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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/14/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    "OO@  @%%# O%%%; ;OoOo Ooo, .OOo  "o;  ,@o%%.  '"   @O%@   oOO@    ,%O%@  @%@ 
    ;OO@  %%oO "%%%; ,"O%%  '   ;%%O  "oo.  oO%#o;',    %Oo%, '%O@@ooo ,@O%%  @%@ 
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    o"OO  "'o; oOO%'      .'''o.;oooO"OOOO  ,   ;%oo'   ,OO%@  OOOO     o"oO""%%% 
    'ooo  o"'. 'OO%'  .;;  '%%@;,OoOOOoO"o;"OO%;,o;";   OO%O'  @%%%     oooo.."""
    %%@%  @OO' ,"oo" .%%%o"O%O%;'O%#   %%O"""oo"%%Oo,   O%O%,  @OO%'';. OOoo..;;; 
    OOoo%%%@O.  Ooo"  ;"O%O%@'. ;;,;.  .O@'"OO"""oo;;';;o""o;,;OOOoOoo;,"%oo .OOo 
    %OOOoO%o.   Oo;;    .,...           ,O"oo;,"O""O'"%','o"o''O''oO"'";"O"" .Ooo 
    OO"',,,                              %;,O";""';"';O','"oo,;o';oo';,;'O;',,""o 
                                        .;;.,;,.,;;,;o@o';.,;'';;;;;',. ,''',   
                                                    —> ASCII art by Sajith <—
                                  Disaster Report
                             For the Sony Playstation 2
                               Last Updated 7/14/04
                                    Version 1.0
                           Written & Compiled by "TestaALT"
                            Email address TestaALT@aol.com
    This file is Copyright (c) 2004 Andrew "TestaALT" Testa. All rights reserved.
                 The latest version of this guide can be found at:
                  T  A  B  L  E    O  F    C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S
       i.  What's New
       I.  Introduction and Dedication
     II.  Basics
            2.1  -  Story
            2.2  -  Controls
            2.3  -  Overview
    III.  Walkthrough
     IV.  Appendices
            4.1  -  Items
            4.2  -  People
            4.3  -  Letters
            4.4  -  Voice Data
            4.5  -  Compass
      V.  Frequently Asked Questions
     VI.  Closing
            6.1  -  Credits
            6.2  -  Legal Disclaimer
            6.3  -  Contact Information
                                   i.  What's New
    Version  1.0  (07/14/04):  Walkthrough completed! Guide completed!
    Version  .80  (07/13/04):  Walkthrough up to Christophe Construction.
    Version  .70  (03/25/03):  Reformatted the Frequently Asked Questions 
                               section and finished up the story section.
    Version  .60  (03/24/03):  Did more of the walkthrough up to the Market and 
                               the people list.
    Version  .50  (03/16/03):  Walkthrough up to first saving Karen. Also 
                               reformatted guide.
                           I.  Introduction and Dedication
    Welcome all to my Disaster Report unofficial FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will 
    cover the Playstation 2 version of the game. Some quick things to note, 
    Disaster Report is a very unique game. It combines everything in a survival 
    game with an earthquake simulator. Though the game might get boring after a 
    while it is still a fun play.
    Other things to note, I wrote this guide for IGN. Therefore, I get a free 
    game in the process of writing for it. And what is even better? I get to 
    post the guide at GameFAQs.com. Even more great news, they have a bounty of 
    thirty dollars for this game. Awesome, isn't it? Well, even if I would of not
    bought the game if I say it at a game store it is a still a pretty great game.
    Now onto the dedication...
    This guide is dedicated to Trace Jackson or Meowthnum1 for a number of
    reasons. One, because he is one of the coolest people I have met. His person-
    ality always raises your spirit. Second, his guides are astonishingly great.
    He has, one of the best formats for a guide I have ever seen. I do not know
    how he will feel for me dedicating him to a game that I wrote originally for
    IGN but this dedication is what made me finish the guide. Without that, I
    would of most likely not of been able to finish it. And lastly, he writes
    guides because he likes to do it. He does not write then for prestige or any
    source of honor from the gaming community. He writes them because he wants to
    help the person playing the game. And that shows so much about him. This guide
    is dedicated to him because of this. Also because he is a great guy. And in
    the words of Colin and CVX...
    Onward... Whee!
                                     II.  Basics
                                    2.1  -  Story
    [ As taken from the Instruction Manual ]
    The year 2001:
    After ten years of building in secret, the government
    announces to the world the completion of a top-secret
    project based in the Pacific Ocean.
    It was construction of artificial isle known as
    Stiver Island.
    In a feat of revolutionary technology, the government
    utilized its top engineering talent to transform a
    minor spur of rock that barely stood above the ocean
    waves to a thriving man-made island, complete with a
    state-of-the-art metropolis. This endeavor was beyond
    any previous architectural accomplishments in man's
    history, dating back to the construction of the
    pyramids in Egypt.
    The revolutionary technology allowed the government
    to build in a location that reached a depth in the 
    oncean floor that was believed unusable by modern
    standards. The advanced construction methods were
    also well below the cost and timetables associated
    with current methods of construction. This techno-
    logy, the Government officials felt, would be an
    incredible offering for other countries that are
    suffering from over-crowded cities and population
    explosiona. Because of this, a great deal of atten-
    tion was given to this man-made island.
    The Government officials knew with this technology
    they had an incredible export item for the rest of
    the world. To prove their faith in the strength and
    durability of the technology and to gain credibility
    from the rest of the world's scientists and leaders,
    they decided to move part of the Government's admi-
    nistrative functions to Stiver Island.
    For this reason, the city on Stiver Island is called
    "Capital City."
    A few years have passed...
    Capital City is still known as the City of the Future.
    The year 2005:
    Keith Helm is on his way to Capital City for what
    he considers is a dream job - editor for the pre-
    stigous Town Crier Newpaper. This is his first
    trip to Capital City and he easily ships into a
    daydream as his train makes its was across the
    long bridge from C.C. Airport (which is located on
    another island), to Capital City itself.
    Keith saw the now-famous skyline of the city from
    his train window still marveling at the beauty of
    this city of the future. He briefly closed his eyes
    as rays of sunshine warmed his face. he could also
    smell the salty ocean breeze as he listened to the
    noisy sea gulls squawking as they played above the
    Within a few tragic moments, however, Keith's world
    would be turned upside down forever.
                                   2.2  -  Controls
    Directional Buttons
     - This function, located on the left side of your Playstation 2 controller, 
    will allow one to control the main character in the game. This function will 
    be used throughout the game as the character will need to move from place to 
    place to find a way out of the city. Pressing the direction button located up 
    will make the character move ahead. Pressing the directional button on the 
    left or right will make the character move left or right. Finally, pressing 
    the directional button down will make the character do a 180 degree rotation 
    on the ground. This will allows the character to move back without having to 
    hold the left or right button until it is accomplished.
    Left Analog Stick
     - When you are putting pressure to a direction the character will go in that 
    direction. Just like the directional buttons but the analog stick is smoother.
    If I were to choose, it would be the analog stick. This command is not only 
    simpler to press but it will allow the character to move diagonal without 
    pressing two buttons. It will further allow the character to move to 
    rotations that are not to a 90 or 45 degree angle. The character will be 
    allowed to move at any angle they desire. If the character wants to move a 
    little and to a 15 degree angle they will be able to here. This is also 
    better because you can move the stick as one and not press different 
    directional buttons when danger is close.
    X Button
     - The reason why this button is called the "X" button is because on the 
    button lies a blue "X". This command is located on the right side of the 
    controller. It allows the character to do a number of things. First off, this 
    command will allow the character to confirm whatever they desire. You could 
    be in a menu and this is the button you would choose to go further in the 
    menu after highlighting what you want to do. Second off, this button will 
    allow you to select something. Whenever you want to select something, this 
    is the button that you want to choose. Third off, this button will allow you 
    to take something when you are controlling the character. This means that if 
    you see a bottle of water on the ground you can walk up to it and press A to 
    take it. Lastly, this button will allow one to speak to another person. Note 
    that the person must be conscious and that the person has to want to talk 
    Circle Button
     - This button is called the "Circle" button because of the button lies a 
    orange circle. This command is located on the right side of your Playstation
    2 controller and above the X button. This command will allow you to do one of 
    two things. The first thing is run. When you have control of your character 
    you can do this. Merely hold down the direction you want to go in on your 
    controller and hold the circle button. The character will start running. Note 
    that this command will lower your thirst gauge faster. Second off, this 
    command will allow you to cancel something that you have done. "Cancel" 
    usually means going out of menus and such.
    Square Button
     - The reason why this button is called the "Square" button is because there 
    is a pink colored square on the button. This button is located on the right 
    side of the controller and above the X button. It is also to the left of the 
    circle button. What this button will do is give you access to the menu. In 
    the menu you can do a number of things. An example is check out the map, 
    equip an item, or change a setting.
    Triangle Button
     - You are most likely tired now of me saying where the button is located and 
    why it is called that name. But for the people who do not know it is something
    new for them. The "Triangle" button is called this because there lays a green 
    triangle on the button. This command is directly above the X button. This 
    command will allow you to go to the first person view in the game. This view 
    will not be a walk around view. It is just to see something on the ground and
    such. You have to hold down the button to make the view last longer. When you
    let go of the button it will change back to the regular third person view. 
    You can look around in the first person view by pressing or moving the 
    direction and analog stick.
    L1 Button
     - This button is called the "L1" button because it has L1 engraved on it. 
    This button will allow one to call out for something. It is vital if you want 
    to talk to somebody. When you call for somebody the person will talk loudly. 
    If there is somebody nearby them will call back. This is a good command that 
    should be used throughout the game. This button is located on the left 
    shoulder of your Playstation 2 controller. Notice that it is the first button 
    from the top. That is where the '1' comes in. The 'L' comes in because it is 
    on the left side.
    L2 Button
     - This button is called the "L2" button because it has L2 engraved on it. 
    This command will allow one to rotate the view so that the angle is directly 
    behind the person. It is a vital button when the camera has screwed up and 
    you are in danger. This button is located on the left shoulder of your 
    Playstation 2 controller. Notice that it is the second button from the top. 
    That is where the '2' comes in. The 'L' comes in because it is on the left 
    R1 Button
     - This button is called the "R1" button because it has R1 engraved on it. 
    This is a very important command. When a earth quake after shock happens the 
    ground will shake. Most of the time the player will knock down and there 
    health will be lowered. What this button will do is allow the player to brace 
    themselves and therefore not get knocked down. This command will also put the 
    person that you are controlling hands on there head. This will allow the 
    person not to get hurt as badly when something falls on them. This button is 
    located on the right shoulder of your Playstation 2 controller. Notice that 
    it is the first button from the top. That is where the '1' comes in. The 'R' 
    comes in because it is on the right side.
    R2 Button
    - This button is called the "R2" button because it has R2 engraved on it. 
    This is a simple command and does not need a lot of explaining. In short, 
    this command will allow the character to view the map of where they are. On 
    the map there are the controls for it. The map is a vital piece of paper in 
    this game. It will allow one to know where they are going. During the game 
    marks will appear for water and such. There will also be marks on the map 
    for important events that happened in that place. This button is located on 
    the right shoulder of your Playstation 2 controller. Notice that it is the 
    second button from the top. That is where the '2' comes in. The 'R' comes in
    because it is on the right side.
    Reset Command
     - Just a special note. If you press L1, L2, R1, R2, Start, and select at the 
    same time you will restart the game. The beginning will come up as if you 
    just turned on the game. This is a cool command that allows one not to have 
    to go over to there Playstation 2 to reset the game.
    Quick List
    So, you don't want to go through all of the detail above for the controls. 
    That is what this list is for.
    | Button          | Action                 |
    | Directional Pad | Moves Character        |
    | Analog Stick    | Moves Character        |
    | X Button        | Confirm/Talk/Check/Take|
    | Square Button   | Access Menu            |
    | Circle Button   | Run and Cancel         |
    | Triangle Button | 1st Person View (hold) |
    | L1 Button       | Yell Out               |
    | L2 Button       | Rotates Camera         |
    | R1 Button       | Brace Yourself         |
    | R2 Button       | View Map               |
                                   2.3  -  Overview
    Field Screen
    -- Health Gauge --
    The green gauge on the upper left hand corner of the screen is the health 
    gauge. This gauge will tell you what your health is throughout the game. 
    Health will be lowered when something damages you. An example is a rock falls 
    on you or whatnot. At any rate, this gauge will tell you what your health is 
    at the time. When the gauge is not full at all that means you are dead. You 
    will get a game over. :P
    -- Restore Health --
    Drink something that puts health back up or drink a lot of water. Enough said!
    -- Thirst Gauge --
    Below the health gauge on the upper left corner of the screen is the thirst 
    gauge. This is a unique part in this game. As the character walks or runs 
    around he will exert energy (Walking exerts less energy [obviously]). And if 
    you run to much, your energy will reach zero and you will be dead tired, 
    right? Well, this gauge will tell you how thirsty you are. And, when the 
    gauge reaches zero instead of the gauge running out when exerting energy you 
    will lose health. So, you can get a game over if you do not play this game 
    -- Restore Thirst --
    Water, baby! There are water fountains throughout the game. Walk up to them 
    and you will be able to:
    -- Drink --
    Drink the water, dude! It restores your thirst gauge.
    -- Fill --
    If you are at a fountain, you can fill up water bottles.
    -- Save --
    You can save your current progress at a water fountain, too!
    -- Compass --
    Throughout this game I will tell you to move "west" or "north". This means 
    that you have to move in that direction. But you do not know where that 
    direction is, right? Well, on the bottom right hand corner of the screen lies 
    a compass. This handy-dandy thing will allow one to see what direction they 
    are going in. So, when I say to move "West" you look on the compass and see 
    where west is. Clear? Good.
    -- Movement --
    The directional pad or analog stick will allow you to move in this game. If 
    you press or hold left the character will move left; and vice-versa. To run, 
    while you are holding the direction you want to go in hold circle. This will 
    allow the character to run. This might lower thirst but... you will be going 
    -- Jumping --
    Simple command. If you are dashing up to a ledge once you reach the end you 
    jump it and [hopefully] make it to another ledge.
    -- Bracing --
    This command will allow the character to assume the 'brace' position. What 
    this does is allow the character to hold the ground or hide under a desk when 
    an earthquake or anything else nature can throw at you happens. Something I 
    said from the walkthrough states this perfectly:
    "After a couple steps another earthquake will start. Go in the brace 
    position. To do this, hold R1. Keith will then drop to his knees and hold the 
    ground. After a couple seconds the quake will stop and you will be back on 
    your quest to get the white bag."
    -- Shout --
    This is always useful when you are walking around. This command is the name.
    It will allow the character to shout. What this will do is get the attention
    of something in that area. It can be good or bad. At any rate, I would do
    this in every area to find every person you can in this game.
    -- Transportation --
    Found something to ride or whatnot? Use it and you will exert less energy and 
    get to where you want to go to faster.
    -- Balancing --
    On a high beam? The character will try to balance themselves when this 
    happens. It will happen on its own as you go to narrow positions on this game.
    -- Item Pick-Ups --
    Walk up to a item and you can pick them up!
    Press square and you will go to the menu. From here, there will be a number 
    of options to do. They will be listed with descriptions here.
    -- Use/Discard --
    When to go to this menu you will be able to use an item selected or discard 
    an item selected. Press X when the Use/Discard menu is highlighted to go to a 
    list with all of your items. From here, scroll down the list to see what items 
    you have. If you want, you can use or discard whatever item you desire by 
    pressing the button.
    -- Assemble/Separate --
    This command will allow one to use whatever items they have and make another. 
    What you do is they will have a list of items that one can make. If you have 
    all of the proper items you can make this item. It is pretty good to make 
    things useful like flashlights and hard-hats. Though the game might not be 
    big on this function it is still very useful.
    -- Read/Listen --
    Did you pick up a letter from the ground? Did you see a tape in a office? 
    Whatever you want to read or listen to you can in this menu. Choose what item 
    you want and press A. Somebody or something will start talking if it is a 
    tape. For the letters, it will show the text on the screen. This function is 
    vital to know what to do in this game and you should use it throughout the 
    -- Settings --
    Change the settings when you are in this menu.
    -- Map --
    Cannot delve much on this either. When you highlight this menu and press X it 
    will bring up a map of the area. From here, you can see the map and move the 
    map to different views on this screen. This is not the only way to go to the 
    menu. Other ways can be found in the controls section. 
                                  III.  Walkthrough
    SPECIAL NOTE: This walkthrough is based upon what the author did at certain
    points in the game. It might be possible to go to a different area if choosing
    different choices from the walkthrough. If you do so part of this walkthrough
    will be useless. Don't worry, though. After you do a certain part you will meet
    back up and you can follow the walkthrough again.
    [  The Bridge  ]  ------------------------------------------------------------
    After a pretty good beginning sequence we find ourselves on a train. You will 
    now have control of the main character; Keith. What you need to do is get 
    used to the controls. Walk straight and to the end of the train car. You will 
    come up to the side of the train's door. The ground will start shaking but you 
    will be in no danger. Hold up and you will jump over it and onto the ground.
    Once on the ground, walk north a couple steps. Keith will ask why nobody is 
    around. You will then have control of Keith again. Walk north a little further 
    and you will see another train car in front of you. This train car has its 
    door on the ground making a ramp for you to go up. Do as the game wanted you 
    to and walk north. You will then go up the ramp and be on the train car. After 
    walking up one step you will see a car fall of the ledge and north of the 
    train car. Walk up the train and you will see it on the ground.
    Walking up the train car might be weird sense it is in an angle that is pretty 
    steep. No worries though as you will not slide down. After you is all the way 
    you will see another opening where the door was. Hold triangle and look down 
    to see the car that fell from the ledge. If you go up slowly you will see that 
    it makes a path for you to the higher bridge. Jump down onto the car's white 
    roof. You will here your footsteps make a crunch sound as you walk across the 
    roof of the car. Once you are at the end, you will see part of the highway 
    that was crumbled in the earthquake. Hold up while you are next to it for 
    Keith to climb from the car roof to the highway road.
    Once you are on the road, walk north some more. Once you have walked a far 
    distance the screen will go black. Then, they will show the first person view 
    of Keith. It seems that the helicopter flew out without him. What happens is 
    people run to a helicopter. Keith yells and he thinks they are not listening. 
    The people go inside the 'copter and it flies off. Before it is out of the 
    area, though, somebody drops a white bag from the helicopter. It falls safely 
    on a green car's hood. It is now your job to get that bag.
    Walk down the cracked bridge. After a couple steps another earthquake will 
    start. Go in the brace position. To do this, hold R1. Keith will then drop to 
    his knees and hold the ground. After a couple seconds the quake will stop and  
    you will be back on your quest to get the white bag.
    Walk down the cracked bridge that is going to an angle down some more. Once 
    you have reached bottom Keith will jump on another piece of bridge. In the 
    center you will see a beam that goes across the other side. It is your only 
    option as it is the only way to get to the other bridge. Walk to the center. 
    Then, go up on the higher cement block. Finally, walk north and you will see 
    the pink beam that I am talking about.
    Walk slowly across it. You will see Keith try to balance himself as you go 
    along. You will reach a middle cement platform. Take a small break and rest. 
    Then, walk the beam a little furthers. The ground will start to shake again. 
    Go in the brace position by pressing R1. After the shake walk to the end of 
    the beam and onto the other side safely. On another note, if you made a false 
    step in air Keith would of almost fallen off. I say almost because if you try 
    it he will start to fall. He will then grab a hold of the beam and climb 
    himself back up. Don't try this for kicks though, as it will put down his 
    Thirst gauge.
    Now that we are over on the other side let us have a check of ourselves. We 
    should only have two or three thirst gauge bars gone. If you have more gone 
    then walk until we get to a water source. You should not have any energy gone, 
    also. At any rate, once you reach the other side turns to the west. Then, walk 
    straight and onto a lower platform. Walk west more and you will climb from 
    that platform and to another. If you keep walking west you should run into a 
    bar fence. Walk north from here a couple steps until you reach where the floor 
    is gone. From here, go west again then north to reach a bar door.
    From here, press X while you are near the door to open it. The game will take 
    over and Keith will walk in without your control. You will then have control 
    of Keith again. Walk south and down the stairs. Then, once you are down the 
    stairs, look east and you will see a ladder. Walk up to it and press X to 
    grasp onto it. Then hold up and Keith will start climbing up the ladder.
    Once you are up, head north a couple steps. Another quake will start. You will 
    here something give-way but it won't come down quite yet. Walk a couple more 
    steps and you will start to feel the quake again. Go into brace position by 
    pressing R1. You will then see a big bus come down. Walk north and around the 
    bus. Then look west and you will see another ladder. Walk up to it and press X 
    to grasp onto it. After you hold up and climb one ladder bar the floor under 
    you will collapse and go into the water. Lucky you where not on that when it 
    Climb up the ladder and onto another area. From here, you will see a blue 
    arrow pointing at something. Walk over to it, going west around the rubble. 
    Then go north a couple steps and you will walk up to a water fountain. This is 
    the thing with the arrow pointing at it. Why is this of any use? During the 
    game the bottom gauge on the upper left hand corner will go down as you exert 
    yourself by walking. When this gauge reaches its end every couple of steps you 
    take your health will go down. This is because you are tired. To restore the 
    thirst gauge you must drink water. This is what the water fountains are for. 
    Walk up to it and drink some water. You should also save the game. And don't 
    think the game is being very hard on you. Throughout the game you will find 
    plenty of water bottles to hold water. So, save the game and you will be back 
    to your quest to find the white bag.
    Walk south until you are at a white van that is smashed. Walk around the van 
    until you are at the east position. From here, head east straight and jump the 
    curve. Then, jump off the curve and run to the middle section divider. Jump 
    over it. Then loop around the smashed white van to the south. See the green 
    car? Doesn't that car look familiar? Well, the helicopter through something on 
    that green car. Walk up to it and hold up to jump on it. Then, go over the car 
    and to the white bag. You will hear a sound that seems like the car is giving 
    way and is going to fall. Press X quickly once you reach the bag. The screen 
    will go black. The next time you see Keith he will have the bag on. It is not 
    a bag at it. It is a backpack! Groovy! At any rate, the green car is starting 
    to give way and slide off the bridge. Run like the wind back to the cars trunk 
    and hold up to jump off. The car will then fall off the bridge. Lucky you were 
    not there...
    It seems there was a note inside the packsack. The game will automatically 
    bring you to the menu. From here, highlight "view" and press X. This will 
    bring you to all of the letters you have received. The first letter is 
    called "rescue team note." It basically tells you to go to the restaurant. The 
    restaurant should be locked but there will be a key under one of the flower 
    pots. It then tells you evacuate to the north hence the rescue team is still 
    working on that area. Though it does not tell you why the hell they left you 
    it seems they told you where to go; north. So, go back to the water fountain. 
    Save the game and drink some nice water.
    After this, walk south until you hit a white van. Make a U turn around this 
    and go up the stairs. Walk until you reach the ledge. The game will take over 
    from here and tell you how to jump. How do you jump, you might ask? Well, what 
    you need to do is run up to the ledge. Keith will do the ledge. So, walk back 
    down the first row of steps and to the small level cement in between the 
    stairs going up and the stairs to the top. From there, face north as this is 
    the ledge you need to jump. Then, press up and hold the circle button. Keith 
    will start sprinting up the stairs. Keep a hold of those two buttons while 
    Keith jumps and hangs onto the ledge. Thereafter, he will climb himself up.
    That was pretty cool, huh? At any rate, walk over east and to a flower pot 
    that is knocked over on the ground. Press X at it. It seems that this is not 
    the flower pot that has the key in it. Walk north and you will see the glass 
    door to the restaurant. You cannot get in without a key, though. Go over to 
    the north west side of the patio. You should see a pillar. What is next to it? 
    Another flower pot! Walk over to it and the screen will change. Then, check it 
    by pressing the X button. Keith will say that there is a key under the flower 
    pot. Then, there will be a green arrow pointing at the item. Press X again and 
    Keith will pick it up.
    From here, you will see another water fountain. You can drink if you want but 
    there will be another one coming up in a couple minutes. Walk back over to the 
    restaurant doors. Read the poster that states that they are closed. Then, 
    press square to go to the item menu. Scroll down to the key and press X. Then 
    press X again at the restaurant. Keith will then use the key to open the door. 
    After this, walk inside. Right after Keith steps inside the patio that he was 
    at just a couple seconds ago will crumple and drop to the water. Lucky you 
    were not there!
    You will find yourself in a restaurant. From here, walk up the stairs. After 
    you are up the glass with water will break and an earthquake will start. Get 
    into the brace position by pressing R1. It seems that there is no damage to 
    you. Walk past the broken glass to the most left. From here, you will see two 
    tables on the far end. Go past the first one just a little. The ground will go 
    down from under you and the tables will fall. Keith will grab a hold of the 
    ledge and pull himself back up. Here is a diagram of where you should stop 
    | Table                     | 
    |                           |
    | -----<---STOP HERE!       |
    |                           |
    | Table                     |
    No time to stay and chat, the floor is caving in! Walk back up to the door 
    stairs. Then, walk past the rubble and to the east. After walking a couple 
    steps a door like structure will give way and open a path for you. But, the 
    floor will cave in some more. You will now have to hold down the run button to 
    get up the floor and to the room. Before you do this, though, check around the 
    bars by the room to find a lighter. There should be an arrow pointing down at 
    it. After you get the lighter, run to the most north east and you will go 
    inside a room and another safe area.
    Once you are inside the room you will notice yet another water fountain. Take 
    a well deserved drink. After that, save the game. Walk west straight from the 
    water fountain and you will see yourself in another room. From here, the radio 
    will be on. The announcer will say that the earthquake is creating aftershocks 
    (obviously) and that all routes in and out of Capital City are closed. The 
    announcer will then say there next report, "Video Games and Violence." Comic 
    relief is always nice...
    Walk directly south and you will see a green arrow. Press X at it and a Bottle 
    M will show up on the screen. This is a bigger bottle of water that will carry 
    more water. Like hell you are not going to get it. Choose yes and take it. 
    Then, go back south and to the other room with the water fountain. Do you have 
    a hint of what we are going to do? You betcha! We are going to fill up the 
    Bottle M. Go up the fountain and press X. This will bring up for topics. Go to 
    fill. Then, they will go to the menu with all of your water. You will see that 
    small bottle with water in it. Next to it will be a big bottle that can hold 
    three servings of the small one. Choose to fill it up. Then go west and back 
    to the radio room.
    You find yourself wondering where to go from here. It is very simple, though. 
    See the hole in the south east corner? Walk up to it and press X. Keith will 
    go under the hole and into another room. From here, you will see that you are 
    on the other side of the water fountain room. You will also see a open window. 
    Walk up to the window and press X. Keith will jump out of the room through the 
    You will now find yourself back on the patio. But, this is the part of the 
    patio that did not break off. Could it break off? Possible so. Walk... no RUN 
    south and to the stairs. Before you go down the stairs the part of the patio 
    that you were on will break off and fall into the water. Run down the stairs 
    and hold the L2 button to keep your camera angle at Keith. Run down the stairs 
    then head west and jump the curve. Do not stop there and jump the hedge and to 
    the most west part of the bridge. Don't worry, this part is safe!
    After the east part of the bridge falls, walk north and to a taxi. You will 
    here somebody say "No!" Somebody must be in trouble! Shout out by pressing the 
    L1 button. Keith will yell "Hey!" and the girl that was talking will say "over 
    here." From here, walk all the way north until you reach where there is no 
    more bridge to walk on. Go to the white bus in the center and jump on its 
    roof. Then, walk down a couple steps. Go in the brace position as another 
    quake starts. After this, run down to the end of the roof and look east. You 
    will see a white van. Run east and Keith will jump onto the van without 
    getting hurt. After this, jump down to the ground.
    Go west around the bus until you reach a fence. From here, walk south and jump 
    to the white tile floor. Keep running south until you reach a water fountain. 
    Save the game and drink some water. Then, run down south some more until you 
    reach a crumbled floor. You can walk on the west side of it safely. Huge the 
    west wall while you are going south some more. Once you reach the end you will 
    see a white beam. Jump on it and head east. You will then reach the end of the 
    line for the beam and see part of a fence. If you look north you will see a 
    rope. That is what you are looking for! But beware; if you are on one side of 
    the side fence to long it will flip that way and have you swim with the 
    fishes. Run past the fence ground and press X at the rope quickly. The game 
    will ask you if you want the rope. Say yes and Keith will take it. After this, 
    run north and Keith will jump. He will hit the ground and you will be safe.
    Safe is good, right? Well, that girl that was calling out still needs you! 
    Walk north until you reach the bridge that you cannot climb. From there, walk 
    east until you hit a fence then walk down south. Jump down to the white tile. 
    You will see a fire ahead. But that is not while you are here. Walk a couple 
    steps and you will be on a white beam. From here, walk west until you reach 
    the end of the pole. Then, face south and you will see a open train door. 
    Climb inside. After this, walk south one step and the train will go on its 
    side. Your life will be hurt but not enough to complain any.
    Walk south some more until you reach the last train car. Once you put one step 
    into that car the woman that was calling for you will be begging for your 
    help. It seems that she is stuck in a tight position. If you walk over there 
    the train will have to much weight in the air and fall into the sea. But, what 
    will we do? Remember that rope that you got earlier? Go to the item menu and 
    scroll down to it. The game will ask if you want to use the item. Say yes. 
    Keith will then tie the rope to the other train car. This way, if the train 
    car falls when he goes over to rescue the woman they can hang on with the rope 
    and therefore not fall. Pretty smart idea, eh?
    Walk down south until you reach the woman. Keith will yell for her to take his 
    hand. The train will start to fall. It will then start going down to the 
    water. After is reaches the water you will see that Keith has the rope and the 
    woman is hanging onto his body. They are safe! No pain no gain...
    The next scene will show Keith and the woman talk. Keith gets the girl's name; 
    Karen. So, from now on the woman will not be called "woman" but by her real 
    name (Karen). More talking and then it will be time to go. Karen will follow 
    Keith wherever he goes. Right now, though, she can follow you over to the 
    water fountain. Go west then jump the fence. After that, go north and tot he 
    water fountain. Save the game and drink some well worth water. After that, it 
    will be time to go!
    Walk north of the fountain and to the west of the Stiver Charter. From here,
    jump up to the road and go east. You should come up to a little box. From
    here, the game will take over. It seems that you cannot climb to get up to the
    higher highway. After a little more dialogue, Karen will think of the idea to
    get on your back and climb up. Then from there, she can go find something to
    pull you up. Seems like a good idea. I mean, you have only known her for five
    minutes and she could ditch you. But hey, better then nothing.
    She will get on Keith's back and he will push her up. She will get up and
    start looking around. Keith will wait for a little while and start to think
    that she is not coming back. He questions that thought. After, she comes back
    stating that is took a while to tie the rope. After this, Keith will pull
    himself up on the rope and you will be back to more dialogue.
    Keith and Karen will start talking again. And it is what you would think they
    would talk about. Not that, silly! Keith thanks Karen and she happily says it
    was no problem. After this, and by after I mean they get out of there dia-
    logue, they start to think about going to the mainland. Well, Keith will tell
    them to start to go after this. And you will be off.
    The screen will turn and it will show the two walk north. The game will ask if
    you want to save. Happily oblige. Then, it will show a couple helicopters to
    the north. Karen will start running and yelling for them. They do not notice
    and go off. Karen falls to her knees. It then shows Keith over right next to
    her. From the point of view, it looks like Keith does not care about her. He
    has his chin up high and everything. Keith will ask what you should do. Should
    he encourage her or ignore her? Well, I chose encourage because I am a good
    guy. if you encourage, Keith will state that there is still hope. Karen will
    agree and you will have control of Keith again.
    Walk to the south west and back up the highway. You will see a blue car. Walk
    to the west of it and an earthquake will start again. Brace yourself until it
    stops. Then, walk west and through the gate. Then go north and down the
    stairs. Once you reach the bottom go to the west of the elevator. More earth-
    quakes will start. Brace yourself again to avoid a stumble. After the shaking
    subsides, walk north and press X at the maintenance ladder. Keith will ask if
    he should go down. Say yes and Keith will go down the ladder.
    [  The Park  ]  --------------------------------------------------------------
    The game will take over and Keith will walk to the benches. Keith will state
    that there is nobody in site. Then Karen retorts that she be on an airplane by
    now. Karen will tell Keith to look at the plane ticket she got. Keith will ask
    if the date is wrong. More dialogue about the ticket. Then Karen will start to
    worry about her dog, which is in this town. She will then think out loud and
    hope he is okay.
    You will now have control of Keith again. Walk north and jump the brick hedge.
    Then, keep running north until you come up to a water fountain. Save, refill
    water, drink water, and do all of that fun stuff. Then, walk west and go down
    the stairs made by earthquakes. You will see another water fountain. Go south
    and to the corner of the tile. You will see a green arrow. Go over and pick
    up the flare. This is one of the most vital items in the game. After this,
    put yourself in the brace position and wait for the earthquake to subside.
    Then walk back to the water fountain up the stairs.
    Save the game again if you are a purist. Then, walk south east and up the
    stairs. Head straight south east and you will hit a van. Jump inside. You
    will then be able to look and see what supplies are in the van. Walk up and
    you will see an arrow pointing to a box. Press X and you will pick up some
    gauze. From here, the game will start a "Stiver Island News Report." The
    women talking will say that it was a whopping 6.0 magnitude. And "Blah," she
    goes on about that stating that the damage was much more severe and that
    experts are challenging every possible reason for the accident (hey, if they
    didn't say that then they are wrong. That is what they are doing). Anyhow, we
    come to the good part. She states that rescue operations are being done and
    "280 people have been rescued thus far." Well, back to the game.
    Get the white gloves to the right. Then go back the way you came and leave
    the van. Walk south east around the van. You will come up to another van and
    a street. Start walking the street and Karen will come up to you. She will
    ask you if she can see the map. Then she will mark where she thinks the market
    is. This is where you have to go. Hey, at least you have a direction. You are
    not wondering aimlessly like some idiot...
    Well, now that she has let you in on the valuable information it is time to
    get an item that will help you throughout your adventure. This item is called
    a crowbar. "Mommmmy? What does a Crowbar do?" Well, it jacks things open. I
    wonder why I said "jack." At any rate, you need to find that sucker to open up
    something that will be in your path to the store. Walk back down the street
    until you hit an "S.F.I.D." vehicle. Y'know, the white car that comes when
    somebody gets hurt? At any rate, turn to the north direction and walk a ways
    until you reach some scattered boxes and a gas tank. Now, my first thought of
    this was to use the flare and blow the whole city to hell. This is not what
    you do, however. Go in the east direction up the street until you reach a
    taxi. From here, go on the left side of the taxi and into the semi-truck.
    After this, walk straight until you see an arrow on the ground pointing to
    a little white spot. Walk up to it and press X to get a crowbar. Funny how
    THAT tiny spot turns out to be a crowbar. Circle back to where Karen told
    you about the market. Then, jump down to the east. This will bring you to
    a brownish terrain. From here, walk east until you see a box and an arrow
    pointing at it. Walk up to it and press X to get the turtle compass. Then,
    go west and go up the series of platforms leading back up to where you where
    originally. From here, you should see a gate like structure has been broken
    down. Go inside and turn west east to a bus. Press X at the door. 
    Keith will say that it is bent but can be opened with force. Wellllllll, what
    do you think we should do Keith? See that crowbar you have been lugging
    around? Go to the item menu and scroll down to the crowbar. Press X and it
    will ask if you want to use it. Say yes and Keith will open the bus door with
    the crowbar. Then, jump inside the bus. From here, you will see another
    annoying green arrow pointing down. Walk up to it and press X to get some
    juice. Juice can be used to restore health. Keep it handy throughout the game.
    Now, walk past the black chairs that look very uncomfortable. Once you reach
    the middle you will notice that somebody has used the police car to get the
    hell out of there. They will go on down the street and leave you to get back
    to your journey. Well, go down the bus's isle and go down (again, yes) the
    blue steps. Then leave the bus to your left.
    Now, walk east and go past the gate. Then, brace yourself as apart of the
    bridge's pillar starts to break. Looks like it is time to jet. Walk south and
    go over the red crates and out the gate. From here, go south and jump down to
    the brown tile. Then go east until you start to feel more earthquake. Walk
    back west to jump out of the way of the semi that would of slid right into
    you if you did not do what I told you. Wow, long boring sentence. 
    Anyway, start to go east again, running past the slanted city lights, until
    you reach stairs and a corner in the brown road. Take the stairs to the left
    and head south until you reach some wall that has already fell. From here,
    walk west and pass the white van. Look south west and you will see a fallen
    sign and a doorway that is partially broken. Walk up to it and go under the
    broken door and into the market store.
    Once you are inside the store Karen will follow. She will ask where you work
    and whatnot. More dialogue and you will have control of Keith again. And it
    is time to raid the market. Look around the store and you will see green
    arrows. This is where an item is. The items you need to find are: the market
    map, island guide, battery, juice mix, and M Bottle. The sunglasses are of
    no use. You should have no room to store the M Bottle. In that case, throw
    out some gauze and equip the gloves. You should now have enough room and have
    all of the items the market has to offer.
    Walk to the south east corner of the store to the water fountain. Do every-
    thing you need to do. This means to fill any empty or half-filled bottles,
    drink water, or save the game. After saving, it will be time to leave. But
    not just yet. Another earthquake happens. Brace yourself like I told you to
    and afterwards leave the Market.
    [  Streets to the Construction Site  ]  --------------------------------------
    After going outside, circle around the store heading north. Follow the 
    sidewalk until you feel another earthquake. Brace yourself and the camera will 
    give you a glimpse of what is doing the shaking. It seems a big, spherical 
    ball just fell to the ground. After things stop shaking, walk over to the 
    right of where the giant ball fell. You should see a mini-van overturned and 
    some rubble to the left of it. Walk over to the rubble and Karen will decide 
    to go up the cracked road on your back. Once she is up, she will run off and 
    come back with a fire extinguisher. Afterwards, she will run off again and you 
    will hear a scream from her. This means that you will probably have to find a 
    way to get up yourself.
    Go south back to the T intersection of the street. Instead of going left to 
    the store again, opt to go right. Stay on the right sidewalk as you walk down 
    the street. Soon another earthquake will hit. Get on the sidewalk if you 
    aren't already and brace yourself. A big road will fall just short of you. 
    Continue down the road until you come up to a blue car. If you look right you 
    should see a fire. Use the fire extinguisher to put the fire out. Go passed 
    what the fire was blocking and you will reach another cutscene. Brace yourself 
    when you can and afterwards look north on the compass again. You will see the 
    crack in the road from before, but there will be a blue car there. Use this 
    car as a ramp to reach the top of the road. Right before you attempt to go up 
    the blue car another earthquake will happen. Just brace yourself and go up the 
    car when it stops.
    Look to the right and go inside the entryway with glass on each side. One 
    inside you will see a bloody man. Give him a drink of water; it's only one 
    serving, and he will give you his business card and then pass out. A man in a 
    brown suit will come in and tell you that a man with a gun is here, and that 
    he will take care of the bloody man.
    Go through the hallway where the man with the brown suit came from. In this 
    room you will here a radio report stating that you should go to the central 
    area of Capital City; the coastal area is starting to break and all the 
    evacuations are in the center. This room sports a radio, umbrella, and 
    fountain. Take the former two and save, fill, and drink at the fountain. Now 
    go to the right and out the door.
    Once outside, follow the narrow alleyways until you reach a road. Walk up to 
    the road and you will see a man with a gun on a ladder. Run over to where the 
    man was and brace yourself when the earthquake hits. On the second shake, just 
    run right through the low ceiling area that you are in. On the other side, go 
    to the road and brace yourself until the earthquake stops. Now look north on 
    the compass and you will see another cracked road. In the middle right part of 
    it will be a hole. Go inside that same hole.
    In this area, walk a couple steps and brace yourself as another earthquake 
    hits. Afterwards, go passed the fallen stuff and through a halfway open door. 
    In here you will find gauze and water dripping from the use. Take the former 
    and drink the latter while you also save your game here. Go back to the room 
    with the jumbled stuff (the previous room you were in).
    In here, go down the room until you see a dark brown beam. A little ways in 
    front of it is a cabinet. Get on the cabinet and go on the beam. From here, 
    WALK up the beam a couple steps to another cabinet. Look south and you will 
    see another beam. Do a running-jump and Keith will barely grab onto this beam. 
    Now, you can continue one more running jump and go to the white beam which 
    holds a compass or you can go on the cabinet to your left. If you chose to get 
    the compass, jump over to the white beam and pick it up, then go to the east 
    most of that beam. Do a running jump and you will be on the same cabinet as 
    you would have if you decided not to get the compass.
    From here, go grab onto the beam in front of you to pull yourself up. Then do 
    a running jump onto the light blue wall that fell. Go up the wall and do a 
    running jump to another beam. From here, press up at the beam and the wall to 
    reach a different area. Now you will reunite with Karen. Jump over the pit to 
    get to her and she will tell you how she ended up here. After this, go through 
    the hole that Karen pointed to. Then the game will ask you to save.
    Go down the truck like Karen did. Afterwards, go to the northwest point of 
    this blocked street on the compass. You should be able to get through here. 
    Now, go a hairpin turn because if you go straight all it leads to is a drop 
    zone. From here, go west to the green bus. A building will fall behind you and 
    now it is time to run! Run until the earthquake stops and be sure to get the 
    map on the pillar. It will start to rain so be sure to use the umbrella you 
    Once you reach the T intersection in the street you will see a closed up 
    jewelry store. Go to the side of it and Keith will comment that something is 
    moving inside. Under the door and inside we go. Shout now and a lady will look 
    at you, and then go back to shuffling through jewelry. After a rude 
    conversation, opt to give her an item and try to get her out of here by 
    talking. It doesn't work, so pick up the compass in the broken glass at the 
    opposite side of the room and go back outside.
    It is still raining, and you can opt to give Karen the umbrella if you want a 
    certain ending. Afterwards, walk down the street north and take the right 
    street at the intersection. A cutscene will occur where a man tells you to 
    come inside a hole; go inside.
    [  Construction Site  ]  -----------------------------------------------------
    The man will tell you that there are more survivors. Follow him up both of the 
    ramps and he will tell you his situation. He will also tell you his name which 
    is Greg. Go to the right and up the ramp. In here, go to the fallen beam and 
    another earthquake will hit.
    After you brace yourself the earthquake will stop. Go over the beam and up the 
    silver ramp just north of it. Go left and follow this walkway. When the 
    earthquake hits brace yourself. After it stops the walkway will start to give 
    way. Run over to a secure walkway and follow this as it goes around to where 
    Greg and Karen reside at. They will have a little talk about you, and then you 
    will control Keith again. Walk over to the yellow beams and press X. Keith and 
    Greg will have successfully moved them!
    Try to go back to the ramp to the right but another earthquake will make it 
    fall to the ground. Be sure to brace yourself as this is happening. Go over to 
    the fallen ramp and passed it. Then go right and follow this until you can go 
    right again. You will see boxes perfectly stacked. Try to walk up to them and 
    another earthquake will hit. Brace yourself as the walkway you are on with the 
    boxes gives way. Then go on the beam in front of you and follow the beam as it 
    makes a turn. The beam will give way and fall but you shouldn't be hurt. Now 
    jump down to the secure area with the ramp. Use the ramp and you will meet 
    Karen. She will say that she doesn't have any... umm... and asks that you 
    Let her go first and go down the ladder. About halfway down a earthquake will 
    hit and shake the ladder to the ground. You won't get hurt severely, and 
    neither will Karen. After the fall, jump down to where Karen is (off the 
    fallen platform) and go to the left. Follow this as it arches down and you 
    will meet up with a water fountain. Drink, fill your bottles up, and save the 
    game. After this, go over to the opposite side of the fountain corridor and 
    Karen will say that she is going down first. Go down the ladder after her and 
    down ANOTHER ladder on the southeastern side of the room. You will meet up 
    with Greg who is being extra mysterious today.
    Anyway, follow where Greg went to the next room. A water fountain should be up 
    against the wall here. Save, drink, and fill up water bottles if feel like it. 
    Go down this room and you will have another cutscene. Greg, the pansy, will 
    just run ahead and say "Sorry." Karen will practically do the same thing. 
    Follow where they went and go up the ramp. Go over to the doorway and brace 
    yourself as something falls. Then go through that doorway.
    In here, run passed the blue pipe and brace yourself. The floor will start to 
    give way as you brace. Go up vertically to the top and brace yourself once up. 
    Things will fall as another earthquake starts up. After it stops, you will see 
    a big, red structure in front of you. Opt to go over to the right side of it 
    and go inside it. Go over to the left side while in it and you will see a bent 
    walkway. Jump up onto it and follow the beam to the ramp. Go down it and look 
    to the right. Follow this way as you go up the room vertically. Once you reach 
    the top the construction site will start to crumble.
    We are not out of the woods yet. From here, go left and run as fast as you can 
    down the corridor. An earthquake will start and pipes will start to fall 
    frantically. If you got the jump right when you got out of the core of the 
    construction site then you will be fine. Soon you will reach a red structure 
    when running. Don't be alarmed, just run up and fall off of it. No pain no 
    gain, right? Afterwards, follow Karen as she goes through a hole outside.
    [  Girard Street  ]  ---------------------------------------------------------
    It seems Greg isn't the charitable type of guy. Anyway, go down the street and 
    left at the intersection. After some words of wisdom from Greg, walk over to 
    the firetruck's side and get on its steps. Pull yourself up to the roof of the 
    truck and get on the ladder. Follow the ladder to another ladder on the 
    adjourning side. Take this ladder up to a big building. In this room, if you 
    go to the northern part you will see a big jug of water. You can save, drink, 
    and fill up bottles here.
    Once you're done, go through the doorway to the right then through the doorway 
    at the end of the hall. Follow the stairs in the next room until you reach a 
    doorway. Go inside and through the door down the hallway. You will now reach 
    an outside room with a bunch of lockers lined up. Go over to the lockers and 
    follow them to the ledge. From here, push up on the lockers and you will be up 
    against them, allowing you to sidle across the ledge. About halfway across a 
    small earthquake will hit; merely brace yourself and it will go away.
    Once you reach the other side, go around to the back of the lockers you just 
    sidled across. Take the Backpack, Gauze, and a Bandage in this small area. The 
    Backpack allows you to carry a lot more items then the pack you have on, so be 
    sure to get it. Once you are done here, go back to where the locker sidle 
    mania ended. If you look a little northeast of it you should see some broken 
    wall. This can be used as a ramp to get up higher in the building. Once you 
    reach the next floor, search the eastern wall of the computer room to find a 
    Best Mag. Vol. 17, Angel Compass, and a Escape Route.
    Go back down the broken wall ramp and back over to the lockers. Sidle back to 
    the other side and remember to brace yourself when an earthquake hits. Keep 
    following the lockers, even when you are done sidling. It will bring you to a 
    corner with a bunch of rubble. Opt to press X at it and Keith will clear it to 
    show a escape hatch. Open it and go down it.
    Once down, stick to hugging the left wall. Walk over to the ledge and it will 
    start to give way. Brace yourself and some desks will fall, but the platform 
    won't fall. Now that the desks are gone you can go west. Do so a little ways 
    and hop down to a lower level. Then look south and you should see two desks 
    and a wall on top of it making a small hole. Make your way to the end and you 
    will meet up with some old folk.
    After the cutscene, walk over to the bookshelf to the south of the old people. 
    Pick up Complaints 1 and 2 from the shelf, and then go back over to the 
    elderly. Go to the north of them and into the hole on the side. Get the Office 
    Key, Family Photo, and Island Research A in that area. Go back to the people 
    and give them the Family Photo.
    Try to go to the southwestern part of the room when you will hear a 
    helicopter. The old lady will ask you to get some help, and you have to agree. 
    Continue southwest to the door and use the office key to get through it. 
    Afterwards, use the water fountain to save and get water. Then go through the 
    doorway at the end of the hall and circle down the stairs. After going through 
    another doorway, you will be outside again.
    Go down and around the broken floor, do not go in the center where all the 
    desks and such are falling. At the end, drop down to the ground and north to a 
    street. Follow the street a little and we will have a cutscene. After it, we 
    will hear Karen screaming. She is back at the fallen floor where all the desks 
    were falling. Be sure not to run into Greg; he is selfish and will push you 
    out of the way. Run over to the Karen and press X on her. Keith will get her 
    up and the two of you will run out of here. The Family Photo will drop 
    signifying the old people's death.
    [  To Karen's House  ]  ------------------------------------------------------
    This walkthrough is going to cover Karen's path exclusively; I might decide to 
    do Greg's path if I have some inspiration after I am done with the walkthrough 
    of this game. Anyway, after the cutscene you will have to find supplies for a 
    raft. Go over to the overturned semi truck back where the building fell. On 
    the other side of it you will find a can of paint. Choose to move it and Keith 
    will lug it out to the center of the road.
    After this, go to the northeastern part of this small area. You should see a 
    broken bench. Use the crowbar to break it and Keith will put it over by the 
    can of paint. Once done, go north of the supplies and opt to bring the barrels 
    over with the other supplies. Now here's the tough part. Go over to where the 
    broken bench was and jump onto the upper walkway. Follow it until it decides 
    to turn a corner. From here, look back and you will see Karen by your 
    supplies. Press L1 and Keith will call for help.
    The idea is that there will be enough weight on it to balance it enough to get 
    the rope. Walk on it and run over to where the rope is. Then SLOWLY walk over 
    to the rope and pick it up. Run back over and jump off the platform. We only 
    have one thing left to get! Go over to where you found the paint can, you 
    know, the western upper path. Follow the path as it curves around down the 
    river. At the end you will find some tires. Bring them back and you will have 
    all that is needed! Get in the middle of your supplies and use the rope from 
    the inventory. Keith will then make a cool looking raft!
    This next part isn't very tough at all. Opt to push the raft off and you will 
    finally be riding down the river current. Go around everything as it comes by; 
    if you run into something you have to start over from the beginning of the 
    river raft (not the making). In the first area, stay in the middle left part 
    and you will be fine. In the second, go around the fallen beams by staying in 
    the middle right side mostly. In the third area, stay all the way on the left 
    side so you don't hit the stuff in the middle. After these three areas, we 
    will have made it to another area!
    After the revelation about her uncle, you can either encourage or dismiss her. 
    If you want her in the end, obviously encourage; other way around if you 
    don't. Then you have control again. Walk down the road and we will have 
    another small cutscene. The crew will jump into a train and we will be asked 
    to save the game.
    The building will start falling in the next scene. Run down this... road as 
    fast as you can. When the building hits the bottom, the road will start to 
    crumble. Brace yourself when you are far enough away to sustain damage. Make 
    your way down what you are on and you will soon reach the road. From here, 
    walk to the four way road intersection of this place. An earthquake will 
    occur; be sure to brace yourself as it happens. If you go northwest of here, 
    you will see a building with a sign that says "5 Day Bargain" on it. Walk 
    You might notice the halfway opened steel door under the sign. Opt to go 
    inside the store. Once inside, look on the counter to the right of you to find 
    a Water Purifier. Also, look north to see two crates and a lot of glass with a 
    doorway halfway open. Go over and crawl under. It will hurt a little, so be 
    sure you aren't low on health. Once you reach the other side, get a hanger and 
    the glasses in this room. I hate those glasses, and you might know why if you 
    equip them. Anyway, go back through the glass and outside the store. If you 
    are low on health be sure to mix water with juice to heal yourself.
    Afterwards, drink and save at the water fountain right in front of you. Then 
    go southwest until you hit a street. Follow the street to the end and Karen 
    will tell you where she lives. Now you have to get there, but you cannot 
    because of the burning bus in front of you. So, on the left side of the street 
    you will spot a bus roof. You can jump on top of it because of the crack in 
    the road. Go to the end of the roof and follow the sign up to a higher area. 
    You will now see a cable leading down and passed the bus. You will use the 
    hanger and slide down passed the fire and into the bus.
    To do this, go to the menu and select to use the hanger. Before you are on top 
    of the fire press O and Keith should jump in. It took me several tries to do 
    this correctly; I kept waiting to late and hit the bus constantly. Just 
    remember to use O and NOT X and jump in BEFORE you are at the fire. Got it? 
    Okay, once you are inside go to the north end of the bus. In here, pick up the 
    Driver's Hat and decide to move the car. Keith will run it right into a car 
    but it doesn't matter, everyone is able to get through.
    Just follow Karen as she walks _slowly_ to her house. About halfway there the 
    radio will tell you some crucial information; you are supposed to go to a 
    location and be rescued. Of course, you don't need to remember the locations 
    because the game will practically barricade you to it. Anyway, sooner or later 
    you will reach her house. She will go inside to get clothes and leave you 
    outside in the cold.
    We can do a little spyin', however. Go over to the back of her house and you 
    will see a ladder. Move this ladder and climb up it to here Karen say some 
    interesting things. Afterwards, go back down and try to enter. She will come 
    out and her dog will come back. Great. Anyway, if you try to go back to the 
    bus after a couple steps she will allow you to use her bike. To go you have to 
    press both X and Up. Follow the sidewalk as stuff falls down. When something 
    explodes to the left of you, go over to the right. Dodge the falling building 
    and go back inside the bus.
    Go back out on the other side, then jump up the crack and try to walk back to 
    the water fountain. That damn dog will start running like crazy and Karen will 
    follow it. Before you go down into the subway remember to save at the water 
    fountain and get water. Then go down the stairs and into the Subway.
    [  Underground Subway  ]  ----------------------------------------------------
    Quickly go down the stairs as the ceiling is caving in. Once you reach the 
    bottom, go through the person counter machine and save at the water fountain 
    in the northeastern corner of this room. Afterwards, go inside the door next 
    to it. Get the Fluid, Worker's Diary, and First Aid Kit. Go back into the 
    subway and down the stairs. Stay on the side of the right train as you go down 
    the subway. Soon enough you will hear an earthquake. Immediately go inside the 
    train and stay in there until it stops. 
    Afterwards, go back outside and follow the train down until you can go inside 
    again. Once you are inside, go to the end of the box car and you will find the 
    blasted dog. Go back outside and over to the opposite box car. It should be 
    lopsided. Jump inside and follow it to a box car's roof. Out here, follow the 
    roof and go down the steps to water. Follow the water until on both sides 
    there are black slopes. Go up the left side and go west until you see a hole 
    in a chain fence. Go in it and look on the other side to find a crack. Use the 
    crowbar to reveal a door. Go through the door and we will be outside the 
    [  Water Works  ]  -----------------------------------------------------------
    Go down this small walkway to find a water fountain. Do what you need to do 
    then go back to the catwalk bridge. Go over to the other side and follow it up 
    until you reach a cutscene. Now you have a choice of what a pipe is; choose 
    the Reservoir answer for the best choice. The other two don't make much sense, 
    either. Once you have control, follow the walkway until you come to a bridge. 
    Take it and, at the end of the bridge, go left. Follow it until you can go 
    right and please do so.
    Go down the walkway east and you will come up to a water fountain. Use it, 
    then go to the end of this walkway. You should see some pipes making a bridge 
    across water so use them. On the other side, go down the walkway left until 
    you find a opening in the wall to the left. Go through it and you will find 
    yourself in a practically identical area. From here, go down another walkway 
    west until you see some stairs leading to water. From the top of the stairs go 
    jump to the rubble on the other side. After you reach the other side, go up 
    east until you find a ladder.
    Climb about halfway up and we will have an interesting cutscene. You will have 
    to go monkey bar style to the other side. After you reach the other side, 
    Keith will use all his strength and pull himself up. After another cutscene, 
    Karen goes up a ladder and leave on Keith's request. Before we continue I 
    suggest you drink some water; you should be tired after all that climbing. 
    Anyway, look west and you will see a ladder that practically makes a bridge to 
    the other side. Go on it and run over to the other side. From here, jump on 
    the platform to the east of you. Continue jumping/pulling yourself up for 
    three platforms.
    Afterwards, turn back west and you will see a small platform. Jump onto it and 
    sidle across to the other side. Then another cutscene will happen. Right after 
    it jumps to the platform to the west. If you wait to long you _will_ die. Once 
    done, go south and jump across the two buses. Then jump to the beam and you 
    will pull yourself up it. Now go across the beam's gap and brace yourself as 
    _more_ buses fall. Go to the end of the beam and jump onto the new fallen bus. 
    Jump on the one in front of it and then the last one. Then we get to save the 
    [  Newspaper Office  ]  ------------------------------------------------------
    Go down the road until you have a little cutscene. After it, you will be 
    inside the Newspaper office. Follow the corridor as it turns right and then go 
    inside the open-light door. Once inside, go down the room and pick up the Town 
    Crier News 3. Afterwards, walk over to the man sitting on the desk. We will 
    have a little cutscene which will end with him giving the first job assignment 
    to you. Basically, you have to go steal some documents, though the man only 
    says "borrow" it. (I guess he wants to throw it back to them after he's done 
    using it.)
    Anyway, go back outside the way you came in and go west down the street. Then 
    go north until you come to where you want to be. If you walk up to the door 
    you will find out that you need something to lift it more so you can get 
    inside. Now go west and you should see a green board. Pick up the C.C. Map 
    which will be extremely useful inside the building. Then go northwest and you 
    will come up to a white van. You will find a jack beneath it. Take it and use 
    it to get inside the Christopher Construction.
    [  Getting the Secret File  ]  -----------------------------------------------
    Walk over to the elevators; one is working. Press the button and walk inside 
    the elevator. Press another button inside the elevator and it will shoot up 
    floors. Go outside the lift and over to the left to find a water fountain. We 
    haven't had one of these for a while! Save, fill up empty bottles, and drink 
    the flavorful water.
    Anyway, go back over to the lift. In front of it should be a corridor; this 
    corridor should have light coming from the first room. Go in that room, and 
    then go inside the adjacent room. In here, take both of the items on the desk. 
    You should find a Family Photo and Admin. Key. Once done, exit both of these 
    rooms and go back to the lift.
    Don't leave, however. From the lift, go right until you see some fallen glass 
    in light. To the left of that is a door. Open it with the Admin. Key and you 
    will be inside what looks to be a computer room. Ignore the rows of desks and 
    go over to the end of the room. You will find two lone desks here so be sure 
    to take the Admin. Dept. EXT.# on it.
    Afterwards, look on the Admin. Dept. EXT.# to find out where Frank sits. He 
    should sit in the middle row of desks. It will say "Frank" and "813" on the 
    Admin. Dept. EXT# paper so you cannot miss it. Once you find his desk, search 
    his books by pressing X on them and take the novel. Keith will find two very 
    important things; a tape and a memo. He will play the tape where you will 
    horrifically find out how this whole ordeal started.
    Additionally, look at Frank's Memo. It should have a number on the back. 
    Please remember that number, as we will be using a little further in the game. 
    My number was "8762" but I do not know if it is different for every system. 
    When you are ready, go back to the water fountain and save. You will probably 
    be coming back to this save a lot, sadly. Go back inside the second room in 
    the lit rooms and over to the safe. Input the number that was on Frank's Memo 
    (mine was 8762) and then we will have a cutscene.
    After the cutscene, it seems we found the man that destroyed the island! You 
    will have to try to get out of the room without being detected by him; 
    however, it does not matter if he detects you or not. If you make it out of 
    the room a goon will spot you anyway. So, one would assume that the best and 
    easiest way to handle this is to go out of the desk right; the man will walk 
    over that way at the same time and he will catch you. Then you will be on the 
    After another cutscene, you will be tied up and on the roof. From here you can 
    get out of the rope one of two ways. You can do the easy but wasteful way and 
    use the lighter to destroy the rope. Also, you can go around the pipes until 
    you reach a ramp; go over it and you will reach another ramp; go over that one 
    and you will reach a sharp pipe; cut the rope with it. The choice is yours, 
    but I chose the latter.
    Anyway, one way or another you will be untied. Go over to the open door in 
    front of you and burst down three flights of stairs. Go out the door on this 
    floor and over to the elevator nearby. From here, go inside and activate the 
    elevator. It will go up to the 12th floor but time doesn't matter much. 
    Activate it again and it will go down to the first floor. From here, exit the 
    elevator and the building.
    [  Back to the Newspaper Office  ]  ------------------------------------------
    Keith will notice that the Newspaper Office is on fire. Run down the road 
    about halfway and brace yourself as some burning debris falls from the sky. 
    Walk around it and go right at the intersection. Once you reach another 
    intersection, go right again and right once more into the Newspaper Office.
    Go over to where the burning room is but before we go inside take the door to 
    the LEFT of it. In here, pilfer all the items you can. Definitely get Town 
    Crier 1, 2, and 4 along with a flare. Afterwards, go to the hall and inside 
    the burning room. Walk over to William and you will have a little cutscene. 
    Then you will have control of a crouched Keith.
    Just follow William outside the Newspaper Office altogether, you won't get 
    hurt with him in front of you. When you exit, follow Karen to the entrance of 
    the park. Afterwards, walk up to the gap and Keith will use the trees to cross 
    over and in the park.
    [  In the Park  ]  -----------------------------------------------------------
    Walk on the park's walkway until you are asked if you are tired. Answer that 
    you are and Keith will sit William on a bench. Now it's time to talk about 
    Christophe and Greg to find out some things. Then choose to move ahead. Before 
    we go ahead, however, you will find a water fountain right next to the 
    benches. I suggest that you save and drink and such before we move ahead.
    Follow the walkway until you reach a lake. Once you reach the lake, go right 
    and around the lake. After a little walk a tree will fall directly in your 
    path. Then William will ask to be put down on a bench and Keith will happily 
    oblige. After the cutscene report, go over to the bridge. Go in the water and 
    over to the other broken bridge. Keith swims like a duck.
    Once you reach the other side, go to the open grass area passed the sign of 
    the memorial tree. Go to the menu and use the Flare. The helicopter will drop 
    something and you will control Keith again. Put away the Flare quickly to 
    conserve its power. If you look southeast, you should see where the helicopter 
    dropped the bag.
    Go over and take the things in the dropped bags; you should get bandages and 
    gauze. Also, get one L Bottle; six is way too many. Then go north and you will 
    hit the park walkway again. Walk down it and you will reach a rescue boat. 
    Tell him that you are NOT alone and he will finish preparations.
    Afterwards, run back to the lake and swim across. About halfway across three 
    whirlpools will magically pop up. Anyway, take your time and swim around the 
    whirlpools and go over to William and Karen. After some dialogue, do what you 
    do best at the water fountain.
    Run back over to the broken bridge and use it as a ramp to get down to the 
    bottom of the shallow lake. Walk about halfway across and a cutscene will come 
    up. The tree will start to fall on you! Right when the cutscene starts, hold 
    the run button and go down the lane. If you did it right away you shouldn't 
    After the close call, walk over to the other broken bridge ramp. Once up it, 
    follow the walkway to the rescue boat. The rescue person will take William to 
    the boat but on the way back out of all things a HOTEL falls on the rescue 
    boat and plummets it to its death. Afterwards, you will have another cutscene 
    where you will meet Greg. It seems he got a hot red headed chick to be his 
    slave, too. After some dialogue, we will be prompted to save the game.
    [  At the Baseball Stadium  ]  -----------------------------------------------
    Keith and Greg will have a little talk about choosing a girl to go with; I 
    chose Karen because I have had a long journey with her. After choosing Karen, 
    you will be on field. Go west down the field and walk around the fence. Try to 
    go up to the truck and something will fall on it. Look east and you will see 
    boxes. Take the Juice in front of the boxes and the Chest Guard behind the 
    Now go directly west to the water truck. You can save and get water here. I 
    highly suggest you save the game because you will probably be dying and coming 
    back to this location. Anyway, after you save go in between the water truck 
    and fence to reach the other side. Walk down the lane; on one side there will 
    be some erosion that you can't go up and the other is a fence. Go about 
    halfway down and we will have a cutscene. Exactly when the cutscene is over 
    gun it down the lane. Try to stay in front of Karen but follow her moves. When 
    she moves left behind you, I suggest you also do it.
    This practically ensures safety because the game won't kill Karen. Once you 
    get passed the third fallen beam brace yourself so you don't fall. Afterwards, 
    go up to the wall where Kelly is and follow it a little ways. Kelly is say 
    "Over here" and run off somewhere. Go in the direction that she is heading and 
    weave left through the debris.
    When you first get a chance to go right do so. Go passed the shaded area and 
    go over to where Kelly is north. Debris will come down at the same time so be 
    sure to dodge them. They will go in a | | | order and then a | | | | order. 
    Once that is over with, follow the wall as it loops around. Be sure not to go 
    in the shadowed area or something bad will happen. Soon you will hit a debris 
    wall. Go down it and Greg will tell you to get to the highest area you can. Go 
    around the debris wall and the other brown debris. Loop around it and you will 
    find a beam that will bring you up to where Greg and Kelly are. Walk up it.
    Another small cutscene will occur with Keith and Karen getting up and out of 
    harm's way. But wait, those stupid goons are back and in a helicopter! Once 
    the cutscene is over. Follow the walkway the way you were going until you can 
    go into the water in the middle. Go inside and follow this passed the now 
    broken bridge. Then go back up on the walkway when debris is in your way. 
    After that, it's a dead sprint to the stairs ahead. Once there, the game will 
    take over.
    Dodging the missiles is very tough because he bursts four of them at once. The 
    best way to dodge them is to go in one direction and swiftly back in the other 
    so they explode out of your way. I got behind Karen majority when I did this 
    so that was my strategy. Additionally, if you get low on thirst is sure to go 
    to the menu and drink. It's not like they are going to kill you while you are 
    in drinkin' water! And they won't, either. Afterwards, Keith and Karen will 
    run inside the Mall.
    [  The Mall  ]  --------------------------------------------------------------
    This isn't a leisure visit. Of course, Karen can get all the shoes she wants 
    through the rubble. Uh.. ahem. Anyway, after the cutscene you will be in the 
    mall. Go down the broken floor ramp and over to the left. Pull yourself up the 
    half floor, and then do it two more times. Once you are on the top floor go 
    over to the right and take the Lincoln Plaza map. Then go over to the left and 
    you will see a fire hose. Use it to take care of the rubble next to where the 
    Lincoln Plaza map once resided.
    Spray Karen for fun; I love to hear her squirm. Walk over to where the rubble 
    once was and we will have a cutscene. The two goons have decided to drop by 
    for some playtime so let's show them who's their Daddy. Before we start, save 
    the game at the fountain. If you are low on health, unequip the Chest Guard 
    that you have and go around the corner. Run up to the bazooka man and have him 
    kill you. Great, now you are back at the save and with full health! Go me!
    This next part is perhaps the worst and hardest part of the game. Go over to 
    the boxes but don't go passed them. Wait until you get the bazooka man's 
    pattern of walking down. When he turns his back away from you go over to the 
    pillar closest to you. This might take a couple tries to get the hang of it 
    but stick with it.
    When you get to that first pillar, wait until his back is away from you again 
    and run over to the second pillar's cover. Run; don't walk, because it seems 
    the bazooka man is death to your footsteps. When you reach it the bazooka guy 
    will get radio call and run upstairs like a little girl. Pansy. After he 
    leaves be sure to pick up the Jack to the left of the second pillar.
    Go up the stairs the same way he did and you will have a short cutscene 
    signifying that the "cost is clear." Go up the stairs completely and turn 
    right. You should come up to a 1/10 open door lock thing to your right. Go 
    over to the rubble that is holding the door up and use the Jack on it. 
    Afterwards, walk straight over to the escalator.
    Go up the escalator and over to the brown boxes. After a small cutscene, the 
    bazooka man will make his way up the escalator. Get behind the box nearest to 
    you, it should be the lone box in the center. The bazooka man will go over to 
    it and go around the left side. As he is going around be at the opposite side 
    of him. It really isn't that tough. When you are on the side he was on a 
    first, and vice-versa, he will shoot some boxes and go away for a bit.
    Once he is out of sight go over to the floor ramp that he went by. Go up it 
    and straight over to the wall. To the left you should see some boxes. Go 
    around them and we will have _another_ cutscene. Tell Karen that you will 
    attract the attention; the other option, though more selfish, is a lot harder.
    Go back down the floor ramp and over to where the bazooka man went. Go around 
    the boxes and you will see two lone boxes ahead. Go over to the first one stay 
    on the left side of it. You will see bazooka man who is pacing back and forth 
    and occasionally stopping. Time it correctly and go to the next box. Then when 
    he is at your box go over to the box by the railing. Continue going to the 
    following box by the railing and to the last box. Once you reach that, just 
    wait until the bazooka man has his back turned and run forward.
    To your left you should see an escalator. Go up it and to your right you 
    should see another broken floor ramp. Run over and onto it. Afterwards, the 
    bazooka man decides to go up the escalator as well. This is the part where I 
    first died my second time through. Go up the ramp as fast as possible and pull 
    yourself up to another floor. Now to a right hairpin turn and walk across the 
    walkway that looks like the fence at the Ballpark. Once you reach the other 
    side to your right you should see a 1/3 open door locker. Go under and in it.
    Once you reach this room it seems the bazooka man got a little too carried 
    away and bombed the lights. It's better for you, however. Run over to the 
    first set of bench chairs and pilfer the flashlight off of it. Equip it and go 
    to the end of this room and under the door lock thing. Now it's time to walk 
    over to the escalator and go up it. On this floor you should see a cage like 
    wall in front of you. Go around that and you will find the restrooms. In here 
    you can find a water fountain (Duh!) where you can save and such.
    Go outside the restroom and back over to the escalator. Look back at the caged 
    wall thing that you went around and to the left you should see tons of boxes 
    in a room. Go over to them and inside a doorway at the end. From here, go down 
    the corridor and through the southern door. Walk a little ways inside the box 
    barrier and are favorite friend bazooka man will come by. Hold the R1 brace 
    shoulder button throughout the entire cutscene.
    The brace button will allow you to stay covered as the bazooka man looks 
    around. If you aren't holding it then Keith will shoot up and be shot himself. 
    Once the bazooka man goes to the left walk over to the end of this small box 
    barrier and pilfer the key off of the wall. Please note that I don't want you 
    to go out to where the bazooka man is; merely walk in this box barrier and 
    take the Market key.
    Now go back to the room behind the box barrier. In here, go all the way to the 
    top of the room and you will find a locked door. Use the Market key to open 
    it. In this room go over to the small television to the left of you fast. The 
    bazooka guy will barge in through some boxes so hold R1 down. Get his pattern 
    down and get to the nearest television. When he is at his left far point run 
    forward around the televisions and he will blow up something. Don't panic 
    because you are fine here.
    In the northern part of the room you can go under the stuff. Follow this a 
    little ways until you can see the sniper man's feet. It looks like he is 
    holding a lightsaber in his hand but alas, that is just a scope! When he walks 
    away follow the crouch path until you reach the end. When he goes over and his 
    back is turned jump out of the crouch cover and into the newfound cover under 
    the beds. You should see an escalator to the northeast. As soon as he turns 
    his back away get out of your bed cover and run up the escalator.
    Go around the escalator to the back of it and follow the hallway room until 
    you hear Karen. Walk down the hallway more and passed the box. Keith and Karen 
    will reunite again and chat a little. Afterwards, control Keith backward to 
    the two bookcases against each other. You find just enough room to sidle 
    across. One across, go straight and into another room. The bazooka guy will 
    come out and start shooting at you like a nut. Once you have control go to the 
    end of the room with the light. Try to go diagonally so his shots don’t hit 
    Karen will wave for you and we will have control of Keith. Walk left and 
    follow this until the sniper decides to make you his prey. Run quickly behind 
    the wall to dodge his shots. Then go up the floor ramp and up the escalator. 
    After you got up the escalator, go over to the left of it. You will be safe at 
    the side of this wall so don't worry about the sniper. Go down the wall until 
    you spot a wire beam walkway to your left. This is debatably the hardest point 
    in the game.
    You have to walk across a beam without getting shot. Additionally, you have to 
    turn when needed. This took me around twenty tries the first time to get 
    through; it's very hard if you don't know the basics. First off, DO NOT RUN! I 
    repeat, DO NOT RUN! This just makes Keith harder to control, and the sniper 
    won't shoot you if you walk across the beam. Now that we have that taken care 
    of, this is the diagram to get you across:
            #   #
         #  #   #    #
         #  #   #    #
         #  ____
         #  LIFT
         #  ――――
           #     #
           #     #
           #     #
           #     #
           #     #
    No, I'm not flipping you off. Take the left beam to point A. This is the 
    easiest, you has no chance of being shot at all. Afterwards, go to point B. 
    You have a chance of being shot so high tail it to point C. From point C to D 
    you have a horrific chance of being shot. Once you get that, though, it's a 
    free sprint to point E. Hopefully this will have made things a little easier 
    for you. Do not go on the lift because it will just fall and you will die.
    After that, go up the escalator on the opposite side and we will have a cool 
    cutscene. It seems Albert and fiends and finally decided to get the chopper 
    and kill you. When you have control immediately go behind the pillar with 
    Karen. Look to your left and you should see the water hose. You know what to 
    do next, right? We are going to water'em all! Walk over to the hose and use 
    it. Spray the man inside the helicopter that it shooting at you (he won't if 
    you constantly spray him) until the helicopter moves so it is completely 
    facing you. The guy can't shoot at the window so this is your free time. Shoot 
    the lift over the helicopter. This is the lift that I told you not to go onto. 
    Keep alternating back until the lift gives way and we have another cutscene.
    Oh my gosh the helicopter is on fire! Looks like the water we shot at it 
    didn't help. Ah man! It will plummet to the ground and Keith, now looking like 
    a chick in a vest, will walk over to see how the helicopter is going. Not 
    good-- the impact makes the ground rumble. Then Karen, who is now in a slutty 
    outfit because her clothes are ripped, will walk over and the two will walk 
    off. The radio will then inform you that Zeus - a rescue boat that William was 
    on - has sunk but that most of the people are saved. One crabby man down... 
    Choose to save the game thereafter.
    [  Control Center  ]  --------------------------------------------------------
    Walk down the street and you will hit a cutscene. After it, go down the road 
    north and by the first bridge you will find a billboard holding the control 
    map. Pilfer it and continue down to the second bridge. Go down it and at the 
    end you will find a tape. From here go south and then west. You will be 
    greeted by William and Kelly. Talk to them both twice to here different 
    things. Then choose don't talk and go north to find the entrance of the 
    control center.
    After entering, go over to the stairs to your left. Go all the way down them 
    until you reach the bottom floor. From here, make a hairpin right turn and go 
    under the stairs. Then go left and down this corridor until you can go inside 
    the first door on your left. It should be a black glass door that matches its 
    wall. Once inside enter "Yeah" to Karen's question. Afterwards, the damn 
    helicopter will leave! !@#$%!
    Keith will see fat Albert, who will go inside the room opposite of where you 
    are. Then it clicks to him; there must be another way out! Walk outside to the 
    corridor and inside where fat Albert went. This is the restrooms. Go to the 
    last stall and press X at the door. Fat Albert will talk to a man on a cell 
    phone about "results." Afterwards, go out of the restroom and south down the 
    corridor to another caged door. Go under it and up the stairs to the very top 
    floor. Follow the corridors and we will have a small cutscene.
    After it's over, go back to the entrance of this room. You should see some 
    blue crates on the ground. Climb over them and walk around the balcony. Follow 
    the hallways to a door and enter. After a small revelation, you will have the 
    choice to enter the room or look around. Looking around will cause you to be 
    shot, so choose enter the room. After a major revelation, use both of the 
    voice tapes and Terry will be stunned. Then you have control of Keith again.
    Follow Greg to the exit of this building; it's only a couple floors down. 
    Afterwards, Greg will tell everyone to get inside a boat. Brace yourself by 
    pressing R1 throughout the whole ride and you won't get hurt. Greg will be 
    driving; I guess he thought he wasn't pulling his weight for the group. 
    Finally, you will end up on a broken road.
    [  Last Blast  ]  ------------------------------------------------------------
    After the cutscene, trudge through the water to the west. When you reach a 
    certain point you will have another small cutscene where the water goes away. 
    Go up the side of the beach and down the road a little ways. A killer tsunami 
    will hit and Greg will run inside a building. Follow him inside to live, 
    Go up the same stairs that you saw Greg at the top of. Once you reach where he 
    was, go down this walkway until you reach stairs. Just keep going around and 
    up the stairs. It's very, very, VERY tedious but after a while you will reach 
    another screen. In this screen go up stairs and about halfway up the floor 
    will have caved in. Do a run jump and catch the edge of the stair. Keith will 
    help Karen up and we will have reached the top!
    On the top we will have a nice little cutscene that contains major spoilers so 
    I won't say it. After it's over, look back and you will see the first point in 
    how Karen got to where she arrived. Go around the obstacle and up the pipeline 
    until you reach Karen. The gunman is a HORRIBLE aim and won't hit you. We have 
    another cutscene where the guy with the gun gets waterlogged and some major 
    spoilers that I cannot tell you happens. Then you have control of Keith.
    Walk down this... uh... building in debris north. Go up all the stairs and we 
    will reach the top. Finally, we have the super revelation with Fat Albert and 
    Terry! This acting is horrible, but fun to watch! A rescue helicopter will 
    have finally arrived! I think it is the one that was supposed to rescue us in 
    the beginning... Anyway, the credits will roll and the game will be over!
                                   IV.  Appendices
                                    4.1  -  Items
    Battery: Used as a component to make certain items.
    Crowbar: Used to pry things open.
    First Aid: Restores some HP.
    Flare: Used to designate your location.
    Fluid: Used to refill the metal lighter.
    Gauze: Used to restore little HP.
    Umbrella: Recreational; used for shelter in rain.
    Jack: Used to lift heavy objects.
    Key Ring: Used to store keys.
    L Bottle: Used to restore thirst gauge; gives you 5 servings.
    M Bottle: Used to restore thirst gauge; gives you 3 servings.
    Metal Lighter: Used to make light.
    Purifier: Used to purify otherwise bad water.
    Radio: Listen to news updates. Waterproof.
                                    4.2  -  People
    Here are all the characters in this game:
     1. Keith (Reporter)
     2. Karen (College Student)
     3. Jewelry Lady (?)
     5. Greg (Freelance Journalist)
     6. The Baxters (Lawyers)
     7. Karen's Dog Gen
     8. Terry (SIC Director)
     9. Goon (Albert's minions)
    10. Rescue Person (People who never rescue you)
    11. Kelly (High School Student)
    12. Young Boy (Kelly's Brother?)
                                   4.3  -  Letters
    -- Lincoln Plaza Map --
    Map obtained from the Lincoln Plaza Building. Looks like there is a large
    shopping complex in the center of the island.
    -- Water System Map --
    This is a map for the Stiver Island Water System. Thing blue lines indicate
    the water pipes, and thick ones are reservoirs. Water pipes! Was Greg taking
    pictures of these?
    -- Worker's Report --
    A report requested by the Editor-In-Chief. There seems to be data contra-
    dicting the public reports.
    -- Frank's Memo --
    It looks like some sort of memo.
    What do these numbers mean?
    -- Admin. Dept. EXT# --
    A list of extension numbers for people in the Administration Department. Use
    it to find who sits where.
    -- Family Photo --
    It's a happy family photo. A husband, wife and three children are shown here.
    The kids, one boy and two girls, all appear to be elementary-school age. This
    girl looks familiar... It's Karen! It's definitely Karen. The date of the
    picture is February, 1995.
    -- C.C. Map --
    Map obtained from the Christopher Construction Bldg., the company responsible
    for the Island's construction.
    -- Town Crier Newspaper ID --
    Tom Crier Newspaper employee ID card.
    -- Town Crier News 3 --
    News scrap regarding Stiver Island, obtained from the Tom Crier Newspaper
    [Bridge Worker Dies]
    March 2, 1992
    Ronald Silver, 49, died when he fell to his death during construction of the
    bridge between the mainland and Stiver Island. He was working at high ele-
    vations, believed he fell due to strong winds. Safety ropes are required for
    working in such high places, but the rope's brackets he used, appear to have
    been tampered with.
    [Evacuation Accident]
    June 21, 1995
    A landslide occurred in San Johnson due to a soil excavation for Stiver
    Island. Three houses were buried beneath the landslide. A mother, age 40, and
    two kids (12 and 10) were killed. The area was weak due to rain, but the
    safety control project manager is being questioned by authorities. (See Doc 4
    for lawsuit info regarding this incident.)
    [Activists take Hostages]
    November 12, 1997
    Armed anti-Stiver Island activists occupied the planned airport site. The su-
    spects took hostages, a Minister and his four secretaries, demanding that
    construction be stopped. After negotiation failed, the plant dynamite at the
    site was detonated. Three days later, a special team infiltrated and arrested
    seven suspects. The hostages were found dead and mangled- making identi-
    fication of the bodies almost impossible. Suspects are currently awaiting
    -- Worker's Diary --
    It's a subway's worker's diary.
    April 18: Sunny
    The subway inspector reported hearing sounds of rushing waters in the tunnel.
    Could it just be echoes of sounds coming from above grounds?
    May 1: Rainy
    Confirmed weak vibrations of unknown origin near a storage area down the line.
    The matter will be looked into further.
    May 22: Sunny
    Stiver Island Development
    Branch Lab Report:
    According to the report... vibrations occur when there is a certain amount of
    water flowing through the nearby water ducts.
    June 21: Sunny
    An earthquake occurred. There is no information on how big the quake was, but
    part of the subway tunnel collapsed. Commencing rescue and evacuation.
    -- June 20 Newspaper --
    It's a newspaper issued before the earthquake.
     - Strange Tremors -
    Many citizens of Stiver Island have reported underground tremors. Lawsuits may
    be filed against the government. The government stated that investigations and
    a damage assessment are underway. A public announcement will be made as the
    situation becomes clearer.
     - Mr. Albert Sims -
    Mr. Sims has been involved with Stiver Island since the beginning. "This place
    is like my child." LDD Director Albert Sims stated. "In a new town, problems
    will arise, only good will come to those who wait." If his personality re-
    flects his creation, Stiver Island will be a great place to live.
     - Zoe's Tale -
    Zoe's first day of school and she goes and forgets her lunch, by using magic
    hidden in her backpack, she rids the school of lunchtime. Soon after she
    finds out her fellow classmates are unhappy with her. What will Zoe do?
    -- Island Researcher A --
    Stiver Island Researcher Results
    There is an adjustment reservoir for the rainwater. We found that areas along
    the reservoir have the strongest vibrations. It is though that the vibrations
    occur when the accumulated rainwater is expelled.
    -- Complaints 2 --
    The growls are so strong in some areas that vibrations can be felt. Some
    people are deeply affected by this and are planning a lawsuit against the
    -- Complaints 1 --
    A low growling sound can be heard after heavy rain on the island. The loudness
    varies from area to area, but can be heard through-out the island.
    -- Escape Route --
    It's the evacuation route for the building. This shows the stairs and
    emergency exits that go downstairs.
    -- Best Mag. Vol. 17 --
    [Stiver Island: Good or Bad?]
    Stiver Island has created new hope. However, since it's manmade, the government
    or a select group can control it as they see fit. Stiver Island is seen by
    those in power as money- a product to sell the Honeycomb-Caisson method.
    Stiver Island has just been completed, but in the future we may see a fierce
    struggle for power, control and money.
    -- Frank's Card --
    It's crumbled.
    Christophe Construction
    Administration Department
    Frank Hudson
    Administration Supervisor
    There's writing on the back:
    Moore's The Pity
    -- Market Map --
    Obtained from the market. The store was found in the southwest area.
    -- Island Guide --
    Hot Spots
    [Restaurant Angelino's]
    A diverse Italian restaurant located on the Airport Bridge. Owner/Chef Michel
    Angelino, a cheeful Latino, strives to make the menu full of home-style
    cooking that won't tire you out. It can be found via the Andrews.
    [Sullivan's Jewelry]
    From name brands to custom orders, you'll be able to find it here. Ask Kevin
    Sullivan to bring out the beauty in you!
    -- Rescue Team Note --
    A note scribbled by a member of the rescue team. The writing looks rushed:
    Evacuate to the north. We're still working in that area. It's too dangerous to
    remain on the bridge, please hurry. The owner of the restaurant nearby gave
    their permission to enter the establishment if needed. Feel free to take any-
    thing you find that might be of any use. The key to the door is kept by the
    potted plant.
    Good luck.
    Marine Rescue Team No. 4
                                  4.4  -  Voice Data
    -- Town Crier News Dept.: About William --
    -- Town Crier News Dept.: About Christophe --
    -- Town Crier News Dept.: About Report --
    -- Christophe Construction: Hudson's Tape --
    -- Christophe Construction: Phone Call --
    -- Tom Crier News Dept.: Fire (Karan) --
    -- Windrunner Park: About Christophe --
    -- Windrunner Park: Keep Quiet (Karan) --
    -- Windrunner Park: About Greg Bach --
    -- Windrunner Park: William Rescued (Karan) --
                                  4.5  -  Compasses
    Read the GameFAQs compass guide.
                            V.  Frequently Asked Questions
    Question Number 01: What do the buttons on the Playstation 2 controller do?
      Answer Number 01: See the controls section [4.00] for more details.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 02: I tried to read that section but it is to detailed. Can 
                        you give me a short description of all of the buttons?
      Answer Number 02: That is short [laughs]. Just read the section. It might be
                        long but that is because it is detailed. And detailed is 
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 03: I found an item that you did not put in the walkthrough.   
                        What do I do?
      Answer Number 03: Send it my way and I will try to add it in. My email   
                        address is TestaALT@aol.com. Please read the contact 
                        information section for more details!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 04: I keep dieing at [insert point here]. Got any tips?
      Answer Number 04: See the walkthrough above? Read the part that you are at.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 05: I found something that your walkthrough does not cover. 
                        Should I send it to you?
      Answer Number 05: Of course not. You have to keep it bottled up inside of 
                        you forever. Just kidding. Yea, send it to me. I will try 
                        to add it on the next update. You will get credited for 
                        whatever you find!
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 06: How long is this game?
      Answer Number 07: Six hours for first timers without my walkthrough. Four    
                        hours if you use my walkthrough. And three if you have 
                        played the game through several times. Those numbers are
                        from my playing this game and asking the GameFAQs message
                        board about it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 07: Should I rent or buy this game?
      Answer Number 08: Well, I got the game [free] from IGN so I could write a 
                        guide on it and send it in. But the game seems pretty 
                        decent. I would rent it first because the game is 
                        extremely short.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 08: How many endings are in this game?
      Answer Number 08: Five. One, two, and five are textbook; however, three and
                        four aren't. Here is a couple paragraphs that I got from
                        the GameFAQs message board stating how to get endings
                        three and four:
                        "OK, endings 3 and 4 are in the game. Ending 3 is Karen's
                        true ending and 4 is Kelly's.
                        For ending 3 (Karen's True Ending), you must:
                        1. Encourage her after the helicopters leave - Capital
                        City Highway.
                        2. Give her an umbrella when it starts raining - Financial
                        3. After raft ride, talk to Karen about her uncle and en-
                        courage her - Joseph and Girard.
                        4. Get Karen's Family Picture at Christophe Construction.
                        While resting with Karen and William in the park, ask
                        William some questions, then talk to her regarding the
                        Family Picture - Windrunner Park.
                        5. When Greg asks who you want to go with, select Karen
                        - May Stadium.
                        6. After speaking to Terry in his office, talk to Karen
                        and say "Sorry" - Stiver Island Control.
                        7. Give her pure water to drink all the time!
                        For ending 3, you must NOT:
                        1. Select "Split up" if you're at the bus without a
                        crowbar - Patrick James Park.
                        2. Select "Of course" when she asks you to look for her
                        dog - Main Harbor Station.
                        3. Give her dirty water to drink.
                        For ending 4 (Kelly's True Ending), you must:
                        1. Look inside Kelly's drawers while in her house. After
                        waiting for Jason for a while, go back inside and speak
                        to Kelly several times until she asks if you looked in her
                        drawers. Admit that you did - Kelly's House.
                        2. After waiting for Jason for a while outside, speak to
                        her and tell her that he's probably okay - Kelly's House.
                        3. When Greg asks who you want to go with, select Kelly
                        - May Stadium.
                        4. When Kelly sees Jason, talk to him and her - Lucas
                        5. Give her pure water to drink very often.
                        For ending 4, you must NOT:
                        Give her dirty water to drink."
                        (Note: Besides reformatting this passage is still in its
                        regular form. If you know the person who wrote this,
                        please email me the name so I can credit them. I put this
                        in notepad and forgot to put the name; then when I came
                        back to the message board the post was gone.)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 09: A/S/L?
      Answer Number 09: Are you referring to Adrenaline? If not, then I guess you
                        are talking about the internet slang. At any rate, this is
                        what I am: 99/Alien/Behind you.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 10: How many people can you rescue in this game?
      Answer Number 10: Since nobody has covered the games every square inch or 
                        ripped the ROM of this game apart nobody knows. I will 
                        try to look into it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 11: Where is [insert paper here]?
      Answer Number 11: READ the guide. It has that section in it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 12: Where is [insert recipe here]?
      Answer Number 12: READ the guide. It has that section in it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 13: Where is [insert voice data here]?
      Answer Number 13: READ the guide. It has that section in it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 14: Where is [insert compass here]?
      Answer Number 14: READ the guide. It has that section in it.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 15: My thirst gauge keeps deplenishing very fast. Any way to
                        stop this?
      Answer Number 15: Stop running. And drink more water.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 16: Are there any special tips in this game that I can use?
      Answer Number 16: Read the manual. At the end they have some good beginner
                        tips that are helpfull.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 17: The person that is following me is way behind and I 
                        cannot find him/her. Where are they?
      Answer Number 17: They are most likely stuck running into a tree or 
                        something. A object, for better wording. What you need
                        to do is go save the game. After you do this the person
                        should be by your side. If that fails then save the game
                        and restart from that save. I am fairly positive that the
                        person will be back now.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 18: Do you fight anybody in this game?
      Answer Number 18: It is a fight against nature. But you might be talking 
                        about actually fighting against somebody. The answer to
                        this is no. No fighting at all.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 19: OMG! I found a secret area? Should I send it to you.
      Answer Number 19: Hell yea.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 20: Is there going to be a Disaster Report 2?
      Answer Number 20: Only time will tell.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 21: Are the earthquakes and fallen things random?
      Answer Number 21: Nope, they are staged and happen every time.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 22: Who is the person with the gun who goes up to the     
                        helicopter at the beginning of the game?
      Answer Number 22: A goon who you see at the end.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 23: Do the Baxters die?
      Answer Number 23: [Spoilers] Yes.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 24: What is the combination for the safe?
      Answer Number 24: Ever heard of reading?
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Question Number 25: Do you have any gameshark codes I can use?
      Answer Number 25: Go to Gameshark.com and find out yourself.
                                     VI.  Closing
                                   6.1  -  Credits
     - The Disaster Report GameFAQs message board for answering all my questions;
       they got me through the game.
     - Sajith for the awesome art.
                               6.2  -  Legal Disclaimer
    This document is Copyright © 2003 Andrew "TestaALT" Testa. All Rights
    Reserved. This document may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form 
    and under any circumstances without the complete consent of the author. It 
    may not be sold, altered, or published in any way without the advanced 
    permission of the author. All sources, which have contributed to this 
    document, are cited and/or credited in some form. The only sites I allow this 
    document to be viewed at are:
    GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
    IGN <http://www.ign.com>
    If you see this document at any other sources email me telling so as I do
    not allow this document to be published at any other sources. Please do not
    ask me if you want this document on your website, as the answer will most
    likely be no. These terms have become binding once the recipient (or reader)
    opened this document. Violation of these terms are strictly prohibited and 
    will result in a lawsuit. Please do not take these terms as threats and/or 
    not read them as they are all very much true. I can sue you for an act of 
    plagiarism and will not hesitate to do so. Thank you for reading this legal 
    disclaimer and have a nice day! =)
                  "Don't Steal, just ask!"  -  Breath of Fire III
                             6.3  -  Contact Information
    This section will tell you how to contact the author regarding work that he
    has done. Questions you have can be sent to TestaALT@aol.com. I have only
    two rules when it comes to sending me an email. They our: The question should
    not be answered in this document and put the game name in the subject line.
    If you do not follow these rules your email will be ignored. The question
    might be added in the next update as I see fit. I will try my best to respond
    to your question. Additionally, you can _always_ contact me by AIM if you have
    any questions. My screen name is TestaALT and I am online a lot with it. Thank
    you for reading this information.
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