
    tragedy in out lives, from the destruction of the city, to the suffering and
    loss of loved ones due to plague and deprivation. Yet even in the midst of
    these adversities, my kinsman and I have found the strength to keep going. We
    have tapped into our individual strengths and transformed ourselves into
    something much stronger.
    It is a characteristic I have seen in several of my Ages, whenever I focused my
    Writing on the inherent energy sources in a world. Long ago, Grandmother taught
    me that no life-no possibility for life in an Age-exists without the presence
    of energy. By tapping into its latent energy sources, an Age moves out of
    stasis. It grows, transforms, and develops. Energy is the underlying fuel that
    powers all activity.
    To put is more simply: ENERGY POWERS FUTURE MOTION.
    Yet, as Grandmother also like to remind me, energy in an Age takes on
    diverse forms. Each one has strengths and weaknesses of its own. How many forms
    will this new Age contain? Which type will be its dominant theme?
    Tomorrow I will link back to Myst, and from there revisit several of my Ages.
    Perhaps in my old worlds, I will discover new ideas.
    I had almost forgotten how painful it is to revisit Myst. In the ten years 
    since my sons, Sirrus and Achenar, left me trapped on K'veer Island and burned
    so many of my Books, Catherine and I have rarely linked back. I told myself we
    were always too busy. First with writing Ages like Averone, then with searching
    the Ages of D'ni for survivors. I always said we would spend more time on Myst 
    The truth is, I have been avoiding the Age. Seeing the island in its current
    condition ignites such anger and grief. I am immediately reminded of the
    betrayal of my sons, as well as the cruelty and greed with which they plundered
    my Ages. I know I am partly to blame for these acts. I constantly wonder if
    there were something I could have done to reach out to the boys before-
    Enough! Nothing can change the tragedies of the past. Like my D'ni kinsman, I
    must salvage what is best and move on. Perhaps in the process, I will find
    forgiveness and hope.
    Once again I am back on Myst Island, having completed a lengthy sojourn through
    several of my Age. The trip itself was not as inspiring as I had hoped. The
    Selenitic Age was especially disturbing, but has it not always been so? The
    very first time I linked to the Age, its uninhabited landscape was shaking with
    tremors. At the time, I felt it was because the energy in the Age was
    unfocused, as if it were at war with itself. Stability finally came but even 
    after it did, I never truly felt comfortable there. I missed the more natural
    balance of Ages like Channelwood.
    Perhaps that is the lesson I take home with me. The D'ni, too, have faced much
    turmoil in their history. Their lives have been unsettled enough. Perhaps I
    should be striving to offset the energy that already exists within our
    civilization by providing it with a more stabilized environment in which to
    grow. An environment in which the natural equilibrium of the world serves as a
    counterpoint to the upheavals of civilization.
    The more I consider it, the more I wonder if I should make Nature the
    foundation of this new Age. Worlds like Channelwood attain equilibrium quite
    easily, primarily because of one reason: NATURE ENCOURAGES MUTUAL DEPENDENCE.
    As one life withers and dies, it provides nourishment so another might live.
    Plants become food for other animals, and the waste products animals cannot
    absorb become nutrients to sustain the other plants. So long as nothing 
    intrudes to upset this balance, nature can maintain itself indefinitely.
    An interesting metaphor to set as an example for my people!
    I think I will confer with Catherine on this subject. Her Ages always exhibit
    symbiosis more dramatically than mine. Perhaps she should help me write this
    new Age.
    I am so tired, I can barely think right now. But I will force myself to stay
    focused, for I have not written anything in days. The moment I linked back to
    D'ni, I was besieged with requests for my assistance. Master Tamon wanted to
    consult over which stone cutters were worth salvaging-and did I think rock in
    this new Age would be difficult to sound? Oma and Esel needed my opinion about
    a new history they had uncovered-should they hold off on starting its
    translation, or would paper supplies be scarce in the new Age? There were so
    many questions needing answers, I barely had time to see Catherine!
    She of course, laughed at me dilemma, saying that I had no one to blame but
    myself. After all, I was the one who encouraged the D'ni t start over. 
    Naturally, they would look to me to keep them moving in the right direction,
    unless some other force stepped in to change that view.
    Her words made me realize a fundamental principle I had thus far been ignoring.
    All this time, I have been debating whether to make energy or nature the
    underlying framework for this Age. But there is another equation to consider!
    An Age based solely on the future motion of energy will face constant
    upheavals, most likely at the cost of tranquility. And an Age based solely on
    the mutual dependence on nature can become so balanced over time, it may cease
    to tolerate change. Yet to continue to grow as a people, D'ni civilization 
    needs both: occasional upheavals followed by periods of balanced stability.
    I have seen such situation occur naturally on several of my Ages. Each time, 
    it was because I centered the Writing around some dynamic force that I had 
    decided to make prevalent in the Age. Such forced allow the balance between 
    forward motion and mutual dependence to fluctuate. As one concept takes 
    precedence, the other recedes until another force surfaces to change things.
    As Catherine's insightful comment reminded me, DYNAMIC FORCES SPUR CHANGE. I
    am too tired to think more on this tonight. Hopefully in the morning my
    thoughts will coalesce.
    Catherine surprised me today. Apparently while I was off visiting my Ages, she
    linked back to Myst by herself. She did not say so, but I could see her visit
    had been painful. More than ever now, I am convinced we must find a place to
    begin again ourselves.
    Perhaps when I have written thus new Age for the D'ni, I will put some thought
    into where Catherine and I might live.
    I can't believe I did not see it before! All this time I have been struggling
    to describe the perfect Age for the D'ni. I have considered and then rejected
    several underlying concepts which I felt might best set the course for their
    future-as if I alone should determine how D'ni civilization will grow! In my
    own way, I have become at egotistical as my father!
    In truth I owe this realization to Catherine. Sensing my indecision about the
    new Age, she led me on a walk around D'ni. Salvaging efforts are well 
    underway, with teams of people scourging the harbor district. As I watched my
    D'ni kinsmen deciding which parts of their culture to retain, I realized they
    did not need me to determine their future. They are quite capable of setting
    its course by themselves, regardless of what Age I write!
    This realization has opened my eyes to the best way of approaching my task. I
    no longer need to worry about which underlying concept-energy, nature or
    dynamic forces-I should make prevalent in the Age. Rather, I must strive to
    include them all. I must write a balance of systems into the description Book,
    enough so that the D'ni people will constantly be challenged to attain their
    ultimate potential. As Grandmother often pointed out to me when we spoke about
    At last I am ready to begin writing this Age. Indeed, I am eager to begin, and
    have already come up with the perfect name. I know Grandmother would have been
    Of course, Catherine could tell the moment I turned to her that I had finally
    found my starting point. I babbled on excitedly for some time before I noticed
    the smile she was hiding. When I saw it enough to grow suspicious, she handed
    me one of my oldest Books. She must have picked it up when she linked back to
    Myst. Seeing the name "J'Nanin" emblazoned on the Book cover, I could only
    shake my head. The one Age I never got around to revisiting was the one that
    might have helped me the most! How foolish was I to have completely forgotten
    I think, after I have finished this work, I should take one final trip-if only
    to help restore an old fool's memories!
    |                              15. Appendices                                 |
                                    A. Contact Me
    If you have any questions about the game, or about the guide, I can be reached
    at this email address: crb_72588@yahoo.com If you find a grammatical error, let
    me know, and I will fix it. If you have any suggestions, let me know, and if
    anything is incorrect, please let me know and I will fix that immediately.
    When sending email, please put the name of the game in the subject line. I
    cannot guarantee a response to any email without a subject.
                               B. Sites With Permission
    If you see this guide on any other site, please tell me, so that I may have
    the pleasure of making them take it off, or beg for my permission first...

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