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    Precursor Orb Guide by DTingley

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/16/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      Jak II: Renegade - Precursor Orb Guide  - v1.1         Last Update: 16/05/03
        by DTingley (DTingley@Twoblock.net)
        I. Secrets and Rewards
       II. Orb Locations
             i. Prison Fortress
            ii. Dead Town
           iii. Pumping Station
            iv. Sewers
             v. Strip Mine
            vi. Drill Platform
           vii. Mountain Temple
          viii. Haven Forest
            ix. Palace Tower
             x. Dig Site
            xi. Mar's Tomb
           xii. Weapon's Lab
          xiii. Underport
           xiv. Construction Site
            xv. Metal Head Nest
      III. Underground Missions
       IV. Weapon Ranges
        V. Stadium Races
       VI. Street Races
      VII. Jet Board Arena
     VIII. Onin's Game
       IX. Frequently Asked Questions
        X. Version History, Contacting the Author and Legal Information
     Precursor Orbs are small, red, egg-shaped orbs you sometimes find lying
     around the game world. Collecting them will allow you to unlock secrets.
     There are 286 orbs in total, they are earned as follows:
         - 94 in the mission areas
         - 72 in the side missions
         - 72 in the races
         - 36 from the Gun courses
         - 9 from the Jet Board course
         - 3 from the Onin Game.
     As you can see, the game is quite generous with regards to missing orbs,
     giving you an 86 orb buffer-zone.
     Here is a list of all the secrets and how many Orbs you need to unlock
           Toggle Jak's Goatee :   5 orbs
                  Mirror World :  15 orbs
                 Big Head Mode :  30 orbs
               Small Head Mode :  45 orbs
                    Scrap Book :  55 orbs
            Scene Player Act 1 :  65 orbs
            Vulcan Fury Course :  75 orbs       (Need to earn Vulcan first)
            Scene Player Act 2 :  95 orbs
         Peacemaker Gun Course : 105 orbs   (Need to earn Peacemaker first)
            Scene Player Act 3 : 125 orbs     (Need to complete game first)
                 Reverse Races : 135 orbs  (Need to win Class 1 race first)
                  Level Select : 145 orbs     (Need to complete game first)
                Unlimited Ammo : 155 orbs     (Need to complete game first)
            Unlimited Dark Jak : 165 orbs     (Need to complete game first)
               Invulnerability : 175 orbs     (Need to complete game first)
                     Hero Mode : 200 orbs
     If you are playing the game on Hero Mode the rewards are ordered
     differently and are easier to unlock. The new list is ordered as such:
           Toggle Jak's Goatee :   5 orbs
                  Mirror World :  15 orbs
                Unlimited Ammo :  20 orbs
            Unlimited Dark Jak :  25 orbs
               Invulnerability :  30 orbs
                 Big Head Mode :  35 orbs
               Small Head Mode :  40 orbs
                    Scrap Book :  55 orbs
            Scene Player Act 1 :  65 orbs
            Vulcan Fury Course :  75 orbs
            Scene Player Act 2 :  95 orbs
         Peacemaker Gun Course : 105 orbs
            Scene Player Act 3 : 125 orbs
                 Reverse Races : 135 orbs
                  Level Select : 145 orbs
               Mega Scrap Book : 200 orbs
       Some clarification on what some of these secrets do:
           Mirror Mode: Literally mirrors the entire game world, left is right,
                        right is left.
            Scrap Book: Artwork from the game, can be found under the Secrets
                        menu from the Title Screen.
         Scene Players: Watch the cutscenes from the missions again. This is
                        also available on the Title Screen.
         Reverse Races: The races at the Stadium, except you go round the
                        course the other way.
          Level Select: Allows you to start a new game before any of the missions
                        in the game.
             Hero Mode: A new game mode available when you start a new game.
                        This is much harder than the original, but you start
                        with all the weapons and Metal Heads always drop their
                        gems, even if you've got it before. 
        i. Prison Fortress (8 Total)
           - In first room, climb the boxes and jump on the platform to the
             left. There is one at the very end of this platform.
           - When you jump down out of the vent, and the alert goes off, there
             is a gem on top of one of the high cabinets.
           - In the room with the moving platforms, on top of the computer near
             the second guard.
           - Fall down into the first pit you have to Roll Jump over, the orb
             is at the bottom.
           - In the section you are shot at from below, behind a computer.
           - After you smash through the first grate, behind the pillar on
             your right.
           - In the water in the exit of the Fortress, near the crates with
             health inside.
           - In a high alcove in the same room, you have to Double Jump + Spin
             from the crates to get in.
       ii. Dead Town (8 total)
           - Hover board over the water and it's in an alcove under a stone
           - In the room after the one above
           - In another room further along, with two others
           - Next to the above.
           - Also next to the above
           - In the doorway to the same room.
           - On top of the thin platform near the first block you have to
             push with the Titan suit.
           - On a thin platform after the second block you have to push
             with the Titan suit.
      iii. Pumping Station (7 total)
           - At the start of the level, go between the small and large pipes
             next to the rising and falling pillars.
           - Inside a large pipe a little to the right of the previous.
           - Jump down from this pipe and hug the wall by the water. The Orb
             is on a small ledge next to the water.
           - In the secluded area in the water below the ledge with two Metal
             Heads nearby.
           - In a small pool with rocks, next to a bridge with Metal Heads
             on in the West section of the level.
           - In the water to the left of the rising pillars at the start.
           - On a ledge at the base of the Southern windmill in the East of
             the level.
       iv. Sewers (1 total)
           - Go up the ramp/stairs near the statue of Mar, drop down off the ledge
             and it's to your left. You need to have drained the sewers before you
             can get this one.
        v. Strip Mine (7 total)
           - Behind the northernmost of the large posts supporting the giant
           - Behind a post after the first conveyer belt to the raised platform.
           - Behind the room where you find Vin.
           - Next to a quarter-pipe in the South-West corner of the level.
           - Behind a quarter pipe close to the top of the mine.
           - Close to the previous one.
           - On a stone ledge, near some boxes and pipes near the top of the mine.
       vi. Drill Platform (5 total)
           - In the corner behind you after the first lift.
           - Behind some Krimzon Guard crates after the first lift.
           - In a corner behind the first of the flame grills.
           - Next to some barrels after the second lift.
           - In the corner behind the third lift.
      vii. Mountain Temple (17 total)
           - Next to a Shield Metal Head on the way to the Shard artifact.
           - On the ledge above the Shield Metal Head, behind a tree to the left,
             right next to the edge of the ledge.
           - Behind a tree under the ledge where you fight the large Bull Metal
             Head (near the Shard artifact)
           - With the previous Orb.
           - Also with the previous Orb.
           - On the ledge opposite this one, under a small rock archway.
             You need the jetboard to get up the ledge.
           - Further along this path is another Orb.
           - Carry on down the hill to find yet another Orb.
           - Use the jetboard to go up the next hill and carry on along the path
             for another Orb.
           - Further along this path, just before the Dark Eco.
           - Cross the Dark Eco and go up the ledge to the left.
           - Right in front of this one.
           - Yet another straight ahead, by the Dark Eco.
           - Go across the Dark Eco and find a small alcove close to the rising
             platform. The Orb is in here.
           - After the Bull Metal Head, behind a tree on the path to the Gear 
           - In the second pool of water on the path to the Lens artifact.
           - In the pool of water directly next to the Lens artifact.
     viii. Haven Forest (9 total)
           - At the base of the waterfall in the first section.
           - In the corner, below the wooden stairs near the raised section
             where you have to protect Samos.
           - In the large pool in the east, close to the path to the entrance
             section of the forest.
           - In the same pool, close to the ramp leading up in the North section
           - In the far East side of the pool, close to the large metal support
           - In the South-East corner of the pool.
           - In the water under the grindable log in the South-East of the pool.
           - Right in the centre of the pool.
           - In the South-West corner of the pool.
       ix. Palace Tower (4 total)
           - Directly behind you when you come up the elevator, on top of a pipe.
           - A little way along the support wire, just before the first turret.
           - On top of a pair of ledges which fall when you jump on them.
           - Right next to the exit elevator after you have beaten the Baron.
        x. Dig Site (8 total)
         ** NOTE: These wont appear until the "Get seal piece at Dig" mission.
           - On a ledge next to a lava fall.
           - Near the centre of the North-East section, on a low stone ledge.
           - Above some metal ledges in the far North of this section.
           - On a stone platform to the right of the pipe you have to grind
             before the Balloon swing.
           - On the stone platform below the first balloon swing.
           - Jump off the pillar you raised with the buttons into a small
             alcove. The Orb is at the end.
           - On a small wooden platform just below the rotating ledges near the
             end of the level.
           - On a small rocky platform just below the rotating ledges, against
             the West wall.
       xi. Mar's Tomb (5 total)
           - On the left side of the entrance.
           - On the right side of the entrance
           - Behind the left pillar before the Boss Room.
           - Behind the right pillar before the Boss Room.
           - In the first section of the First Test of Manhood, in a small alcove
             just above the entrance.
      xii. Weapon's Lab (5 total)
           - In a corner before the first lift.
           - Behind a pipe a little after the first of the rolling robot enemies.
           - At the top of a long conveyer belt in the same room as the above.
           - Behind the first conveyer belt in the next section.
           - After the second set of rolling robots, up the conveyer belt. It is
             in the corner next to the rotating switch.
     xiii. Underport (1 total)
           - After the section where you have to jump across some raised ledges
             and jump down a hole, go backwards instead of through the door.
      xiv. Construction Site (2 total)
           - Underneath the entrance ramp.
           - Behind a large circular object at the far end of the yard.
       xv. Metal Head Nest (7 total)
           - On top of the stone platform at the very start of the level.
           - Behind the giant gun.
           - Next to the above.
           - Also next to the above.
           - On a raised ledge at the southern most point.
           - On top of a ruined stone tower just after the large gun.
           - The turret of a destroyed tank close to this tower.
     When you complete missions around the city occasionally one of the screens
     with a question mark on it changes. It becomes a green underground symbol on
     a purple field. If you go up to one of these and hit Triangle you will get a
     special underground mission. Whenever you complete one of these missions you
     will earn 3 Precursor Orbs. On the in-game map, the missions will be
     displayed as a small green symbol.
     Mission  1: RING CHALLENGE #1
       Location: East side of the Slums area, slightly South of the entrance to
                 Dead Town.
        Appears: After you complete the "Find Pumping Station Valve" mission.
          Hints: The first underground mission is a race of sorts, you have to
                 drive through purple rings before the timer runs out. Each time
                 you go through a ring you will have exactly 7 seconds to get to
                 the next.
                 The path of this race runs south, round the small building in the
                 middle of the road, loops round and then heads back north. Try to
                 stay in the low lane for as much of the race as possible, if you
                 see a Krimzon Guard hit R2 and fly over his head. If you trigger
                 an alert the mission will be all the much harder. If you fail you
                 can just retry, there is no limit to attempts.
     Mission  2: ORB HUNT #1
       Location: Just East of the Fortress.
        Appears: After the "Beat Scatter Gun Course" mission.
          Hints: This is one of many "hunting" missions. You are shown a brief
                 image of an orb somewhere in the city. If you can find it within
                 the allocated time you will earn 3 Precursor Orbs.
                 This orb is located in the trench to the North-East, one which
                 runs direct West to East, with a turret close by.
     Mission  3: ORB HUNT #2
       Location: In the West section of the Industrial area, below a ramp.
        Appears: After the "Protect Sig at Pumping Station" mission.
          Hints: The orb is on top of the walkway, you have to head up the ramp
                 and go right then left at the turnings. Pretty Simple.
     Mission  4: ORB HUNT #3
       Location: In the East side of the Port.
        Appears: After the "Beat Blaster gun Course" mission.
          Hints: Another easy one, the orb is next to the Baron's loudspeaker
                 up the central exit to the port, right next to the Yellow
                 Security Wall..
     Mission  5: SPECIAL #1
       Location: The mall section, South of the Stadium. Screen just North-
                 East of the small tunnel canal runs through.
        Appears: After the "Win Jet Board Stadium Challenge" mission and you have
                 gone back to the garage.
          Hints: In this mission you have to collect all the Green Homing Beacons
                 within the allotted time. You have plenty of time to collect
                 them all, so just use a hoverbike and zoom around to pick them
                 all up. You can use your map to plan a route if you wish.
     Mission  6: ORB HUNT #4
       Location: In the Water Slums, near the exit to the Pumping Station.
        Appears: After the "Find Pumping Station Patrol" mission
          Hints: Very easy, the orb is in the water directly below the platform
                 you start on.
     Mission  7: SPECIAL #2
       Location: In the South of the Western Bazaar.
        Appears: After the "Find Gear/Shard/Lens in Mountain Temple" mission.
          Hints: You have to use the Jet Bike to get back to the Underground
                 Hideout in less than 90 seconds. I recommend heading through
                 the bazaar, around the palace, across the raised road over
                 the Eastern Bazaar and up through the Industrial section.
                 This one may take a few attempts.
     Mission  8: ORB HUNT #5
       Location: In the Southern Garden area near the U-Turn leading to the Port.
        Appears: After the "Catch Scouts in Haven Forest" mission
          Hints: This orb is located in the North-East of the Southern Garden
                 area, behind some rocks opposite the Yakow paddock.
     Mission  9: RING CHALLENGE #2
       Location: In the West side of the Port, close to the Hip Hog.
        Appears: After the "Catch Scouts in Haven Forest" mission.
          Hints: Another Ring Course, this one runs North past the Statue of Mar,
                 past the Palace, through the Eastern Bazaar and up through the
                 Industrial section.
                 The distinguishing feature of this mission is that for the period
                 where you have to go through the Bazaar you will have to get off
                 your vehicle and use your jetboard and then one you're through,
                 get back on another vehicle.
                 This can make it rather tricky at first, but if you can find a
                 vehicle once you get back on the road you should be fine.
     Mission 10: SPECIAL #3
       Location: In the South of the Western Bazaar.
        Appears: After the "Rescue Lurkers for Brutter" mission.
          Hints: Tnis mission is similar to the "Shuttle Underground Fighters"
                 mission Torn gives you earlier in the game. You have to ferry
                 people to safe houses. As long as you remember to change cars
                 when you're damaged this mission isn't too hard.
     Mission 11: ORB HUNT #6
       Location: South of the Eastern Bazaar, West of Onin's Tent
        Appears: Complete the "Intercept Tanker" mission.
          Hints: The orb is in a corner just South of the square where the Tanker
                 was. Use your jetboard to get there in time.
     Mission 12: ORB HUNT #7
       Location: North-East section of the North Garden area.
        Appears: After the "Hunt Haven Forest Metal Heads" mission.
          Hints: The Orb is next to the water sprayer on the path which leads
                 to the Haven Forest / Mountain Temple exit. The time limit
                 for this one is very tight, make sure you have a Jet Bike
     Mission 13: ORB HUNT #8
       Location: In the Eastern Bazaar near the exit to the Industrial area.
        Appears: After the "Destroy Ship at Drill Platform" mission.
          Hints: This orb is located in a corner of one of the "squares" of the
                 Bazaar, on the South Side. Right next to the where the screen for
                 mission 11 was.
     Mission 14: SPECIAL #4
       Location: North of the Mall area directly above the Palace.
        Appears: After the "Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers" mission.
          Hints: In this mission you have to collect all the Green Eco scattered
                 around the nearby area. It is recommended to use a combination
                 of the jetboard and running on foot. The Eco is always located
                 near the edge of pathways, just learn their locations and this
                 mission should be a doddle.
                 NOTE: This mission has some bugs. Firstly, the Green Eco doesn't
                 count as collected straight away, it takes a second or two. Also,
                 for some reason sometimes the dots vanish off your map so you
                 can't tell where the Eco is.
     Mission 15: ORB HUNT #9
       Location: The Screen just North-East of the small tunnel the canal runs
                 through. Same place as Mission 5.
        Appears: After you win the Class 3 Race.
          Hints: The orb is close the bridge near the end of the canal by the
     Mission 16: ORB HUNT #10
       Location: Due South of the Stadium, in Southern section of Mall area.
        Appears: After the "Beat Erol in Race Challenge" mission.
          Hints: The orb is next to the doorway for the elevator up to the palace.
     Mission 17: ORB HUNT #11
       Location: In the South-West Side of the Industrial area close to a ramp.
        Appears: After the "Beat Erol in Race Challenge" mission.
          Hints: You need to be good with hopping on the jetbike to get this
                 one. Go up the ramp and hop over the gap using the jetbike
                 and pick up the egg to the left.
     Mission 18: RING CHALLENGE #3
       Location: Slums area, same place as the first Ring Challenge.
        Appears: After the "Get Life Seed in Dead Town" mission.
          Hints: This mission can be pretty tough, a large number of the rings are
                 in the opposite lane of traffic. When you get to the Industrial
                 area you will need to go along the walkways. In order to make the
                 best time you will need to be good with hopping (L1) in your Jet
                 Bike to get over a number of the gaps.
     Mission 19: ORB HUNT #12
       Location: In the South of the Western Bazaar, near the road with leads
                 South through the Garden area.
        Appears: After the "Protect Samos in Haven Forest" mission.
          Hints: This orb is located in the South-West corner of the "square" of
                 the bazaar which is one left and two up from the screen.
     Mission 20: SPECIAL #5
       Location: In the South of the Western Bazaar.
        Appears: After the second "Rescue Lurkers for Brutter" mission.
          Hints: Similar to the mission where you have to save the Underground
                 Hideout from the BomBots, only this time it is much easier. There
                 is no time limit to finding the BomBots and they don't seem to be
                 heading to any particular place. Just travel around at your own
                 leisure and you should be able to complete this level.
     Mission 21: ORB HUNT #13
       Location: North of the Fortress, close to the Green Security Wall leading to
                 the mall area.
        Appears: After you win the Class 1 race
          Hints: The Orb is just South of the Stadium, in a corner North-East of
                 the tunnel the canal runs through.
     Mission 22: SPECIAL #6
       Location: In the North-East section of the Northern Garden.
        Appears: After you have beaten the game.
          Hints: Similar to the Green Eco mission, except in this one you have
                 to pick up Dark Eco. It is highly recommended that you have no
                 Dark Eco stored up before you attempt this mission, so that
                 the Eco pellets will be attracted to you. Use the jetboard all
                 the way through this level, head West and then head back East
                 then South and you should be able to finish with 30 seconds or
                 more on the clock.
     Mission 23: ORB HUNT #14
       Location: On the North Side of the Palace
        Appears: After you have beaten the game.
          Hints: This orb is high up, by the South-West Torch of the Statue by
                 Mar's Tomb. This one can be tricky to get, as you have to fly
                 at full speed towards the torch and bail out of the vehicle at
                 the last possible second so you can get up on the ledge.
     Mission 24: ORB HUNT #15
       Location: In the South-West of the Mall area, close to the canal.
        Appears: After you have beaten the game.
          Hints: Follow the canal along the mall area, the orb is behind the
                 second corner, close to a ramp.
     Mission E1: SPECIAL #8
       Location: Dead End road North-East of the Stadium.
        Appears: After you win the Class 3 race.
          Hints: This isn't actually a mission, but there is a screen here which
                 lets you select which competition you can do inside the Stadium.
     Mission E2: SPECIAL #9
       Location: West side of the Port, near the Hip Hog
        Appears: After the beat Erol in the race to the Stadium
          Hints: This is the first of the street races. Check the City Race under
                 the Street Racing section below for more information.
     Mission E3: SPECIAL #10
       Location: East side of the Port
        Appears: Win the Class 1 race.
          Hints: This is the second of the street races. Check the Port Race under
                 the Street Racing section below for more information.
     Located in the Port of Haven City is the Gun Range, you will have to pass
     two missions here to continue the story. However, if you go back and perform
     exceptionally well on the course you can earn Precursor Orbs, up to a maximum
     of 9 per course.
     The orbs are awarded depending on how well you do, if you earn Bronze you
     will get 3, if you earn Silver you will get 6 and if you earn Gold you will
     get 9. Note that if you get Bronze first, you will get 3 orbs, but if you
     go back and earn silver you will get another 3 and not 6. i.e. the amount of
     orbs is cumulative, so if you happen to get Gold on your first try you will
     get all 9 orbs, but if you earned the Bronze and Silver before hand you will
     only get 3.
     The game is scored depending on how many Targets you hit. There are 5 types
     of targets:
      1. Civilian - you lose points if you hit this
      2. Normal - Takes one hit to be destroyed
      3. Medium - Takes two hits to be destroyed
      4. Large - Can only be destroyed with Peacemaker.
      5. Golden - takes one hit, but is worth more points.
     You get more points depending on how fast you destroy the target. Also, the
     Golden targets appear under special circumstances, in that if you hit
     certain targets within a certain time of them appearing a gold one will
     appear. This is the key to getting the Gold scores, learning which targets
     will cause a Golden target to appear.
     Scatter Gun
        Gold - 12,000 pts
      Silver - 10,000 pts
      Bronze -  8,000 pts
     The first gun you get and can be one of the most tricky. It is highly
     recommended you wait until you get both the Ammo Capacity and Speed Upgrade
     for the gun. You have to be careful because of the gun's wide arc in this
     range as civilian targets often appear close to other ones, so you risk
     hitting them if you aren't careful.
     Blaster Gun
        Gold - 13,000 pts
      Silver - 11,000 pts
      Bronze -  9,000 pts
     The second gun range can also be a little tricky. You have to aim a lot
     more careful with this one than with the Scatter Gun, because it has a
     extremely thin firing arc. However, this also lends the gun the ability to
     aim at targets very far away. In this range you will have to work on your
     timing, as Civilian targets often appear very close to the ones you have
     to hit to earn the Gold medal. Practice makes perfect on this course.
     Vulcan Gun (need 75 Precursor Orbs)
        Gold - 15,000 pts
      Silver - 13,000 pts
      Bronze - 11,000 pts
     This course is actually pretty straight forward, your greatest problem is
     getting carried away with the gun and running out of ammunition. You should
     try to use short bursts with the weapon, making sure you don't hit any of
     the (rare) Civilian targets in this level. You will need a lot of ammunition
     for the last run of this course, as there are a huge number of targets and
     quite a number of Golden ones which only appear for a very short period of
     Peacemaker (need 105 Precursor Orbs)
        Gold - 15,000 pts
      Silver - 13,000 pts
      Bronze - 11,000 pts
     The final gun you get is in fact one of the easiest, due to the sheer power
     of the Peacemaker. The key to getting high scores on this level is to use
     charged shots to take out a lot of targets in only one shot. There is plenty
     of ammunition scattered about this range, but remember to only pick it up if
     you need it otherwise you might find yourself stuck without any ammo for the
     gun and with targets than can only be destroyed by the Peacemaker.
     Like the Weapon Ranges, you can get a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal for each
     of the races in the Stadium if you complete the course in under a certain
     time. The fact that there other racers on the track makes this very annoying
     when trying to achieve perfect runs. The time requirements for these races
     are very hard to achieve and in order to get Gold on all of them, you'd need
     to learn the courses like the back of your hand and know when to use the
     boosts. It's worth noting that each of the courses has a shortcut for you
     to use, using these is absolutely essential in order to beat the records.
     Class 3
        Gold - 2'19'000
      Silver - 2'24'000
      Bronze - 2'29'000
     The first course, and supposedly the easiest. The shortcut comes very early
     in the race, there is a section where there is no wall on the left side of
     the track and you have to hop (L1) over the gap. You may need to practise
     the timing of this to get it right. There aren't many straights, so using
     boosts can be dangerous. You need to learn how to time the boosts so they can
     help you pull out of turns faster. The only really safe place to use them is
     on the home stretch.
     Class 2 
        Gold - 2'10'000
      Silver - 2'15'000
      Bronze - 2'20'000
     The shortcut for this race, like the Class 3, occurs early on. There is
     another section of track with no wall, but this time the gap you have to
     jump through is much smaller than before. Like the previous race, the key
     is to use this shortcut every lap and make sure to use the boosts when it's
     Class 1
        Gold - 2'13'000
      Silver - 2'18'000
      Bronze - 2'22'000
     The third and final track, this one can be very tricky. There are holes and
     drops in parts of the course, and falling in these means an instant failure
     or a lot of lost time. This track has two shortcuts and, once again, making
     use of them is essential. The first is right after the starting line, there
     is a thin tunnel off to the right. Note that this shortcut ends in a very
     sharp left turn back onto the main course. The second shortcut is right at
     the very end of the course, there is another thin path that leads of the
     penultimate corner off towards the finishing line, this one is a lot simpler
     to use effectively than the previous.
     Class 3 Reverse (need 135 Precursor Orbs)
        Gold - 2'48'000
      Silver - 2'53'000
      Bronze - 2'58'000
     The reverse version of the first track. This one has no shortcuts, so it's
     down to pure racing skill. You need to take the corners perfectly and time
     your boosts well.
     Class 2 Reverse (need 135 Precursor Orbs)
        Gold - 2'25'000
      Silver - 2'30'000
      Bronze - 2'35'000
     Like the Class 3 Reverse, this one has no shortcuts either. You need to
     keep on the racing line and make effective use of the boosts.
     Class 1 Reverse (need 135 Precursor Orbs)
        Gold - 2'20'000
      Silver - 2'25'000
      Bronze - 2'30'000
     Unlike the other two reverse tracks, you can actually make good use of
     the shortcuts on this one, the first is easy to take and you should make
     good use of it every lap. The second one is a lot harder to use, because
     of the sharp turn needed to get into it straight away, it's especially
     hard to make use of if there are other racers near by.
     These are special races that take place in the streets of haven city, rather
     than the Stadium. You have to watch out for the Krimzon Guard, but as you
     only race in the lower lane you wont have to worry about traffic. These races
     use Accelerator Rings which act like the Boosts in the Stadium races.
     City Race
        Gold - 2'07'000
      Silver - 2'12'000
      Bronze - 2'17'000
     This race can be tough just beating your opponent. You have to race from the
     port to the stadium via the path set out by the Rings. If you miss even a
     single Ring, you'll fail the mission. This one will take a lot of practice
     before you will earn the elusive prizes, you pretty much have to take each
     corner perfectly to win them. The key is to use sharp turns a lot of the
     time, push the analog stick down and the direction you want to turn and let
     off the accelerator a little before speeding up again as you come out of the
     turn. It will take a lot of practice before you'll be able to earn Gold on
     this one.
     Port Race
        Gold - 2'12'000
      Silver - 2'17'000
      Bronze - 2'22'000
     Compared to the other races this one is exceptionally easy. Unlike the other
     Street Race, you do not have to hit all of the Rings so you don't have to
     worry about failing because of that. The only way you can fail is if you fall
     off the road into the water. Of course, it's highly recommended that you try
     to hit the rings, so you'll get some decent speed going. Also, your opponent
     doesn't seem to really have his heart into the race and will usually be
     nowhere to be seen as you race. As long as you hit a decent number of rings,
     getting Gold on this race should be very easy.
      One of the Stadium options is a trick course for the Jet Board. If you can
      beat the records you will be rewarded with up to 9 Precursor Orbs. You have
      to perform tricks and flips on the Jetboard to earn points, and if you earn
      enough the Orbs will be use. Firstly, these are the controls for the Jet
      Controls while On Jetboard:
        Left Analog : Move Jak           Triangle : ---
       Right Analog : Camera               Square : Grind
           D-Pad Up : ---                       X : Jump
         D-Pad Down : ---                  Circle : Grind
         D-Pad Left : ---                      L1 : Trick
        D-Pad Right : ---                      R1 : Spin
                 L2 : ---                      R2 : Get off Jetboard
      In order to do tricks you need to use the L1 and R1 buttons, in conjunction
      with the analog stick while you are in mid air. The records you need to
      beat are as follows:
        Gold - 120,000 pts
      Silver -  90,000 pts
      Bronze -  50,000 pts
      Getting the Gold record is quite tricky, and you need to perform a lot of
      tricks very quickly to be able to rack up those 100,000+ scores. In order
      to maximise your score you will need to pull off a variety of different
      tricks and get as much air-time as you can. If you can pull off a couple of
      different tricks while in the air, you can usually earn upwards of 3000 pts
      per trick. If you are able to get a lot of air, in combination with some
      long grinds and some good tricks it is possible to get 10,000+ points in a
      single trick combo.
      You will need to practice a lot in order to get the Gold on this, learn
      which tricks will earn you the most points and make combos out of them to
      get high scores.
      Jesper Maintz Andersen (jm@knip.dk) provides a strategy for getting Gold:
      1: First up, take a look around. Stand facing the judge. Look to the
         right - there is a rail on the wall. It looks small, but its the key
         to get a good start. Follow it. Notice the big cube like thing on your
      2: On the other side of the cube, a rail leads up to a passage. This will
         be where you get the gold medal. When you check out the passage, you
         will notice there are rails on both sides on the wall. Forget all
         about the other training area - this is the best.
      1: Locate Jak, so you're facing the judge with the first rail behind him
         so that you wont lose seconds. Release jet board an make the timer
         start. Jump on the first rail, and do some stunts. You should aim to
         get 7000+ points before leving the rail.
      2: Head for the cube. If youre accelerated, you can do a 3000-4000 jump
         on it (spin or rotate), and make sure you head for the rail that leads
         to the passage. Dont enter the passage if you have under 10000 points.
         Start over. Practice.
      3: Enter the passage. Make sure you jump from the rail that leads up to
         it, and to the rail on the wall of the passage. Start doing multiple
         tricks. STAY IN THE PASSAGE and variate your tricks and combos. Use
         both rails and grind all the time. Practice. Practice. PRACTICE!!!
         You should aim for something in the area  of 7000+ points for each
         trip down the rail. If you fall down, start over again, unless you're
         close to the 120000 points, then just flip-jump insanely.
                                                                   END OF EMAIL
      If you go to Onin's Tent in the bazaar you are able to play a mini-game
      which tests your reflexes and your hand-to-eye co-ordination skills. This
      mini game is available anytime after you have to do it to move forward
      with the story.
      Basically, you have to press the buttons on your controller (Circle, X,
      Square, Triangle) in co ordinance with the symbols that appear on your
      screen. Sounds simple enough right? Well, it's a lot harder than it
      sounds. At some times the symbols will appear at a very fast speed and
      only stay on your screen for a second. Other times you will have to deal
      with lots of symbols on your screen at one time. Each time one symbol falls
      off the screen, or you hit a button on your controller when no symbol is
      there you will get a miss. 20 misses and it's game over.
      If you manage to beat the record of 1000 points you will be rewarded with
      3 Precursor Orbs. The game is scored as follows, each symbol you disappear
      will be worth 1 point. However, if you clear lots of the same symbol in
      a row you will get additional combo points, equal to the amount of symbols
      you made disappear.
      Using combos is the key to getting the 1000+ points you need for the Orbs.
      In the sections where there are lots of symbols at once, always get rid of
      the symbols in groups and remember which was the last one you used. The
      combos can carry over to the next "set" of symbols which will appear, so if
      you finish on a X and there are 4 Xs in the next "set" you will be able to
      get a lot of points if you carry on the combo.
      In the sections where the symbols are appearing very rapidly, try not to
      focus on combos as you'll only end up losing the symbols off the screen.
      Just pay attention to them as they come out and try to make them all vanish
      in this order.
      And as always, practise makes perfect.
      Most of the areas can be reached via the normal entrances, however a few
      areas require special methods to get back to:
      - STRIP MINE: Go back into the Prison Fortress (the way you did in the 
        "Rescue Friends in Fortress" mission) and work your way back to the
        torture chair/cell block room. There will be a ring teleporter here, use
        it to get to the Strip Mine.
      - DIG SITE / WEAPONS FACTORY: Go to the Pumping Station and find the pipe
        leading down to a small island in the water. Grind down it on your Jet
        Board and go up the pipe on the other side. There will be a path that
        leads to the Dig Site and Weapons Factory entrances.
      There is only one area in the game that cannot be reached once the final
      boss has been defeated - the Metal Head nest. If you miss any of the seven
      orbs in this area your first time through, you will never be able to get
      The following are, to me at least, the easiest orbs to collect:
       - The 94 from mission areas.
       - The 72 from the side missions. (166 Total)
       - 9 from getting Gold on the Port Race (175 Total)
       - 24 from getting at least Silver on each of the weapon ranges (199)
       - 3 from the Onin Game (202 Total)
      Using this method, you don't even have to bother trying to get medals on
      any of the Stadium Races (the hardest) or the Jet Board course (although it
      isn't too hard to get at least Silver on this).
     v1.1  - Added Frequently Asked Questions section.                  (16/05/04)
           - Corrected error in Underground Mission #19
           - Added a Jetboard strategy from Jesper Maintz Andersen
     v1.0  - All Underground mission information complete.              (27/10/03)
     v0.99 - All Orb Locations Complete.                                (26/10/03)
             Many Thanks to Iain Noble for providing me with the location of the
             final orb.
           - All but one Underground Mission information complete
     v0.95 - Added 6 more prerequisites for Underground Missions.       (26/10/03)
     v0.9  - Added another Orb Location at Metal Head Nest              (25/10/03)
           - Added another Orb Location at Weapon's Factory
           - Added about half of the prerequisites for Underground Missions.
     v0.8  - Original release and submission to GameFAQs                (24/10/03)
           - 91/94 Orb locations done
           - Most of the Underground Missions info complete
           - Gun Course, Stadium Races, Street Races, Jet Board and Onin
             mini-game information complete.
     If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or new information for
     my guide you can contact me with the information below. All submissions will
     be duly credited. Please DO NOT email me with any gameplay questions,
     especially not ones which are answered in this guide.
     Contact Information
       Email: DTingley@Twoblock.net
       YIM  : dtingley83
       ICQ  : 58267043 (rarely used)
     Legal Information
      This guide is for PERSONAL use ONLY, you may print a partial of complete
      copy provided it is not used for any commercial purposes. You can put this
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      following conditions are met:
       1. You ask me for permission via email first.
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       3. You ensure the version of the FAQ/Walkthrough on your site is the
         most recent.
     Currently only the following site(s) have permission to host this file.
      - www.gamefaqs.com
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