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    The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 Compendium 
    by: Jim Govoni, "cinder"
    Main Entry: com·pen·di·um
    Pronunciation: k&m-'pen-dE-&m
    Date: 1589
    1 : a brief summary of a larger work or of a field of knowledge.
    Version 1.0 - 6:50 PM 2/23/2003 - What's New: Everything.
    - Introduction and Information
    - Chapter 1 - Making:
    I.    Characters
    II.   Mechanics
    III.  Background
    IV.   Polygon Demos
    V.    Program
    VI.   Sound
    VII.  Game Plan
    VIII. Script
    IX.   Staff
    X.    Chronicle
    XI.   Special Footage
    XII.  Items
    - Chapter 2 - VR Training:
    I.    Stage 01
    II.   Stage 02
    III.  Stage 03
    IV.   Stage 04
    V.    Stage 05
    - Chapter 3 - Extra:
    I.    Frequently Asked Questions
    II.   Mistakes and Notables
    III.  Special Thanks
                              Introduction and Information
    The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 was released in North America and Japan in
    September 2002, and will be released in early 2003 in Europe.  Due to the
    incredible game sales from MGS2, this supplement was created.  In this special
    DVD, you will be allowed to play with and manipulate game characters, vehicles,
    landscapes, view original sketches, and read all about how the game was created
    from beginning to end.  Also in this documentary are 5 VR missions like those
    that will be included in the upcoming MGS2: Substance to be released in March
    of 2003.  The sheer immensity of information included in this DVD, plus a
    sneak preview of the VR missions (even the incredibly slick opening movie) make
    this a must-own item for Metal Gear fans around the world.
    I wrote this FAQ for 3 reasons. First, to let people know what exactly is on
    this DVD, as alot of people ask what this "game" is, and also to answer their
    questions.  Second, to make a somewhat complete online listing of items you
    will come across in this documentary. And third, to give insight on how to beat
    the 5 VR missions included on this DVD.  Are there things missing from this 
    FAQ? Sure.  If I feel something big is missing and it sould be in here, I will
    include it at a later date.  For now, enjoy!  
    From the game box:
    "making-of" documentary for METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF
    LIBERTY on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment
    system. Everything you could possibly want to know about
    declassified, including never-before-seen aspects of the game, 
    new playable VR TRAINING missions, original concept plans,
    rare video footage and trailers, and even programming secrets
    of how this game went from the drawing board to international
    insight into the acclaimed series from director, Hideo Kojima.
    *  See how the game was created, including sound and
       script development, polygon models, programming
       techniques, and early concept materials.
    *  Special sneak-peek look at some of the new VR
       TRAINING missions included in the upcoming game
    *  Special footage, items, and artwork not included in the
       original game
    *  The ultimate resource guide and interactive documentary
       for METAL GEAR SOLID fans   
    Basic Info
    MSRP at time of release: $19.99
    MSRP at present (date here): $19.99
    Memory Card: 60kb
    Developer: Konami
    Publisher: Konami
    Platform: PlayStation 2
    Genre: Miscellaneous
    Players: 1
    Japan:         SLPM-65184
    North America: SLUS-20543
    Europe:        n/a
    Original Release Dates: Japan:            September 12, 2002
                            North America:    September 26, 2002     
                            Europe:           March 28, 2003
                                  Chapter 1 - Making
    In this section of DoMGS2, you'll be able to view promotional artwork, see
    internal demos and movies, look at tons of MGS and MGS2 related item, play
    around with polygon models in real time, and much more.  Everything is broken
    up into 12 areas, here's an outline of items that can be found throughout.
    Please keep in mind that I have typed these items exactly as they appear in the
    game, so if my typing etiquette seems erratic, blame Konami.  In this section,
    you will most definitely see spoilers, but I'm assuming you have completed MGS2
    if you own this.  For now, sections that have 3D models, but also list 
    sketches, only the different 3D models will be included in this FAQ, I may 
    include a list of the sketches at a later date.  Let's begin.
    I. Characters
    In this section, you will be allowed to look at, rotate, zoom in on, all of the
    characters that appear in MGS2 (with a few hidden surprise characters.) You
    will also be able to adjust the lighting, so when you are zooming in on Emma,
    everything is nice and bright (heh).  There are a ton of different models in
    all for you to enjoy.  Also, by using the shoulder buttons, you can add things
    such as gun, clothing items, etc. to the character.  Here's the list:
      A. Solid Snake (3 items)
         1. Solid Snake
         2. Solid Snake/with Poncho
         3. Solid Snake/Shinkawa touch experiment model
      B. Iroquois Pliskin (4 items)
         1. Iroquois Pliskin
         2. Iroquois Pliskin/with Balaclava
         3. Iroquois Pliskin/Wounded
         4. Iroquois Pliskin/After First Aid
      C. Raiden (6 items)
         1. Raiden
         2. Raiden/with Under Water Gear
         3. Raiden/Naked
         4. Raiden/with Gurlukovich Soldier's Gear
         5. Raiden/early test model1
         6. Raiden/early test model2
      D. Otacon (1 item)
         1. Otacon
      E. Rosemary (1 item)
         1. Rosemary
      F. Colonel (1 item)
         1. Colonel
      G. Emma Emmerich (2 items)
         1. Emma Emmerich
         2. Emma Emmerich/After First Aid
      H. Ninja (1 item)
         1. Ninja
      I. Solidus Snake (5 items)
         1. Solidus Snake
         2. Solidus Snake/Hi-Power mode Lv1
         3. Solidus Snake/Hi-Power mode Lv2
         4. Solidus Snake/Hi-Power mode Lv3
         5. Solidus Snake/with cape
      J. Fortune (2 items)
         1. Fortune/wth coat
         2. Fortune
      K. Vamp (3 items)
         1. Vamp/with coat
         2. Vamp
         3. Vamp/early model
      L. Fatman (1 item)
         1. Fatman
      M. Olga Gurlukovich (2 items)
         1. Olga Gurlukovich (Tanker Chapter)
         2. Olga Gurlukovich (Plant Chapter)
      N. Sergei Gurlukovich (1 item)
         1. Sergei Gurlukovich
      O. Revolver Ocelot (5 items)
         1. Revolver Ocelot/with coat
         2. Revolver Ocelot (Tanker Chapter)
         3. Revolver Ocelot/Liquid awakening (Tanker Chapter)
         4. Revolver Ocelot (Plant Chapter)
         5. Revolver Ocelot/Liquid awakening (Plant Chapter)
      P. Enemy Soldiers (8 items)
         1. Gurlokovich Soldier (Tanker Chapter)
         2. Gurlokovich Soldier/Radio man (Tanker Chapter)
         3. Gurlokovich Soldier/with Heavy Equipment (Tanker Chapter)
         4. Gurlokovich Soldier/with Night-Vision Equipment (Tanker Chapter)
         5. Gurlokovich Soldier (Plant Chapter)
         6. Gurlokovich Soldier/with Heavy Equipment (Plant Chapter)
         7. Tengu Commando
         8. Hi-Tech Soldier
      Q. Scott Dolph (1 item)
         1. Scott Dolph
      R. Marines (7 items)
         1. Marine A
         2. Marine B
         3. Marine C
         4. Marine D
         5. Marine E
         6. Marine F
         7. Tanker crew/with Raincoat
      S. President James Johnson (1 item)
         1. President James Johnson
      T. Peter Stillman (1 item)
         1. Peter Stillman
      U. Richard Ames (1 item)
         1. Richard Ames
      V. SEALs (1 item)
         1. SEAL
      W. NY Citizens (8 items)
         1. NY Citizen (female A) 
         2. NY Citizen (female B)
         3. NY Citizen (female C)
         4. NY Citizen (female D)
         5. NY Citizen (male A)
         6. NY Citizen (male B)
         7. NY Citizen (male C)
         8. NY Citizen (male D)
      X. Hostages (12 items)
         1. Hostage (female A)/Jennifer
         2. Hostage (female B)
         3. Hostage (male A)
         4. Hostage (male B)
         5. Hostage (male C)
         6. Hostage (male D)
         7. Hostage (male E)
         8. Hostage (male F)
         9. Hostage (male G)
        10. Hostage (male H)
        11. Hostage (male I)
        12. Hostage (male J)
     Y. NYPD (5 items)
        1. NYPD 1
        2. NYPD 2
        3. NYPD 3
        4. NYPD 4
        5. NYPD/with Heavy Equipment
     Z. Creatures (2 items)
        1. Seagull
        2. Parrot
    AA. Experimental and Unused Characters (1 item)
        1. Mei Ling for Toon Shading Experiment
    II. Mechanics
    In this section, just like the Characters section, you can view 3D models and
    original sketches of the machines found in the game (and a few in the first MGS
    as well), aircraft, mechs, etc. Items for viewing are:
      A. Metal Gear RAY (3 items)
         1. Metal Gear RAY Prototype
         2. Metal Gear RAY Mass-produced type
         3. RAY's cockpit
      B. Arsenal Gear (1 item)
         1. Arsenal Gear
      C. Kasatka (3 items)
         1. Kasatka
         2. Kasatka Cargo Room
         3. Kasatka Cockpit
      D. Harrier (3 items)
         1. Harrier
         2. Damaged Harrier
         3. Harrier (Early Model)
      E. Cypher (2 items)
         1. Cypher
         2. Gun Cypher
      F. Sicorsky (1 Item)
         1. Sicorsky HH-60H
      G. Camera (4 items)
         1. Surveillance Camera (Plant Chapter)
         2. Surveillance Camera (Tanker Chapter)
         3. Gear-Check Surveillance Camera
         4. Gun Camera
      H. Metal Gear REX (1 item)
         1. Metal Gear Rex (Early Model)
      I. Hind D (1 item)
         1. Hind D (Early Model)
      J. M1 tank (1 item)
         1. M1 tank (Early Model)
      K. Unused Mechanics (1 item)
         1. Osprey (Early Model)
    III. Background
    This section is essentially like the Characters, Mechanics, and Polygon Demos
    section, you will be allowed to rotate and analyze settings from the game.
    The areas available to you are:
      A. Tanker (16 areas)
         1. George Washington Bridge
         2. Aft Deck
         3. Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
         4. Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
         5. Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
         6. Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
         7. Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
         8. Deck-E, Bridge
         9. Navigational Deck
        10. Engine Room
        11. Deck 2, Port
        12. Deck 2, Starboard
        13. Hold No.1
        14. Hold No.2
        15. Hold No.3
        16. Sinking Tanker
      B. Plant (28 areas)
         1. Verrazano Bridge
         2. Big Shell Overview
         3. Strut A Deep Sea Dock
         4. Strut A Roof
         5. Strut A Pump Room
         6. AB Connecting Bridge
         7. Strut B Transformer Room
         8. BC Connecting Bridge
         9. Strut C Mess Hall
        10. CD Connecting Bridge
        11. Strut D Sediment Pool
        12. DE Connecting Bridge
        13. Strut E Parcel Room
        14. Strut E Heliport
        15. EF Connecting Bridge
        16. Strut F Warehouse
        17. FA Connecting Bridge
        18. Shell 1 Core 1F
        19. Shell 1 Core B1
        20. Shell 1 Core B1 Hall
        21. Shell 1 Core B2 Computer Room
        22. Shell 1/2 Connecting Bridge
        23. Strut L Perimeter
        24. Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
        25. Shell 2 Core 1F Air Purification Room
        26. Shell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber 1
        27. Shell 2 Core B1 Filtration Chamber 2
        28. Strut L Lower Part 
      C. Arsenal - N.Y. (10 areas)
         1. Arsenal Gear Stomach
         2. Arsenal Gear Jejunum
         3. Arsenal Gear Ascending Colon
         4. Arsenal Gear Ileum
         5. Arsenal Gear Sigmoid Colon
         6. Arsenal Gear Rectum
         7. Arsenal Gear Upper Deck
         8. Federal Hall
         9. Off the Coast of Manhattan
        10. Manhattan 
      D. Unused BG (9 areas)
         1. Aft Deck Early Model
         2. Strut L Early Model (Warehouse)
         3. Filtration Chamber 1 Early Model
         4. Filtration Chamber 2 Early Model
         5. Strut D Early Model
         6. Early Room Model/Experimental
         7. Early Plant Model/Experimental
         8. Heliport from MGS1
         9. Manhattan & Arsenal Gear (After Destruction)
    IV. Polygon Demos
    In this section, you will be able to watch all of the cutscenes from the game
    while positioning the camera virtually anywhere you want it.  You can slow down
    the cutscenes, zoom in, pan the camera to the other side, etc.  One downside to
    this however is that the cutscenes lack any sound.  The demos available to you
    are as follows:
      A. Tanker (27 demos)
         1. Opening
         2. Disguised Tanker Descends Hudson River
         3. Spots Gurlukovich Soldiers
         4. Sees Colonel with Scope
         5. Snake Hears Chopper
         6. Gurlukovich Soldiers Land
         7. Spots Olga
         8. Before Olga Battle
         9. After Olga Battle Victory 1
        10. After Olga Battle Victory 2
        11. Hatch Closes, Gurlukovich Soldiers in front of Wall
        12. Ocelot Kills Soldier
        13. Snake Stares down at Soldiers
        14. Metal Gear Appears 1
        15. Metal Gear Appears 2
        16. Metal Gear Appears 3
        17. Metal Gear Appears 4
        18. Metal Gear Appears 5
        19. Stealing Metal Gear 1 Ocelot Appears
        20. Stealing Metal Gear 2 Scott Dolph and Gang Die
        21. Stealing Metal Gear 3 Liquid Awakens
        22. Stealing Metal Gear 4 Hopping into RAY Cockpit
        23. Stealing Metal Gear 5 RAY Activated
        24. Metal Gear Escapes
        25. Game Over  Found in Hold No. 1
        26. Game Over  Found in Hold No. 2
        27. Game Over  Found in Hold No. 3
      B. Plant 01 (36 Demos)
         1. Plant Occupied
         2. Raiden Enters Dock from Sea
         3. Skull Suit Explanation
         4. Snake Rear View
         5. Touch Node for First Time
         6. Raiden Removes Mask on Elevator
         7. Big Shell Overview
         8. Vamp Encounter 1 Appearance of Vamp, Pliskin With Gun
         9. Vamp Encounter 1 Appearance of Vamp, Pliskin No Gun
        10. Vamp Encounter 2 Raiden and Pliskin Introduction
        11. Vamp Encounter 3 Nanocommunication
        12. Vamp Encounter 4 Stolen Black Case
        13. Vamp Encounter 5 SEAL Danger on Codec No Shaver 
        14. Vamp Encounter 5 SEAL Danger on Codec With Shaver
        15. Vamp Encounter 5 Bye for Now
        16. Fortune Appears Vamp Takes President
        17. Peter Encounter 1 Peter Appears
        18. Peter Encounter 2 Talk on Bomb Defusion
        19. Peter Encounter 3 Bomb Defusion Mission Explanation
        20. Peter Encounter 4 Obtain Spray, Sensor, Card Key
        21. Peter Encounter 5 Different Door Explanation
        22. Peter Encounter 6 Pliskin Departs
        23. Peter Encounter 7 Raiden Leaves Mess Hall
        24. Olga Appears
        25. Fortune Again
        26. After Fortune Battle
        27. Fatman Appears
        28. After Fatman Battle
        29. Ninja Appears 1
        30. Ninja Appears 2
        31. Ninja Appears 3 About Hostages
        32. Ninja Apperas 4 Obtain Security Card, Enemy Uniform
        33. Ninja Appears 5 Surveillance Camera and Enemy Uniform Explanation
        34. Ninja Apperas 6 About Retinal Scanner
        35. Ninja Appears 7 About Metal Gear RAY
        36. Ninja Appears 8 Obtain Cell Phone
      C. Plant 02 (36 Demos)
         1. Infiltrate Hostage Room
         2. Find Ames 1 Ames Appears
         3. Find Ames 2 Solidus Appears
         4. Find Ames 3 Eavesdropping
         5. Find Ames 4 Obtain Card
         6. Find Ames 5 Ames Dies
         7. Before Harrier Battle
         8. After Harrier Battle
         9. Electric Floor Olga's Vengeance Against Snake
        10. Electric Floor How to Turn off Hi-voltage Current
        11. Destroyed Power Source
        12. President Appears
        13. President Killed by Ocelot
        14. Peter's Corpse
        15. Before Vamp Battle 1 Vamp Appears
        16. Before Vamp Battle 2 About Purified H Bomb
        17. Before Vamp Battle 3 Battle about to Begin
        18. After Vamp Battle
        19. Emma Appears 1 Emma Scared
        20. Emma Appears 2 Let's Swim
        21. Emma Appears 3 Water Route Explanation
        22. Emma Appears 4 Emma Removes Glasses
        23. Emma Appears 5 Short Break
        24. Emma & AI 1 About MO Disc
        25. Emma & AI 2 Parrot
        26. Emma & AI 3 Water Route Beyond
        27. Emma & AI 4 End of Break
        28. I Don't Have Card 5!
        29. Arrival at Strut L
        30. Descend Ladder
        31. Talk at Bottom of Ladder
        32. Check Oil Fence with Scope
        33. Vamp Again
        34. Emma Stabbed
        35. Raiden to Strut E
        36. AG Activated 1 Virus Used 
      D. Plant 03 (36 Demos)
         1. AG Activated 2 Sea & Sunset
         2. AG Activated 3 Emma Dies
         3. AG Activated 4 Sun Totally Set
         4. AG Activated 5 Arsenal Activation Preparation Begun
         5. AG Activated 6 Otacon to Elevator
         6. AG Activated 7 Shell 1 View Emma Flashback
         7. AG Activated 8 Ninja Again
         8. AG Activated 9 Plant Sinks
         9. Torture Chamber
        10. Solidus Exits
        11. Olga Enters
        12. To Metal Gear Hangar
        13. Naked Raiden Meets Snake
        14. Obtain Hi-frequency Blade
        15. Before Tengu Commando Battle 1
        16. Before Tengu Commando Battle 2
        17. Tengu Commando Rush
        18. Fortune VS Snake
        19. Arrival at RAY Hangar
        20. Before RAY Battle
        21. Olga Dies
        22. Solidus Mass-produced RAYs
        23. On Top of AG 1 Solidus Talks of Goal
        24. On Top of AG 2 Ocelot Appears
        25. On Top of AG 3 Ocelot Shoots Fortune
        26. On Top of AG 4 Fortune's Last Miracle
        27. On Top of AG 5 RAY Escapes
        28. AG Lands on NY
        29. AG Stops
        30. Raiden & Solidus Dialogue 1 About Life Span
        31. Raiden & Solidus Dialogue 2 Emancipation from Patriots
        32. Raiden & Solidus Dialogue 3 I Killed Your Parents
        33. Before Raiden & Solidus Battle
        34. Settlement
        35. Ending 1 City in Chaos
        36. Ending 2 Rose Appears
    V. Program
    In this section, you can read about all of the technical aspects of MGS 2.
    Information such as how the PS2 handles the tasks the game requires, to special
    development tools created for the game and programming information is in this
    section, this area is broken up into 13 parts.
      1. System Structure
      2. Memory Map
      3. Script Language
      4. Collision System
      5. Zone System and Enemy Soldier AI
      6. MGS2 Image Drawing System Characteristics
      7. The Use of the VRAM and Textures
      8. Image-Drawing Sequence
      9. Image Drawing Processing and Effects
     10. Lighting
     11. Streaming System
     12. Tools
     13. Data Management 
    VI. Sound
    In this section, you will be able to listen to 29 different songs from MGS2.
      1. Title
      2. Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
      3. Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
      4. Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
      5. Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
      6. Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
      7. Deck-E, The Bridge
      8. Vs Olga Gurlukovich
      9. Engine Room
     10. Deck 2
     11. Strut A Deep Sea Dock
     12. Strut A Pump Room
     13. Strut C Dining Hall
     14. Strut F Warehouse
     15. Scentless Bomb Search
     16. Vs Dead Cell
     17. Shell 1 Core, B2 CP.RM
     18. Shell 1 Core, B1 Hall
     19. Vs Harrier
     20. Shell 2 Core, 1F AIRRM
     21. Rescue Emma
     22. Escort Emma
     23. Arsenal Gear
     24. Vs Tengu Commando
     25. Vs Mass-Produced RAY
     26. Vs Mass-Produced RAY
     27. Vs Solidus Snake
     28. Basic Actions-Intrmed.
     29. Basic Actions-Advncd.
    VII. Game Plan
    In this section, you will be able to read (if you can read Japanese) the Game 
    Plan for MGS2 written by Mr. Kojima in 1999.  Items include:
      1. Game Plan
      2. Instruction Sheet 1 from the Director
      3. Instruction Sheet 2 from the Director
      4. Instruction Sheet 3 from the Director
    VIII. Script
    In this section, you will be able to read the entire script for the game, word
    for word.
    IX. Staff
    This section lists key members of the development staff, and has a small bio
    for some of them.  Since there is a staff listing in the MGS2 manual, this 
    will not be included in the FAQ.
    X. Chronicle
    This section is a complete timeline of events ranging from the completion of
    MGS, to international releases of MGS2.  Due to the massive size of events 
    listed in this section, it will not be included in this FAQ.
    XI. Special Footage
      1. Promotion (10 videos)
        A. Video Footage for External Presentation Use (Collaboration Purpose)
        B. Video Footage for External Presentation Use (External Staff)
        C. Video Footage for Internal Presentation Use
        D. E3-2000
        E. ECTS-2000
        F. Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival
        G. Tokyo Game Show: Spring 2001
        H. E3-2001
        I. Tokyo Game Show: Fall 2001
        J. Premium Preview
      2. Making (8 videos)
        A. Actors & Mr. Mori Interviews
        B. NY Research Trip
        C. Clearing Lecture
        D. Olga Codec Demo Shows the demo sound mixing process.
        E. Snake Diving Demo Shows the demo sound mixing process.  
        F. Snake Meets Raiden Demo Shows the demo sound mixing process.
        G. Metal Gear RAY Escape Demo Shows the demo sound mixing process.
        H. Development Completed
    XII. Items
      1. Books (4 sections)
        A. Related Books (16 items)
           1. Official Guide/Quickest Completion (NTT Publishing)
           2. Navigation File (Shinkigensha)
           3. Official Guidebook (Futabasha)
           4. Quickest Completion Chart (Mediaworks)
           5. Perfect Completion Guide (Kodansha)
           6. Official Guide/Perfect Completion (NTT Publishing)
           7. Official Perfect Guide/Expert File (Futabasha)
           8. Complete Guide (Enterbrain)
           9. METAL WORKS THE PERFECT (Shinkigensha) with DVD
          10. Premium Guidebook (Mediaworks)
          11. METAL GEAR SOLID 2 THE MAKING (Sony Magazines)
          12. THE ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID 2 (Shinkigensha) Yoji Shinkawa Artbook
          13. Konami Style Limited Edition Yoji Shinkawa Artbook Cover
          14. US Official Guidebook (BRADY GAMES)
          15. European Official Guidebooks (piggyback interactive limited)
              (English, French, German) 
          16. European Official Guidebooks (piggyback interactive limited)
              (Italian, Spanish, Greek)
        B. MGS Illustration Pamphlet (4 items)
           1. THE ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID (Shinkigensha) Pamphlet (1)    
           2. THE ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID (Shinkigensha) Pamphlet (2)
           3. THE ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID (Shinkigensha) Pamphlet (3)
           4. THE ART OF METAL GEAR SOLID (Shinkigensha) Pamphlet (4)
        C. MGS First Famitsu Poster (5 items)
           1. MGS/Famitsu Poster (Front)
           2. MGS/Famitsu Poster (Back 1)
           3. MGS/Famitsu Poster (Back 2)
           4. MGS/Famitsu Poster (Back 3)
           5. MGS/Famitsu Poster (Back 4)
        D. Magazines (20 items)
           1. Famitsu (12.14.2001) Cover
           2. Famitsu PS2 (12.14.2001) Cover
           3. The PlayStation 2 (12.7.2001) Cover
           4. Dengeki PlayStation (12.14.2001) Cover
           5. Famitsu PS2 (12.14.2001 Special Issue) Cover
           6. The PlayStation 2 (12.14.2001) Cover
           7. Hyper PlayStation 2 (Jan. 2002) Cover
           8. UK: EDGE (Jul. 2000) Cover
           9. UK: PSW (Apr. 2001) Cover
          10. Finland: PLEIKKARI2-LEHTI (Issue 8) Cover
          11. Sweden: SUPER PLAY (Aug. 2001) Cover
          12. Germany: PLAY ZONE (Dec. 2001)
          13. Germany: PSM2 (Apr. 2001) Cover
          14. France: MultiMedia A LA UNE (Jan. 2002)
          15. France: Joypad (Issue 115)/Cover
          16. USA: ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY (Oct. 2001) Cover
          17. USA: Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (Dec. 2001) Cover
          18. USA: PSM (Aug. 2000) Cover
          19. Italy: Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (Mar. 2002) Cover
          20. Italy: PSM (Issue 46) Cover
      2. Figure (19 sections)
        A. Kubricks (1 item)
           1. Kubricks (Medicom Toy)
        B. McFARLANE TOYS (6 items)
           1. Figure/Snake (McFARLANE TOYS)
           2. Figure/Raiden (McFARLANE TOYS)
           3. Figure/Fortune (McFARLANE TOYS)
           4. Figure/Olga (McFARLANE TOYS)
           5. Figure/Ocelot (McFARLANE TOYS)
           6. Figure/Solidus (McFARLANE TOYS)
        C. METAL GEAR RAY by Yoji Shinkawa (10 items)
           1. METAL GEAR RAY/Full Scratch Model by Art Director Yoji Shinkawa
              *There are 10 images of this item)
        D. Trading Figure/Raiden (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Raiden (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        E. Trading Figure/Raiden (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Raiden (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        F. Trading Figure/Raiden Diving Gear (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Raiden Diving Gear (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        G. Trading Figure/Raiden Diving Gear (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Raiden Diving Gear (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)     
        H. Trading Figure/Solid Snake (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Solid Snake (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        I. Trading Figure/Solid Snake (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Solid Snake (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)                     
        J. Trading Figure/Otacon (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Otacon (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        K. Trading Figure/Otacon (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Otacon (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        L. Trading Figure/Olga Gurlukovich (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Olga Gurlukovich (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        M. Trading Figure/Olga Gurlukovich (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Olga Gurlukovich (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        N. Trading Figure/Revolver Ocelot (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Revolver Ocelot (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        O. Trading Figure/Revolver Ocelot (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Revolver Ocelot (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        P. Trading Figure/Gurlukovich Soldier (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Gurlukovich Soldier (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        Q. Trading Figure/Gurlukovich Soldier (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Gurlukovich Soldier (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        R. Trading Figure/Metal Gear RAY (Silver) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Metal Gear RAY (Silver)
              *There are 6 images of this item)
        S. Trading Figure/Metal Gear RAY (Color) (6 items)
           1. Trading Figure/Metal Gear RAY (Color)
              *There are 6 images of this item) 
      3. Goods (15 sections)
        A. E3 Items (13 items)
           1. Commemorative Paper Weight Given out at MGS2 Premiere Event 2000
           2. E3 2000/Entry Pass of Mr. Kojima
           3. E3 2000/Pamphlet
           4. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Inside)
           5. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Front)
           6. E3 2000/Pamphlet
           7. E3 2000/Pamphlet
           8. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Back)
           9. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Japanese text: Front)
          10. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Japanese text: Back) 
          11. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Front)
          12. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Inside)
          13. E3 2000/Pamphlet (Back)
        B. European Items (17 items)
           1. European Promotional Item/Can Case
           2. European Promotional Item/Shirt
           3. European Promotional Item/Vest
           4. European Promotional Item T-Shirt "!" "?"
           5. European Promotional Item T-Shirt "illustration"
           6. European Promotional Item Multipurpose Tool
           7. European Promotional Item/Shot Glass
           8. European Promotional Item/Scopes
           9. European Promotional Item MGS2 Play Cards
          10. European MGS2 Package
          11. European Promotional Poster
          12. European Promotional Poster
          13. European Promotional Pamphlet
          14. European Promotional Pamphlet
          15. European Promotional Item Snake Standee
          16. European Promotional Item Life Size Snake Doll
          17. European Limited PlayStation 2 hardware with MGS2
        C. MGS Post Card (4 items)
           1. MGS2 Post Card (front)
           2. MGS2 Post Card (back 1)
           3. MGS2 Post Card (back 2)
           4. MGS2 Post Card (back 3)
        D. MGS Package (13 items)
           1. MGS Package
           2. MGS Premium Package
           3. MGS INTEGRAL Package
           4. MGS KONAMI The BEST Package
           5. MGS INTEGRAL KONAMI The BEST Package
           6. MGS PS one Books Package
           7. Jikkyo Pawafuru Puro Yakyu'98 Kaimakuban Package with MGS Demo
           8. DRAMA CD METALGEAR SOLID Vol.1 
           9. DRAMA CD METALGEAR SOLID Vol.1 (Case)
          10. DRAMA CD METALGEAR SOLID Vol.2
          11. DRAMA CD METALGEAR SOLID Vol.2 (Case)
          12. MGS ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK (Japan) Initial Limited Box Package
          13. MGS/MGS INTEGRAL/MGS2/Drama CD Disc Labels
        E. MGS2 Package (11 items)
           1. MGS2 Package (Japan)
           2. MGS2 Premium Package
           3. MGS2 Premium Package (Snake)
           4. MGS2 Premium Package (Raiden)
           5. MGS2 Premium Package Special Footage DVD
           6. MGS2 Corporate Bond Version Package
           7. Limited "MGS2 THE TRAILER" E3 2000 Documentary
           8. MGS2 TRIAL EDITION (included in "Z.O.E.")
           9. MGS2 Reservation Bonus "Making" DVD
          10. MGS2 SOUNDTRACK (Japan) Package
          11. MGS2 SOUNDTRACK THE OTHER SIDE (Japan) Package 
        F. International Packages (13 items)
           1. MGS Package (USA)
           2. MGS VR MISSIONS Package
           3. MGS GREATEST HITS Package
           4. MGS Package (Europe)
           5. MGS SPECIAL MISSIONS Package
           6. MGS PLATINUM Package
           7. MGS2 Package (USA)
           8. MGS2 Package (Europe)
           9. MGS2 Package (South Korea)
          10. Korean Limited PlayStation 2 hardware with MGS2
          11. MGS2 SOUNDTRACK CD (USA)
          12. MGS ORIGINAL GAME SOUNDTRACK (Europe) Package
          13. MGS2 SOUNDTRACK CD (Europe) 
        G. Poster 1 (MGS) (8 items)
           1. MGS In-store Poster
           2. MGS INTEGRAL In-store Poster
           3. MGS In-store Poster
           4. MGS INTEGRAL In-store Poster
           5. MGS In-Store Poster
           6. MGS In-Store Poster (Now on Sale)
           7. MGS In-store Poster (Snake)
           8. MGS In-Store Poster (Ninja)
        H. Poster 2 (MGS2) (12 items)
           1. MGS2 In-store Poster (Snake)
           2. MGS2 In-store Poster (Otacon)
           3. MGS2 In-store Poster (Emma)
           4. MGS2 In-store Poster (Fatman)
           5. MGS2 In-store Poster (Vamp)
           6. MGS2 In-store Poster (Olga)
           7. MGS2 In-store Poster (Fortune)
           8. MGS2 In-store Poster (Colonel)
           9. MGS2 In-store Poster (Solidus)
          10. MGS2 In-store Poster (Rose)
          11. MGS2 In-store Poster (Raiden)
          12. MGS2 In-store Poster (Ocelot)
        I. Poster 3 (MGS2) (10 items)
           1. MGS2 E3 2001 Poster (White)
           2. MGS2 E3 2001 Poster (Blue)
           3. MGS2 Tokyo Game Show 2001 Poster (Konami Style)
           4. MGS2 In-store Poster (Snake)
           5. MGS2 In-store Poster (Raiden)
           6. Z.O.E./MGS2 (TRIAL EDITION) In-store Poster
           7. MGS2 In-store Poster
           8. MGS2 In-store Poster
           9. MGS2 In-store Poster
          10. "2nd Metal Gear Solid Bond" Announcement Poster
        J. Premium Preview Invitation Card (2 items)
           1. Limited Invitation "Premium Preview" Envelope
           2. Limited Invitation "Premium Preview" Invitation Card
        K. US Items (11 items)
           1. US Magazine Print Ad (1)
           2. US Magazine Print Ad (2)
           3. US Magazine Print Ad (3)
           4. US Promotionla T-shirt (Front)
           5. US Promotionla T-shirt (Back)
           6. MGS2/US Package
           7. US Promotional Poster
           8. US Promotional Poster
           9. US Product Stand (Illustration)
          10. US Promotional Banner
          11. US Promotional Floor Mat  
        L. Clear FIle (4 items)
           1. Konami Style Special Clear File A (Front)
           2. Konami Style Special Clear File A (Back)
           3. Konami Style Special Clear File B (Front)
           4. Konami Style Special Clear File B (Back)
        M. Trading Cards (10 items)
           1. MGS Trading Card Game (Release Cancelled)
           2. MGS TCG/Character Card Ideas
           3. MGS TCG/Character Card Ideas
           4. MGS TCG/Command Card Idea
           5. MGS TCG/Trap Card Ideas
           6. MGS TCG/Trap Card Ideas
           7. MGS TCG/Weapon Card Idea
           8. MGS TCG/Back Design Idea
           9. MGS TCG/Counter Chip Design Idea
          10. MGS TCG/Field Design Idea 
        N. Awards (7 items)
           1. MGS "3RD CESA AWARDS" Excellence Award Trophy
           2. MGS "1999 PlayStation Awards" Gold Prize Plaque
           3. MGS "2ND Agency of Culture Media Art Festival" Excellence Award
           4. MGS2 2001 "Dengeki-Oh Game Software Award" Heat Up Award
           5. MGS2 2001 "Dengeki-Oh Best Creator Award" Best Director Award
           6. MGS2 "2002 PlayStation Awards" Gold Prize Plaque
           7. THE DIAMOND AWARD (To Titles with 2M+ units manufactured)
        O. Others (5 items)
           1. Promotional MGS2 Sticker Tokyo Game Show 2001
           2. Card CD with Trailer
           3. 1999 MGS Calender
           4. 2002 MGS2 Calender
           5. 2002 New Years Greeting Card
      4. Illustrations (2 sections)
        A. Illustrations 1 (12 items)
           1. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           2. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           3. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           4. E3 2000 Pamphlet RAY illustration
           5. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           6. Image Illustration/Metal Gear RAY
           7. Image Illustration/Ocelot
           8. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           9. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
          10. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
          11. Image Illustration/Dead Cell
          12. Image Illustration/Raiden
        B. Illustrations 2 (14 items)
           1. Image Illustration/Raiden
           2. Image Illustration/Raiden
           3. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
           4. Image Illustration/Snake & Raiden
           5. Image Illustration/Snake & Raiden
           6. Image Illustration/Metal Gear RAY
           7. Image Illustration/Raiden
           8. Image Illustration/Main Characters
           9. Image Illustration/Raiden
          10. Caricature/Solid Snake
          11. Image Illustration/Snake & Raiden & Metal Gear RAY
          12. Image Illustration/Dead Cell
          13. Image Illustration/Solid Snake
          14. Image Illustration/Olga
                                Chapter 2 - VR Training
    In this section of DoMGS2, you are given a chance to try out 5 VR missions like
    the ones that will appear in MGS2: Substance coming out on various platforms in
    2003.  You can save your progress through beating these missions, and your high
    scores will be kept.  Naturally, beating a single mission will give you an 
    additional 20% completion percentage.  When you have beaten all 5 missions, and
    100% is reached.  I suppose you could consider DoMGS2 100% Complete.  The stage
    listing in the main menu will be gray-ish when you start, beating a mission 
    will change the stage text color to white, getting better than one of the three
    preset high scores will change it to yellow text, and finally, getting the top 
    score will display orange text.  Here is a listing of those 5 missions, and an 
    analysis on how to beat each one, since the first 4 missions are relatively 
    easy, however, the fifth mission can be very hard if you're not sure of the 
    best way to beat it.
    I.   Stage 01 - Sneaking
         Character: Solid Snake
         Time Limit: 2 min 00 sec
         In this mission, you'll have the task of getting to a checkpoint while
         avoiding 4 guards walking around the area.  At the start of the mission,
         head right a few steps until you see a crawl duct heading up, go inside.
         You'll see left and right turns in this duct, but stay straight for now. 
         There is a guard walking around here, wait for him to walk away, and exit
         the duct.  Stand up and take an immediate right avoiding another guard
         that is also on your right.  There is another crawl duct here, take it.
         You'll have to be quick, as a guard will be coming behind you.  Follow the
         main contour of the duct, and head to the checkpoint.  Be careful of a 
         guard approacing on your left.
         Alternate path:
         When beginning the mission, immediately head up into the crawl duct 
         behind a guard.  Head all the way up, and then all the way to the right.
         When the duct ends, cross the path into an adjacent duct.  Now exit this 
         duct, and you're home free.  Be careful when exiting the first duct 
         because the controls will change when you aren't in first-person view
         any more.
         Alternate Path #2:
         As soon as the mission starts, run all the way to the right.  Then go 
         up and hide in the little space in the wall to the right because a 
         guard will walk a little bit down this hallway.  As soon as he turns 
         around to walk away, follow him.  You'll then notice that guard
         facing to the right, another guard to the left of him facing the left,
         and a nice big spot to run right between them,  The only one that may
         spot you may be the guard on the left.  When running through them,
         you may need to do dash jumps (hit X while running) to get out his
         sight range quick enough.  This path should get you a high score.
    II.  Stage 02 - Weapon: Handgun
         Character: Solid Snake
         Time Limit: 1 min 30 sec
         Targets: 12
         Well, it's rather hard to give analysis for this, because there's really
         only one way to do this mission, shoot the targets as fast as you can. 
         Remember that you will get extra points not only for how fast you go, 
         but for how many bullets you have left over at the end.  Make sure
         you shoot fast, but also as accurate as possible.  The targets come in 
         First Wave:  1 to the left of you
         Second Wave: 1 to the right of you
         Third Wave:  2 to the right of you
         Fourth Wave: 3 to the right of you
         Fifth Wave:  1 to the right of you, 4 to the left of you
         Besides using only 12 bullets and shooting fast, another tactic for
         getting a high score is keeping an eye on combos.  Shooting consecutive
         targets quick enough will generate a combo bonus, making your overall 
         score much better at the end.  It's entirely possible to get a 12-combo
         if you remember where the targets are. Don't forget that you still need 
         to go to the end checkpoint directly behind you after the shooting the 
          12th target to end the mission.
    III. Stage 03 - Eliminate All
         Character: Raiden
         Time Limit: 3 min 00 sec
         Enemies: 4
         Okay, here, you have a large area with many places to go high and
         low.  In order to get a NO-KILL score bonus, you're going to want
         use an M9 instead of the Socom. This weapon shoots tranquilizers
         and only puts the enemy to sleep for a brief period, it doesn't kill
         them (which is what you want in this particular mission).  The M9 is 
         directly to the right of you when starting the level.  Here is is 
         the path I took to get my high score.
         Get the M9, walk under the surveillance camera and head towards the end of
         wall to your left, stay about 6 feet back from the end and maybe a foot
         or so to the right of it.  When you go into shooting mode, you'll see
         a guard awalking away from you to the left, shoot him quick. Next, a
         soldier will walk from right to left in front of you, shoot him.
         head back the way you came and go up the stairs to the right, shoot
         the guard heading towards you.  For the last guard hanging out
         near the end, try to shoot him from the left right below the
         last staircase on the right side of the level.  Then, head to the 
         checkpoint at the very top.  Keep in mind that, if you shoot a guard
         with the M9 he will take a few seconds, sometime up to 15 or 20 to 
         finally pass out.  However, if you shoot a guard with a tranquilizer
         in the head, he will pass out immediately.  This method is recommended
         for the highest scores. There are a ton of other paths you can take
         of course, so feel free to experiment.
    IV.  Stage 04 - Weapon: HF.Blade
         Character: Raiden
         Time Limit: 1 min 30 sec
         Targets: 30
         A simple premise here, slash your way through all 30 poles that appear
         with your blade. The first one is directly behind you, alot of people
         don't figure that out.  The poles appear in waves, here they are:
         First Wave:   1 pole
         Second Wave:  2 poles
         Third Wave:   3 poles
         Fourth Wave:  4 poles
         Fifth Wave:   7 poles
         Sixth Wave:   1 pole
         Seventh Wave: 2 poles
         Eigth Wave:  10 poles
         In the Fifth Wave, you'll notice a few poles off by themselves, you can 
         walk up to these and slash them, but try punching and kicking adjacent 
         poles into them instead.  Also, you can avoid staircases in some 
         instances by doing the dash jump (hit X while running) to get to the next
         platform. For the one all the way to the left in this wave, I recommend
         slashing it as you fall off the adjacent platform.  That way, you don't
         need to climb, anything, and it's less walking distance.  Just keep 
         slashing away is all I can really say, know how to use your blade, and
         then try to find the best path.   
    V.   Stage 05 - Variety
         Character: Solid Snake
         Time Limit: 3 min 00 sec
         Here it is, by FAR the hardest mission out of the five.  The enemies
         appear in one big wave.  You'll need to keep an eye on all of the guards
         because they are all trying to get to the girl on the ground directly
         in front of you. (Meryl Silverburg from MGS.)  Since it's hard to give a
         good walkthrough for doing this, here a some simple tips:
         * Make sure you use you Pentazemin to control your shaking and to improve
           your accuracy.
         * You can drop down to a lower level directly below your platform.  You
           may have a better vantage point from there.
         * Use the PSG1-T to get a NO-KILL bonus that will help out your score.
         This mission is more of a taste of what the really hard missions in
         MGS2: Substance will be like.  Have Fun.           
                                   Chapter 3 - Extra
    So, after getting the real meat and potatoes of the FAQ out of the way, here's
    everything else worth noting about DoMGS2.
    I. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. What is this?
    A. This is a DVD that documents the development process of Metal Gear Solid 2.
       You are allowed near-unrestricted access to just about all of the artwork,
       polygon models, and characters in the game.  Not to mention all of the
       wonderful trailers that made you want to buy MGS2 in the first place.
    Q. Is this worth getting?
    A. Definitely, if you loved MGS2, this is a no-brainer.
    Q. Where can I find it?
    A. It's a bit tough to find, major chains like Electronics Boutique or
       Gamestop my no longer carry it.  Try Amazon.com if you can't find it, and
       Ebay.com as a last resort only.
    Q. Are there any secrets in this game?
    A. There's unverified information that a completed VR missions save will
       unlock items in MGS2: Substance.  More infor on this if/when it
       become available.   
    Q. When will DoMGS2 be released in Europe?
    A. It will be packaged with MGS2: Substance, and will be released on March 28,
    II. Mistakes and Notables
    * In the "Items" section under "goods" there is "MGS Post Card." The pictures 
      are all of the MGS Post Card, but they are labeled as an MGS2 Post Card.
    * In the "Items" section under "Books" in the "Magazines" area, there is 
      "USA: ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY (Oct. 2001) Cover" this cover has an
      image of Soul Calibur 2 on the cover, but it is blurred out.
    * In the "Items" section under "goods" there is "Premium Preview Invitation 
      Card. "Here, invitation is misspelled "invitatin."
    * In the "Sound" section, there's a misspelling on Track 4, "CRWE'S"
    * In the Background demos section, Model is sometimes misspelled "MODE"
    III. Special Thanks
    - To Konami, for making a wonderful documentary for an incredible game
    - To CJayC of GameFAQS for hosting this, and my other FAQs
    The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 Compendium
    ©2003 Jim Govoni
    End of File.

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