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"Beats the Heck out of the rest of the baseball games this season"

Worls Series Baseball 2k3 is a near perfect baseball game this year It is everything you wanted in a baseball game.

Starting out with the game's most obvious feature, WSB2k3's visuals are simply unmatched. The players are beautifully rendered and well animated. The only minor complaint I have is that some of the bodies are a little disproportionate with regard to the head, and some of the faces look sort of bland. The ballparks are well done also, with interactive features, like the train in Houston and the big apple at Shea Stadium that go off after home runs.

Sound: 10/10
The sounds of the Crowds and are great. the have three layers or recorded Croud noises. so its just like your sittin in the park. like. you can hear one guy real close. another a little ferther away. and then the people way back. sounds like a million people. its perfect. the Comentery is great to. never say the same thing twice. and they have the best stats on each player. The sounds of the bats hitting are great to. the is even a good silence to the game. like when your watching the game on TV you can here this silence before the pitch. its what is needed to feel like a real game.

Gameplay: 10/10.
The Gameplay is very easy to catch on to, and is easy to play as well. There is options for almost everything, for the Rookies, to the Pros, to the All-Stars. You can play as any current MLB team there is also a team of MLB Legends which you can play as. The Gameplay during games can be very realistic in which way you set the Gameplay Sliders, these Gameplay Sliders are also a new addition over last year. Last year the game was too easy for some, and yet too hard for the others. Now these people can set the game at there own difficulty, if your good at pitching, and bad at hitting turn up the Computers batting skill and turn down the Computers batting skill and vice versa. Another big thing this year is the ESPN theme, in which the ESPN theme song plays at the start of the game. Also it is very easy to access everything.

Frachise mode is great. the stats are great, and the owning of the team is great. you feel like you really have to stay ontop of ever part of your team or it will start to be a bad franchise. even your minore league teams need players. the homerun derby is good. just like any other homerun derby.

Buy Or Rent: BUY
This game is definetly a buy if you are a fan of baseball it is the best baseball game out there and when you go out to get a baseball get WSB 2K3.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/22/03, Updated 07/22/03

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