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"Greatest Home run you will ever hit!"

Before this game I rented All Star Baseball 2004, and I hated it! When I returned the game I rented this game World Series Baseball 2k3. It was so much better that I bought it the day after I rented it.

Graphics 8/10---
The Graphics aren't the greatest, but they are still pretty good some of the players faces are completely wrong... their stances are wrong for some players. The uniforms are pretty good its great not only have a home and a away uniform but to choose like 4 or 5 different ones. The Stadiums are very realistic top of the line probably the best stadiums I've ever seen in a baseball game. There are stadium-specific animation when home-runs are hit that is rare in a baseball game it might even be the first one that i have played with. The crowd graphics are pretty bad they don't look real at all, but they don't in any baseball game.

Game play 9/10---
Great game play... very realistic pitching and hitting. The stealing is a bit to easy the slowest players could probably steal 40-50 bases a season. Some of the home runs I hit they say its foul but it still count as a home run, but it is fair when that happens I've never had a foul ball count as a homerun. When I was playing Oakland last night i hit a ground ball to the short stop and their third baseman got hurt on the play. Very weird sometimes the players get injured when their not in the play but usably it says was injured in earlier play. If you watch the AI play a game against each other it’s like watching a game on TV or at the real Ballpark but no smell of the bear, hotdogs, nachos and popcorn. Oh ya I forgot with hitting there are three different options. Timed hitting all you have to do is time your swing. Cursor hitting you time and aim the swing. Pro power hitting where you hold down either X or O to time this is when you are a legend at this game. It’s all about timing when you first hold down the button till when you let go. You can hit up to 110% or as low as 1% with this hitting technique. When you’re playing World Series Baseball 2k3 you won’t see you winning the game by 15 or 16 points.

Sound 7/10---
On all other baseball games i have the sound of and have music on but this game wasn’t as boring as the other ones when you do a franchise and it’s like 2010 and the announcers are talking about their 2002 season. I don’t believe they say one thing about their previous seasons. Ted Robinson is back doing the play by play. The Crowd shouts insults to the away team when their at bat. ''Go back home players name'', ''how’s that wrist players name'' and some other comments. That makes this game very realistic.

This is the best baseball game I have ever played. be your favorite player in a Big League challenge (like a homerun derby) BUY this game it will be the best baseball experience you will ever have the best baseball experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/13/03, Updated 07/13/03

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