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    FAQ/Walkthrough by War Doc

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         | T H E   G R E A T   E S C A P E |
                         "Dedicated to the memory of the 50"
                  GAME:  THE GREAT ESCAPE
               CREATOR:  GOTHAM GAMES Copyright 2003
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.01
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  The Missions
     7.  Getting Started
         7.1  Menu Items
     8.  Planning Your Escape
         8.1  Objective Screen
         8.2  Pause Screen
     9.  Making Your Escape
    10.  General Strategies
    11.  Mission Strategies     
         UNIT   V:  APPENDIX
    12.  People You Will Meet
         12.1  Ferrets
         12.2  Goons
         12.3  Gestapo
         12.4  Regular Combat Troops
         12.5  Civilians
    13.  Weapons
         13.1  Luger 9mm
         13.2  Kar 95
         13.3  MP-40
         13.4  Sten MK 2
         13.5  Stielhandgranate
         13.6  Panzerfaust
         13.7  MG-42
         13.8  40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
    14.  Conclusion
    To find a particular chapter or subchapter do the following:
    1.  Highlight the chapter or subchapter name you wish to find.
    2.  Press CTRL-C
    3.  Press CTRL-F
    4.  Press CTRL-V
    5.  Press CTRL-F
    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web sit or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2003 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have The Great Escape as the subject so I know it isn't
    another kooky vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me
    I have new friends.
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0    9/25/03:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01  12/10/04:  Added www.wonderdogsoftware.com to the allowed list.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    Gotham Games for making a great adventure game
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for The Great Escape.  Since this is an action, adventure,
    and strategy game, there is no walkthrough per se.  Instead, this FAQ is broken
    up into parts.  First you will be given an explanation of choices you have for
    playing the game.  Next, you will be given all the possible commands you can
    give with a brief description of what those commands are.  The last part is
    dedicated to strategy.  This strategy will give you an idea on how to
    accomplish the objectives set before you.  Input is appreciated along with
    constructive criticism.  If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ,  better
    ways of doing things, other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure you put The
    Great Escape FAQ in the subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the
    e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    The Great Escape is based on the movie of the same name.  In turn, the movie is
    loosely based on actual events about a big POW escape from Stalag Luft III,
    located in Sagan Germany, on the 24th and 25th of March in 1944.  The plan was
    to get 250 POW's out of the camp.  The rationale was that it would tie up
    enormous resources the Germans could ill afford since they were having to deal
    with the Russians on the Eastern Front, Americans and British coming up through
    Italy, and the possibility of a cross channel invasion.  Three tunnels were
    actually dug.  They were named "Tom", "Dick", and "Harry".  Tom was discovered
    during the digging and was subsequently sealed off by the Germans.  Harry
    eventually became the escape tunnel.  Extending to over 300 feet, it fell short
    about 60 feet from the woods surrounding the POW camp.  Other factors,
    including an air raid, caused the entire operation to go slower then planned.
    Eventually, only 76 men managed to escape from the POW camp.  The plan, though,
    did work as it tied up approximately one million German policeman, soldiers,
    civilians, and Gestapo agents in trying to capture the escaped POW's.  A decree
    was issued by Adolf Hitler that 50% of the escaped POW's would be shot and
    cremated.  The Gestapo eventually shot 50 captured POW's and returned the other
    23 back to Stalag Luft III.  The numbers don't add up because three POW's
    actually successfully made it out of Germany.  Two got to neutral Sweden and
    one made it to Gibraltar.  This was wholly a British operation and it was
    appropriately dubbed "The Great Escape" because of the massive amounts of
    confusion it caused.  After the war, many of the perpetrators of the execution
    of the 50 POW's were arrested and made to stand trial for their crimes.  The
    game itself is based on the movie which, for the most part, accounts for the
    above events pretty well.  The characters from the movie are the ones you will
    be playing as in the game.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE MISSIONS |===========================================================
    The Great Escape consists of 18 missions.  You will play through these
    scenarios as one of the below characters:
    Flight Lieutenant Andy MacDonald "Intelligence"
    Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick "The Manufacturer"
    Flight Lieutenant Bob Anthony Hendley "The Scrounger"
    Captain Virgil Hilts "The Cooler King"
    Flight Lieutenant Colin "The Forger" Blythe (You will not be able to play
    Blythe per se.  Instead, he will always be with Hendley and as Hendley, you
    will issue commands to Blythe.  The reason Blythe is with Hendley is because
    Blythe is blind.)
    NOTE:  These are the full names of the characters from the movie "The Great
    Escape" Copyright 1963 by MGM Inc.
    The 18 missions you will be playing through are:
    | MISSION # |     MISSION NAME     || MISSION # |       MISSION NAME         |
    |    1      |     Bomber Raid      ||    10     | The Great Escape           |
    |    2      |   Winter Breakout    ||    11     | Last Train Home            |
    |    3      |      The Castle      ||    12     | Behind Enemy Lines         |
    |    4      |   Struggle in the    ||    13     | Airfield Escape            |
    |           |      Mountains       |+-----------+----------------------------+
    +-----------+----------------------+|    14     | On the Run!                |
    |    5      |  Burn the Code Book  |+-----------+----------------------------+
    +-----------+----------------------+|    15     | Resistance Collaborator    |
    |    6      |   The Cooler King    |+-----------+----------------------------+
    +-----------+----------------------+|    16     | Ambush!                    |
    |    7      |     Infiltration     |+-----------+----------------------------+
    +-----------+----------------------+|    17     | Full Throttle              |
    |    8      |  Delousing Breakout  |+-----------+----------------------------+
    +-----------+----------------------+|    18     | Jump to Victory            |
    |    9      |    Reconnaissance    |+----------------------------------------+
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded, you will be presented with the following screen:
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                         NEW GAME                       |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                        LOAD GAME                       |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                         OPTIONS                        |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                     SELECT MISSION*                    |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                THE GREATEST ESCAPE MODE*               |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    / 7.1  Menu Items /____________________________________________________________
    | NEW GAME |
    Start a new game.
    | LOAD GAME |
    Load a game, if there are any saved, from a memory card.
    | OPTIONS |
    This choice allows you to custom tailor your playing environment.  You can do
    the following things:
    Sound Effects Volume:  Adjust volume of sound effects or speech.
    Music Volume:  Adjusts the volume of background music.
    Controller Vibration:  Turns the vibration On/Off.  Default is ON.
    Control Configuration:  You can either select a premade configuration or custom
                            make your own.  This FAQ uses the first configuration.
    Invert Y Axis:  Instead of pushing down on the controller to cause your view to
                    go down and up to cause your view to go up, it is the opposite.
                    Pushing down causes your view to go up and pushing up causes
                    your view to go down.
    Center Screen:  Centers the game on the television.
    NOTE:  Items marked with asterisks will only appear on the Main Menu after you
           have successfully completed all 18 missions.
    Allows you to go back through any mission of your choice.  You just choose the
    mission from the main menu.
    You go back through the game starting at mission 1.  There is a twist, though,
    to this mode.  Every mission has a specific time limit.  If you fail to
    complete the mission within the specified time, you fail the mission.
    | 8.  PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE |===================================================
    There are several things you need to know in order to plan your escape without
    being caught.  You need to know different actions you can perform, what your
    objectives are, and of course being able to restart a mission when all else
    / 8.1  Main Screen /___________________________________________________________
    During game play, this is the screen you will be on.  Below is an example of
    this screen with explanations of the different icons you will see:
    |                                                                             |
    |            _                                                                |
    |           / \<-TIMER                                                        |
    |           \_/                                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                               MAIN GAME SCREEN                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |    ACTION ICON                                                              |
    |     __                                                                      |
    |    /  \                                                                     |
    |   |    |<-COMPASS                                                           |
    |    \__/                                                      HANDS OR       |
    |   ________                 ________________                  WEAPON         |
    |  [________]<-HEALTH BAR   [________________]<-TIMER BAR                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | TIMER |
    On certain objectives, you will have a specific amount of time to complete
    them.  The area in red is the amount of time you have left to complete that
    There are different icons that appear depending on the action that you can
    perform.  These icons are:
    Cog Wheels:  Used to denote you performing some kind of action such as picking
                 a lock, showing some kind of identification,  or fixing a vehicle.
    Speech Bubble:  Means you can talk to another character.
    Handle:  Means you can open/close a door.  It also indicates that you can spy
             through the keyhole.  If there is a red bar across this icon, it means
             you cannot use that door nor spy through it.
    Arrow:  Means you can climb up something, jump, or get into a vehicle.
    Hands:  Appear in lower right corner when you can choke somebody.
    Weapon:  Appears in the lower right corner when you have a weapon.  It will
             show a number such as ##/## where the left-hand number is the number
             of rounds you have left in the weapon while the right-hand number is
             the number of rounds you have left to reload with.
    Bullets:  Appear on the left side.  Indicates that your weapon is below the
              maximum number of rounds.  Time your reloads carefully or you may be
              in the middle of a big firefight when you have to reload.  It takes
              a couple of seconds to reload a weapon.
    | COMPASS | 
    Shows the direction that you are heading.  Objectives sometimes will give a
    direction you must go.  In addition, there is a red triangle within the compass
    to show you the direction to your next objective.  Of course, you may have to
    go around or over things to get to that point.  In addition, the Compass also
    has a danger meter which basically tells what degree of danger your character
    is in.  The alerts are:
    Yellow:  The ring on the compass will flash yellow.  This means that the enemy
             has spotted you but aren't too sure where you are.  They will actively
             search for you though.  If you stay hidden, they will eventually give
    Red:  Means that the enemy has spotted you and will be actively pursuing your
          character.  Many times, they are on "shoot to kill" orders.  Again, if
          you can find a good hiding spot, this will eventually go away but it
          takes a while.
    | HEALTH BAR |
    Indicates how much life you have left.  When it gets into the red on the left
    side, you need to find a first aid kit real quickly.
    | TIMER BAR |
    In order for some actions to be completed, they take a certain amount of time.
    When you engage in actions such as picking locks, sawing through bars, or
    fixing something, you must continue to do that action until the Timer Bar is
    eliminated.  This means you need to plan if the enemy is lurking around.
    / 8.2  Objective Screen /______________________________________________________
    After you start or load your game, you will get a screen detailing who you are
    playing as, your location, and the date.  Once you start the game, there are a
    couple of other things that you can do.  Pressing the SELECT button brings up a
    screen that looks like this (Chapter 11 has the specific strategies for getting
    through the objectives):
    | +-----------------------------------+-+-----------------------------------+ |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |             OBJECTIVES            | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |  OBJECTIVE 1                      | |  +-----------------------------+  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |  OBJECTIVE 2                      | |  |   PICTORAL REPRESENTATION   |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |  ETC.                             | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |         OF OBJECTIVE        |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  |                             |  | |
    | |                                   | |  +-----------------------------+  | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | |                                   | |                                   | |
    | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ |
    |   +---------------------------------+ +-------------------------------+     |
    |   | ^ RESUME                        | | X MORE INFORMATION            |     |
    |   +---------------------------------+ +-------------------------------+     |
    |                                                                             |
    | RESUME |
    Pressing the TRIANGLE returns you to your game already in progress.
    Pressing the X goes to the next page which gives you the objective in greater
    detail.  It sometimes gives hints on the best way to carry out that specific
    / 8.3  Pause Screen /__________________________________________________________
    Pressing the START button brings up the following screen:
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                   PAUSE MENU                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                         OPTIONS                        |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                        LOAD GAME                       |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                        SAVE GAME                       |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                      RESTART LEVEL                     |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |          |                        MAIN MENU                       |         |
    |          +--------------------------------------------------------+         |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                             |
    | OPTIONS |
    Same as the options on the Main Menu
    | LOAD GAME |
    Same as the Main Menu
    | SAVE GAME |
    You can save your progress anywhere in the game.  The difficulty factor that
    you chose, though, will limit you to how many saves you get per mission.  The
    number of saves are:
    EASY  :  Four saves per mission
    MEDIUM:  Three saves per mission
    HARD  :  Two saves per mission
    Allows you to reset the mission back to the beginning.  Usually used when you
    really mess up.  Allowed saves revert back to their starting levels again.
    | MAIN MENU |
    Takes you back to the Main Menu.  If you don't save a mission and select this,
    your game WILL NOT be saved automatically.
    | 9.  MAKING YOUR ESCAPE |=====================================================
    In order to survive and make good your escape, you will have to know the
    controls.  There are different controls for different things you do.  These are
    listed below:
                   | BUTTONS INVOLVED    | RESULT               |
                   |  X                  | ACTION/USE ITEM/DROP |
                   |                     | STRANGLED VICTIM     |
                   | L3 PUSHED UP        | WALK OR RUN FORWARD  |
                   |                     | (DEPENDS ON PRESSURE |
                   |                     | STICK)               |
                   | L3 PUSHED DOWN      | WALK OR RUN BACKWARD |
                   |                     | (DEPENDS ON PRESSURE |
                   |                     | STICK)               |
                   | L3 PUSHED RIGHT OR  | SIDESTEP RIGHT OR    |
                   | LEFT                | LEFT.  IF LYING      |
                   |                     | DOWN, ROLL RIGHT     |
                   |                     | OR LEFT              |
                   | R3 PUSHED RIGHT OR  | TURN RIGHT OR LEFT   |
                   | LEFT                |                      |
                   | PRESS O BUTTON      | CROUCH               |
                   | HOLD DOWN O BUTTON  | LIE DOWN PRONE       |
                   | HOLD L2 BUTTON DOWN | MOVE IN STEALTH      |
                   |                     | MODE                 |
                   | R1                  | PUNCH/FIRE WEAPON    |
                   |                     | GRAB SOMEONE TO      |
                   |                     | STRANGLE THEM        |
                   | TAP ON R1           | STRANGLE SOMEBODY OR |
                   |                     | TO SHAKE OFF A DOG   |
                   | TRIANGLE            | SELECT INVENTORY     |
                   |                     | SCREEN               |
                   | DIRECTIONAL PAD OR  | SELECT ITEM FROM     |
                   | L3                  | INVENTORY            |
                   | SQUARE (ONLY WITH   | GIVES BLYTHE ORDERS  |
                   | HENDLEY)            | TO STAY OR FOLLOW    |
                                >>> VIEW CONTROLS <<<
                   | BUTTONS INVOLVED    | RESULT               |
                   | R2                  | LOOK BEHIND YOU      |
                   | DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS | PEEK                 |
                   | PAD                 |                      |
                   | PUSH R3             | FIRST PERSON VIEW    |
                   |                     | OR TOGGLE VIEW       |
                   |                     | THROUGH SCOPE ON     |
                   |                     | SNIPER RIFLE         |
                   | R3                  | LOOK AROUND IN       |
                   |                     | FIRST PERSON, SCOPE, |
                   |                     | OR THROUGH KEYHOLE   |
                   | L3                  | ZOOM IN WITH SNIPER  |
                   |                     | SCOPE (WHILE LOOKING |
                   |                     | THROUGH IT)          |
                              >>> VEHICLE CONTROLS <<<
                   | BUTTONS INVOLVED    | RESULT               |
                   | X                   | GET IN OR OUT OF     |
                   |                     | VEHICLE              |
                   | L3 UP AND DOWN      | DRIVE FORWARD OR     |
                   |                     | REVERSE              |
                   | R3 LEFT AND RIGHT   | STEER LEFT OR RIGHT  |
                   | L1 OR R1            | TO KICK LEFT OR      |
                   |                     | RIGHT WHILE ON       |
                   |                     | MOTORCYCLE           |
                   | L2                  | DUCK ON MOTORCYCLE   |
                   | SQUARE              | DO WHEELIE ON        |
                   |                     | MOTORCYCLE           |
                   | TRIANGLE            | SWITCH BETWEEN       |
                   |                     | DRIVER AND WEAPON ON |
                   |                     | VEHICLE              |
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 10.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |====================================================
    These are a list of general strategies for all the objectives that I have found
    to be effective.  I know that there are many more different strategies out
    there.  Your input on this would be greatly appreciated and your reward would
    be to see it added to this guide and credited appropriately.  These are not in
    any particular order of importance but some or all may apply to whatever
    campaign you are engaged in.
    / 10.1  If I close my eyes, they can't see me /________________________________
    For most of the missions in The Great Escape, stealth is involved in most of
    them.  No use tipping off the enemy to your location.  You will use stealth to
    get certain items, to subdue Germans, and to get into certain areas.  This may
    mean that you will have to crawl into different areas in order to complete
    certain objectives.  This also means if you are spotted, the shadows are
    definitely your friend.  Most of the time, the Germans won't really pay
    attention to you creeping around unless you make it obvious that you are.
    / 10.2  If it isn't bolted down, take it /_____________________________________
    Another big thing is scrounging.  Most of the time, all you have are the
    clothes on your back and a scant couple of items.  Most of the objectives will
    require you to "borrow" stuff from the enemy.  In addition, you will find other
    items such as uniforms, weapons, ammunition, and the all important first aid
    kit.  In a couple of scenarios, there are specialty items such as steaks to
    keep the dogs from tearing into your character.  Vehicles also play a role and
    help you to get to your objectives that much quicker.
    / 10.3  Enemies will be shot, survivors will be shot again /___________________
    A couple of scenarios actually let your character be armed and take on the
    enemy.  While this is good and all, keep in mind that ammunition is a very
    hard commodity to come by.  This means you need to make your shots count.
    Sometimes it is better to run away from a firefight (if you can) then to try to
    take on the entire German army.  If you do need to shoot first, ask questions
    later, then make sure you pick your targets.  It is much easier to do this with
    the Kar 95 sniper rifle then with a submachine gun in terms of ammunition
    conserved.  If you do have a submachinegun, try to use first person to shoot
    single enemies.  If there are a lot, then use autotargeting but control your
    rate of fire.  Again, if you just shoot wildly, you will have to use the butt
    end of your weapon while the enemy is making Swiss Cheese of you.
    / 10.4  Memory is a terrible thing to waste /__________________________________
    Depending on the difficulty level you chose, you will have so many saves in
    this game.  Make sure that you just don't save after every thing, but do save
    after important objectives have been achieved.  The higher the difficulty, add
    to the number of objectives to save after.  The reason for this is if you want
    to do something incredibly stupid, or bold, you will have a backup game for
    right before you committed this act.  It also serves that if for some reason
    one of your save games becomes corrupt, then you can always go to another save
    game instead of having to restart the game over from scratch.  Of course, their
    are some who firmly believe in never saving.  To those who believe that, all I
    can say is good luck.
    / 10.5  Chasing one's tail /___________________________________________________
    Always, always, always, know what your objectives are.  Even in the middle of
    being chased around, be sure to go to the objectives page and see where you
    have to go.  If you don't, you may end up running around in circles and end up
    being caught and failing the scenario.  Also, there are some events that are
    timed.  This means you have only a short time to achieve that specific
    objective.  If you don't, once again you will fail the scenario.  The
    objectives also give you the lay of the land and ideas on the best way to
    accomplish those objectives.  You don't have to follow the advice to the
    letter, but if you generally go by what the advice is, you should be able to
    get through your scenarios without a problem.  The only limiting factor will,
    of course, be your skill as a player.
    / 10.6  Never leave witnesses /________________________________________________
    In many of the scenarios, you may have to eliminate some Germans in order to
    get to where you want to go.  Sometimes it isn't necessary but it does cut down
    on risk of being caught.  This is especially true in the POW camps where the
    Ferrets can make your life miserable if you try to sneak around outside of the
    barracks.  You also may need to eliminate guards, even when you are disguised,
    to cut down the chances of being caught and also to cut down the number of
    reinforcements that may end chasing your around.  Again, unless they are
    totally out of the way and have no way to interfere in your plans, just put
    them to sleep to give yourself that extra cushion of security.
    / 10.7  Sometimes the spotlight isn't good /___________________________________
    Some missions involve not only getting around the Germans, but also around the
    spotlights.  If a spotlight manages to catch your character in its glare,
    that's the same as if the enemy caught a hold of you.  Make sure you see the
    timing and pattern the spotlights make.  This can mean the difference between
    an easy get away and watching all your work go to waste.
    | 11.  MISSION STRATEGIES |====================================================
    The strategies for the scenarios are what I have used to complete all of the
    objectives.  These are not the only strategies, just the best that I have
    found.  If you have others you would like to share, please send an e-mail and
    you will be fully credited with that strategy.  In the next subchapters, all of
    the missions will follow the same basic format.  This format is as follows:
    Name of the scenario (i.e. MISSION 1:  Bomber Raid, MISSION 3:  The Castle,
    Character played:
    Date of mission:
    Location of mission:
    Brief blurb about the mission
    Mission objectives
    Key points to accomplishing your objectives and finishing the scenario.  I will
    also put (Obj #) to indicate which objective you have accomplished.  Refer to
    you objectives often because there are also maps provided.  These maps are easy
    to follow and give details on where you need to go.  Use them often.
    Also, it is a very good idea to know about your enemies.  Chapter 12 gives more
    detail on the enemies encountered.
    / 11.1  MISSION 1:  Bomber Raid /______________________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  Spring 1940
    Location of mission:  Unknown
    Mission brief      :  Your plane has been hit and there are a few things you
                          must do before you bail out.
    Objectives:  1.  Get the fire extinguisher
                 2.  Fight the fires
                 3.  Defend the aircraft
                 4.  Destroy the code book
                 5.  Get a parachute
                 6.  Abandon aircraft
    This is the introductory level.  Just follow the objectives to complete this
    -  Grab the fire extinguisher off the left side of the plane.  Then equip it.
       (Obj 1)
    -  Go toward the fires.  The cogs icon will appear.  Just press the X button
       to use the extinguisher on the fires.  When the Timer Bar disappears, you
       have successfully fought those fires.  Go to the second set of fires and do
       the same thing. (Obj 2)
    -  You will now be at the tail gunner position.  German aircraft will be flying
       in to finish the job on your crippled bomber.  Use the R3 joystick to aim
       and the R1 button to fire.  Since the German aircraft are moving, you may
       have to lead the target a little.  This means shooting in front of them so
       they run into your shots.  Be careful not to shoot at the other bombers in
       formation. (Obj 3)
    -  After defending your aircraft, select your lighter and head back toward the
       front of the plane.  In the radio area, on a desk, lies the code book.  When
       the cogs appear, you will use your lighter to burn the book. (Obj 4)
    -  Head back toward the back of the plane to retrieve your parachute.  Part of
       the plane will be blown open due to enemy fire.  Grab the parachute near the
       tail gun position. (Obj 5)
    -  Go to the hole in the side of the plane and yell "Geronimo", and bail out.
       Unfortunately, you get captured.  Time to start planning that breakout.
       (Obj 6)
    / 11.2  MISSION 2:  Winter Breakout /__________________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  October 4, 1940
    Location of mission:  Dulag Luft X, Northwest Germany
    Mission brief      :  You now need to break out of the POW camp.
    This mission requires not only stealth, but the ability to eliminate potential
    roadblocks in your bid for freedom.
    Objectives:   1.  Talk to the senior British officer
                  2.  Talk to the Big X
                  3.  Speak to the Forger
                  4.  Get a German pass
                  5.  Get the German pass to the Forger
                  6.  Return the German pass
                  7.  Talk to the Tunneler
                  8.  Get the shovel
                  9.  Get the wood
                 10.  Get the forged pass and exit the camp
    This is your first experience with the POW camp.  Just follow along with the
    objectives and you should have no problem escaping.
    -  Head out of your room and make a left turn.  Head into the big room and turn
       left.  Talk to the senior British officer (SBO).  He will explain that for
       you to break out, you will need to talk to Big K.  Before you head out, the
       SBO gives you a compass. (Obj 1)
    -  Make a right turn as you exit the room.  You will be headed for the door.
       Look out the keyhole and you will spot another barracks.  This is your next
       destination.  Unfortunately, the door is on the other side of the building.
       Look to the right to see if the Ferret is around.  If not, open the door, go
       left, and head toward the corner of that building.
    -  Peek around the corner to see where the searchlight is.  If it isn't shining
       in the area between the second and first barracks, head toward the corner
       and peek around again to see if the Ferret is around.  If he isn't, go down
       that alley between barracks two and one and enter the door on the right.
       Make sure you close the door.
    -  Go into the room on the right and your character will chat with Big X.  He
       will explain that you need some kind of identification papers if your escape
       will be a success.  He tells you to chat with the forger. (Obj 2)
    -  Just turn right and the Forger is sitting at the table.  He explains that he
       must have a German pass in order to make a good forgery.  He states that if
       you can get one out of the guard hut, it would make his job easier. (Obj 3)
    -  Head out of this room and go straight ahead to the door.  Look through the
       keyhole and see where the Ferret is.  It's time to make it easier to move
       around the camp undetected.  Open the door and stand back about four or five
       paces.  Eventually the Ferret will notice the open door and enter the
       barracks.  He will chew out your character for opening the door.  When he
       turns to leave, watch for the "hands" icon in the lower right corner.  When
       they appear, take care of him.
    -  Now that he is eliminated, go back to the door you initially entered to get
       into this barracks.  Head out of it and through the door of the barracks
       closest to the guard hut.  Make a right down that hall and look through the
       keyhole.  Make sure the spotlight on the right isn't shining in your area.
       Once the coast is clear, go out the door and immediately peek around the
       right corner.  Again, make sure the spotlight isn't shining around where you
       will be.
    -  When all is clear, run through the gate toward the guard hut.  When you get
       to the door, go into stealth mode (L2) and open the door.  On your left you
       will see a sleeping German soldier.  Go into the room on the right.  Before
       you get to the table on the right, MacDonald will mumble something about if
       he is caught, there will be a lot of trouble.  The cogs will appear when
       Macdonald is close to the table.  After getting the pass, a stopwatch will
       start the countdown. (Obj 4)
    -  Again, sneak out of the building.  Once outside, watch where the spotlight
       of the right-hand guard tower is.  Once it is clear, run through the gate
       and watch the spotlight of the far, back-left guardtower.  Once it is clear,
       go back through that barracks, make a left at the hall, go out the door, go
       into the door of the next barracks and finally make a right into the room
       and give the pass to the Forger. (Obj 5)
    -  The Forger will then hand the pass back to MacDonald.  Just repeat the steps
       of getting in and out of the guard hut and you will have no trouble beating
       the clock. (Obj 6)
    -  Now, when you are in the first barracks (one closest to the guard hut), go
       straight and you will meet the Tunneler.  He explains that he needs a shovel
       so he can finish his work.  He tells you there is one by the wire, next to
       the guard tower closest to the guard hut.  Looks like you will be doing some
       shovel hunting. (Obj 7)
    -  Go out of the room and make a right.  Go through the door and make another
       right.  Peek around the corner.  When the spotlight is off the area where
       the shovel is (you will see it leaning against the post), sneak over and get
       it.  Then sneak back into the first barracks again.
    -  When you go back into the room where the Tunneler was, you will see he isn't
       in there anymore.  Look to your right and you will see a big crate.  Get
       next to the side facing toward the door you came through.  Cogs will appear
       when you are close enough.  You will have to pull this crate back to reveal
       the tunnel below.  Once you have the opening, go down the ladder and hand
       the Tunneler the shovel. (Obj 8)
    -  He will tell you he needs more wood to shore up the roof.  Guess you need to
       head back out once again.  After you come up the ladder, immediately go to
       the side of the crate.  When the cogs appear, push it back into place.  It
       appears that another Ferret is making a random inspection.  If he sees that
       tunnel then the mission is over.  Fortunately, you covered it up and nobody
       is the wiser.
    -  When the Ferret and guards leave, go down the hall and look through the key-
       hole.  Once the guards enter the guard hut, it's time to head out again.  As
       usual, watch the spotlight on the right and go out when it isn't on your
       area.  Go left and peek around the corner.  When all is clear, head toward
       the little cabinet on the right, just inside the gate.  You will open the
       door, then collect the wood.  Once you've done this, close the door and head
       back into the barracks again.
    -  Move the crate out of the way and go down the hole.  Give the wood to the
       Tunneler. (Obj 9)
    -  Now, go back up the ladder, cover the hole, and go back to the Forger.  He
       will give you your "new" papers.  You are now ready to make the big break.
       Go back into the tunnel again.  Head up the ladder. (Obj 10)
    -  A cut scene will occur showing MacDonald coming out of a hole a few yard in
       front of the barbed wire.  Unfortunately, a guard and spotlight pick him up.
       So he is captured again and sent to the Castle.
    / 11.3  MISSION 3:  The Castle /_______________________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  October 5, 1940
    Location of mission:  Zwischenholz, Northwest Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must escape from the Castle POW camp.
    Objectives:  1.  Speak to Gerry
                 2.  Get a uniform
                 3.  Get the key
                 4.  Get the hook
                 5.  Cut the power
                 6.  Escape!
    This mission requires you to practice a high degree of stealth to successfully
    -  As you are facing your cell door, turn left and talk to the prisoner in
       there.  He will hand you a hacksaw blade. (Obj 1)
    -  Turn around and crouch near the bars on that door.  A set of cogs will
       appear.  Select the hacksaw blade and press X to saw through the bars,
       thereby creating an opening.
    -  Go back and talk to Gerry.  He will start a diversion so that you can escape
       from your cell.  Once he starts the diversion, you only have a limited
       amount of time to crawl through the hole and escape through the door in the
       next cell over.  Once you have exited the door, it's time to put your guard
       to sleep.
       -  Move in stealth mode behind the guard and apply a choke hold to him.
       -  Once done, this will stop the timer.
    -  Go to the door at the end of the hall and peek through the keyhole.  You
       will see a searchlight moving back and forth very close to where you will
       leave the cell block.
    -  Open the door, go through it, and close it again.  You will also note that
       a German guard is busy wandering a circuit behind the truck and up to the
       building where the left hand searchlight is.
    -  When the guard turns and moves away and the searchlight moves away from the
       area you are at, run to the front of the truck and crouch.  If done right,
       nobody will have seen your little sprint.
    -  When the right hand spotlight passes over you, make a run straight toward
       that tower and get behind it.  There will be crates stacked at varying
       heights.  You need to climb up these crates so you can walk along the outer
       perimeter of the wall.
    -  Watch the spotlight from that right hand guard tower.  You will notice it
       illuminates a part of the wall, passes across a roof, and then dips down
       again into the courtyard.  When the spotlight is starting into the court-
       yard, run along the perimeter.  You will pass the roof and go across a
       narrow stone ledge.  Open the first door on your left and quickly enter and
       shut the door.
    -  Now, go to the door across the room and look through the keyhole.  Wait
       until you see a German guard walking the hallway.  When he turns his back,
       quickly go through the door and use stealth mode.  When he turns into the
       next doorway, run to the next door on the right, this is the laundry room.
    -  In the laundry room, make a right through the next doorway and the uniform
       is sitting on top of a bench.  Get it and put it on. (Obj 2)
    -  After you put on the uniform, a German soldier will be in the next room.
       Just go behind him to end his laundry folding days.
    -  Re-enter the hallway and search for the first German guard you had seen.
       Get behind him and caress his neck with a forearm.  Go down the stairs and
       do the same to the guard standing at the door.
    -  Go back upstairs and make a left down that corridor.  Go all the way down to
       the last door on the right.  Enter the room and head toward  the hallway on
       your left.  Right before you enter the hallway, you will see a key rack.
       Collect the key and exit the room. (Obj 3)
    -  Go back downstairs and exit the door the guard was at.  Go across the court-
       yard and head toward the right.  You will see a stone entrance into this
    -  Go through the entrance and head to the left.  You will continue to make
       left turns until you are in a small radio room.  Activate the radio and make
       an announcement to the castle that all is basically well.
    -  Head back out toward the stone entrance.  Instead of exiting, continue for-
       ward and follow the hall around.  You will end up in a room and on the table
       is one fine looking hook. (Obj 4)
    -  Now, head out of here and go across the courtyard.  Depending on how much
       time you have taken, they may be onto you.  A message will be displayed
       stating that the uniform is no good anymore.  If that's the case, you will
       have to stealthily go across the courtyard.  In either event, you will end
       up on the other side with three doors in front of you.  Take the leftmost
       door and go in.
    -  You will enter a red illuminated hallway.  Follow it around to the first
       doorway on your left.  Use the key and open the cage to the generators.  Go
       up to the switch and turn it off.  This will kill all the searchlights and
       alarms. (Obj 5)
    -  Now, run back across the courtyard and go the same way as if you were
       entering the building to the right for the first time.  Instead of going
       left through the doorway, continue straight.  You will go up three flights
       of stairs.  At the top, head right to the wire.  A set of cogs will appear.
       Equip the hook and watch the cut scene as MacDonald slides down out of the
       castle with the German guards nipping at his heels. (Obj 6)
    / 11.4  MISSION 4:  Struggle in the Mountains /________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  October 5, 1940
    Location of mission:  Zwischenholz, Northwest Germany
    Mission brief      :  Now that you broke out from the castle, you must
                          successfully make it down the mountain to freedom.
    Objectives:  1.  Escape from the mountain
    This time, you get to get back at the Germans by actually using weapons on
    them.  For this mission, make sure you have your German uniform on.  It should
    still be on after the last mission but just make sure.  Nothing like a mission
    ending prematurely in failure because of something simple.
    -  The mission will open up with your character on the other side of a bridge
       that crosses a frozen river.  There is a building in the distance with a
       guard in front of it.  You will need to go to that building.
    -  Don't even bother to greet the guard as you go through the door.  As you go
       into the building, you will hear the phone ringing.  It is the castle
       calling to inform these guards of your escape.  Of course, you will be on
       hand to intercept that call.
    -  Once in the building, go through the door on the right and head for the
       telephone.  A set of cogs will appear.  Just press X to pick up the phone
       and listen with mock surprise about your escape.  After the call is over,
       your character will hang up the phone.
    -  When you turn around, a guard will be behind you.  When the speech bubble
       appears, press X to inform the guard that power went out in the castle, but
       all is back on again.  Satisfied, the guard leaves the room.  Now it is time
       to collect some items.
    -  Before you exit the room, head to the right of the doorway.  You will get a
       first-aid kit and some Luger ammunition.  After you have collected these
       items, go out the door and go across the hall to the next room.  Go to the
       table in the left corner to collect another first-aid kit, some more pistol
       ammunition, and a Luger.  Turn right and go to that table to collect some
       Kar 95 sniper ammunition.
    -  Now it's time to eliminate a couple of "witnesses".  Go back into the room
       that you answered the phone call in.  The German guard, that you talked to,
       is standing in it.  Once the hands appear, give the Guard a big "hug".  Once
       that is done, exit the building through the door in the room that had all
       the ammunition.
    -  You will eventually see another guard slowly walking around in a clock-wise
       fashion around the building.  Make a right and get behind the building.
       When the guard comes around the corner, get behind him and give him a proper
       send off.  This will make things easier later on and you won't have to waste
       ammunition on these guys.
    -  Once the above is done, go around the right side of the building and go
       toward the gate separating the two sections.  Open the gate and go through.
       You will see a building off to your left.  Head to the wall and follow it
       behind the building.  You will eventually see a ladder going up to the roof.
    -  Go up the ladder and you will see an opening in the roof.  Go down through
       this opening and you will be in a storeroom.  That's right, "Blue Light
       Special" time.  It's time to clear out this storeroom.  On the shelves you
       will find two first-aid kits.  On the small table you will find more pistol
       ammunition and a couple of stick grenades.  On a box to the left of the
       table you will find the Kar 95 sniper rifle and some more Kar 95 ammunition.
       Looks like you are about ready to start your own war.
    -  Go up to the storeroom door and look right.  The storeroom key is on the key
       board in the left corner.  Get the key and open the door.  Exit through the
       next door to the outside.  Go into the area where the fuel drums are and you
       can collect another two first-aid kits.  Now it's time to make the German's
       earn their paychecks.
    -  If you do this part stealthily enough, you won't set off the "Red Alert"
       signal.  Just gives you more time to prepare your shots.  Head back to where
       you first entered this mission.  After you recross the bridge, you will see
       a stone wall.  Go to where the stone wall begins (or ends depending on di-
       rection).  Get out the Kar 95, press down the R3 joystick to get your sight
       and press down the L3 to magnify.  Shoot the guard in front of the first hut
       you had to go in.  Now you know why you took out the other two guards...no
    -  Now, go through the gate again.  On your left, you will see a crate.  Crouch
       down and use the Kar 95 again.  Aim for the guard in the tower to per-
       manently put out his light.  One of the two guards who were guarding the
       exit up the mountain path will come running over to see what is going on.
       Of course, he doesn't suspect that the tower guard is no longer with them.
       After a quick look, the guard turns his back and head toward his post.
       Choose to arm nothing and get behind this guard to permanently end his
    -  Get back on top of the storeroom and take care of the remaining guard with
       your trusty Kar 95.  You have now cleaned out the area without raising the
       alarm.  Of course, it gets much harder from this point.
    -  Head up the mountain path.  When you get to the point where the path takes
       a sharp left turn, stop and peek around the side.  You will see two guards.
       One is pacing and the other is standing there.  Take out the pacing guard
       with your Kar 95.  The other guard will rush up to confront you.  Of course,
       you have a bullet with his name on it also.  Take him out and continue up
       the path.
    -  In the area where the guards were, look to the far side of the open area and
       you will find a MP-40 machine gun, several clips of ammo for the MP-40, and
       a first-aid kit.  Now you can really rock and roll.
    -  Continue heading up the path until you get to another left turn.  This time,
       things will be a little harder.  There is one guard behind the fuel drums,
       one behind the box on the right, and one is behind the hill and out of
       sight.  You will have no choice this time but to raise the alarm.
    -  Start it off by taking out the guy behind the fuel drums.  Don't hit the
       fuel drums as they may be needed later on for a good explosive effect.  Once
       you take out this guy, the other guy will come running from behind the big
       box.  Eliminate him.
    -  Equip your MP-40 and go up to the box.  Then creep around the box and peek
       around the hill on the right.  You should see one more guard.  Go ahead and
       use aim (push the R3) and give him some "sleep" medicine.  Head over to the
       area where the first guard was.  Collect the Kar 95 ammo and the first-aid
    -  You will need to go prone because there are two more guards just beyond the
       truck at the opening in the barbed wire.  Don't use the truck as cover since
       too many hits will cause it to explode.  Just move toward the left.  The
       first guard will come charging forward but a quick burst from the MP-40 will
       stop that.  The other guard will be more cautious but that's what you have
       the Kar 95 for.  Again, take care of the threat.
    -  Move to the left corner of this area.  There is a stack of crates.  Move up
       enough to see the machine gun nest and a couple of soldiers patrolling
       around it.  Crouch and get out your Kar 95 and take out the machine gunner.
       You will now have to quickly switch to your MP-40 because a couple of German
       soldiers have come behind you.  You may take a couple of hits but it will be
       nothing like the greeting you give them.
    -  Once you've taken care of the threat to your rear, again arm the Kar 95.
       Another guard may have taken up position in the bunker.  Again, pick him off
       and any remaining guards around the bunker.  You will now have to get ready
       for your 150 yard dash.
    -  Arm your MP-40 and start running toward the opening in the barbed wire.  You
       may have to pick off another two German soldiers who tried to sneak up on
       you.  By this time, two more guards are in front of the bunker firing on
       you.  Mow them down, lower a shoulder, and charge past the bunker.  Make
       sure you zig-zag so they can't get a good shot on you.
    -  When you get to where the road goes down, you are done.  A cut scene shows
       MacDonald running down the road and out of sight. (Obj 1)
    / 11.5  MISSION 5:  Burn the Code Book /_______________________________________
    Character played   :  Sedgwick
    Date of mission    :  June 22, 1941
    Location of mission:  Cevennes Region, Southern France
    Mission brief      :  You must get back to your shot down plane to destroy the
                          code book.
    Objectives:  1.  Get into the army depot
                 2.  Steal a vehicle
                 3.  Drive to the farmhouse
                 4.  Burn the code book
    This mission requires some degree of stealth and some degree of nerve.  You
    will have every German, it seems, chasing after you.  Don't let this deter you
    from completing your objectives.
    -  The mission starts with Sedgwick crouching on a rail line.  The army depot
       is off to the left.  Go ahead and stand up.  Now hug the cliff to the left
       and start running to the depot.  As long as you keep on the left side, you
       will be alright.  You will enter the depot. (Obj 1)
    -  At the building, turn left and continue running.  You will see another
       building on your right.  Turn right at that building.  After you turn right,
       you will see a truck up on blocks to your left.  Go to the corner of the
       building and peek around.  You will see a guard walking away from where you
       are at.
    -  Now, take off running again.  Go to the outside of the truck on blocks and
       head toward the building on your right.  Follow that wall to the corner.
       Now peek around the corner.  You will see a guard tower slightly to the
       right.  If you look more to the right, you will see a twin 40mm anti-
       aircraft gun.  That is where you will be heading to next.
    -  Go into stealth mode (L2) and sneak around the guard tower.  The guard must
       really be preoccupied because he doesn't even notice you.  Sneak up to the
       40mm gun.  An arrow will be displayed indicating that you can sit down.
       Once you've sat down, you will be ready to cause some serious hate and
    -  Using the R3 to aim (push down for first person) and the R2 to fire, your
       first target should be the guard tower to your right.  This will raise the
       alarm and several troops will come rushing out to stop your rampage.  It's
       too late, though, since the twin 40mm gun pretty much chews up everything
       it comes in contact with.  Wait until troops are gathered around the fuel
       drums to take out groups.  You may have to go into first person to take out
       the far guard tower and the guard by the exit of the army depot.
    -  Once you have finished your work, the alarm will end.  Go to the building
       that you went around earlier to get to the gun.  You will see an armored car
       with a machine gun.  You will also see a mechanic.  Sneak around the near
       side of the car and an arrow will be displayed.  Don't get into the car
       since you will have to repair it first.
    -  The mechanic will eventually enter the office then stop.  Sneak up behind
       him to cancel his AAA mechanics card.  The reason you are being sneaky is if
       the mechanic sounds the alarm, new troops will come out to harass you.
    -  Collect the wrench and first aid kit in the office.  Head around the armored
       car to the drivers side and equip the wrench.  A set of cogs will appear.
       Use the wrench to repair the vehicle.  Once the vehicle has been repaired,
       hop into it. (Obj 2)
    -  Drive right through the arch.  Immediately, you will see a roadblock where
       the road curves to the left.  Not a problem, just go around it.  If the
       guards insist on being in your way while they are firing at you, just run
       them over.
    -  Continue driving along this road.  You will go around two left curves.
       After the second left curve, the road goes to the right again.  You will see
       an open area on the other side of the road.  Head toward that open area.
       The reason is because there is a tank down the road taking shots at you.
       Your armored car does not have the armament to take on a tank.
    -  Once you get into that open area, you will see a white two-story building to
       your right.  Get out of the car and run to that building.  Go up the stairs
       and go into the room.  This is a switch room for the railroad track that the
       tank is sitting on.  Go to the levers and the cogs will appear.  Pull down
       on the lever and a cut scene will occur showing the tank being taken out by
       a train.
    -  Get the first-aid kit from the file cabinet, leave the building, and get
       back into your armored car again.  There may be a guard at that railroad
       crossing taking shots at you.  Again, if he's in the way, run him down.
    -  After you cross the railroad tracks, take the road to the right.  After you
       go around a left curve, three guards will start firing on you.  Again, turn
       them into roadkill if they are in the way.  Keep driving and eventually you
       will end up at the farmhouse. (Obj 3)
    -  Get out of the armored car and head toward the building.  You will have to
       go around a little until you find the door in.  Once you enter, go through
       the second door into the kitchen area.  If you look out the window, you will
       see a bunch of roosters wandering around the yard.  Go into the room right
       off the kitchen to get another first-aid pack.
    -  Go to the kitchen door and peek through.  There is a guard lurking around
       this area.  Once the coast is clear, go out the door and head left toward
       the chicken coop.  The chickens and roosters will be noisy and may bring the
       guard over to investigate.  Go through the chicken coop and you will end up
       at another entrance with a hedge on the right side.
    -  Go to the end of this hedge and peek around the corner.  Once it is clear,
       head over to the pile of boxes (or bales) and crouch down.  Peek around the
       left side of this pile.
    -  This is where sprinting comes in very handy.  You will see the German guard
       marching back and forth in front of a small archway.  This is where you need
       to go through.  If you look to the left, you will see a cart and a stack of
    -  As soon as the German soldier turns and walks back to the right, start
       running toward the bushes on the left.  Then run behind the cart and pile of
       logs.  Go in a diagonal toward the archway.  By this time, the guard is far
       enough away, he won't hear you running.  Keep running through the archway
       and stop when you are completely through it.
    -  Equip your lighter because you will be needing it for this next part.  From
       the archway, make a left and follow the road around.  You will see another
       archway in a wall down this road.  Go to this archway.
    -  When you start to go through this archway, a cut scene will occur showing a
       German officer and two soldiers heading toward your shot down plane.  Speed
       is of essence now.
    -  When the scene ends, head out of the archway and go toward the right.  You
       will see your plane in the distance.  You will need to go around the right
       side of your plane.  When you look to the left, there is a big hole in the
       body of the plane.  Go into that hole and head toward the area of the cock-
    -  Right before you reach the cockpit, you will see a small bench with a book
       on it.  The cogs will appear so apply the lighter to the book.  It is turned
       to ashes. (Obj 4)
    -  A cut scene will occur showing Sedgwick crawling out of the plane.  However,
       the soldiers are already their also so Sedgwick has now become a POW.
    / 11.6  MISSION 6:  The Cooler King /__________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hilts
    Date of mission    :  September 25, 1942
    Location of mission:  Dulag Luft V, Western Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must escape from the POW camp.
    Objectives:  1.  Get the lockpick
                 2.  Get the official German stamp
                 3.  Get ink and paper
                 4.  Visit the forger
                 5.  Obtain the map
                 6.  Get the forged pass
                 7.  Exit the camp by using the tunnel
                 8.  Free trapped POW
    Now the action gets a little faster paced.  You will have more Ferrets and
    guards to deal with.  In addition, the timed events must be done quicker.
    -  You start your mission in barracks 6.  The senior officer will give you a
       rundown of things you need to escape.  The first thing that you will need
       to obtain is the lockpick.
    -  Exit the room and turn right.  Turn right at the hallway and go to the door.
       Peek through the keyhole to see where the Ferret is.
    -  When the coast is clear, exit the barracks and go into the barracks next to
       it (barracks 7).  Turn right into the big room and go to the far left
    -  There is a desk with the lockpick on top of it.  Get the lockpick. (Obj 1)
    -  Now it's time to take care of a couple of Ferrets to make Hilts' journey
       easier.  Make a right from the room and go to that door.  Open the door and
       step back (this is the door facing the cooler).
    -  In a very short period of time, the Ferret will come in and give Hilts the
       standard lecture about not opening the door.  When the guard turns to leave,
       wait for the hands to appear, then take care of this Ferret.  After you have
       put him to sleep, drag him back into the barracks and deposit him in the
       room of your choice.
    -  Turn around from this door and go down the long hall opposite the big room.
       When you come to the door (it is the door facing barracks 3), open it, step
       back and wait.
    -  As with the other Ferret, this one will come in and explain it is a bad
       thing to open the door.  When he turns to leave, apply firm pressure to his
       neck.  Drag him in and deposit him in a room.
    -  Go back to the door facing the cooler and look through the keyhole.  When
       the spotlight is away from the area Hilts must travel to the cooler, go out
       the door and run to the left side of the cooler.
    -  Go through the door and go around the hall.  Go to the second cell on the
       left.  When the cogs appear, hit action and Hilts will pick the lock.  Then
       open the door and talk to the POW, he will give Hilts the official German
       stamp. (Obj 2)
    -  Exit the cooler and watch for the spotlight.  Then head back into the
       barracks 7 (one across from the cooler).  Go down the long hall and exit
       through the door across from barracks 3.
    -  Go into barracks 3.  Make a right in the hallway and go to the door (peek
       through the keyhole to avoid the spotlight).  Once it's clear, go out of
       barracks three and go into barracks 4.
    -  Go through the big room, past the hall, and into the first room on the left.
       You will see a table with the paper on it. (Obj 3)
    -  Go back to barracks 3.  Make a right down the long hall then make a right
       into the first room.  Hilts will give the material to the Forger.   (Obj 4)
    -  You now have to secure the map to the truck depot.  Go out of the Forger's
       room and go back to barracks 4 again.  Go through the big room, and past the
       hall.  Go into the first room on the right and talk to the POW.  A box will
       appear asking whether you are ready to start the diversion.
    -  Once the POW heads out to start the diversion, exit the room and head toward
       the door facing the fence line.  Look at the spotlight to the right side.
       Once the POW starts his diversion, the spotlight will focus on him and the
       timer will start.  This is your cue to exit and run to the fence.
    -  When you have made it to the fence, turn right and head through the small,
       open gate and head toward the first building on the right.
    -  Enter the building and look at the table to your left.  There is a rolled up
       paper on the table.  This is the map you need. (Obj 5)
    -  Quickly backtrack and get back into barracks 4.  Continue to backtrack to
       barracks 3 and chat with the Forger again.  He will then give Hilts the
       pass. (Obj 6)
    -  Exit the Forger's room and go straight up that short hallway to the door (it
       is across from barracks 2).  Exit and go through barracks 2 to barracks 1.
    -  Once you enter through the door, go right into the big room.  You will see a
       POW and a bunkbed in the left corner.  The bunkbed, of course, is concealing
       the tunnel.
    -  Go to the end of the bunkbed.  When the cogs appear, pull the bunkbed from
       over the hole in the floor.  Then go to the hole and head down the ladder to
    -  Unfortunately, a cave-in just occurred so Hilts will need to get a tool to
       dig the Tunneler out.  After that brief cut scene, Hilts as at the top of
       the tunnel again in the barracks.  Quickly go to the end of the bunkbed and
       push it back over the hole.
    -  Not a moment too soon since a Ferret is busy wandering around the barracks
       to make sure everything is in order.  When he turns to leave, eliminate him.
    -  Head down the long hall (opposite the big room) to the door (facing barracks
       5).  Go through the door to the big room at the end.  Talk to the POW and he
       will give Hilts a trowel.
    -  Head back to barracks 1 (where the tunnel is).  Go back down into the tunnel
       and crawl up to the Tunneler.  When you are close enough, cogs appear.  A
       cut scene shows Hilts digging out the Tunneler.  After he finishes digging
       him out, Hilts continues on and breaks through a wall into a sewer system.
       Then both of them head out. (Obj 6 & 7) 
    / 11.7  MISSION 7:  Infiltration /_____________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hilts
    Date of mission    :  September 25, 1942
    Location of mission:  Koblenz Truck Depot, Western Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must secure a German fuel truck to complete your
                          escape from the area.
    Objectives:  1.  Find a uniform
                 2.  Enter the truck depot
                 3.  Obtain the truck keys
                 4.  Obtain the transfer order
                 5.  Exit the area
    Now that you have escaped from the POW camp, you now have to complete your
    escape by getting a fuel truck and riding off into the sunrise.
    -  Although it is night, the guards will be patrolling outside the POW camp
       with flashlights.  This means you will have to move slowly and quietly.
    -  Follow the right side forest until you reach the fallen log.  You should see
       a German soldier patrolling around with flashlight in hand.
    -  Once that soldier turns his back and moves away, crouch-walk to the mound
       which should be in front of, and slightly to the right of where you are at.
    -  Wait until the German soldier comes around again.  He will pass by the mound
       and do a lazy circle and head back to the right.  This is your cue to sneak
       to the left and cross the path behind him.
    -  Look to the right and you will see a fallen tree.  Head over to the tree and
       then get into crawling position.  You will see another German guard with a
       flashlight going up and down a road to your right.
    -  Crawl parallel to the road.  You will see a ditch in front of you with a
       fallen tree across it.  Continue to crawl under the tree then head to the
       left to hug the forest.
    -  Continue to crawl and follow the tree line until you see a white building in
       the distance.  Stop and start crouch-walking.
    -  Stop when you see a Ferret patrolling in a back and forth movement on the
       left side of the building.  You will be able to do a wide circle around the
       building to the right side.
    -  Once you get to right side, crouch-walk to the fuel drums at the corner and
       peek around the corner.  Once the Ferret starts moving toward the back of
       the building, sneak around and go through the door.
    -  You will see a German guard snoozing in the chair.  Head to the room on the
       right and get the German uniform. (Obj 1)
    -  Go back out of that room and make a right.  Next to the guard, on a shelf,
       is a pair of binoculars and a bottle.  Collect both of these items.  Now
       change into your new uniform.
    -  Once you have changed into your new uniform, head down to the truck depot.
       There are two guards the gate.  When you get close to one of the guards, the
       cogs will appear.  Pull out you identification papers and show them to the
       guard and he will let you pass through. (Obj 2)
    -  Once inside the truck depot, run toward the building and follow the wall
       around.  When you get to the fence on the backside of the building, stop and
       peek around the corner.  You will see a Ferret busy patrolling this side of
       the building.
    -  When the Ferret turns his back to head back toward the front of the
       building, follow the fence line and turn left.  You will see a gate about
       five steps up.
    -  Go to this gate and get out your lockpick.  Pick the lock and open the
       fence.  Turn left and hide behind the stack of crates to await the Ferrets
    -  When the Ferret gets to the stack of crates, equip the bottle.  Go into
       first person view, aim for the wall of the building, and throw the bottle.
       The Ferret will go over to investigate.
    -  Sneak up behind the Ferret and give him an early retirement.  After that is
       done, head toward the front of the building.  Make a left and get behind the
       stack of crates.
    -  You will need to sneak into the front door of this building so sneak around
       the crates and go through the front door.  Close it behind you.
    -  You will see a storeroom immediately in front of you and a stack of crates
       to your left.  Sneak over to the stack of crates and peek around the corner.
       You will see a Ferret making his rounds from that storeroom to an area
       behind another set of crates to the left of the stack you are hiding behind.
    -  Once the Ferret has his back turned, sneak over to that other stack of
       crates, go to the left corner and peek around.
    -  Eventually the Ferret will come from behind the crates and head toward the
       wall.  He will stop to look at a diagram on the wall.  This is your cue to
       sneak up on him and take him away from the motor pool.  Look on the table to
       the right to get the truck keys. (Obj 3)
    -  You will now have to head upstairs.  Turn around and pass the storerooms on
       your left.  After the last storeroom, there will be a set of stairs on your
       left.  Go up those stairs.
    -  Follow the walkway around.  After you make a right turn, you will see a
       window.  Sneak over to the window and peek inside.  This is to make sure the
       guard isn't facing the window on his round.  If he isn't, sneak past the
    -  After you make the right turn at the corner, the doorway is right there.
       Your goal is to get into this room without the guard seeing you.
    -  Watch the guards pattern.  He will exit the room and head toward the
       doorway.  He will stand there for a couple of seconds.  Then he will turn
       around and head toward an alcove behind the far wall.  After a few more
       seconds, he will exit this alcove and head back toward the room again.
    -  When the guard turns his back to head toward the alcove, sneak to the stack
       of crates, in front of the window to the right.  Crouch behind these and
       wait until the guard is even with the stack of crates on the right side of
       the doorway to the room he enters.
    -  Sneak toward the stack of crates to the left and crouch down.  The guard
       will re-emerge from the room to head toward the exit doorway.  When he has
       disappeared from view on your right, sneak around that corner.
    -  The delay that the guard takes staring at the exit doorway is all you need.
       Sneak up behind him to relax his tense muscles.
    -  Now head into the room he was so obediently guarding.  Head to the left and
       go to the desk.  Get the transfer order that is on top of the desk. (Obj 4)
    -  You have accomplished everything in this building, it's time to exit.  Just
       retrace your steps down the stairs and to the exit of this building.  Again,
       crouch-walk out the door (remember to close it).  Go back around the stack
       of crates to your right.  Once you are behind the crates, you can run the
       rest of the way back to the gate you entered this area through.
    -  Once out of the gate, go behind the big boxes and make a left.  Run straight
       toward the fuel trucks.  Go to the closest one.  A set of cogs will appear.
    -  After you unlock the door, hop in and drive the truck from this area.  Be
       sure to watch your driving.  If you run a guard over, the alarm will be
       sounded and that will end your drive prematurely.
    -  Once you've made it through the first gate, turn left and head toward the
       second checkpoint.  When you are a small distance away, the guard will
       demand that you exit your vehicle.  Do so and walk up to the guard.
    -  When the set of cogs appear, pull out the transfer order and show it to him.
       Satisfied, he tells you to reenter you truck again and he opens the check-
       point up.  Just drive your truck through this checkpoint and head down the
       road.  The cut scene shows you driving the truck off into the night. (Obj 5)
    / 11.8  MISSION 8:  Delousing Breakout /_______________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  Jun 10, 1943
    Location of mission:  Stalag Luft III, Eastern Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must aid the escape of two POW's.
    Objectives:   1.  Get a disguise
                  2.  Get the pocket knife
                  3.  Cut the telephone wires
                  4.  Get the delousing pass
                  5.  Stamp the delousing pass
                  6.  Attend roll call
                  7.  Gather the POW's
                  8.  Escort the POW's
                  9.  Get the timetable
                 10.  Return to the camp
    As you can see, this mission has a lot of separate parts.  Fortunately, many of
    the objectives are close together and they all don't have to be done in this
    order.  However, once you get the delousing pass, you will get a timer.
    -  First, talk to the officer right in front of you.  He will tell you that
       there is a uniform stashed underneath the barracks.
    -  Make a right from the room and head out of the barracks.  When the Ferret
       has his back to you, crawl under the barracks and get the German guard
    -  Once you have changed into the uniform, crawl out from underneath the
       barracks.  Make sure there are no Ferrets around and don't crawl out where
       one of the guards in the towers can spot you.
    -  Head toward the front of the camp.  You will see a gate with three guards.
       Beyond you will see some buildings.  Approach the guard and a set of cogs
       will appear.  Since you do not have a pass, you have to smooth talk the
       guard.  Fortunately, a cut scene occurs where MacDonald explains that he
       must go to the Commandant's office to get some paperwork.  The guard states
       he will only do this favor once.
    -  Once through the front gate, walk to the front of the first building on the
       right.  This is the Commandant's office.  You will also notice a Ferret busy
       pacing along the outside of the Commandant's office and the building behind
    -  Go around the right corner of the Commandant's office and crouch.  Watch the
       Ferret that is pacing.  If he spots you crawling under the Commandant's
       office, you will be busted.  Wait until his back is to the building and
       rapidly crawl under this building.
    -  In the area of the left corner of this building is a pocket knife.  Grab the
       pocketknife and rapidly backtrack from under the building. (Obj 2)
    -  Head toward the left wall of the building behind the Commandant's office.
       Follow the wall until you get to the corner.  Wait until you see the Ferret
       turn around and head back toward the Commandant's office.
    -  Once that happens, sneak around that short side of the building and equip
       the pocket knife.  The telephone wires are in the middle of this wall.  Cogs
       will appear at the point where you can cut. (Obj 3)
    -  After you have cut the wires, head back around this building and head toward
       the Commandant's office again.  Look to your right and you will see another
       building.  Go to it and enter.
    -  There will be a guard at the front door.  Go around him and head for the
       table on the left with an officer standing over it.  The officer will
       comment about not seeing you before.  A speech bubble appears and when you
       press X, your character will explain that he was just transferred from the
       Eastern Front.  This seems to satisfy the officer.  Grab the delousing pass
       from the table. (Obj 4)
    -  Once you exit this building, head toward the Commandant's office again.  By
       the time you reach the front door, an announcement will come over the loud-
       speaker system.  It will announce that all prisoners are to fall out for
       8 a.m. roll call.  After the announcement, a timer appears.
    -  Head through this first room and go into the second room.  You will see a
       desk in the back right corner.  Equip the delousing pass and go behind the
       desk.  A set of cogs appears indicating that you can stamp the pass. (Obj 5)
    -  Once the pass is stamped, head over to the stack of boxes to the right.
       After a few seconds, an officer will enter the office.  He will turn around
       to the bookcase behind the door.  After a couple of seconds, he will exit
       the office.
    -  After he departs, sneak through the door and you will see the officer
       looking over a bookcase on the right.  Go ahead and get behind him to give
       him forty winks.
    -  Depart the Commandant's office and head back toward the gate.  When you
       approach the guard, a set of cogs will appear.  Show him your newly stamped
       delousing certificate.  Go through the gate and run into the nearest
    -  Quickly change into your POW garb and head toward the big cleared out area
       near the other end of the camp.  When you make it, a cut scene will occur
       where roll is taken and the prisoners are dismissed.
    -  Pop into one of the barracks and change back into your German guard outfit.
       Exit the barracks and head back toward the front of the POW camp again.
    -  Go to the barracks in the right corner.  In front of it will be two POW's
       chatting.  When you get close to them, a speech bubble will appear.  You
       will basically tell them to follow you and you will help them to escape.
       (Obj 7)
    -  Walk in front of the POW's.  When you get to the gate, get out the delousing
       pass.  When the cogs appear, present it to the guard.  He will open up the
    -  Walk toward the left and follow the muddy tracks.  You will pass through an
       opening in the fence.  A truck is in the middle of this road.
    -  Go past the truck and to the gate.  Show the sentry the delousing pass.  He
       explains that he will have to call the Commandant to confirm that all is in
       order.  Of course, he won't be able to call the Commandant due to the phone
       lines being cut.
    -  As luck would have it, the Commandant and his aides are walking up the road
       toward the guard shack.  If you are seen, it will be a bad situation.  The
       two POW's you escorted take off into the woods with the guards following.
       (Obj 8)
    -  Turn right, as you are facing the guard shack, and run along the fence line.
       Keep going along the fence and you will avoid contact with the Commandant.
       Go back through the second gate and head toward the Commandant's office.
    -  Go to the building behind the Commandant's office (the same one you clipped
       the telephone wires on).  Enter and you will see a German soldier sitting at
       table with the timetable right next to him.  When you get closer, he
       explains you cannot have the timetable and he isn't moving.
    -  The solution is to go through the doorway behind him into the small store-
       room.  Turn left and you will see a radio.  When you get close, a set of
       cogs will appear.  Press X and you will turn his radio off.
    -  The guard gets up to investigate the reason his radio isn't working.  When
       he leaves the table, go around and take the timetable. (Obj 9)
    -  Exit this building and head back toward the gate into the POW camp.  When
       you get next to the guard, the cogs appear.  Flash your delousing pass and
       he will let you through.
    -  Run through the gate and the mission is over. (Obj 10)
    / 11.9  MISSION 9:  Reconnaissance /___________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hilts
    Date of mission    :  February 20, 1944
    Location of mission:  Stalag III, Eastern Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must escape from the POW camp and roam around the
                          area getting vital information of the lay of the land.
    Objectives:  1.  Visit Manufacturer
                 2.  Cover the hiding places
                 3.  Cut the fence
                 4.  Escape from the camp
                 5.  Into the woods
                 6.  Through the woods
                 7.  Head for the river
                 8.  Escape to Sagan
    This mission will require a lot of running.  Regardless of who is chasing or
    firing on your character, just keep running.
    -  After you finish talking to the officer, head out of his room.  At the hall-
       way, make a left and go to the door.
    -  Peek through the keyhole and you will see a Ferret walking his post.  Open
       the door and stand back.
    -  Eventually the Ferret will enter the barracks and chew out Hilts for keeping
       the door open.  When he turns to leave, give him a goodbye he will never
    -  You will now need to head to the building in the right corner.  It is almost
       diagonal of where you are right now.
    -  Enter that building (avoiding the searchlights) and go straight.  You will
       see Sedgwick standing there and along the wall are three bookcases.  Next to
       these bookcases are alcoves in the wall with various tools. (Obj 1)
    -  Quickly, go to the sides of each bookcase (you will be in front of the
       alcoves) and cogs will appear.  Pull each bookcase in front of these alcoves
       so the Germans don't know about the tools.  Don't forget there are three of
       them. (Obj 2)
    -  Right in the nick of time.  A Ferret and two guards enter the barracks.  Of
       course, there is nothing for them to see.  They will depart.  Go back to the
       end of the long hall and open the door.  The Ferret will investigate.  You
       know what to do.
    -  Go back to Sedgwick and talk to him.  Then go to the second bookcase and
       push it aside.  On the wall is a set of wire clippers.  Take them and pull
       the bookcase back again.
    -  Exit this barracks and go back to the barracks you started at.  Instead of
       going inside, you are going to crawl underneath it.
    -  Crawl to the left until you are at that end of the barracks.  Then turn to
       face the wire and crawl up to the dirt embankment.  You will see guard
       towers on your left and right with spotlights.  You will also see a German
       and dog patrolling the fence line from outside the camp.
    -  When the German guard and dog are directly in front of you, moving to your
       right, start to crawl to the fence.  You should go slow enough that by the
       time you make it to the fence, they will be a little distance away.
    -  Use the wire clippers and make yourself a hole in the fence.  The objective
       is to avoid raising the alarm until the last possible moment.  This will
       give you the greatest chance to complete this mission. (Obj 3)
    -  Crawl through the hole and up to the tree line.  You are far enough away you
       can sneak the first part of the route. (Obj 4)
    -  Consult your map often to show you which way to go since there are a few
       twists and turns.  Continue to follow the tree line.  It will curve left,
       then right, then left again deeper into the woods. (Obj 5)
    -  There is a path (of sorts) going through the woods.  Follow the path around
       and it will turn into a gully.  After you exit the gully, be prepared to
       start running as you encounter two German guards with flashlights.  They
       will be to surprised to shoot at you. (Obj 6)
    -  Keep running and don't stop for anything.  There aren't a whole lot of
       Germans in the woods but if you stop, they may just shoot you.  Continue to
       follow the path and you will come upon a small farm.  A couple of Germans
       are headed for you.
    -  Go to the left of the white farmhouse and you will see another path.  Go
       down it for a little way then turn right and start following the stream.
       (Obj 7)
    -  Look to the right and you will see where the bank is inclined.  Go up this
       incline.  By now, red alert is activated so the Germans are getting more
       aggressive in their hunt.
    -  Continue to move forward and you will spy a wall in the distance.  To tall
       to jump over.  Look to the right and you will see a woodpile.  Go to the
       woodpile.  An arrow will appear so climb up on the woodpile and jump over
       the wall.  Take off down the road and the mission ends. (Obj 8)
    / 11.10  MISSION 10:  The Great Escape /_______________________________________
    Characters played  :  Sedgwick/Hilts
    Date of mission    :  March 24, 1944
    Location of mission:  Stalag Luft III, Eastern Germany
    Mission brief      :  Now you must execute the escape that you have been
                          planning on doing.
    Objectives:   As Segwick:
                  1.  Speak to Hendley
                  2.  Speak to Ashley-Pitt
                  3.  Get the rope
                  4.  Examine the generator
                  5.  Get a wrench
                  6.  Sabotage the transformers
                  7.  Sabotage the control panel
                  8.  Get the rope to Big X
                  As Hilts:
                  9.  Set up the rope signal
                 10. Signal to the POW's
    There are quite a few things that need to be set up to ensure the escape goes
    smoothly.  You start out playing Segwick to basically shut the camp down.  You
    then play Hilts to ensure that the POW's can escape.
    -  When you exit the shower area, Hendley is standing in the middle of the
       room.  Chat with him and he will give you the Vorlager gate keys. (Obj 1)
    -  Turn left (so the shower area is to your left), and head for the door.  Look
       through the keyhole.  When the guard is moving away from the barracks, go
       out the door and turn left.  Go past the alley way and go into the next
       building.  In front of you will be Ashley-Pitt.
    -  Before you speak to Ashley-Pitt, it's time to take care of a couple of
       Ferrets.  Re-open the door (unless you left it open) you just came through
       and wait.  Eventually the Ferret will see you and come into the barracks to
       chew you out for leaving the door open.
    -  As he leaves, wait for the outstretched hands to appear.  Once they do, take
       care of this Ferret once and for all.  Then close the door.
    -  Go to the opposite side door (one to the right of Ashley-Pitts as you are
       facing him) and open it.  Another Ferret will come to investigate.  Repeat
       the same performance on this Ferret as you did to the last one.
    -  Once both Ferrets are eliminated, go talk to Ashley-Pitt.  You will explain
       that you need a diversion so you can get to the generator area.  A box will
       appear asking whether you are ready to start the diversion. (Obj 2)
    -  Once Ashley-Pitt starts the diversion, a timer will appear.  Head out of the
       barracks from the original door you entered through.  Make a right between
       the two barracks and go right up to the barbed wire fence.  Turn right and
       head for the small gate.  Open it and go through.
    -  After you get through the gate, head toward your left and start sneaking.
       You will see a German guard just standing there.  Go up behind him and
       cancel his pension.  Then head left toward the small shack.  You will see
       a door leading into it.  Be wary of the searchlight that is across this
    -  Once you get to the shack, get next to the wall facing the POW camp.  Peek
       around the corner and when the searchlight is elsewhere, sneak through the
       door.  Now crouch-walk and turn right.  There is a sleeping guard next to
       a table.
    -  Quietly go up to the table and grab the wrench, then exit the shack. (Obj 5)
    -  After you exit the shack, turn right out the door, then turn right again.
       You should be next to the wall facing the POW camp.  Look ahead and you will
       see a maintenance area with a tarp over it (like a fly tent).  Head over to
       that area.
    -  Once you are in this area, you will see the rope.  Get the rope and head
       toward the building in front of you. (Obj 3)
    -  When you get to the building, follow the wall and make a left at the corner.
       Follow this wall and you will see a gate.  Open the gate and go through.
    -  Look to your left and you will see the transformers.  Time to go to work.
       Equip the wrench and start tearing up the transformers.  Remember, there are
       two of them you must take care of. (Obj 6)
    -  Once you have done that, go to the far right door on the building and go in.
       You will see the control panel in front of you.  Do your magic to put the
       control panel out of commission. (Obj 7)
    -  After you have done this, the POW camp will be plunged into darkness due to
       the power failure.  You don't have a lot of time so backtrack all the way to
       the gate you used to enter this area.
    -  Once you are back on the POW side, go back to the building you started this
       mission out in.  Head down the tunnel in the shower area.
    -  You will have to go through three relays to get to the end of the tunnel.
       Once you make it to the end, cogs will appear and you will hand the rope off
       to Big X. (Obj 8)
    -  Big X will then hand the rope off to Hilts.  Now, as Hilts, you need to
       climb up the ladder leading to the area outside the POW camp.
    -  Once you are out of the tunnel, sneak over to the wood and go around the
       bushes.  Move along the bushes until cogs appear.  Hilts will then tie the
       rope off setting up the signal. (Obj 9)
    -  The key to signaling the POW's is to watch the guard with the dog on the
       outside perimeter of the POW camp.  When he passes by, start signaling.  You
       must get four three other POW's out of the hole.  To make matters worse, the
       camp manages to regain its power again.  Once you have allowed the other
       POW's to escape, Hilts will be thanked. (Obj 10)
    / 11.11  MISSION 11:  Last Train Home /________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hendley with Blythe
    Date of mission    :  March 25, 1944
    Location of mission:  Train from Sagan, Eastern Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must successfully get off the train to avoid capture
                          by the Gestapo.
    Objectives:  1.  Get Blythe
                 2.  Hide from the Gestapo
                 3.  Find a key
                 4.  Jump from the train
    Getting away from the POW camp was easy, now these two have to make it through
    enemy territory by just their wits and courage.
    -  The mission opens with Hendley and Blythe sitting in their seat on
       the train.  Give Blythe the command to stay (press the SQUARE button and use
       the STAY icon).
    -  Get your second-class ticket ready.  When the porter comes around, a set of
       cogs will appear when he is next to Hendley.  Give him your ticket.
    -  Now give Blythe the order to follow and head toward the rear of the train.
       You will pass through cars 8 and 9.
    -  At car 10, go all the way to the end.  You find a door that you cannot open
       since it is locked.  You will have to find the key somewhere on the train.
       Turn to your right and duck into the bathroom, Blythe will follow. (Obj 1)
    -  Once you and Blythe are in the bathroom, close the door.  Then give the
       order for Blythe to stay.
    -  Look through the keyhole to the left.  After a couple of minutes, a Gestapo
       man and Gestapo guard will enter the car.  They are checking the identity
       of all the passengers. (Obj 2)
    -  Once they are done, they will exit the car.  Once they are out of the car,
       head out of the bathroom and follow them.  Make sure you walk to prevent
    -  You will travel through cars 9, 8, 7, and 6 before you reach a locked door
       on car 5.  Look to your left and you will see a ladder.  Go up this ladder
       to the top of the train.
    -  Immediately crouch once you are on top of the train.  The reason is there
       are many low objects the train passes under such as tree branches, bridges,
       and signal towers.  If Hendley gets hit by any of these, he will be ejected
       from the train.
    -  Continue to move forward jumping across the gaps in the cars (you must stand
       to make these jumps so make sure it is all clear before doing so).
    -  When Hendley can't go forward any farther, go to the right and a ladder will
       be there.  Have him head down the ladder to a small platform outside the
    -  Crouch-walk to the open baggage car.  You will notice a porter going back
       and forth.  When the porter has his back to you, use your stealth walk and
       get behind him to end his luggage handling days.  Once you've done that,
       turn right to toss him off the train.
    -  You can get a couple of first-aid kits in this car.  You will also notice a
       weapons stash but it is locked up for the moment.
    -  Go through the door and you will notice a passenger standing in between the
       cars.  Maybe he has a ticket you can borrow.  Get behind him, choke him, and
       take his ticket.  Then head forward into the first class car.
    -  Get out your first-class ticket and give it to the porter.  Walk around the
       porter and when the German guard comes in from the opposite door, duck into
       one of the passenger areas (you may have to leapfrog to the passenger areas
       closer to where the guard entered).
    -  When the guard enters your area, he will take a good look at your face.  He
       doesn't recognize it so he will turn to leave.  This is your cue.  When the
       hands appear, bring him in to become a permanent part of the train.  Turn
       left or right to drop the body since dropping it out in the passageway would
       alert the porter.
    -  Dust off your hands and head through the door the guard came through.  Go
       between the cars and enter the next car.  You will have to navigate around a
       couple of shelves.
    -  When you get around the second set of shelves, look to your right.  On the
       table are the train keys and a couple of first-aid kits.  Collect all this
       stuff and go hide behind the stack of boxes to your left. (Obj 3)
    -  After a few seconds, another porter enters the car with you.  When he has
       his back turned, get behind him and apply that pressure you know so well.
       Head out of this car back to the car with the weapons cache.
    -  Once you reach the weapons cache car, open the locker and collect the MP-40,
       Luger, and all the ammunition.  From this point on, it will be a firefight
       to get back to Blythe.  Equip your MP-40 and go back to the ladder.
    -  Go back on top of the train and a reception committee is waiting for you.
       You have to hazards to deal with.  Troops firing at you from the front plus
       you are now facing the opposite direction the train is going.  This means
       use your R2 button to look behind you to make sure there are no approaching
    -  First, go into first person view and pick off the guard that is mostly
       obscured on the left side.  You need to work quickly since soon there will
       be guards behind you.
    -  Fortunately, a lot of the guards stand up to take shots at you.  This
       basically means a lot of them get knocked off the train by the low
       obstacles.  Continue to move quickly forward.  You may have to get up close
       and personal with some of the guards by delivering a rifle butt to them.
    -  When you make it to car 6, you will need to go down the ladder.  Un-
       fortunately, there are two guards waiting for you.  Best thing is to stand
       up and go down the ladder.  Once you are at the bottom, pivot right quickly
       to smack that guard with your MP-40.  Turn quickly left and finish off that
       guard.  Turn right again and finish off that guard.
    -  Head into car 6 and through it.  If you took damage, now is the time for
       first-aid.  After healing yourself, exit car 6 and enter car 7.
    -  There is a guard standing up and one behind the seat.  Go to first person
       and plant the guard standing.  Then turn quickly and take out the guard
       behind the seat.  Get out of first person and prepare for a third guard to
       come barging in the opposite door.  Eliminate him.
    -  Leave car 7 and head into car 8.  When you are half-way through, two guards
       will come through the door you had already entered.  Turn around and mow
       them down.  Quickly exit.  Heal if necessary.
    -  Car 9 is free of guards so make sure your weapons are all loaded and you are
       fully healed, then go into car 10.
    -  When you get to the bathroom that you stashed Blythe in, turn around because
       you will be rushed by four Gestapo agents and Gestapo guards.  Use extreme
       prejudice and mow them down.  Open the bathroom door and order Blythe to
    -  Go through the now unlocked back door of the train and a cut scene will show
       Hendley and Blythe jumping off the train. (Obj 4)
    / 11.12  MISSION 12:  Behind Enemy Lines /_____________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  May 9, 1944
    Location of mission:  Bautzon Train Station, Eastern Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must make your way through the station and away from
                          the German military.
    Objectives:  1.  Get a key
                 2.  Enter the military area
                 3.  Enter the civilian area
                 4.  Buy a ticket
                 5.  Exit the station
    This mission will involve both covert and overt operations.  At the beginning,
    you will need to sneak around.  At the end, though, you will be running for
    your life.
    -  The mission opens with your character on the train tracks.  Immediately run
       forward and duck into the alcove in the left wall.  If you don't, the train
       will run you over.  For this part of the mission, remember that this is an
       active railroad depot.
    -  After the train passes, move forward and out of the tunnel.  You will now
       have to sneak.  Look to your right and you will see a German guard pacing
       around a weapons car and another on the platform.  Ahead is a little shack,
       this is your destination.
    -  Sneak over to the pile of lumber and crouch down.  Then crouch-walk to the
       end of this pile of lumber and peek around the corner.  As soon as the
       guard, who is pacing around the train, gets even with you, go into the
    -  Crouch-walk into the shack.  You will spy a guard asleep next to a table.
       Carefully sneak over and collect the keys on the corner of the table.
       (Obj 1)
    -  Turn around and go back to the doorway and peek around the corner.  If you
       don't spot the pacing guard, crouch-walk back over to the pile of lumber.
       When you get to the end, peek around the corner.  When the pacing guard has
       his back to your character, run over and hide behind the boxcar.
    -  When the pacing guard turns and heads away from you, sneak to the platform.
        You will see a stack of crates to the right of the guard standing on the
       platform.  Get behind those crates and crouch down.
    -  Watch the pacing guard.  As soon as the pacing guard again turns the corner
       and heads away from you, sneak around the crates and go into the wide
       corridor.  Go all the way to the far wall and crouch down.
    -  This time, you will see the pacing guard make his turn and face the plat-
       form.  As soon as he turns to his left (to the right as you are facing him),
       sneak around the corner and head for the open doorway.  On the left is a
    -  A set of cogs will appear as you use the keys to open this door up.  Peek
       through the keyhole to make sure the guard inside isn't in view.  If he
       isn't, go through the door and sneak to the corner.
    -  The guard inside paces up to the end of the hall where you are at, then
       turns around and goes back down into the room and makes a left down another
       corridor.  As soon as the guard turns to start back into the room, sneak
       along behind him.
    -  To your right, you will see a door to the luggage room.  Go into the room
       and close the door behind you.  Go to the left and some arrows will show
       where you can climb the luggage to get to the air vent in the upper right
       corner of the room.
    -  You will come to an opening in the vent floor.  Go through this opening,
       then jump down from the vent you are on to the floor below.
    -  Go to where the vent enters this room at ground level.  An arrow will appear
       indicating you can jump up on this vent.  Follow it up and you will be able
       to go through another vent.
    -  Go through the vent and exit to the other side.  You are now in the military
       area. (Obj 2)
    -  First, head to your left and go into the first room.  On the table is a
       hacksaw blade.  Grab it and exit the room.  You will make two lefts and you
       will see a corridor.
    -  There is a hallway off to the left and a door to the right.  The door to the
       right is your ultimate destination, but there are a couple of German guards
       you will have to flush out.
    -  Go down the corridor to your left and enter through the door.  You will see
       a red button hanging from the ceiling.  Push this button to activate the
    -  As soon as you push the button, run back through the door and down the
       corridor.  Take a quick peek around the corner to make sure the guards
       cleared out.  At the door, look through the keyhole and quickly enter if the
       guards are absent.
    -  Go to the grill on the left side and use the hacksaw blade on it.  Once you
       have cut through, quickly crawl through and use the hacksaw that grill also.
    -  You will end up being in a janitors closet.  Look through the keyhole and
       you will see a janitor working.  If you exit the closet, he will become 
       suspicious and call the guards.  You need a diversion.
    -  Fortunately, one is there.  Look to your left and you will see a valve.
       When the cogs appear, turn the valve fully on.  This will cause the janitor
       to go across the bathroom to take care of the leak.
    -  Exit the closet, then exit the bathroom.  Make sure you walk so you don't
       make yourself look too suspicious.  Welcome to the civilian area. (Obj 3)
    -  Walk up to the ticket counter and pull out your money.  When the cogs
       appear, you will give the employee your money and you will receive a ticket
       in return. (Obj 4)
    -  As you turn to leave, the employee calls out to your character.  Turn around
       and head back to the ticket counter.  When the cogs appear, the employee
       will give MacDonald his change back.  Thought you were a goner didn't you?
    -  After collecting your change, head toward the open door that leads to the
       train platform.  There will be a guard on the left and a porter on the
       right.  When you get up to them, the cogs will appear.
    -  The porter will ask for your ticket and identification.  Present these to
       him.  A cut scene will occur with the porter stating that he must check out
       your identity.  Looks like the game is up.
    -  Slug the guard on the left and take off running.  Keep going forward and you
       will go down some stairs.  Ignore the guards that are now chasing you.
    -  When you go up the next set of stairs, the corridor turns left.  Make a
       right into the building with the stained glass window above it.
    -  Make a left in the hallway and a guard will rise up, just run past him and
       down the next set of stairs.
    -  Benches block a direct route out of the station so you will have to go left.
       In front of you is a guard and a dog.
    -  Go to the end of the benches and hang a right.  The dog will attack you.
       Rapidly press the R2 button to shake the dog off.  You may take a few hits
       from the guard.
    -  Once you shake the dog off, take off and exit the station through the doors.
       (Obj 5)
    / 11.13  MISSION 13:  Airfield Escape /________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hendley with Blythe
    Date of mission    :  May 15, 1944
    Location of mission:  Esslingen Air Field, Southwest Germany
    Mission brief      :  Successfully steal a plane and fly Hendley and Blythe to
    Objectives:  1.  Enter the air field
                 2.  Locate a plane
                 3.  Find a uniform
                 4.  Get a starter crank
                 5.  Get a valve handle
                 6.  Get a key
                 7.  Refuel the plane
                 8.  Fly away
    Well, Hendley and Blythe made it from the train.  They are now at a German air-
    field to steal a plane and fly to freedom.  Again, part of the mission is
    stealth while the rest just involves getting the necessary equipment to get the
    plane off the ground.
    -  Hendley and Blythe start in a small field opposite the fence that blocks
       access to the airfield.  A lone German guard is pacing along the fence line.
    -  Order Blythe to follow, then go prone and crawl up to the open area next to
       the fence.  The guard should be well past by the time you get to the fence.
    -  Select the wire cutters and cut a hole through the fence.  Then crawl
       through and walk (so you don't lose Blythe) diagonally to the right.  There
       should be an old beat up shack in front of you. (Obj 1)
    -  Go into the shack and wait for Blythe.  Once Blythe enters, make sure that
       he is in the corner furthest away from the window.  When he is at that spot,
       order him to stay.
    -  Head out of the shack and make a right.  Then make another right.  The hole
       in the fence should be to your left.  Now head toward the fence in front of
    -  When you get to the fence, turn right and run until a hanger comes into view
       on the right side.  When that hanger comes into view, head over toward it.
       This long way around helps you avoid the German guard.
    -  When you get to backside of that hanger, run past it and go to the first
       door, on your right, of the second hanger.
    -  Look through the keyhole of that door.  You will see a German technician
       guarding the area.  As soon as he is moving to the left and right when he
       disappears from view.  Enter this short hallway.  Sneak over to the table on
       the right to get the technician's uniform. (Obj 3)
    -  Quickly change into the technician's garb.  By this time, the other
       technician will be coming back around again.  Of course, all you are is just
       another plane mechanic.  For good measure, take care of this witness.
    -  Exit the hanger through the small opening in the barbed wire at the front of
       the hanger.  Look left and there is a staff car for the taking.
    -  Hop into the staff car and drive over to hanger three.  There is a plane
       parked out in front.  When you exit the vehicle and approach the plane, a
       caption will appear stating that this plane looks good enough to fly out.
       (Obj 2)
    -  There is another German guard busy pacing around this hanger.  Again,
       eliminate him as a witness.
    -  Now, jump into your staff car and head back over to where you have Blythe
       stashed.  The guard you originally saw when you approached the airfield
       should be in the vicinity.  Before you get Blythe, end this guards career.
    -  Go back to the shack and order Blythe to follow you.  He will get into the
       staff car with you.  Turn around and follow the fence line around to the
       third hanger.  Park next to the plane and head for the door at the front of
       the hanger.
    -  Have him follow you into this hanger.  When you reach the middle, order him
       to stay.  Go to the table located at the left side of the hanger.  Here, you
       will find the starter crank. (Obj 4)
    -  Exit the hanger and jump into your staff car.  Go on the brown, dirt road
       until you see the control tower to your right.  Head off into the grass
       toward the control tower.  You will see a German guard pacing the outside
       area between the control tower and a low building connected to it.
    -  Get out of your car and give that guard a big hug.  Then head toward the
       fence.  Make a right and head toward the door on the low building.
    -  Enter through the door and you will see another guard.  Again, take care of
       the problem.
    -  Exit through the doorway and head up the stairs.  At the top of the stairs,
       make a left into the room and go over to the desk.  Then go back to the
       doorway again.  You will see another guard heading toward you.
    -  When the guard turns around to go back up the hallway, take care of him and
       drag him into that office.  Now head down the hallway to the open doorway on
       the left.
    -  Peek around the corner and you will see a pilot in front of a bookcase.  If
       you enter, he will chew you out and tell you that technicians are not
       allowed in the pilot room.  If he sees you again, you will be in trouble.
    -  Wait until he heads for the bookcase on the left side.  Then sneak into the
       room and end his flying days.  Turn to the table and grab the technician's
       ID card.
    -  Head back out and down the stairs.  Make a left down that corridor and make
       a right at the "T" intersection.  You will encounter another guard who asks
       for ID.  Flash him your technician's ID card.
    -  Go into the room on the left and you will see another technician milling
       about the room.  Go into the room and go toward the left corner.  You will
       be able to get the valve handle from the shelf. (Obj 5)
    -  Exit this room and go right down the corridor.  Keep going to the door on
       the right and exit the building.  Make a left and enter the control tower.
    -  You will go up three flights of stairs before you enter the control tower.
       You will notice a technician (in dark blue uniform) and an officer (in light
    -  This next part requires a degree of timing because the truck keys are in the
       officer's pocket.  After you exit the stairs, go right and get next to the
       technician.  He will be doing some work on the control panels.  The officer
       will be walking around the room.
    -  You want to keep the technician as "crowded" as possible to the panels.  The
       officer eventually goes to the outside deck of the control tower and
       comments about how foggy it is.  He then will re-enter the control tower.
    -  The officer will then head for a console located on the opposite side of the
       stairwell.  When he is halfway to the console, eliminate the technician.
    -  After you have done this, run over to where the officer is standing and take
       care of him.  You will then obtain the truck keys. (Obj 6)
    -  Exit the control tower and hop into your staff car.  Get back on the dirt
       road and follow it up to where you see a bunch of fuel trucks parked.  Exit
       your car and get into the fuel truck.  Drive it back over to the hanger that
       the plane is at.
    -  Drive to the left side of the plane and get out of the truck.  Head toward
       the middle of the plane and a set of cogs will appear.  Just press action
       and fuel up the plane.
    -  After the plane is fueled up, go into the hanger and have Blythe follow you.
       Go to the front of the plane and another set of cogs will appear.  Press
       action and a cut scene will occur showing Blythe manually cranking the plane
       to life.
    -  After that cut scene, you will see Hendley and Blythe fly off into the
       sunset or sunrise.
    / 11.14  MISSION 14:  On the Run! /____________________________________________
    Character played   :  MacDonald
    Date of mission    :  May 15, 1944
    Location of mission:  Ebersbach, Southeast Germany
    Mission brief      :  You must make it through this town to successfully
    Objectives:  1.  Flee
                 2.  Keep running
                 3.  Escape
    Well, it seems that MacDonald made it out of the train station.  An unfortunate
    goof, though, has given him and Big X away to the Gestapo.  This mission just
    involves running.  Do not do anything else but run.
    -  The mission starts with MacDonald and Big X standing over the two bodies of
       the Gestapo agents who busted them at the bus.
    -  Take off running down the road in front of you.  When the road splits, go to
       the right.  You will pass a civilian on the left.
    -  Open the gate and run through.  There are a series of crates in the back,
       right corner of this area.  Climb up on the crates.  You will see a German
       soldier and his dog patrolling below.
    -  Jump from this wall and take off running straight.  You will pass a road to
       your right and two men to your left.  Keep running straight for the building
       in front of you.
    -  Follow the road and when it ends, go right and you will see a set of stairs
       going up to the second floor of this building.  Take the stairs.  By this
       time, the guards are firing on you.  Don't worry about it, keep running.
    -  At the end of this landing, jump off and you will clear a stack of crates.
       A sewer opening is directly in front of you.  Take the ladder down, you are
       going underground.
    -  At the "T" intersection, turn left and keep running.  The danger meter will
       activate again since there is now a guard behind you.
    -  Take the next left turn and head for that ladder.  Go up the ladder and you
       are on the street again.  Run forward toward the stairs which are in front
       of you.
    -  Ignore the German guard and run up the stairs.  Follow the landing to a door
       and go inside.  Go to the other side of the cabinet and a set of cogs will
       appear.  Push that cabinet in front of the door.  This will delay the guards
       for a moment. (Obj 1)
    -  Turn around and head to the back of this room.  Get the key off the table
       and open the door to the left.  Go into this room and head for the chair on
       the right side (next to the file cabinet) and grab the first-aid kit.
    -  Head over to the window with the flowerboxes in it.  An arrow will indicate
       when you can jump up on the flowerboxes.  Another arrow will show when you
       can jump on the roof across the road.
    -  When you land on that roof, turn left and head toward the inclined, red
       roof.  When the arrow displays, jump across the gap to that roof.  By this
       time, the Germans are busy taking pot shots at you.
    -  Turn right and head toward the gray roof that is across the road.  Leap onto
       that and go straight.
    -  There is another roof across the road that you have to jump on.  Once you
       have jumped on this roof, all you have to do is make it through the flower-
       box maze and enter through the door or the window.
    -  When you enter the room, get the first-aid kit and head toward the stairs in
       front of you and to the right.
    -  There may be a guard or two on the stairs.  Ignore them and keep running
       down the stairs.  Turn right and head through that door.  If you have the
       time, get the first-aid kit off the table to your right.
    -  Once you exit that room, you enter a larger room.  Head for the doors to get
       out.  Freedom isn't too much farther away.
    -  When you are outside again, you will see a fountain in front of you.  Go
       around the right side of that fountain and make a right up the road.
    -  Keep running along that road.  It will turn left.  DO NOT take the road to
       the right, continue to go forward.
    -  The road will jog left, then right again.  In the distance, you will see a
       German guard and his dog.  Keep running toward them.
    -  When you see a bike on your right side, make a right down that alley.  It
       will take a small jog to the right, then left.
    -  When you make the left turn, look for the low wall on the right.  There is
       a stack of crates at the far end of the wall.  Head for these crates.
    -  The arrow will be displayed when you get next to the crates.  Climb up them
       and over the wall.  You will land in a courtyard.  Go to the front, right
       corner of the building to get another first-aid kit.  Make sure you heal up
       for the next part of this mission.
    -  Go through the back door of this building.  A cook will be alarmed but don't
       worry about him.  When you push open the door into the dining area, a cut
       scene will occur showing German troops surrounding the building.
    -  You must do these next parts quickly.  Make a left into the next area and
       pick up the clothes on the table.  Immediately head to the bathroom in front
       of you.  Quickly change clothes and leave this area.
    -  WALK, do not run, or you will draw attention to yourself.  Walk around the
       bar to the front door.  Exit the cafe.
    -  A speech bubble will appear when you are next to one of the German soldiers.
       Talk to him and he will ask about any suspicious characters.  Of course, you
       tell him you have seen no one.  He seems satisfied so head up the road.
    -  When you are between the German guard on the right side of the road and the
       guard on the left, they will realize that it is you they are hunting for.
       Of course, you take off running and leave them far behind.
                     *** MACDONALD'S MISSIONS ARE COMPLETED ***
    / 11.15  MISSION 15:  Resistance Collaborator /________________________________
    Character played   :  Sedgwick
    Date of mission    :  June 4, 1944
    Location of mission:  Cavennes Region, Southern France
    Mission brief      :  Successfully get the explosives and detonator to help
                          the Resistance later.
    Objectives:  1.  Rendezvous with Anton
                 2.  Find a disguise
                 3.  Return to Anton
                 4.  Obtain some wire
                 5.  Get onto the bridge
                 6.  Obtain some explosives
                 7.  Exit the area
    Well, Sedgwick has made it into Southern France.  He now needs to hook up with
    the French Underground in order to complete his escape from occupied territory.
    Of course, he will have to help out the French Underground first.
    -  The woods around this area are crawling with Germans.  This means stealth is
       an absolute must.    
    -  Crouch-walk toward the patch of bare soil along the river bank.  Once you
       make it there, you will have to get on your belly and start crawling.
    -  Crawl parallel to the river.  You will pass a German guard on your right
       looking across the river.  Continue to crawl along until you see the bridge
       on your right and stacks of lumber in front of you.
    -  There is a German guard moving lazily around these stacks of lumber.  When
       his back is turned, crawl over to the bridge and head toward the second
       opening (it has a crate suspended in the air).
    -  Crawl through this underpass and head toward the stack of wood in front of
       you.  You will see a man crouched down doing some work on the side not
       facing the little shack.
    -  When you are next to him, talk to him.  He states that he is Anton and that
       he needs Sedgwick's help in obtaining some explosives and detonator wire.
       First, though, you will need a disguise. (Obj 1)
    -  Go to the end of the stack of wood and peek around the corner.  You will see
       a small, gray shack.  You will also see a guard patrolling an area in front
       of the shack.
    -  When the guard turns and heads toward the parked truck, sneak toward the
       shack.  The door is in the front, left corner.  Go into the shack and get
       the worker's outfit. (Obj 2)
    -  After you have changed clothes, turn left and head for the truck.  There are
       warning signs about not going beyond this point but ignore them.  Get into
       the bed of the truck and get the wire. (Obj 4)
    -  Head back and chat with Anton again.  He states there are explosives stored
       on the rail trestle above.  To get there, you have to climb the platform but
       the guards must not be there.  He suggests a diversion.
    -  Leave Anton and head toward the two guys with picks.  Talk to them and a box
       will appear asking whether you are ready to start the diversion.  When they
       start the diversion, the guards will head down away from the tower.
    -  This is your cue to run to the tower.  Climb the first ladder.  Turn around
       and climb the second ladder.  The timer goes down fast on this part of the
       mission. (Obj 5)
    -  Once you are on the railroad trestle, go straight.  You will see a German
       guard sitting on the right side.  Continue forward and you will reach a box
    -  Go around the box car.  When you make your second right, there will be a
       guard with his back to you.  Sneak up on him and put him to sleep.
    -  Continue into that little area and you will grab the explosives. (Obj 6)
    -  Head back around the box car and go straight along the trestle.  Go past the
       platform you used to get up on the trestle.  You will pass another guard on
       your left.
    -  When you get to a big, red car, stop and look for the guard that is pacing.
       When he has his back to you, go forward again and look to your left.
    -  You will see a flat car with a ladder on the side.  Go over to the car and
       grab the ladder.  The cut scene will show German troops firing on Sedgwick
       but it is too late.
    / 11.16  MISSION 16:  Ambush! /________________________________________________
    Character played   :  Sedgwick
    Date of mission    :  June 4, 1944
    Location of mission:  Cavennes Region, Southern France
    Mission brief      :  Assist the Resistance clear out a town and blow a bridge
                          to prevent German reinforcements from arriving.
    Objectives:  1.  Rendezvous with Resistance
                 2.  Free the Resistance
                 3.  Recover the detonator
                 4.  Clear the north side of the town of Jerries
                 5.  Place the explosives
                 6.  Place the detonator
                 7.  Intercept the convoy
                 8.  Recover the dossier
                 9.  Exit the area
    This is the mission that involves not being very convert.  The beginning of the
    mission you must sneak around a little, but once Sedgwick is armed, it's time
    to deliver some pay back.  The end of the mission can get a tight since German
    troops are all over the place.
    -  Sedgwick has jumped off the flatcar into a field.  Head to the first
       building and sneak along the left wall.  Peek around the corner and you will
       see a German guard lazily pacing around a barn.
    -  When the guard gets around the corner, sneak around the building in the same
       direction.  You will eventually come to the entrance of the barn, sneak in.
    -  If you look up, you will see a German guard holding some people at gunpoint.
       Sneak to the ladder and go up to the loft.
    -  Sneak up behind the guard and end his harassing days.  You will then talk
       with the people and find out they are the Resistance. (Obj 1)
    -  Turn around and grab the Luger and ammunition from the top of the crate.
       Wait for the German guard to go in front of the door and take him out with
       a couple of well placed shots. (Obj 2)
    -  Head out of the barn and toward the Resistance member behind the cart.  They
       will explain that the detonator is located in the guard shack.  As a further
       favor, could you clear out the Germans in the north side of town. 
    -  Always the gentlemen, you agree.  Sneak around the small hill and you will
       see three soldiers milling about.  Go to first person and take them out with
       head shots.
    -  Sneak around the hill and head over to the guard shack.
    -  Once you reach the guard shack, you will find the detonator.  In addition,
       you will find a Sten MK 2 submachinegun and a few clips of ammunition.  Now
       it's time to do a little cleaning. (Obj 3)
    -  Turn and head toward the town.  You will notice a wall with the middle
       section missing.  On the side closest to you, you will see a crater.  Sneak
       into the crater and take in the view.  It's time to open the show.
    -  Take out the guard that is pacing in front of you.  This will bring two more
       guards that you need to take care of.  Another guard may get brave or hide
       behind some barrels farther down the road.
    -  Once you have done this initial clearing of Germans, go along the right side
       of the wall.  Make sure your weapon is fully loaded and run across to where
       the small building and wall meet.
    -  Now peek around the corner of the small building.  You will see two Germans
       hiding behind some barrels and crates in front of you.  Take them out.
    -  A couple more Germans will come out to meet the same fate.  Before you
       proceed, two more Germans will attempt to rush around the corner where you
       are at.  Again, using controlled fire, take them down.
    -  Once you have cleared out that little courtyard, run across the street and
       go into the building.  Go through the empty room to a dining room.  On the
       table are first-aid kits and more Sten ammunition.  Collect it all and head
       back out the door.
    -  Go to the right corner of the building across this little courtyard.  Two
       German soldiers have entrenched themselves.  One is next to the second shack
       across the street and one is at the stairs on your side of the street.
    -  Take out the one across the street and run into the first open building.
       You will find a Stielhandgranate (hand grenade) and a first-aid kit.  When
       you turn to leave this building, one more German guard is in the courtyard.
       To your right, there is a sniper on the second floor of the house and
       another soldier on the steps.  Take them all out.
    -  Once you've cleared out this section, run over to the building to the left
       of the ambulance and hug the wall.  There is a soldier in the middle of the
       street by the bridge.  Take him out.
    -  Follow the wall around and look across the street.  When you get past the
       corner of the building across the street, there is a sniper on the second
       floor of the building.  Again, shoot to kill.
    -  Head toward the bridge now that you cleared this part of the town out.
       (Obj 4)
    -  When you get to the bridge, the Resistance is waiting for you.  Go to the
       middle of the bridge and a set of cogs will appear.  Get out the explosives
       and set the charges. (Obj 5)
    -  After you set the explosives, a timer will appear.  This is how much time
       you have left to take out the bridge.  Head across the bridge to the first
       building on the left.  The entrance is on the side wall facing the river.
       Go into the building and up to the second floor overlooking the bridge.
    -  A set of cogs will appear.  Select the detonator and use it.  A cut scene
       will show the bridge blowing up. (Obj 6 & 7)
    -  Well, now you have to deal with a lot of very angry German soldiers.  You
       now have to get the dossier at all costs.
    -  Go down the stairs and exit the building.  Follow the left wall around and
       you will see some stables to the left.  Head into the stables.
    -  You will find Luger ammunition, a Panzerfaust, and a first-aid kit.  By the
       time you gather all these goodies, three German soldiers will attempt to
       extract you forcibly from the stables.  Take care of them first.
    -  Exit this building and make a left.  Move quickly ignoring the soldiers
       taking wild shots at you.  You will see a half-track in the distance also
       taking shots at you.  Just keep moving left.
    -  You will come upon a building with a brown door.  Quickly go in and take
       care of the soldier in there.  Then head through the building to the back
       door.  This opens up to a courtyard between two buildings.
    -  Rush out the door and you will see two German soldiers coming at you.  It
       seems you have the element of surprise.  Take them out.
    -  The other soldier chooses to hide behind a box.  Take him down to.  Now
       equip the Stielhandgranate and head up the stairs.  When you see the broken
       up wall, toss the grenade into the room and run back down the stairs.  You
       will take a lot of damage if you are caught in the blast.
    -  After you cleared the room, go back into it.  Collect the Sten ammunition
       and the dossier. (Obj 8)
    -  If you notice, you are now above the half-track that was firing on you.  Go
       into first person mode and take out the gunner.  Takes care of that problem.
    -  Get out of the building through the destroyed wall and follow the road up,
       stop when you see the big truck on the left.  You should see a German guard
       milling about.  Take him out.
    -  Move a little further and you will see two guard shacks.  Equip the
       Panzerfaust and hit an area between them.  This should take out all the
    -  Once you have done this, run toward the guard shacks, go through the gate,
       and you are free.
                      *** SEDGWICK'S MISSIONS ARE COMPLETED ***
    / 11.17  MISSION 17:  Full Throttle /__________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hilts
    Date of mission    :  June 6, 1944
    Location of mission:  Austrian-Swiss border
    Mission brief      :  You must escape, via motorcycle, into Switzerland.
    Objectives:  1.  Get a motorbike
                 2.  Get a uniform
                 3.  Escape from the town
                 4.  Head for the Swiss border
    For these next two missions, you will be using the motorcycle.  The motorcycle
    is fast and maneuverable.  At the same time, though, you can lose control of it
    very quickly if you're not careful.  If you get thrown off, quickly get back
    on.  Keep in mind, the motorcycle can only take so much damage.
    -  The mission opens up with Hilts in a small field surrounded by trees.
    -  Go straight and you will eventually see a small white building next to a
       road.  Head for that building.
    -  When you get to the road, a cut scene will show a German motorcycle rider
       coming down that road.  Time to move fast.
    -  Go up to the building.  Hilts will pick the lock.  Open the door and go in.
       There is some wire on a shelf, grab it.
    -  Go back outside and go up to the white road marker.  A set of cogs will
       appear.  Use the wire and Hilts will string the wire across the road tying
       it off on the other white road marker.
    -  Soon, the German motorcycle rider will come down the road.  He will hit the
       wire and Hilts is now the proud owner of a motorcycle. (Obj 1)
    -  Hop onto the motorcycle and continue in the same direction as the original
       owner.  Go around the barricade.
    -  The road will curve right.  Just before the road quits curving to the right,
       get off the bike and walk around the bend.
    -  Peek around the hill and you will see a guardshack with a German guard
       pacing back and forth across the road.  When the guard is moving left and
       has just cleared the guardshack, dash over to the guardshack.
    -  On a table, at the right corner of the guardshack, will be a German uniform.
       Put it on. (Obj 2)
    -  Go back and get your bike.  Ride past the guard, through the underpass, and
       into the town.
    -  Hilts will be stopped by another guard.  This time, though, the jig is up.
       Hilts gives him a good kick and takes off to escape.
    -  Follow the road around.  You may have to contend with an German motor-
       cyclist.  Just kick him off his bike using the R1 or L1 buttons.
    -  Thread your way through the barricade and open it up.  You will have to go
       down through a dried river bed, pass two tanks, and numerous guards.  Run
       them down if they get in the way.  Be mindful of the road since it twists
       and turns a lot. (Obj 3)
    -  You will eventually come upon a barrier with no opening.  Don't worry, go
       to the right.  There is a makeshift ramp there.  Just take the ramp and keep
       to your right since another barrier is right there.
    -  Continue down the road and you will see another barricade with a truck
       behind it.  A few soldiers have planted themselves and take shots at you.
       You have to be quick through this area or the truck will drive across the
       opening of the barricade which will effectively block your way.
    -  Once you are past this barricade, shoot off into the tunnel.  You are now
       one step closer to the Swiss border. (Obj 4)
    / 11.18  MISSION 18:  Jump to Victory /________________________________________
    Character played   :  Hilts
    Date of mission    :  June 6, 1944
    Location of mission:  Austrian-Swiss border
    Mission brief      :  Escape by jumping the fence between Austria and
    Objectives:  1.  Escape!
    Same as mission 17, you are going to escape via your motorcycle.
    -  You will emerge from the tunnel you entered in mission 17.  As you continue
       down the road, you will see a lone German on a motorcycle waiting for you.
       Just go around the barricade and get on the open road again.
    -  The road will make a right turn.  In the distance, you will see a barricade
       blocking access to a bridge.  Don't despair, look to your right and follow
       the path.  You will jump over some startled German soldiers then pass under
       some fallen trees.
    -  You will then loop around left to go back up a hill, then go through a
       narrow crevice.
    -  When you emerge on the other side, you will be in a field with bales of hay
       lying around.  Thread your way through this field and get to the opening in
       the wall in the upper, right corner.
    -  Once you are on the road again, make a left turn.  You may have to kick a
       couple of Germans off their bikes.  You will eventually come to an area
       marked by a sign with a skull and crossbones.  This is a mined area.
    -  Go to the left side and slowly thread your way through the minefield.  This
       also helps to thin those chasing you because they have a tendency to barrel
       through the minefield getting themselves blown up in the process.
    -  Once you've gotten through the minefield, gun it and head down the road
       again.  Be careful, you will see a plane take out a truck in front of you.
        Move around it to avoid the collision.
    -  Go around the next roadblock and stay to the left.  You will see an
       explosion to your right.  When you get around the bend, you will see a tank
       firing on you.
    -  Go up the hilly road next to the tank and then jump off it.  This will take
       you past the barricade and onto the road again.  You will then approach a
    -  Before you get to the bridge, it will go up in a big explosion.  Don't
       worry, just gun the motor and jump the gap.  Once you've done this, you will
       be in a field.
    -  Turn left and you will have a fence line to your right.  Ahead you will see
       some large, white rocks with a mound of dirt in front of them.  Guess
       what...that's right, you get to use this mound to jump over the rocks.
    -  You will go down a narrow corridor.  When the corridor ends, hang a right
       turn and head toward the road.  By this time, you may see a troop truck pull
       up.  Ignore it and gun the engine.
    -  When you get to the road, spin the bike around and again gun the motor.  You
       should see a depression with a brown bottom at the bottom of a slight hill
       next to the first fence line.  Head for that depression and you will be
       vaulted over the first fence line.  Do not stop when you land.
    -  Go all the way to the end and swing the bike around again.  Gun the motor
       and look for another depression with a slight hill next to the second fence
       line.  Hit this and you will be vaulted over the second fence line.  Welcome
       to Switzerland.
                         ***  HILTS' MISSIONS COMPLETED ***
    / 11.9  End Game /_____________________________________________________________
    The final cut scenes for the various characters will show:
    MacDonald stowing away aboard a freighter.  The Gestapo come looking but don't
    find him.  A seaman befriends MacDonald and helps him escape.
    Hendley and Blythe in the plane heading for the Swiss Alps.
    Sedgwick being guided by the Resistance to the Spanish border when anothe
    guide takes him the rest of the way.
    Hilts watching the Germans unload out of the trucks to watch him speed off on
    the motorcycle toward the Swiss Alps.
    ********************************* U N I T  V **********************************
    | 12.  PEOPLE YOU WILL MEET |==================================================
    Depending on who you encounter in or out of the POW camp will be the difference
    between success and failure.  Below are described the people you will most
    likely encounter on your adventures.
    / 12.1  Ferrets /______________________________________________________________
    These German guards are very observant.  They are used to find any new tunnels
    and to find POW's that may be hiding out.  They are very alert to things going
    on around them.
    / 12.2  Goons /________________________________________________________________
    Your basic German guard.  They would rather take you in alive after giving you
    a rifle butt alongside the head.  They only shoot to kill at the highest alert
    level.  Even then, they will still try to capture first.
    / 12.3  Gestapo /______________________________________________________________
    These guys shoot first and don't ask questions later.  They will attempt to
    kill you regardless of alert level.  They are very observant and very
    / 12.4  Regular Combat Troops /________________________________________________
    They will shoot to kill when the alert level is high.
    / 12.5 Civilians /_____________________________________________________________
    These include regular civilians, porters, employees, etc.  They usually raise
    the alarm to help in your capture.
    | 13.  WEAPONS |===============================================================
    Although most of the game is based on stealth.  There are some missions that
    will require you to use weapons.  The missions are 4, 5, 11, and 16.  The rest
    of the missions will have you using your bare hands.
    I will list the weapon as the header and provide the following info for it:
    ROF (Rate of Fire):  Automatic, Semi-automatic, Single Action
    Stopping Power    :  Low/Medium/High
    Max Rounds        :  Maximum rounds per clip
    Notes about the weapon
    / 13.1  Luger 9mm /____________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  Semi-automatic
    Stopping Power:  Low
    Max Rounds    :  15
    Standard issue German sidearm.  It is a low stopping power and it will take
    several shots to bring down an opponent.
    / 13.2  Kar 95 /_______________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  Single Action
    Stopping Power:  High
    Max Rounds    :  1
    The premier sniper weapon based on the bolt action Gehwehr 98.  With superior
    optical sights, the Kar 95 personifies "one shot, one kill".
    / 13.3 MP-40 /_________________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  Semi-automatic
    Stopping Power:  Medium
    Max Rounds    :  32
    Standard issue machine gun to the German armed forces.  The MP-40 was more then
    capable of stopping an opponent with a few shots.
    / 13.4  Sten MK 2 /____________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  Semi-automatic
    Stopping Power:  Medium
    Max Rounds    :  32
    Standard issue machine gun to the British armed forces.  The Sten MK 2 is
    capable of stopping an opponent with a few shots.
    / 13.5  Stielhandgranate /_____________________________________________________
    ROF           :  N/A
    Stopping Power:  High
    Max Rounds    :  N/A
    The "Potato Masher" grenade.  It has a wooden handle with the explosives packed
    in the head of the weapon.  It is an effective weapon in closed quarters where
    the effects can be from both the direct and indirect effects of concussion.
    / 13.6 Panzerfaust /___________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  N/A
    Stopping Power:  High
    Max Rounds    :  N/A
    The German "one-shot" anti-tank weapon.  It was mass produced in the thousands
    and anybody could use one.  It was more then capable of going through several
    inches of armor plating on a tank.
    / 13.7  MG-42 /________________________________________________________________
    ROF           :  Automatic
    Stopping Power:  High
    Max Rounds    :  N/A
    A belt-fed heavy machine gun.  It will only be found mounted in bunkers or on
    vehicles.  It was one of the most feared weapons due to its extremely high rate
    of fire and excellent stopping power.  The American M-60 is based on the MG-42.
    / 13.8  40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun /_______________________________________________
    ROF           :  Automatic
    Stopping Power:  High
    Max Rounds    :  N/A
    Automatic weapon that worked both as an anti-aircraft gun and also an anti-
    personnel gun.  It's high rate of fire plus the way it could destroy lightly
    armored vehicles made it an ideal mounted weapon.
    ********************************  U N I T  VI *********************************
    | 14.  CONCLUSION |============================================================
    As you can see, The Great Escape can be a very involved game.  You will have to
    make a lot of decisions and figure out your priorities to ensure you can
    complete the missions.  Some of these missions can become very involved so
    don't lose site of what your ultimate goal is:  To escape from Germany and
    fight again another day.  I hope that this guide has helped you make these
    missions easier.  This guide was a lot of fun to write and it involved many
    hours of game play since I hadn't played the game before this.  I hope you get
    as much enjoyment from reading this guide as I did writing it.  Good luck in
    keeping one step ahead of the Germans as you escape Germany.
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
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