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"The latest FIFA game from EA but is it better than Pro Evolution?"

FIFA 2003

The FIFA games have been around for a long time on many different formats so when I saw this I thought could FIFA finally steal Pro Evolution’s Crown as the best football game on the PS2?


The players all look great most of the top stars really look like their real life counterpart. The stadiums have a fair bit of detail and the crowds also look good. Before each game starts there is some nice animation of the players lining up for photographs and the camera pans across the packed stands. Where you can see fans waving their teams flag.

Gamplay 5

This is where the game really suffers although FIFA have got the license to have real players and teams they I feel they haven’t really made the gameplay good enough. Not everything about the game play is bad it’s just that the bad bits stand out. The through ball system is great and in my opinion as good as Pro Evolution’s. Passing where I feel the game is really let down when you press pass the game automatically send the ball to a player which isn’t always the one you wanted it to e.g. if there’s a player just up to your left and you hold diagonal left and press pass most of the time the ball will go to someone further away and get intercepted. Which brings me to the long pass when you make a long pass most of the time you get beaten in the air by the computer the same goes for corners and free kicks. The defender all seem to have one set speed no matter what defender and that’s faster than your striker e.g. if your running level with a defender and you players got 10 for speed and the defenders got 5 the defender will always run faster than you and make the tackle. When taking goal kicks the keeper will never pass the ball straight to a player even if that player is right in front of him he’ll always kick it to the left or the right of the player. One more gripe that I find is that when taking corners no matter where you place the marker if you try to put a pass along the floor it will always got to the nearest man.


The sound is where this game really shines as the crowed noises are great they are the most realistic crowd noises on any football game iv played it sounds like you really there, different teams have different chants the crowed react to things as fouls depending with it’s the home or away team e.g. if the away team nearly scores then you can hear the fans collectively sigh and then start chanting just like a real game. The music is the same as other FIFA games with all the songs coming form real bands. The commentary is voiced by Ally McCoist and John Motson and is surprisingly much better than any other football game.

Replay Value9

There are loads of things to do with fourteen different leagues to play in season mode and six different tournaments. The season mode play rather well you can buy and sell players you also get to play in the domestic and European cups on an English league. One thing I must point out is that the international tournament is missing Wales from the list of team’s. One thing I really like is the ability to simulate your games unlike Per Evolution where you have to play them all.


While overall there are many good things about FIFA 2003 the bad points just stop it being a great game. As far as looks and sound go its spot on but the controls and game engine where most of the faults lie make it a bad game over all.

Rent or Buy

I would recommend you rent this game first before you rush out and buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/19/03, Updated 02/19/03

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